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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1119

Chapter 1119 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

McArthur, K.; Hogan, D.; Isenberg, J.I., 1982:
Relative stimulatory effects of commonly ingested beverages on gastric acid secretion in humans

Gross, H.R.J.; Young, J.R.; Wiseman, B.R., 1982:
Relative susceptibility of a summer-planted dent and tropical flint corn variety to whorl stage damage by the fall armyworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Oteifa, B.A.; Elgindi, D.M., 1983:
Relative susceptibility of certain commercially important cultivars to existing biotypes of Meloidogyne incognita and M. javanica in Nile-delta, Egypt

Kashyap, R.K.; Bhanot, J.P.; Verma, A.N., 1982:
Relative susceptibility of pea cultivars against leaf miner, Melanogromyza conavistae Greathead (Diptera: Agromyzidae)

Alghali, A.M., 1983:
Relative susceptibility of some rice varieties to the stalk-eyed fly Diopsis thoracica West

Zaz, G.M.; Bhardwaj, S.C.; Yadava, C.P.S., 1982:
Relative susceptibility of some wheat varieties to the lesser grain borer, Rhizopertha dominica Fabricius

Sachan, G.C.; Verma, S.K., 1981:
Relative susceptibility of various sorghum lines to the attack of almond moth, Ephestia cautella (Walker), S.W.; Lembi, C.A., 1983:
Relative tolerance of filamentous green algae to simazine

Kumar, A.; Abrol, I.P., 1982:
Relative tolerance of grasses to sodic soils

Gulati, S.C.; Varma, N.S.; Jain, K.B.L., 1981:
Relative tolerance of some barley varieties to 2,4-dichlorophenoxy acetic acid

Williams, P.; Semple, R.L.; Amos, T.G., 1982:
Relative toxicity and persistence of one carbamate and three organophosphate insecticides on concrete, wood and iron surfaces for control of grain insects

Mullins, W.; Kowalski, E.; Andrew, V., 1982:
Relative toxicity of insecticides to alfalfa weevil larvae

Sen Sarma, P.K.; Gupta, B.K.; Veer, V., 1982:
Relative toxicity of some insecticides against third instar larvae of Dirades adjutaria Walker (Epiplemidae: Lepidoptera)

Manoharan, V.; Balasubramanian, M., 1982:
Relative toxicity of some insecticides to adults of Chelonus blackburni Cam

Thakur, A.K.; Kashyap, N.P.; Dogra, G.S., 1981:
Relative toxicity of some pesticides against Italian bees, Apis mellifera

Singh, K.N.; Srivastava, B.P., 1983:
Relative toxicity of various fumigants to the adults of two species of Callosobruchus and the susceptibility of different sexes to these fumigants

Talice, R., 1981:
Relative yields of six peach cultivars

Sherwood, O.D., 1982:
Relaxin at parturition in the pig

Bryant-Greenwood, G.D.; Mercado-Simmen, R.; Yamamoto, S.Y.; Arakaki, R.F.; Uchima, F.D.; Greenwood, F.C., 1982:
Relaxin receptors and a study of the physiological roles of relaxin

Anonymous, 1982:
Relaxin: structure, function, and evolution

Redig, P.T.; Stowe, C.M.; Arendt, T.D.; Duncan, D.H., 1982:
Relay toxicity of strychnine in raptors in relation to a pigeon eradication program

Hoy, M.A.; Westigard, P.H.; Hoyt, S.C., 1983:
Release and evaluation of a laboratory-selected, pyrethroid-resistant strain of the predaceous mite Metaseiulus occidentalis (Acari: Phytoseiidae) in southern Oregon pear orchards and a Washington apple orchard

Harley, K.L.S., 1982:
Release and evaluation of natural enemies of water hyacinth

Ghanem, A.; Keilen, K.; Stahr, K., 1979:
Release and mobility of trace elements in brown soils and podzols of the Barhalde Granite Region

Beltramino, C.; Taleisnik, S., 1983:
Release of LH in the female rat by olfactory stimuli. Effect of the removal of the vomeronasal organs or lesioning of the accessory olfactory bulbs

Ahuja, L.R., 1982:
Release of a soluble chemical from soil to runoff

Ayalon, A.; Devitt, P.; Guzman, S.; Suddith, R.L.; Rayford, P.L.; Thompson, J.C., 1982:
Release of antral gastrin in response to an intestinal meal in dogs

Bezbaruah, H.P., 1982:
Release of biclonal seed stocks TS 463 & TS 464

Hafsah bte Jaafar, 1982:
Release of bud dormancy in budded stumps and maxi stumps using growth substances

Bezbaruah, H.P., 1982:
Release of clones TV25 and TV26

Dhaliwal, A.S.; Malik, C.P., 1982:
Release of esterases from incompatible Brassica campestris L. pollen in vitro and in vivo

Lamprecht, M.P.; Prinsloo, G.C.; Pretorius, C.J.H.; Beer, M.C. de; Sonnenberg, S.M.; Sonnenberg, C.; Shawe, F.J., 1983:
Release of flue-cured tobacco cultivar 82OD9

Garrec, J.P.; Chopin, S., 1983:
Release of gaseous fluoride by plants subjected to fluoride pollution

Wolfe, M.M.; McGuigan, J.E., 1982:
Release of gastric inhibitory peptide following a peptone meal in the dog

Dieffenbach, H.; Kramer, D.; Luttge, U., 1980:
Release of guttation fluid from passive hydathodes of intact barley plants. I. Structural and cytological aspects

Anonymous, 1982:
Release of new Grimmett barley variety

Anonymous, 1982:
Release of new variety - N16

Upadhyay, R.K., 1982:
Release of nutrient elements from decomposing leaf litter of Eucalyptus globulus

McNeilly, A.S.; Robinson, I.C.; Houston, M.J.; Howie, P.W., 1983:
Release of oxytocin and prolactin in response to suckling

Vopenka, L., 1983:
Release of potassium from soil by exchangeable cation solutions

Pace-Asciak, C.R.; Rangaraj, G., 1983:
Release of prostaglandins from intact fetal lamb ductus arteriosus

Hobson, G.E.; Richardson, C.; Gillham, D.J., 1983:
Release of protein from normal and mutant tomato cell walls

Willcox, D.L.; Alison, M.R., 1982:
Release of protein which binds progesterone from the bovine corpus luteum

Anderson, J.M., 1983:
Release of Sucrose from Vicia faba L. Leaf Discs

Kanno, H.; Hattori, M.; Sato, A.; Tatsuki, S.; Uchiumi, K.; Kurihara, M.; Ohguchi, Y.; Fukami, J.I., 1982:
Release rate and distance effects of evaporators containing Z-11-hexadecenal and Z-5-hexadecene on disruption of orientation in the rice stem borer moth, Chilo suppressalis Walker (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Weseloh, RM.; Anderson, JF., 1982:
Releases of Brachymeria lasus and Coccygomimus disparis, two exotic gypsy moth parasitoids, in Connecticut: habitat preference and overwintering potential

Vega, J. de la; Aspiras, M., 1982:
Relevance of FAO Fertilizer Programme activities on the creation of markets for products from mini fertilizer plants. Paper prepared for the UNIDO/NFC Seminar on Mini Fertilizer Plants, Lahore, Pakistan, 15-20 November 1982

Rosen, L., 1982 :
Relevance of arboviruses to human health in Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific

Rao, N.V.; Rao, V.L.V.P.; Reddy, P.S., 1982:
Relevance of plant protection in rice cultivation

Milhaud, G.; Enriquez, B.; E.B.hri, L., 1982:
Relevance of pyrethrins and synthetic pyrethroids to veterinary medicine

Peyrot, A.H.; Criswell, M.E.; Folse, M.D.; Aznavour, J.P., 1982:
Reliability analysis of wood transmission poles

Leslie J.E.; Barnett J.E.; Bachelor H.K.; Peeler J.T.; Messer J.W., 1983:
Reliability and analyst performance limits for the field and single strip direct microscopic somatic cell count procedure

Tullberg, J.N.; Rickman, J.F.; Doyle, G.J., 1982:
Reliability and operation of large tractors

Trimble, RM., 1983:
Reliability of degree-day indices for predicting spring emergence of the spotted tentiform leafminer, Phyllonorycter blancardella (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae), in Ontario

Simons, D.B.; Li, R.M.; Brown, G.O., 1981:
Reliability of flood stage prediction methodologies

Kerner, G.; Thiele, H.; Unger, W., 1980:
Reliable and non-destructive location of larvae of wood-destroying insects in timber

Gorchakovskii, P.L.; Lalayan, N.T., 1981:
Relict black-alder forests of the Kazakh undulating plain and changes caused by human activity

Boekel, P.; Zwiers, J.S., 1982:
Relieving sub-surface compaction in sports turf

Hooglund, M., 1982:
Religious ritual and political struggle in an Iranian village

Svensson, I., 1983:
Remarkable finds of Microlepidoptera in Sweden 1982

Palo, V.; Holla, L., 1981:
Remarks on GLC analysis of highly volatile compounds in cheeses

Witzke, H. von, 1983:
Remarks on poverty, agriculture and economic development

Czyz, Z.; Pietraszek, T., 1982:
Remarks on teaching methods used in agricultural schools

Klausnitzer, B.; Klausnitzer, U., 1982:
Remarks on the acridid fauna of the centre of Leipzig (Caelifera, Acrididae)

Schneider, M., 1983:
Remarks on the discussion of farm and non-farm incomes (Part 1)

Schneider, M., 1983:
Remarks on the discussion of income and welfare comparisons of farmers and non-farmers (Part 2)

Stylianea Foundoulake, A.; Paulakou Mpenidou, B.; Mastrokalou, E., 1982:
Remarks on the sensitivity and resistance in vitro of Candida albicans strains to mycostatin

Kastner, W., 1982 :
Remarks on the use and drawing up of bookkeeping statistics

Saoji, A.M.; Jad, C.Y.; Kelkar, S.S., 1983:
Remazol Brilliant Blue as a pre-stain for the immediate visualization of human serum proteins on polyacrylamide gel disc electrophoresis

Orsler, R.J.; Stone, M.W.S., 1982:
Remedial spray treatments used against insect attack. Part I: Permanence and distribution

Orsler, R.J.; Berry, R.W., 1982:
Remedial spray treatments used against insect attack. Part III. The effectiveness of emulsion based formulations for the control of the common furniture beetle (Anobium punctatum (de Geer))

Chen, Y.; Navrot, J.; Barak, P., 1982:
Remedy of lime-induced chlorosis with iron-enriched muck

Maver, J.L., 1981:
Remodelling of the Goulburn irrigation system in Victoria, Australia

Wilmsen, E.N., 1982:
Remote area dwellers in Botswana: an assessment of their current status

Kondrat' ev, K.Y.; Belyavskii, A.I.; Pokrovskii, O.M.; Fedchenko, P.P., 1982:
Remote determination of the weediness of agricultural fields

Zhukov, O.S.; Kharitonova, E.N., 1982:
Remote hybridization in breeding cherry and wild cherry for resistance to Coccomyces disease and winter hardiness

Crown, P.H., 1983:
Remote sensing and agricultural crops

Fournier, P., 1982 :
Remote sensing and agricultural statistics

LeBlond, R., 1982:
Remote sensing and development. Report on IDRC-supported projects in the Sudan, Bolivia, Tanzania, Bangladesh, and Mali

Anonymous, 1979:
Remote sensing and resource development, volumes I and II. Proceedings of the congress of the Remote Sensing Association of Quebec

Lulla, K., 1980:
Remote sensing and soil studies: a brief review

Kumar, M.; Monteith, J.L., 1981:
Remote sensing of crop growth

Pinter, P.J.Jr, 1982:
Remote sensing of microclimatic stress

Vinogradov, B.V., 1981:
Remote sensing of the humus content of soils

Pisa, M.G., 1982:
Remote sensing: applications for agriculture

Lidster, W.A.; Schmer, F.A.; Ryland, D.W.; Moore, D.G., 1978:
Remote-sensing techniques for determining water table depths in irrigated agriculture

Sweeten, J.M.; Lawhon, J.T.; Schelling, G.T.; Gillespie, T.R.; Coble, C.G., 1983:
Removal and utilization of ethanol stillage constituents

Casada, J.H.; Walton, L.R.; Swetnam, L.D.; Wood, R.K.; Roberts, C.R., 1982:
Removal forces for pickling cucumbers

Wicklen, G.L. van; Albright, L.D., 1982:
Removal mechanisms for calf barn aerosols

Domingues, L.; Silveira, M.; Lima Filho, J.F.; Carreiro JĂșnior, J.C.; Kelner, S., 1983:
Removal of S. mansoni in patients with hepatosplenic schistosomiasis: an estimate of the parasitological load by means of quantitative coproscopy

Farah, Z.; Martins, M.J.R.; Bachmann, M.R., 1983:
Removal of aflatoxin in raw unshelled peanuts by a traditional salt boiling process practised in the North East of Brazil

Masini, E.; Blandina, P.; Mannaioni, P.F., 1982:
Removal of alpha-amanitin from blood by hemoperfusion over uncoated charcoal. Experimental results

Inoue, K.; Ayalon, A.; Yazigi, R.; Watson, L.C.; Rayford, P.L.; Thompson, J.C., 1982:
Removal of circulating gastrin and cholecystokinin into the lumen of the small intestine

Bottazzi, V.; Bodini, F.; Battistotti, B.; Corradini, C.; Lauritano, M., 1982:
Removal of clostridia from milk by bactofugation, and production of Grana cheese

Nikandrov, I.S.; Kogtev, S.E., 1982:
Removal of impurities from yellow phosphorus by ethyl alcohol

Fedin, M.A.; Smiryaev, A.V.; Gokhman, M.V., 1981:
Removal of one limitation of the selection index method in producing varieties with balanced parameters

Nordestgaard, A., 1982:
Removal of straw of cover crop when undersowing cocksfoot, perennial ryegrass, meadow fescue and red fescue for seed production

Wippermann, H.J., 1983:
Removal of thinning material and residues

Anonymous, 1981:
Removal of tree stumps

Birrer, F., 1980:
Removal of tubers and preparation of seed

Howe, HF.; Vande Kerckhove, GA., 1981:
Removal of wild nutmeg (Virola surinamensis) crops by birds

Vogel, M.; Machado, R.C.R.; Alvim, P. de T., 1982:
Removal of young organs as a method of evaluating physiological interactions in the growth, flowering and fruiting of cocoa

Toda, H.; Sato, M.; Shirakawa, S., 1981:
Removing sand and metal from bark. 5. The development of a large-particle separator

Harman, D., 1982:
Removing the fetters

Melichar, M.W.; Geyer, W.A.; Ritty, P., 1981:
Removing trees with triclopyr and/or picloram after chainsaw girdling

Monaghan, M., 1982:
Renal amyloidosis in slaughter cattle in Ireland

Garcia Rodriguez, J.A.; Martin Sanchez, A.M.; Battle, J.; Lopez Borrasca, A., 1982:
Renal aspergillosis. A case

Lachmann, G.; Siegl, W.; Siebert, H.; Schafer, M.; Alkaff, O., 1983:
Renal calcium excretion in metabolic acidosis in cattle

Chianta, A.; Chiono, L.; Profumo, E.; Testa, S., 1981:
Renal changes in malaria

Prenen, J.A.; Boer, P.; Mees, E.J.; Endeman, H.J.; Spoor, S.M.; Oei, H.Y., 1982:
Renal clearance of [14C]oxalate: comparison of constant-infusion with single-injection techniques

Heras Gironella, M.; Olivan del Cacho, M.J.; Sierra Sirvent, J.; Izaguirre Zugazaga, C.; Loris Pablo, C., 1982:
Renal damage in vitamin D poisoning

Kildeberg, P., 1983:
Renal dehydration in infancy as the result of relative dietary solute loading

Deetz, L.E.; Tucker, R.E.; Mitchell, G.E.; DeGregorio, R.M., 1982:
Renal function and magnesium clearance in young and old cows given potassium chloride and sodium citrate

Lecumberri Olaverri, F.J.; Bilbao Jaureguizar, J.I.; Pomar Moya Prats, P.E.; San Julian Artola, M.M., 1982:
Renal hydatidosis and computerized axial tomography

Marcato, P.S.; Benazzi, C., 1982:
Renal microcalcinosis in horses

Gunson, D.E., 1983:
Renal papillary necrosis in horses

Bhattacharya, S.; Bryk, D.; Wise, G.J., 1982:
Renal pelvic filling defect in a diabetic woman

Stonestreet, B.S.; Bell, E.F.; Warburton, D.; Oh, W., 1983:
Renal response in low-birth-weight neonates. Results of prolonged intake of two different amounts of fluid and sodium

Griner, L.A., 1982:
Renal sporozoa observed at San Diego zoo

Daciuk, J.; Gallo G.G.; Puriccelli, C.A., 1981:
Renewable natural resources and animal husbandry in the Falkland Islands

Cordell, H.K.; Hendee, J.C.; Stevens, J.H.J., 1983:
Renewable recreation resources in the United States: the resource situation and critical policy issues

Anonymous, 1982:
Renewable resources in the Pacific. Proceedings of the 12th Pacific Trade and Development Conference, held in Vancouver, Canada, 7-11 September 1981

Rendell, S., 1983:
Renewal of parks in Inner London

Young, ADM.; Downe, AER., 1982:
Renewal of sexual receptivity in mated female mosquitoes, Aedes aegypti

Flueler, O., 1982:
Rennet and acid coagulation of milk

Nielsen, E.W.; Berntsen, G.; Hansen, S.; Larsen, B.V.; Edelsten, D., 1982:
Rennet coagulation of casein micelles of different size

Emmons, D.B.; Beckett, D.C.; Modler, H.W., 1982:
Rennet, cutting pH and quality of Cottage cheese from highly heated skim milk

Hladik, J.; Curda, L.; Marunova, I., 1982:
Rennetability of milk of mastitic cows

Schneid, N.; Manzanilla, C.; Lenoir, J., 1982:
Rennetability of reconstituted milk

Ramet, J.P.; E.M.yda, E.; Weber, F., 1982:
Renneting of refrigerated reconstituted milk

Hood, D.M.; Amoss, M.S.; Gremmel, S.M.; Hightower, D., 1982:
Renovascular nuclear medicine in the equine: a feasibility study

Driggers, L.B., 1982:
Renovating buildings into gestation and farrowing facilities

Bouhamidi, M.; Tatat, A.V., 1981:
Renovation of the perimeter of Beht

Bishop, H.G.; Walker, B.; Rutherford, M.T., 1983:
Renovation of tropical legume-grass pastures in northern Australia

Gashimov, R.F.O., 1983:
Rentability -- the main index of efficiency

Shevchenko, V.G., 1983:
Reorganisation of the opisthosomal musculature of gall mites (Acariformes, Tetrapodili) during the course of postembryonic development

Anonymous, 1979:
Reorganization: issues, implications and opportunities for U.S. natural resources policy. Symposium proceedings. April 19-20, 1979

Schulz, A., 1982:
Reorganizing deserts: mechanization and marginal lands in southwest Asia

Merrey, D.J., 1982:
Reorganizing irrigation: local level management in the Punjab (Pakistan)

Vindevogel, H.; Meulemans, G.; Pastoret, P.P.; Schwers, A.; Calberg-Bacq, C.M., 1982:
Reovirus infection in the pigeon

Zalevskii, A.A.; Mints, Y.I., 1982:
Repair intensiveness of mineral fertilizer plants -- analysis and planning

Curry, H.A.; Randall, N.H.; Jarboe, G.L., 1982:
Repair of a tilted riser

May, M.J., 1982:
Repeat low dose herbicide treatments for weed control in sugar beet

Arbeiter, K.; Knaus, E.; Thurnher, M., 1983:
Repeat testing of genital function in cattle as affected by beta -carotene content in the blood

Seifert, G.W.; Rudder, T.H.; Bean, K.G., 1982:
Repeatabilities of weaning weights of tropical beef cattle breeds

Lobo, R.B.; Duarte, F.A.M.; Oliveira, J.A. de, 1982:
Repeatability and heritability of milk production in a new Brazilian dairy breed, Pitangueiras

Gavalier, M.; Novy, J., 1980:
Repeatability and heritability of milk yield at defined ages of dairy cows

Atkins, K.D., 1982:
Repeatability of adult performance in several breeds of sheep

Ilyushina, Z.A., 1981:
Repeatability of bull proofs in the Yaroslavl breed

Jezewka, G.; Maciejowski, J., 1982:
Repeatability of exterior traits estimation in different species of fur animals

Kalil, E.B.; Schammass, E.A.; Prucoli, J.O., 1980:
Repeatability of fleece weight in flocks at the sheep and goat station at Itapetininga, Sao Paulo

Pilla, A.M.; Moioli, B.; Aleandri, R., 1982:
Repeatability of milk, fat and protein yields of Friesian cows

Heil, G.; Otto, C.; Sodeikat, G., 1982:
Repeatability of restless behaviour before oviposition in layers caged singly

Butler, I. von; Willeke, H.; Pirchner, F., 1982:
Repeatability of selection response in different mouse populations

Stodola, J.; Rehout, V., 1983:
Repeatability of some parameters of the metabolic profile of cows

Brascamp, E.W., 1983:
Repeatability of tests on finishing of pigs

Jelec, S.; Salakovic, K.; Skopljak, A., 1982:
Repeatability of the number of liveborn and weaned piglets of Swedish Landrace sows at the Visoko farm

Novy, J.; Kubik, M., 1981:
Repeatability of the rank index of dairy cows in entering the milking parlour as an ethological genetic parameter

Brake, J.H.A. te; Schuiling, H.J., 1981:
Repeatability of the weaning to oestrus interval and the weaning to conception interval in sows

O.Rourke, P.K., 1982:
Repeatability of tick counts and the relationship between tick count and liveweight change in growing Bos indicus X Bos taurus cattle

Seifert, G.W.; Nicol, D.C.; Higgs, H., 1982:
Repeatability of weaning weights and weight gains in beef cattle

Purchas, R.W.; Rae, A.L.; Barton, R.A., 1982:
Repeatability of weight-corrected ultrasonic fat-depth measurements made on ewes at intervals of one year

Sieber, R.; Leuthold, RH., 1982:
Repeated copulation and testes enlargement in Macrotermes michaelseni

Brown, K.S.; Harne, L.C.; Holbrook, K.A.; Dale, B.A., 1982:
Repeated epilation (ER): a semidominant autosomal gene reducing synthesis of skin filaggrin in mice

Dreier, H.K.; Hofmann, E.; Arbeiter, K., 1982:
Repeated induced parturition by K 11941 (prostaglandin) medication -- effects on sow reproductivity and on farrows

Prokoptsov, V.V., 1982:
Repeated thinnings with organization of work by compartments

Neves, D.P.; Paulini, E., 1982:
Repellency between Panstrongylus megistus, Triatoma infestans and T. sordida (Hemiptera, Reduviidae), mediated by pheromones

Brunner, G., 1982:
Repellency of grain treated with mercaptodimethur (methiocarb) for pheasants, Phasianus colchicus, and the effect of experimental mercaptodimethur poisoning on the activity of serum enzymes in pheasants

Post, M.; Serment, M.M., 1981:
Repellency of surface preventive treatment to Hylotrupes bajulus. General study R 166

Kovalenko, L.G.; Viktorov Nabokov, O.V.; Ruban, E.M.; Skrynik, E.M.; Denisova, Z.A.; Dremova, V.P.; Markina, V.V.; Bogdanova, E.N., 1983:
Repellent properties of Mannich's bases, derivatives of cresols and phenol, against the mosquito Aedes aegypti L. and the flea Xenopsylla cheopis Roths

Boldyrev, M.I.; Dobroserdov, S.G.; Terekhova, A.I.; Tarasova, S.V., 1982:
Repellents in place of insecticides

Romero Cabello, R.; Tay Zavala, J.; Gutierrez Quiroz, M.; Gonzalez Paredes, A.; Sanchez Vega, J.T., 1982:
Repercussion of geohelminthiases in individual development and growth rate

Gledhill, B.; Donovan, B.T., 1981:
Repetitive treatment with gonadotrophin releasing factor or a long-acting analogue upon gonadotrophin secretion in the ferret

Sergeev, S.S., 1982:
Replacement and efficiency of fixed capital in agriculture

Clinch, P., 1982:
Replacement for Cyanogas

Gruhn, K.; Schubert, R., 1981:
Replacement of imported protein feeds by high-protein wheat for fattening ducks

Haisch, K.H.; Schebler, A., 1982:
Replacement of labour by technical progress

Bellis, D.B., 1981:
Replacement of maize meal by defatted maize residue meal in bacon pig feeding

Ahn, H.I.; Lee, B.O., 1982:
Replacement of polyphosphate in processed cheese

Gartner, J.A., 1981:
Replacement policy in dairy herds on farms where heifers compete with the cows for grassland -- Part 1: Model construction and validation

Somasunderam, N.P., 1980:
Replanting coconut in the Batticaloa district -- a case of unplanned intervention

Garn,, A., S., 1981:
Replicating the income related reversal of fatness

Lei, J.D.; Agrios, G.N., 1983:
Replication and spread of maize dwarf mosaic virus within corn plants of differential resistance

Bove, J.M.; Renaudin, J.; Mouchez, C., 1982:
Replication of turnip yellow mosaic virus (TYMV) in Chinese cabbage protoplasts and purification of RNA replicase. Inhibitory effects of actinomycin D and virazole on multiplication of TYMV

Lloyd F.T.; Mckee W.H.Jr, 1983:
Replications and subsamples needed to show treatment responses on forest soils of the coastal plain

Chang, W.L., 1982:
Reponse of rice cultivars to the time of harvest in Taiwan

Fagot, J.; Gaspar, C.; Marchal, J.L.; Thirion, C., 1981:
Repopulation of clearings in a spruce forest in the Ardennes. 1. Coleoptera

Anonymous, 1980:
Report and recommendations on organic farming

Moore, M. et al., 1982:
Report by the Appraisal Mission on District Integrated Rural Development programmes, Sri Lanka, commissioned by SIDA, August-September 1982 (4 vols.)

Chapuis, J.R., 1982:
Report by the toxicologist for 1981

Sutra de Germa, G. (Rapporteur), 1982:
Report drawn up on behalf of the Committee on Agriculture on Mediterranean agriculture and the problems of the enlargement of the EEC towards the South

Kirk, K. (Rapporteur), 1982:
Report drawn up on behalf of the Committee on Agriculture on barriers to internal Community trade in agricultural products

Vernimmen, W. (Rapporteur), 1982:
Report drawn up on behalf of the Committee on Agriculture on horticulture in the European Community

Mouchel, J. (Rapporteur), 1982:
Report drawn up on behalf of the Committee on Agriculture on the European Parliament's position on the framing of the price proposals and related measures for the 1983/84 marketing year

Eyraud, L. (Rapporteur), 1982:
Report drawn up on behalf of the Committee on Agriculture on the co-responsibility levy in the dairy sector

Vgenopoulos, N. (Rapporteur), 1982:
Report drawn up on behalf of the Committee on Agriculture on the proposal from the Commission of the European Communities to the Council (Doc. 1-66/82 -- COM(82) 85 final) for a regulation amending Regulation No. 136/66/EEC on the establishment of a common organization of the market in oils and fats and on the olive oil sector

Anonymous, 1982:
Report drawn up on behalf of the Committee on Agriculture on the proposal from the Commission of the European Communities to the Council (Doc. 1-675/81 -- COM(81) 408 final) for a regulation amending Regulation (EEC) No. 337/79 on the common organization of the market in wine

Marck, P. (Rapporteur), 1982:
Report drawn up on behalf of the Committee on Agriculture on the proposal from the Commission of the European Communities to the Council (Doc. 1-84/82 -- COM(82)138 final) for a regulation on the strengthening of controls on the application of Community rules on agricultural products

Delatte, C. (Rapporteur), 1983:
Report drawn up on behalf of the Committee on Agriculture on the proposals from the Commission of the European Communities to the Council for regulations amending I. Regulation (EEC) No. 456.80 on the granting of temporary and permanent abandonment premiums in respect of certain areas under vines and of premiums for the renunciation of replanting (Doc. 1-1209/82 -- COM(82) 890 final). II. Regulation (EEC) No. 458/80 on collective projects for the restructuring of vineyards (Doc.1-1204/82 --

Provan, J. (Rapporteur), 1983:
Report drawn up on behalf of the Committee on Agriculture on the state of agriculture in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and other severely disadvantaged regions of the Community

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Report drawn up on behalf of the Committee on Budgetary Control on the budgetary costs of the Common Agricultural Policy in the cereals sector and the factors which may influence these costs

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Report drawn up on behalf of the Committee on Budgetary Control on the utilization of appropriations under the fruit and vegetable sector of the European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund

Anonymous, 1983:
Report for 1980/81 of the activities of the Federal Research Institute for Fruit Growing, Viticulture and Horticulture

Anonymous, .:
Report for 1981 of the State Centre for Agricultural Research

Anonymous, .:
Report for 1981 of the West Flanders Experimental Garden for Vegetables for Processing. Part I

Anonymous, 1983:
Report for 1981-1982

Anonymous, 1983:
Report for 1982 1st October 1981 to 30th September 1982

Anonymous, 1982:
Report for 1982 of the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia

Anonymous, 1983:
Report for 1982. Part 1

Anonymous, 1981:
Report for the proposed workshop on All India Co-ordinated Project on Sheep Breeding at Srinagar to be held in first week of October, 1981

Anonymous, 1981:
Report for the year 1980

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Report for year 1979/80

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Report from an oilcrop collection trip in Ethiopia

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Munk, A.; Clausen, K.; Hjortsholm, K., 1983:
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Report of Working Party (established on the advice of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) on Postgraduate Training in Laboratory Animal Science

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Report of a Montreal diet dispensary experience

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Report of a meeting of Asian rice-based cropping systems entomologists 15-16 May 1981 Bogor, Indonesia. Eleventh Cropping Systems Working Group Meeting 18-22 May 1981

Anonymous, 1981:
Report of a study into agricultural accidents attending accident and emergency units in Dorset, September-November, 1980

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Report of a survey of rural households in the Hat Xai Fong district in Vientiane province of the Lao People's Democratic Republic

Anonymous, 1983:
Report of activities -- 1982

Anonymous, 1983:
Report of activities 1981-1982. Avignon-Montfavet experimental station for market garden crops

Anonymous, 1982:
Report of an investigation into energy producing crops in the Netherlands

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Report of an outbreak of porcine babesiosis due to Babesia perroncitoi in Senegal

Anonymous, 1982:
Report of field experiments and surveys -- 1981

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Report of four cases of acute Chagas' disease not detected by direct laboratory examination

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Report of journey in Czechoslovakia in 1981 to collect indigenous strains of cultivated plants

Anonymous, 1982:
Report of pilot experiments on regulation of nitrogen to the first cropped rice in large area

Anonymous, 1982:
Report of research and investigations February 1981-December 1981

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Report of research progress, Black Belt Branch 1979 and 1980

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Report of strategy advisory group on anti-malaria support strategy for tropical Africa

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Report of the 1981 cooperative Bacillus thuringiensis (B.T.) spray trials

Anonymous, 1981:
Report of the 1981 meeting of the Austrian Seed Producers' Study Group, 24-26 November, Gumpenstein, Austria

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Report of the Committee for the Study of Infertility, Gent Veterinary Faculty (Belgium) for the year 1982

Anonymous, 1982:
Report of the Council for the period 1 April 1981 - 31 March 1982

Anonymous, .:
Report of the Dhamar Agricultural and Forestry Research and Development Project, July 1982-September 1982

Anonymous, 1982:
Report of the Dhamar Agricultural and Forestry Research and Development Project, October 1982-December 1982

Anonymous, 1981:
Report of the Herdbook Department for 1980

Anonymous, 1981:
Report of the Rural Youth Workshop in Manila, Philippines, August 28-September 4, 1980

Anonymous, 1982:
Report of the Seminar on The role of adult education in Mediterranean countries, with special reference to the most disadvantaged regions, Taormina (Italy), 12-14 November 1981

Anonymous, 1980:
Report of the Sixteenth FAO Regional Conference for Latin America. Havana (Cuba), 1-6 September 1980

Kunter, E., 1982:
Report of the Streptococcus Reference Centre on streptococci isolated from pigs between 1968 and 1980. II Drug sensitivity

Anonymous, 1983:
Report of the Working Party for Cooperation on Colorado Beetle Control, Paris, 8 December 1982

Anonymous, 1983:
Report of the Working Party on phytosanitary regulations, Florence (IT) 17-18 May 1983

Anonymous, 1983:
Report of the Working Party on specifically Mediterranean crop pest problems. Cyprus, 6-8 June 1983

Anonymous, 1981:
Report of the Workshop on Adult Education and Rural Development (Strasbourg, 11-12 December 1980)

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Report of the ad hoc committee on maximum seed lot sizes and discrepancies between ISTA and FIS rules concerning time lapse between repeated sampling and testing of the same seed lot

Bould, A., 1981:
Report of the bulking and sampling committee 1977-1980

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Report of the corn downy mildew project

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Report of the discussion of 3 papers on anthelmintics presented in January, February and March 1981

Anonymous, 1982:
Report of the eleventh session of the FAO Advisory Committee on Forestry Education held in Kyoto, Japan, 3-4 September 1981

Anonymous, 1981:
Report of the evaluation study of minor irrigation projects benefitting tribal sub-plan areas

Anonymous, 1981:
Report of the expert consultation on mobilization of agricultural and educational institutions to accelerate rural women's participation in development. Tegucigalpa, Honduras 4-9 May 1981

Anonymous, 1982:
Report of the expert consultation on socio-economic indicators for monitoring and evaluation of agrarian reform and rural development for Asia and the Southwest Pacific, Bangkok, Thailand 19-24 April 1982

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Report of the first case of Trichosomoides crassicauda of rat in Iran

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Report of the germination committee 1977-80

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Report of the germination committee working group on temperate grasses 1977-1980

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Report of the germination committee working group on tropical and sub-tropical seeds 1977-1980

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Report of the investigation carried out on the Jalisco coast in the pilot stage of the research and development systems in rural settings project

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Report of the laboratory 1982

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Report of the meeting on the use of radiation-attenuated organisms in the control of parasitic diseases of humans

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Report of the meeting on the infraspecific variation in parasites of man

Anonymous, 1982:
Report of the national veterinary laboratories of France for 1981

Anonymous, 1983:
Report of the national veterinary laboratories of France for 1982

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Report of the pelleted seeds committee 1977-1980

Landenmark, O., 1981:
Report of the purity committee 1977-1980

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Report of the purity committee working group on multiple florets in grasses 1977-1980

Lovato, A., 1981:
Report of the referee testing committee 1977-1980

Anonymous, 1982:
Report of the regional workshop on biological control of water hyacinth 3-5 May 1982, NAL, Bangalore, India

Anonymous, 1982:
Report of the regional workshop on import procurement of chemical fertilizers for Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok, 27 September -- 1 October 1982

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Report of the seed moisture and storage committee 1977-1980

Bass, L.N., 1981:
Report of the seed moisture and storage committee working group on seed storage 1977-1980

Witte, C., 1981:
Report of the seed moisture and storage committee working group on tolerances in seed moisture determinations, 1977-1980

Mullett, J.H., 1981:
Report of the seed moisture and storage committee working party on seed moisture determination for small seeded legumes 1977-1980

Klitgard, K., 1981:
Report of the seed moisture and storage committee working party on seed moisture for cereals, fodder legumes and grasses, 1977-1980

Anonymous, 1983:
Report of the seventeenth session of the intergovernmental group on oilseeds, oils and fats. Rome, 28 February-4 March 1983

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Report of the statistics committee 1977-1980

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Report of the tetrazolium test committee 1977-80

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Report of the toxicologist of the Union for 1982

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Report of the twenty-seventh alfalfa improvement conference

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Report of the vigour test committee 1977-1980

Anonymous, 1980:
Report of the workshop for primary school teachers (female) held at the College of Elementary Education for Women, Quetta, 2-22 July 1980

Anonymous, 1982:
Report of the workshop on university-level training for regional and rural development planning

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Report of three new diseases of ornamental shrubs

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Report of travels to south Italy 1980 for the collection of indigenous material of cultivated plants

Reuter, H.; Quente, J., 1983 :
Report of type testing of a pneumatically actuated flow-diversion valve type Univent of Firma GEA Ahlborn GmbH & Co. KG, Sarstedt, German Federal Republic

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Report of work on the International Meloidogyne Project at the University of Costa Rica, 1979 to 1981

Kan Chua, S.P., 1980:
Report on 1979 parasite control research project in Malaysia

Najera Morrondo, R.; Lozano Olivares, A., 1982:
Report on a meeting of the association for the coordination of malaria and other important transmissible diseases in the Mediterranean countries

Anonymous, 1981:
Report on a planning seminar on strategies for the implementation of recommendations on training district development teams at Utalii Hotel, Nairobi, 28th-30th July 1981

Anonymous, 1983:
Report on a single case of foot-and-mouth disease on the Island of Funen, Denmark, January 1983

Wambeke, A.Van, 1981:
Report on activities of the International Committee on Soil Moisture Regimes in the Tropics (ICOMMORT)

Harper, R. et al., 1981:
Report on agricultural concessions in the Multilateral Trade Negotiations

He, Z.Y., 1982:
Report on an outbreak of pullorum disease in a flock of adult chickens

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Report on clinical and post mortem findings in poultry, birds and rabbits encountered at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Gent, Belgium during 1981

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Report on collaborative studies of the determination of volatile nitrosamines in cheese and pesticides

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Report on development alternatives in the Dilly Pastoral Zone

Sarkar, B.N., 1981:
Report on education and family welfare planning. Rural areas around Calcutta

Ball, R.; Hope, S., 1982:
Report on entomological studies carried out at Sapi-Zambezi confluence, August 1981

Rund, R.C., 1983:
Report on fertilizers and agricultural liming materials

Jahnl, G., 1983:
Report on long-term studies on stalk necrosis

Olsen, S.J., 1982:
Report on mastitis control in 1981

Stoloff, L., 1981:
Report on mycotoxins

Jones, N., 1982:
Report on progress prepared for the tripartite review held in February 1982

Anonymous, .:
Report on research activities 1979-1980-1981

Jalayanateja, P., 1981:
Report on safety in production, transportation and storage of fertilisers in Thailand

Rosati, P.; Faedi, W.; Capanni, A., 1982:
Report on ten years' strawberry breeding

Rieder, P., 1982:
Report on the 18th International Conference of Agricultural Economists, Jakarta, 24th August to 2nd September 1982

Anonymous, 1981:
Report on the 1970 World Census of Agriculture. Results by countries: Guadaloupe, Indonesia, Tanzania

Anonymous, 1981:
Report on the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases number 16. December 1981

Civantos, M., 1983:
Report on the activities carried out in the control of Dacus oleae (Gmel.) by the 'Service for Pest Control and Phytopathological Inspection' of the Ministry of Agriculture for Spain (SDPIF)

Anonymous, 1981:
Report on the activities of the Institut Pasteur of Madagascar during 1980

Anonymous, 1983:
Report on the activities of the State Institute for Dairy Research in the year 1982

Anonymous, 1982:
Report on the agricultural economy 1982

Pappous, C., 1982:
Report on the appearance of foot and mouth disease in Greece in 1981

Pajak, R., 1981:
Report on the discovery of forms with low glucosinolate contents in breeding material of the winter swede rape variety Janpol, which has a low erucic acid content

Anonymous, 1981:
Report on the evaluation survey of working of co-operative cold stores

Maximay, S., 1982:
Report on the food and nutrition surveillance system in St Kitts-Nevis

Daifuku, H., 1982:
Report on the international symposium on the conservation of wooden cultural property

Winiger, F.A.; Berces, S.; Maag, W.; Gehriger, W.; Reust, W., 1981:
Report on the main trials of midearly to late starch potato varieties 1978-1980

Anonymous, 1982:
Report on the nutritional status of vulnerable groups in St. Kitts-Nevis

Buchon, D., 1980:
Report on the onchocerciasis focus of Ogooue-Lolo by Sector 7 of the Service des Grandes Endemies, November 1978

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Report on the principal trials of early and midearly culinary varieties, 1979 to 1981

Moser, K., 1982:
Report on the spring conference of the VDSB for the presidents of sections and cantons, from 27 March 1982 in Lucerne

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Report on the visit to the People's Republic of China 21 June to 16 July, 1982

Anonymous, 1983 :
Report on the welfare of poultry at the time of slaughter. Response of the agricultural departments

Anonymous, 1982:
Report on the work of the Pasteur Institute at Tunis during 1981

Coulanges, P.; Moyroud, J.; Breuil, J.; Rafamantanantsoa, T.; Rafetison, G.; Randrianarisoa, J., 1982:
Report on the work of the Pasteur Institute of Madagascar in 1981. Epidemiology and Parasitology Service

Anonymous, 1982:
Report on the work of the school 1981-1982

Li, X.S.; Tian (Tien), S.L.; Liu, B.C., 1981:
Report on three-way crosses of pigs

Teng Guo lin et al., 1982:
Report on toxoplasmosis of swine in a large farm in Heilongjiang Province, China

Reuter, H.; Quente, J., 1982:
Report on type testing of a pneumatically actuated flow-diversion valve for type SMP heat exchangers for milk of Alfa-Laval Industrietechnik GmbH, Glinde, German Federal Republic

Reuter, H.; Kiesner, C., 1982:
Report on type testing of piezoresistive probes for content measurement in milk tanks. Manufacturer: Endress & Hauser GmbH & Co., Maulburg

Anonymous, 1981:
Report on wool markets

Anonymous, 1981:
Report to the Congress of the United States: U.S. assistance to Egyptian agriculture: slow progress after five years

Heidt, G.A., 1982 :
Reported animal rabies in Arkansas: 1950-1981

Sidoli, L.; Guarda, F., 1982:
Reported outbreaks of swine influenza in northern Italy (1976-1981). Virus isolations and anatomo-histopathological lesions observed in naturally diseased animals

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Reported physical activity and blood lipids in Jerusalem adults

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Reporting obligations of the food industry with regard to milk, cereals, sugar, and prices for cattle and meat

Anonymous, 1982:
Reports and papers. 10th Conference of the Regional Commission of the O.I.E. for Europe, London, 28th September-1st October 1982

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Reports and reflections: Africa

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Reports and reflections: Asia

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Reports and reflections: Latin America

Anonymous, 1981:
Reports of II Transcaucasian Conference on Parasitology, 28-30 November 1979, Erevan

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Reports of clinical cases of Babesia canis disease among the exotic breeds of dogs

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Reports of new plant diseases in Zimbabwe

Anonymous, 1982:
Reports of the 41st Annual Meeting

Anonymous, 1979:
Reports of the Annual Meeting from 9th to 15th September, 1979, Freiburg

Anonymous, 1980:
Reports of the Finnish-Soviet symposium on forest genetics and forest tree seed production, Punkaharju, Finland, August 17-18, 1978

Anonymous, 1978:
Reports of the meeting of Commission II, 4th and 5th October 1978, Braunschweig - Volkenrode. Theme: Effect of organic materials on the solubility, combination and transformation of soil inorganic constituents

Anonymous, 1978:
Reports of the meeting of Commissions IV and VI, 2nd and 3rd October 1978, Giessen. Theme: Importance and problems of sewage sludge as a soil ameliorant and fertilizer

Callikan, S., 1982:
Representative composition of fruits and vegetables commonly consumed in Mauritius

Jubenville, A., 1983:
Representative rivers. An experimental research program in river recreation management

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Reprocessing goats' milk powder to remove Bacillus cereus contamination

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Reprocessing of whey and other dairy wastes for use as food ingredients

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Reproduction and infertility

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Reproduction and milk secretion in ewes and goats

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Reproduction and mobility of production structures and of farm families. An analysis of the development of agriculture in the Woevre region between 1945 and 1979

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Reproduction and preservation of genetically identical breeding material of sugarbeet in culture

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Reproduction data in Swedish domestic forest reindeer (Rangifer tarandus L.)

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Reproduction in over-age heifers

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Reproduction in the gilt. 4. The effect of rearing gilts with contemporary castrated males or intact males on the attainment of puberty

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Reproduction of Criconemoides simile, Helicotylenchus pseudorobustus, and Paratylenchus projectus on Soybean

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Reproduction of Pratylenchus crenatus and P. penetrans on forage legumes and grasses and effect on forage yield

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Reproduction of alfalfa in a dryland pasture

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Reproduction of specific skin lesions with microbial antigens

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Reproduction traits in Malabari goats and their half-breds with Saanen

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Reproductive ability of Swedish Friesian cows in the hot, dry climate of Turkmen SSR

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Reproductive ability of cattle and its relationship to breeding method

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Reproductive ability of cattle with different erythrocyte antigens

Vorob' ev, N.N., 1983:
Reproductive ability of ewes of different ages

Balash, S.D., 1982:
Reproductive ability of short- and normal-coated veiled foxes in relation to mating at different stages of the vaginal histological cycle

Balash, M.F.; Balash, S.L., 1982:
Reproductive ability of short-haired foxes in relation to age and type of mating

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Reproductive activity in Altamura ewes

Martemucci, G.; Gambacorta, M.; Melodia, L.; Zezza, L., 1979:
Reproductive activity in Lecce ewes

Fekete G.; Melko E., 1981:
Reproductive allocation in the stages of sandy succession

Arita, LH., 1982:
Reproductive and sexual maturity of the Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann)

Clark, S.C., 1980:
Reproductive and vegetative performance in two winter annual grasses, Catapodium rigidum (L.) C.E. Hubbard and C. marinum (L.) C.E. Hubbard 1. The effects of soil and genotype on reproductive performance in the field and in a growth-room

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Reproductive aspects of intensive sheep breeding

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Reproductive barriers in wild diploid wheats

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Reproductive behaviour in households of rural Gujarat. Social, economic and community factors

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Reproductive behaviour in peasant societies: a theoretical and empirical analysis

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Reproductive behaviour of Ceratitis capitata (Wied.) after treatment with formaldehyde and gamma -radiation (Dipt. Trypetidae)

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Reproductive biology and communication among grain storage and warehouse beetles

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Reproductive biology of the Booroola Merino

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Reproductive capacities of control mallard ducks (Anas platyrhynchos) during a one-generation reproduction study

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Reproductive category determination in aphids

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Reproductive characteristics of Merino sheep on extensive grazing

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Reproductive characteristics of Romanov rams with infectious epididymitis. I. Clinical observations and fertility

Folch, J.; Blasco, J.M.; Uriarte, J., 1982:
Reproductive characteristics of Romanov rams with infectious epididymitis. II. Alterations in the semen

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Reproductive characteristics of Romonov rams with infectious epididymitis. III. Pathological changes

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Reproductive characteristics of hybrids between maize and Tripsacum in relation to the effect of ionizing radiation

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Reproductive characteristics of young boars exposed to 8 or 16 hours of light daily

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Reproductive characters of Holstein heifers fitted with intravaginal temperature transmitters

Bone, L.W., 1982:
Reproductive chemical communication of helminths. I. Platyhelminthes

de Steven, D., 1983:
Reproductive consequences of insect seed predation in Hamamelis virginiana

Prien, S.D.; Scioli, M.E.T.; Goodin, J.R.; Berlin, J.D., .:
Reproductive control of leaf expansion in cotton

Hess, D.L.; Schmidt, A.M.; Schmidt, M.J., 1983:
Reproductive cycle of the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) in captivity

Liao Chengyi (Liao Chengi); X.Y.ngfu (Hsu Yingfu); Wang Yuanlong (Wang Yuanlung), 1983:
Reproductive cycle of the scallop Chlamys farreri (Jones and Preston) at Qingdao

Kalinka, B., 1979:
Reproductive cycles of cows on a dairy farm complex

Naaktgeboren, C., 1982:
Reproductive disorders attributable to care and management of animals

Hartung, J.; Seffner, W., 1983:
Reproductive disorders in male mink

Kritzinger, N.M., 1982:
Reproductive disturbances in sheep on oestrogenic pastures

Pomeroy, N., 1981:
Reproductive dominance interactions and colony development in bumble bees (Bombus Latreille; Hymenoptera: Apidae)

Krykhtin, M.L.; Gorbach, E.I., 1982:
Reproductive ecology of the grass carp, Ctenopharyngodon idella, and the silver carp, Hypophthalmichthys molitrix, in the Amur basin

Chemineau, P.; Xande, A., 1982:
Reproductive efficiency of creole meat goats permanently kept with males. Relationship to a tropical environment

Bonia, K.K., 1982:
Reproductive efficiency of the local cattle

Stipkovits, L., 1983:
Reproductive failure of sows in association with Ureaplasma infection

Nikitsin, V.S.; Bandazheuski, Y.I., 1982:
Reproductive function of white rats with oxythiamin-induced thiamin deficiency

Garcia, M., 1982:
Reproductive functions during the postpartum period in the cow. A review of the literature

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Reproductive hormone secretion in beef heifers. I

Smith, P., 1982:
Reproductive housing and environment

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Reproductive isolation between Urophora affinis and U. quadrifasciata (Diptera: Tephritidae) in British Columbia

Inoue, H., 1983:
Reproductive isolation mechanisms and hybridization of Nephotettix spp

Peat, W.E., 1982:
Reproductive losses in faba bean

Mikhailov, T.; Topchiiski, S., 1981:
Reproductive organ development in plums

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Reproductive parameters of Chiana cows reared in the province of Siena

Quinlivan, T.D., 1983:
Reproductive parameters of N.Z. sheep

Valderrabano, J.; Faci, R., 1981:
Reproductive performance and growth rate of ewes of high prolificacy feeding on turnips during the final third of pregnancy

Friend D.W.; Elliot J.I.; Fortin A.; Larmond E.; Wolynetz M.S.; Butler G., 1982:
Reproductive performance and meat production of gilts bred at puberty and restricted in feed intake

Sierra Alfranca, I., 1982:
Reproductive performance and mortality in a new sheep breed obtained by crossing Romanovs with Aragons

Prasad, S.P.; Pandey, M.D., 1982:
Reproductive performance associated with re-breeding, oestrus duration, number of inseminations and season in Barbari nanny goats

Makela, J., 1982:
Reproductive performance at the experimental farms in 1982

Morales T.H.; Hinojosa C.J.A.; Aguilar C.J.A., 1981:
Reproductive performance in a herd of Holstein-Friesians in Chontalpa, Tabasco. I. Length of intervals from calving to first service and first conception

Yamamoto, M.; Umezu, M.; Masaki, J., 1980:
Reproductive performance in the pre- or pubertal female rats after the first ovulation

Naser, A.Y.; Husseini, M.D.; Asadi, A.A.; Salman, A.J., 1982:
Reproductive performance of Fayoumi hens and a Fayoumi Leghorn crossbreed when raised in a hot, arid environment

Karatov, A.M., 1982:
Reproductive performance of Grozny ewes inseminated at 1.5 and 2.5 years of age

Dufty, J.H.; Peters, D.E.; Bavinton, J.H., 1981:
Reproductive performance of Hereford cattle affected with the vertical fiber hide defect

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Reproductive performance of Indonesian sheep and goats

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Reproductive performance of Merino sheep and their crossbreds

E.H.mosi, F.F.; E.H.fiz, G.A.A., 1982:
Reproductive performance of Ossimi and Saidi sheep under two pre-pubertal planes of nutrition

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Reproductive performance of Yorkshire sows mated with Yorkshire or Lacombe boars

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Reproductive performance of beef cows following temporary removal of calves

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Reproductive performance of beef cows subjected to different systems of weaning

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Reproductive performance of breeding cocks of a laying line in relation to illumination during rearing

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Reproductive performance of cattle under Malaysian farming conditions

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Reproductive performance of commercial sheep flocks in South Island districts. 2. Relationships between ovulation rate, liveweight, mating, and lambing performances

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Reproductive performance of dairy goats

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Reproductive performance of early-mated Merino ewes

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Reproductive performance of fine wool ewes fed sewage solids through two lambing seasons

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Reproductive performance of first litter sows in a commercial intensive piggery

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Reproductive performance of hormonally treated sheep maintained year-round in a controlled-light environment

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Reproductive performance of imported Danish and Australian Jersey in central India

Prasad, S.P., 1983:
Reproductive performance of laparotomized nulliparous Barbari nanny goats

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Reproductive performance of replacement gilts

Moskal, V., 1983:
Reproductive performance of sows from different lines and generations

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Reproductive performance of sows in relation to their nervous type

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Reproductive performance of the foundation breeds and crosses used for two new dairy breeds in Cuba

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Reproductive performance of young ewes at different stages of development at the time of first service

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Reproductive performance under commercial conditions of sows with a long productive life

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Reproductive physiology

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Reproductive potential of Gyrodactylus bullatarudis (Monogenea) on guppies (Poecilia reticulata)

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Reproductive problems in rural buffaloes

Schneider, K.H., 1982:
Reproductive problems in waterfowl

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Reproductive rate in a natural flock of Merino sheep

Lawrence, B.K.; Fehr, W.R., 1982:
Reproductive response of soybeans to short day lengths

Holzner, W.; Hayashi, I.; Glauninger, J., 1982:
Reproductive strategy of annual agrestals

Obst, J.M.; Boyes, T.; Chaniago, T., 1982:
Reproductive wastage in Javanese thin-tail sheep

Spellerberg, I.F., 1982:
Reptiles and amphibians in woodlands

Szabo, TI., 1982:
Requeening honeybee colonies with queen cells

Ketola, H.G., 1983:
Requirement for dietary lysine and arginine by fry of rainbow trout

Sato, T.; Yazawa, S.; Namiki, T., 1982:
Requirement of alternating temperature for germination of pepper seeds

Motley, M.; Newsome, A.; Arnold, R., 1983:
Requirement of secretory IgA for lactoferrin bactericidal activity against Escherichia coli and Salmonella typhimurium

Sankaralingam, S.S., 1982:
Requirement of soft-wood timber for match units in the hand-made sector

Mahadevan, P.; Hickman, C.G., 1983:
Requirements for cooperative research to evaluate strains and breeding systems

Mal' kov, V.G., 1983:
Requirements for machines serving desert hay fields and pastures

Everitt, B., 1980:
Requirements of dairy cows for controlled feeding in tie-stall systems and loose housing

Basler, A., 1982:
Requirements of food policy in Central Africa: the case of the People's Republic of the Congo

Vinnik, L.N.; Golushko, V.M., 1982:
Requirements of growing pigs in metabolizable energy and protein

Skorodumov, D.I.; Gumbatov, Y.K., 1982:
Requirements of some species of the genus Haemophilus for specific growth factors

Treiman, A.A., 1981:
Requirements of spring wheat for major nutrients and trace elements

Ebendorff, W.; Wallstabe, J., 1983:
Requirements of udder conformation in cows from the point of view of modern milking techniques and milk technology

Giebel, O.; Mazurkiewicz, M.; Mroz, A.; Wachnik, Z., 1983:
Rersistance of field strains of Eimeria to the anticoccidial clopidol

Priem, R., 1979:
Research Concerning the use of a biodisc installation for the treatment of liquid manure of pigs

Anonymous, 1982:
Research Report 1981-1982

Anonymous, 1982:
Research Report, 1982. Soils and Grassland Production

Anonymous, 1981:
Research Station, Vancouver, British Columbia

Anonymous, 1982:
Research activities in 1981 of the fruit section of the Institute of Crop Science of the Technical University, Berlin

Hong, C.W., 1982:
Research activities on biological nitrogen fixation in Korea

Soekarna, D.; Kilin, D., 1981:
Research activities on storage insects at CRIA

Crovetti, A. (Director), 1981:
Research activity of the Institute of Agricultural Entomology

Jonsson, C., 1982:
Research activity on nitrogen prognosis during 1982

Anonymous, 1982:
Research advances in insect pollination of oil palm and its impact on lauric oils (palm kernel/coconut) market: executive summary

Vannozzi, G.P.; Paolini, R.; Laureti, D.; Alba, E., 1983:
Research aims for varieties and hybrids adapted to Italy

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Research and Development on an automatic sacking device for combine harvesters (Part 4). Details of unit of automatic sacking device

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Research and development -- what can we afford?

Manby, T.C.D., 1981:
Research and development at the National Institute of Agricultural Engineering in the 1970s on harvesting crops with particular reference to forage

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Research and development in connection with tropical broadleaved high forests in relation to north-south co-development

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Research and development in forage chopping

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Research and development in the United Kingdom and sources of information

Randhawa, N.S.; Velayutham, M., 1982:
Research and development programmes for soil testing in India

Anonymous, 1983:
Research and development reports. Agriculture Service. Cereals 1981

Anonymous, 1983:
Research and development reports. Agriculture Service. Potatoes 1980

Anonymous, 1982:
Research and development reports. Agriculture Service. Sheep. 1981

Anonymous, 1983:
Research and development reports. Agriculture Service. Sugar beet, oilseed rape and minor cash crops 1980

Anonymous, 1983:
Research and development reports. Agriculture Service. Sugar beet, oilseed rape and minor cash crops 1981

Anonymous, 1982:
Research and educational activities, 1982-83

Anonymous, 1982:
Research and production conference on sheep and goat breeding, December 1982. Scientific communications

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Research and recreation planning -- the Alberta Model

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Research and sport in Europe. Trend report based on the first and the second European inventory (from 1976 to 1979)

Anonymous, 1983:
Research and testing are central in the dairies' work for quality products

Peron, J.Y., 1983:
Research by the F.N.A.M.S. on vegetable seed production

Hofmann, R.R.; Herzog, A., 1982:
Research by the working group on game biology and game management of the Justus Liebig University, Giessen

Anonymous, 1981:
Research concepts: underdevelopment and subsistence production

Kontou Kastellanou, C.; Leonardopoulos, J., 1982:
Research for C. albicans and T. glabrata in urine cultures of hospitalized patients

Anonymous, 1982:
Research for non-researchers

Myers, J., 1982:
Research in biological control at the University of British Columbia

Anonymous, 1980:
Research in extension education -- some basic findings

Linko, P., 1983:
Research in food process engineering at Otaniemi

Adams, C., 1983:
Research in the field of mink AI and its future prospects

Fryer, J.D., 1982:
Research in weed management in the developing countries

Bravery, A.F.; Dobbs, A.J.; Laidlaw, R.A.; Miller, E.R., 1981:
Research in wood protection at the Princes Risborough Laboratory 1979 and 1980

Striegl, M., 1982:
Research into biomass production and harvest date in spring cereals

Ionescu, E. et al, 1980:
Research into calculation of dynamic stresses in the transmission of the TAF 650 tractor during acceleration on uneven ground

Schiefelbein, E., 1982:
Research into education and the development of education

Hodgson, P., 1983 :
Research into the complex nature of the holiday choice process

Henensal, P.; Arnal, G.; Puig, J., 1980:
Research into the establishment of roadside embankments

Kelly, T.K., 1982:
Research into the vocational education and training requirements of the hotel and catering industry in the U.K

Garduno, M.A., 1981:
Research methodologies for in situ rain harvesting in rainfed agriculture

Stockdale, J.E.; Eldred, J.G., 1982:
Research methods appropriate to the task

McWhorter, C.G.; Shaw, W.C., 1982:
Research needs for integrated weed management systems

Berry, R.J. (Organizer), 1982:
Research needs in forestry. A workshop sponsored by the University of London Interdisciplinary Committee for the Environment and the Natural Environment Research Council and held at University College, London, 29-30 March 1982

Tiwari, K.M., 1982:
Research needs of social forestry

Bahr, T.G., 1981:
Research needs related to municipal wastewater renovation and reuse in arid and semiarid areas

Aich, A.E.; Dimeur, D.; Atiqui, M., 1981:
Research objectives at the Timahdit grassland station, M.; Greco, N., 1983:
Research of root-knot nematodes in Italy

Wang, W.Y. ; Wu, G.G., 1983:
Research of the varietal model for intermediate-type winter wheat breeding in Beijing. Analyses of the ability of Jinshaung 14 to give high stable yields

Marini Bettolo, G.B.; Patamia, M.; Nicoletti, M.; Galeffi, C.; Messana, I., 1982:
Research on African medicinal plants. II. Hypoxoside, a new glycoside of uncommon structure from Hypoxis obtusa Busch

Kokwaro, J.O.; Messana, I.; Galeffi, C.; Patamia, M.; Marini Bettolo, G.B., 1983:
Research on African medicinal plants. V. Coumarins from Zanthoxylum usambarense

Dallai, R.; Sabatini, M.A., 1981:
Research on Collembola XXVIII, a new species of Schaefferia

Bechet, M.; Iordache, L., 1982:
Research on Fusarium species parasitic on potato. I. Fusarium coeruleum (Lib) Sacc., pathogen of dry rot of tubers

Bhatnagar, V.S.; Lateef, S.S.; Sithanantham, S.; Pawar, C.S.; Reed, W., 1982:
Research on Heliothis at ICRISAT

Anais, G., 1982:
Research on Meloidogyne in Guadeloupe

Oever, R.S. van den, 1982:
Research on Meloidogyne in Surinam

Logothetis, B., 1983:
Research on Vitis silvestris in Greece

Habovstiak, J., 1980:
Research on a model of intensive pasture exploitation by lambs

Erdiller, G., 1981:
Research on a new virus disease of cereals caused by brome mosaic virus in Turkey

Barillet, F.; Gaillard, A., 1981:
Research on a simplified method for recording the composition of sheep milk - preliminary results

Fiori, G.; Pucci, C.; Ballatori, E., 1983:
Research on an optimal date for harvesting olives in a year with high levels of infestation by 'Dacus oleae'

Dabin, P.; Bouharmont, J., 1983:
Research on azalea propagation under artificial conditions

Rodriquez, G., 1983:
Research on beans has been productive

Hinrichsen, J.K., 1982:
Research on behaviour in sheep

Post, J.J.; Stam, J.C., 1983:
Research on biennial bearing at the Experimental Garden at Werkhoven. (2) The effect of flower thinning on flower bud formation

Post, J.J.; Stam, J.C., 1983:
Research on biennial bearing at the Experimental Garden at Werkhoven. 4. The effect of leaf thinning on the flower bud formation of Bonne Louise d'Avranches and Doyenne du Comice

Post, J.J.; Stam, J.C., 1983:
Research on biennial bearing at the Experimental Garden in Werkhoven. (1)

Post, J.J.; Stam, J.C., 1983:
Research on biennial bearing at the Experimental Garden in Werkhoven. (3) The effect of fruit thinning on flower bud formation

Ialongo, M.T., 1981:
Research on biological specialization of a population of Sphaerotheca pannosa ((Wallr.) Fr.) Lev. var. persicae Woron

Anonymous, 1981:
Research on bovine leukosis

Muthukrishnan, C.R.; Thangaraj, T.; Muthuswami, S., 1983:
Research on chilli (Capsicum annuum L.) in Tamil Nadu -- a resume

Matthews, G.A., 1983:
Research on controlled droplet application and other methods in relation to microbial pesticides

Artigues, M.; Davet, P., 1982:
Research on criteria for selection of clones of Trichoderma active against sclerotial fungi

Crovetti, A.; Quaglia, F.; Malfatti, P.; Conti, B., 1983:
Research on different methods for the evaluation of the level of olive-fruit fly infestation - results obtained in the experiments carried out in Tuscany in the biennium 1980-1981

Wang, S.R.; Wang, G.M.; Queiroz, E.F.; Mesquita, C.M., 1981:
Research on drought resistance and irrigation of soybeans in Parana, Brazil

Kalous, J.; Motycka, J.; Parizkova, L.; Trefny, D., 1982:
Research on effect of allylisothiocyanate addition in broiler fattening

Celi, R.; Montemurro, O.; Martemucci, G.; Santis, A. de, 1982:
Research on environmental adaptability of sheep. VI. Variations in total body water turnover in pregnant and lactating ewes

Momuat, C.J.S.; Mamaril, C.P.; Momuat, E.O., 1981:
Research on fertilizer application in Palawija crops in South Sulawesi

Freitas, M.D.M.; Martins, M.L.; Dias, M.C.S., 1981:
Research on fungi, aflatoxin B1 and zearalenone in rice -- some considerations

Muller, F., 1982:
Research on game birds of the grouse family

Manz, G., 1982:
Research on how people use their time in the GDR

Waaijenberg, D., 1982:
Research on insulating greenhouse covering materials and constructions

Constantinide, C.; Oprea, G.; Sauca, V., 1981:
Research on making silage with some meadow crops by wilting or by adding straw

Nolan, T., .:
Research on mixed grazing by cattle and sheep in Ireland

Trigo, M.J.P.; Dias, M.C.S.; Martins, M.L.; Durao, F.J. da C., 1981:
Research on moulds and aflatoxin B1 in baby foods and similar products

Woyke, H., 1982:
Research on onion pollination

Ali, S.A.B.S., 1982:
Research on problems affecting livestock production in Malaysia

Bouwkamp, J.C., 1982:
Research on production of sweet potatoes from cut root pieces

Senesi, E.; Crivelli, G.; Bertolo, G., 1978:
Research on quick freezing of vegetables. V. Suitability of pea and French bean varieties

Santos, M.S.N. de A.; Abrantes, I.M. de O., 1983:
Research on root-knot nematodes in Portugal

Ponchet, J.; Andreoli, C., 1979:
Research on sources of resistance to Coryneum (Seiridium) cardinale Wag. in the genus Cupressus

Bartos, J.; Matyas, Z., 1983:
Research on sterigmatocystine in Czechoslovak-produced grain

Kovacevic, S.; Hlevnjak, M., 1982:
Research on substitution possibilities of coniferous by deciduous wood for aerial line poles

Poupardin, D.; Mallet, M., 1981:
Research on the Brianconnais region 3. Towards a better understanding of the Vallee de la Guisane: aspects of the development of the local community

Aspock, H., 1981:
Research on the Neuroptera of Europe - results and current problems

Purcherea, A.; Radu, A. ; Neda, M., 1981:
Research on the Sarcocystis parasitizing water buffaloes

Oktar, E., 1982:
Research on the White pickled cheese making from buffalo milk in Izmir

Sabatini, A.; Terranova, F.; Cianchi, R.; Coluzzi, M., 1981:
Research on the anopheline infestation of the rivers of the Ionian coast of Calabria

Mauromicale, G., 1982:
Research on the application of different plant growth regulators to potatoes in the autumn-spring cycle

Galvez, G.E., 1982:
Research on the bean pod weevil, web blight and golden mosaic in Central America and Mexico. (Internal Seminars, Series SE11-82)

Muntean, L.; Salontai, A.; Botez, C.; Tamas, M., 1981:
Research on the biology of autumn crocus (Colchicum autumnale L.). II. Germination, flowering and colchicine content

Mercer, P.C.; Malone, J.P.; McGimpsey, H.C., 1982:
Research on the control of foliar diseases of spring barley in Northern Ireland, 1976-81

Bechet, M.; Cosma, I.; Cucui, M., 1982:
Research on the control of grey rot of grapevine caused by Botrytis fuckeliana (de Bary) Whetz

Kuwana, T.; Kubota, K.; Ogawa, K.; Fukumori, I.; Doshu, N.; Notsuki, I.; Ueno, K.; Ichikawa, T.; Okitsu, Y., 1981:
Research on the development of milk meters

Kuwana, T.; Kubota, K.; Ogawa, K.; Fukumori, I.; Doshu, N.; Notsuki, I.; Ueno, K.; Ichikawa, T.; Okitsu, Y., 1981:
Research on the development of semi-automatic milking apparatus

Chiericato, G.M.; Rioni, M., 1983:
Research on the digestibility and nutritive value of ensiled pressed beet pulp, dried grape skins and maize silage in young bulls

Avalos, B., 1982:
Research on the effectiveness of school teachers in Third World countries

Anonymous, 1981 :
Research on the effects of mass wasting of forest lands on water quality and the impact of sediment on aquatic organisms

Schaffrath Boer, A., 1983:
Research on the endogenous developmental cycle of Caryospora kutzeri

Alencar Filho, R.A. de; Rodrigues, F.M.; Vianna, W.O., 1981:
Research on the epidemiology of bovine enzootic leukosis

Holz, B., 1982:
Research on the existence and distribution of Botrytis cinerea strains resistant to vinclozolin, iprodione and procymidone

Auge, R., 1982:
Research on the forcing of tulips cv. Apeldorn (heat treatment of bulbs and action of gibberellin)

Gaspar, C.; Bouche, M.; Laurent, G.; Wonville, C., 1981:
Research on the forest ecosystem: the Lumbricidae of forest soils of the Ardennes

Tanaka, K.; Okumura, T.; Inoue, A.; Shimono, K., 1981:
Research on the functional property of the broad-leaved forest for water resource conservation (I)

Xiao, W.Y., 1982:
Research on the growth period, yield and quality of Siberian wildrye

Filippetti, A.; Pace, C. de; Mugnozza, G.T.S. (Scarascia Mugnozza, G.T., 1982:
Research on the improvement of Vicia faba for dry seed yield, using experimental mutagenesis. I. Frequency and types of mutations induced by gamma radiation

Dornescu, D.; Bulinaru, V.; Danaila, E., 1982:
Research on the influence of fertilizers on maize quality

Hamdi, Y.A.; Alaa E.D.n, M.N., 1981:
Research on the inoculation of Glycine max and Vicia faba in Egypt

Machado, A. de B.; Ramos, H. da C.; Ribeiro, H., 1981:
Research on the mosquitoes of Angola (Insecta, Diptera, Culicidae). XI -- twenty-one new records from Lunda and Moxico

Schelstraete, A., 1983:
Research on the optimal dose of ethephon for chemical flower removal in begonias

Aubert, M.F.A., 1982:
Research on the possible role of ticks as a reservoir of rabies virus

Bao, S.D.; Shi, R.H., 1982:
Research on the potassium supply of soils. I. The potassium supply of several soils in Jiangsu province and its relation to uptake by the graminaceous crop barley

Gervy, R., 1982:
Research on the role of fertilizers in the intensification of agriculture

Knotek, S.; Zilakova, J., 1980:
Research on the suitability of sown grass growth for conservation

Zabeltitz, C. von, 1982:
Research on the technique of crop production in greenhouses

Quaglia, F., 1979:
Research on the use of alternative means of control against the insects injurious to protected crops. III. Preliminary results of experiments carried out with chromotropic panels for the monitoring of Trialeurodes vaporariorum (Westw.) (Hom. Aleyrodidae)

Gkoumas, P.; Belonakes, E.; Rapides, A.D.; Marselou Kinte, O.; Papabasileiou, I., 1983:
Research on the yeast flora of the oral cavity

Yu, O.; Gounot, M., 1982:
Research on tillering of cocksfoot. II. Consideration of the formulation and modelling of tillering processes

Buitelaar, K., 1983:
Research on tomatoes in the energy-saving glasshouse at Naaldwijk

Fischer, H., 1982:
Research on water buffaloes between 1964 and 1981 at the Institute of Tropical Veterinary Medicine, Justus Liebig University, Giessen

Grochowski, W.; Ostalski, R., .:
Research on wild crops from the lower ecological zones of the Polish forest

Chong, C.; Richer Leclerc, C.; Gonzalez, J.E., 1981:
Research on woody plant propagation at MacDonald College

Bechyne, M., 1982:
Research on yield production of winter rape and spring turnip rape

Bazan, R., 1982:
Research priorities on the sandy soils of Suriname

Hahn, S.K., 1982:
Research priorities, techniques, and accomplishments in cassava breeding at IITA

Hahn, S.K., 1982:
Research priorities, techniques, and accomplishments in sweet-potato breeding at IITA

Hassan, S.A., 1981:
Research problems in the use of Trichogramma evanescens for the control of the European corn borer

Messersmith, C.G.; Lym, R.G., 1983:
Research programs for leafy spurge control in the United States and Canada

Polman, F.J.; Samad, M.; Thio, K.S., 1982:
Research project in agricultural planning: a demonstration of resource-based socio-economic planning in Matara district.

Cogan, T.M.; Daly, C., 1983:
Research provides new starter system for the Irish cheese industry

Anonymous, 1983:
Research recommendations for the cultivation of malting barley for 1983

Anonymous, 1983:
Research report 1982

Beluszky, P.; Sikos, T.T., 1982:
Research report on village classification in Bacs-Kiskun county

Naude, F., 1980:
Research results in summer fattening

Anonymous, .:
Research results of the State Horticultural College and Research Station for 1981

Chaudhary, F.S.; Sharma, H.C., 1982:
Research strategy and dynamics of rice production in India

Moore, J.V.; Prestridge, L.L.; Newell, G.R., 1982:
Research technique for epidemiologic investigation of nutrition and cancer

Duranti, A.; Cuocolo, L., 1982 :
Research to evaluate the possibility of producing seed potatoes on the subcoastal plains of Campania

Wardojo, S., 1980:
Research to support the development of small-scale cash crop farming, with special reference to coffee

Rutger, J.N.; Peterson, M.L., 1981:
Research tool uses of rice mutants for increasing crop productivity

Jansen, I.J., 1977:
Research toward reclamation of surface-mined land for row-crop production

Shah, R.N.; Flinn, J.C., 1980:
Research trials and farmer recommendations

Anonymous, 1980:
Research works of the Ukrainian Beekeeping Research Station

Amaya N.M., 1982:
Research, utilisation, and results obtained on different crops by the use of Trichogramma in Colombia, South America

Tanksley, T.D.J.; Knabe, D.A., 1982:
Researchers outline amino acid digestibilities of some high-protein feedstuffs and use in swine diet formulations

Shields, R.G.J.; Campbell, D.R.; Hughes, D.M.; Dillingham, D.A., 1982:
Researchers study vitamin A stability in feeds

Pruszynski, S.; Wegorek, W., 1980:
Researches on biology and introduction of Podisus maculiventris (Say) - new for Poland predator of the Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say)

Bonomi, A.; Quarantelli, A.; Superchi, P.; Sabbioni, A.; Mazzocco, P. , 1981:
Researches on the calcium and phosphorus content of fodders produced in northern Mantua

Bonomi, A.; Quarantelli, A.; Superchi, P.; Sabbioni, A.; Mazzocco, P., 1981:
Researches on the content of magnesium in fodders produced in northern Mantua

Forni, E.; Trifilo, A.; Polesello, A., 1983:
Researches on the utilisation of the pigment from Phytolacca decandra L. as a food colorant: part 1 -- preparation of an extract free from toxic substances

Zheng, Y.; Jiang, S., 1983:
Researhing report for the energy and protein requirements of laying hens

Yampol'skaya V.D., 1981:
Resection of the lungs in patients with aspergillomas

Touchton, J.T.; Gardner, W.A.; Hargrove, W.L.; Duncan, R.R., 1982:
Reseeding crimson clover as a N source for no-tillage grain sorghum production

Vlachynsky, K., 1982:
Reserve funds and insurance in agriculture

Meier, H.; Reid, J.S.G., 1982:
Reserve polysaccharides other than starch in higher plants

Egorov, V.V., 1982:
Reserves for increasing the productivity of arable lands of the Non-Chernozem Zone

Zharekeshev, K.B.; Espaev, S., 1982:
Reserves for more effective use of labour in sheep farming

Anisimov, N.I.; Pogozhev, V.P., 1982:
Reserves for raising grain production

Anonymous, 1982:
Reserves for rationalization from the point of view of the individual farm. Examples from arable farms, tillage, pasture cropping, animal breeding and feeding 1982 Hohenheim University Meeting

Stassen, P.J.C.; Bergh, O.; Bester, C.W.J.; Preez, M.M. du, 1982:
Reserves in full-bearing peach trees. Carbohydrate reserves and their implications to orchard practices

Souza, J.G. de; Barros, A.C.Q.T.; Silva, J.V. da, 1983:
Reserves of carbohydrate and resistance of cotton to drought

Kamenskaya, V.S., 1982:
Reserves of vegetable production through location and specialization

Cavell, B., 1982:
Reservoir and emptying function of the stomach of the premature infant

Powell C.A.; Forer L.B.; Stouffer R.F., 1982:
Reservoirs of tomato ringspot virus in fruit orchards

Reichert, C., 1982:
Resettlement. Structure of land distribution and resettlement in Zimbabwe

Schulz, O.; Kirchner, K.; Heide, B., 1982:
Residual amounts of some sulfonamides in the tissues of animals. I. Sulfadimidine residues in muscle, liver and kidney of young cattle. II. Sulfamerazine residues in organs and muscle of young cattle and sheep

Kirchner, K.; Schulz, O.; Heide, B., 1982:
Residual amounts of some sulfonamides in the tissues of animals. III. Sulfamerazine in milk after oral administration

Schulz, O.; Kirchner, K., 1982:
Residual amounts of some sulfonamides in the tissues of animals. IV. Residues of sulfadimidine in milk after oral administration

Manchev, I., 1981:
Residual cavities in the liver following removal of hydatid cysts

Henson, M.A.; Zimdahl, R.L., 1983:
Residual effect of chlorsulfuron on Canada thistle and five crops

Zeleny, F., 1982:
Residual effect of fertilization with trace elements on the grain yield of winter wheat

Volynskov, V.P., 1981:
Residual effect of fertilizers on fresh fodder yield of maize grown on chestnut soils of the Volgograd region

Martynovich, N.N.; Martynovich, L.I.; Podval' naya, L.S., 1981:
Residual effect of fertilizers on winter wheat in relation to its preceding crops

Donaldson, R.A.; Inman Bamber, N.G., 1982:
Residual effect of glyphosate as a ripener on sugarcane

Anonymous, 1982:
Residual effect of herbicides applied to soyabean

Berezkina, G.E.; Vitanov, A.D., 1982:
Residual effect of herbicides on winter wheat

Oliveira, E.F. de, 1982:
Residual effect of lime in the soyabean/wheat succession

Paulino, V.T.; Cunha, P.G. da; Figueiredo, L.A.; Mattos, H.B. de, 1982:
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