Regulation of chlorophylls and soluble proteins by kinetin and cycloheximide in conditions of light and darkness, during leaf senescence in Phaseolus vulgaris L

Luca d' Oro, G.M.D.; Trippi, V.S.

Phyton, Argentina 42(1): 73-82


Accession: 001117218

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In attached leaves of P. vulgaris, the chlorophyll content/unit area decreased linearly by 50% between 10 and 50 days after emergence. Soluble protein (SP) content increased by 30% at 30 days and then fell to 85% at 50 days. In leaf discs, chlorophyll degradation and SP content increased with increasing light intensity. Kinetin reduced light effects. Cycloheximide accelerated light-induced chlorophyll deterioration and reduced SP content. Both substances induced changes in membrane permeability. Kinetin suppressed the diffusion of electrolytes induced by cycloheximide.