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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1127

Chapter 1127 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Knyazev, N., 1983:
Some problems in the development of cattle husbandry

Shkodin, N.E.; Arslanov, C.V.; Mametov, S., 1979:
Some problems in the epizootiology of bunostomiasis and the biology of Bunostomum in sheep in Kirgizia

Kovarzh, M., 1982:
Some problems of growing and breeding winter rye in Czechoslovakia

Ambrus, V., 1982:
Some problems of improving methods of disinfection and cleaning of dairy equipment

Tomaszewski, K.J.; Krajewski, A., 1979:
Some problems of irrigating forest nurseries

Gorlenko, M.V., 1981:
Some problems of the ecology of fungi

Mizgireva, M.F.; Yumaeva, V.I., 1979:
Some problems of the epidemiology and morbidity dynamics of amoebiasis in the Turkmen SSR

Goncharov, V.; Mel' nikov, A., 1982:
Some problems of the food sector in the light of the decisions of the Central Committee of the USSR CP in May 1982

Cek, K., 1979:
Some problems of the organization of leisure time and leisure activities in students' dormitories

Staroverova, I., 1982:
Some problems of the professional composition of women in agriculture

Sotiri, P., 1981:
Some problems of the varietal make-up of the vineyards in the low coastal zone

Bielak, F., 1981:
Some problems of utilization of whey, with particular reference to ammoniated whey in cow feeding

Stone, A.R.; Hill, A.J., 1982:
Some problems posed by the Heterodera avenae complex

Klimuk, A.; Parfenov, V., 1982:
Some problems related to selection and testing Akhal-Teke horses

Goita, M., 1981:
Some promising deep water and floating rice varieties in Mali

Zavitkovski, J., 1981:
Some promising forest ecosystems of the temperate zone for biomass production and energy storage

Abdel Galil, H., 1982:
Some properties of White cheese made from milk of buffaloes suffering from mastitis

Kuwite, C.A.; Purcifull, D.E., 1982:
Some properties of a cucumber mosaic virus strain isolated from winged bean in Florida

Richardson, B.C., 1982:
Some properties of a heat-stable protease from Pseudomonas fluorescens

Redolfi, P.; Cantisani, A.; Matta, A.; Pennazio, S., 1979:
Some properties of a phenolic compound synthesized in Gomphrena globosa during the hypersensitive response to tomato bushy stunt virus

Igwegbe, E.C.K., 1983:
Some properties of a tobacco mosaic virus strain isolated from pepper (Capsicum annuum) in Nigeria

Hanada K.; Tochihara H., 1982:
Some properties of an isolate of the soybean stunt strain of cucumber mosaic virus

Milicic D.; Mamula D.; Plazibat M., 1982:
Some properties of brome streak mosaic virus

Schmutterer, H., 1981:
Some properties of components of the neem tree (Azadirachta indica) and their use in pest control in developing countries

Morras, H.J.M., 1983:
Some properties of degraded argillans from A2 horizons of solodic planosols

Plamenac, N., 1982:
Some properties of drainage filters used in agriculture

Gillespie J.H., 1983:
Some properties of finite populations experiencing strong selection and weak mutation

Panov, V.P.; Umansky, M.S.; Buzov, I.P., 1982:
Some properties of lipases of milk-clotting enzymes

Kagan, Y.R.; Grinevich, A.G.; Avdeenok, V.P.; Belov, A.N.; Umanskii, M.S., 1978:
Some properties of mutants of Streptococcus lactis subsp. diacetylactis induced by nitrosomethylurea

Przybylak, A.; Szymanska Dolata, B., 1981:
Some properties of poplar wood modified with 4,4'-diphenylmethane diisocyanate

Luisoni, E.; Milne, R.G., 1981:
Some properties of ryegrass spherical virus

Kanamaru, Y.; Kuzuya, Y.; Tanahashi, T., 1982:
Some properties of secretory IgA purified from bovine colostrum

Desai, N.N.; Ashford, D.; Allen, A.K.; Neuberger, A., 1982:
Some properties of the lectin from potato (Solanum tuberosum) and the nature of its glycoprotein linkages

Gupta, S.K.; Ghosh, S.K., 1980:
Some prostigmatid mites (Acarina) from Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Hannan, J., 1980:
Some public health aspects of current animal production practices

Ristic, Z., 1981:
Some quantitative anatomical characteristics of Chenopodium album L. and Lamium purpureum L. leaves from different habitats

Bourdeau, P.; Chermette, R.; Bussieras, J., 1982:
Some rare forms of dermatomycoses in domestic carnivores. A 2nd case: generalized dermatitis in a dog due to mixed infection with Microsporum persicolor and Microsporum gypseum

Hartmann, M.O.; Hall, L.R.; Kieck, N.F.; Wild, A.J., 1983:
Some recent advances in land use planning in the East London and Komga districts

Andersson, S., 1981:
Some recent developments in timber harvesting techniques in N. America

Maret, E.; Copp, J.H., 1982:
Some recent findings on the economic contributions of farm women

Anonymous, 1981:
Some recent research activities

Santhakumaran, L.N., 1982:
Some recent studies on the marine wood-borers of the west coast of India

Walther, U., 1982:
Some recommendations for limiting losses of fertilizing elements from soils

Baldry, D.A.T., 1981:
Some records of Syntomosphyrum (Hym., Eulophidae) parasitizing Glossina palpalis in Nigeria.

Vikberg, V., 1983:
Some records of ichneumonids from southern Finland (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae)

Nagl, K., 1981:
Some reflections and data about useful plant types in Vicia faba breeding

Muyeed, A., 1982:
Some reflections on education for rural development: a discussion paper; aids to programming UNICEF assistance to education: basic education 19; community participation 3

Lundstedt, E., 1983:
Some reflections on the development of starters for the cultured dairy products industry

Dissanayake, W., 1981:
Some reflections on the diffusion of agricultural innovations

Kalnyn' sh, A.A., 1983:
Some regularities in the development of particular branches of the regional agroindustrial sector

Basangova, N.O., 1982:
Some regularities of the distribution of soil-inhabiting beetles (Coleoptera) in relation to soil factors

Szymanski, S., 1982:
Some regularities of the seasonal activity of Dermacentor reticulatus (Fabricius, 1794) (Ixodidae)

Chapman, S.B.; Clarke, R.T., 1980:
Some relationships between soil, climate, standing crop and organic matter accumulation within a range of Calluna heathlands in Britain

Mulqueen, J., 1982:
Some relationships of drainage problems in Ireland to solid and glacial geology, geomorphology and soil types

Meister, A., 1982:
Some remarks on adult education and development

Gusev, A.V., 1981:
Some remarks on techniques and methodology in parasitological investigations

Segebade, C.; Kuhl, M.; Schmitt, B.F.; Neider, R., 1982:
Some remarks on the state of photon activation analysis and the use of internal standards

Beuret, E., 1981:
Some remarks on weeds in vineyards and tree crops

Dobos, M.; Timko, L.; Gabris, J., 1982:
Some reproduction indices of Slovak Spotted cows and crossbreds with the Red-Spotted milk-type breed

Calmes, M.A.; Zasada, J.C., 1982:
Some reproductive traits of four shrub species in the black spruce forest type of Alaska

Pintureau, B.; Toonders, T., 1983:
Some results concerning the study of the attraction of males by virgin females of Trichogramma maidis (Hym. Trichogrammatidae)

Simiane, M. de; Masson, C., 1982:
Some results from trials with restricted pasture intake for dairy goats

Hammann, H., 1982:
Some results of 1981 trials with different maize varieties

Stubner, F., 1981:
Some results of a test method for determining susceptibility to sprouting in winter rye

Sinkovics, G.; Medgyes, I.; Paljak, J., 1983:
Some results of artificial insemination in rabbits

Khrolikova, A.Kh, 1979:
Some results of breeding pear for early maturity

Bauer, A.F., 1982:
Some results of measurements of soil temperature modification using thermal irrigation under different weather conditions

Crespo, D.G.; Romano, A.M., 1979:
Some results of selection of subterranean clover in Elvas, with particular reference to earliness of flowering

Rzhiman, L., 1980:
Some results of studying the world collection of winter wheat in Czechoslovakia

Merezhko, A.F.; Merezhko, V.E., 1980:
Some results of work at the Selaya Experiment Station of the Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry (VIR) in Mexico

Efimov, J.P. (Efimov, Y.P), 1980:
Some results on the regularities of seed crops in Scots pine seed orchards

Kochnev, S.A., 1978:
Some rules of ecological parasitology and the characteristics of the helminth fauna of invertebrates in artificially heated waters

Carretero, J.L.; Boira, H., 1982:
Some sabulicolous weedy communities in the province of Valencia (Spain)

Truxova, D.; Janal, R., 1982:
Some selected parameters of deproteinized lucerne juice

E.S.yed, M.A.I.; Seida, A.A.; Ghallab, A.M., 1983:
Some semen characteristics of Baladi male goats

E.N.ggar, M.A.; Farrag, A.A.; Serur, B.H., 1983:
Some serum enzymatic levels in relation to ovarian function in cows and buffaloes

Saul, SH., 1982:
Some sexually dimorphic characters in the Mediterranean fruit fly Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) and their variations

Ishikawa, T.; Saijoh, Y.; Bratawinata, A.A., 1978:
Some site factors in a natural forest of Larix leptolepis Gordon (Japanese larch) on Mount Ontake, Central Japan

Corpus, V.A.; Inciong, M.B., 1981:
Some social and economic factors affecting the nutritional status of preschool children in a peri-urban community

Abbas, B.S.; Syah, B., 1981:
Some socio-economic aspects of oil palm producers in the North Sumatra Smallholders Development Project

Brandmeyer, G.A.; Alexander, L.K., 1982:
Some sociological clues to baseball as a national pastime

Golob, M., 1982:
Some sociological views of inheritance on the peasant holding

Klock, G.O., 1982:
Some soil erosion effects on forest soil productivity

Rouysungnern, S., 1982:
Some soil physical and chemical changes under tree plantation at Dong-lan reforestation area

Tikhomirov, F.A.; Kasparov, S.V.; Ponomareva, N.I., 1982:
Some sorption characteristics of humic acids and their effects on iodine availability to plants

Stankow, W.G., 1981:
Some special features of the management of industrial type livestock production

Haitlinger, R., 1981:
Some species of Acarina new to the fauna of Poland, collected from small mammals

Hristovski, N.; Beliceska, M., 1982:
Some species of arthropods in wild and domestic members of the family Canidae in the Bitola district, Macedonia, Yugoslavia

Popa, G.F., 1982:
Some specific aspects on seed production of Phaseolus vulgaris

Gupta, Y.N., 1980:
Some spider mites (Acarina: Tetranychidae) from Andaman and Nicobar Islands with descriptions of three new species

Diggle P., 1982:
Some statistical aspects of spatial distribution models for plants and trees

Anonymous, 1981:
Some statistical data to describe the agriculture of Entre Douro and Minho

Setia, M.S.; Khatra, G.S.; Varman, P.N., 1981:
Some structural and functional aspects of pancreas during early postnatal period in buffalo calves (Bubalus bubalis)

Galvanovskii, Y.Ya, 1982:
Some structural and functional characteristics of vitamin D-dependent calcium-binding protein and its role in calcium transport

Ahmad, J., 1983:
Some structural aspects of the commodity price stabilization program. Paper presented at the Arne Ryder symposium on the primary sector in economic development, University of Lund, Sweden, August 1983, No. 31

Hamzah, S.; Gomez, J.B., 1982:
Some structural factors affecting the productivity of Hevea brasiliensis. III. Correlation studies between structural factors and plugging

Ozaki, M.; Ehara, Y.; Yamanaka, S., 1982:
Some structural observations of Pseudomonas syringae pv. lachrymans in affected cucumber leaves

Andersen, T., 1982:
Some studies on Macrolepidoptera in coastal heathland habitats in western Norway

Jairajpuri, M.S., 1982:
Some studies on Tylenchorhynchinae: the subgenus Bitylenchus Filipjev, 1934, with description of Tylenchorhynchus (Bitylenchus) depressus n.sp. and a key to species of Bitylenchus

Ahmad, M.; Jairajpuri, M.S., 1980:
Some studies on Tyleptinae Jairajpuri, 1964 with proposal of Gymnotyleptus n.gen. (Nematoda: Dorylaimida)

Ibrahim, A.A.; Atia, M.A.; Shahata, M.A.; Mousa, S., 1983:
Some studies on fungi isolated from a broiler flock in Assiut

Torky, H.A., 1982:
Some studies on mycotic contamination of egg with reference to the proteolytic activity of the isolated fungi

Upadhyay, V.S.; Singh, A.P.; Mojumdar, A.B., 1979:
Some studies on the nutritional quality of fodder teosinte (Euchlaena mexicana L.)

Oliva, A.G.; Pamplona, P.P., 1981:
Some studies on weed management in corn

Kachroo, P.L.; Singh, C.; Gupta, R., 1981:
Some substituted benzeneal kanamines as antiamebic agents

Armstrong, D.G., 1983:
Some technical aspects of feeding high-yielding dairy cows

Anonymous, 1982:
Some technical aspects on high-yield cultivation of wheat

Sharma, S.N.; Prasad, B.; Kohil, R.N., 1982:
Some techniques for experimental induction of urine retention in bovines

Singh B.; Malik R.S.; Dahiya I.S., 1982:
Some tests of scaling technique for horizontal infiltration into homogeneous soils

Wanin, D.; Gerassimow, W., 1982:
Some theoretical bases and practical measures for protecting soil against erosion

Singh, S.P., 1982:
Some thoughts about planning coastal shelterbelts

Cantarelli, F.; Salghetti, A., 1981:
Some thoughts on agricultural production in problem areas

Terlesk, C.J.; Twaddle, A.; McConchie, M., 1982:
Some thoughts on efficient handling of smallwood

Schenone, H.; Valdes, J.; Villarroel, F.; Rojas, A., 1982:
Some thoughts on procedures to detect the presence of Triatoma infestans in dwellings

Bienenstock, J.; Befus, A.D., 1983:
Some thoughts on the biologic role of immunoglobulin A

Michel, J.F., 1982:
Some thoughts on the control of parasitic gastro-enteritis

Callegari, A., 1982:
Some thoughts on the integration of Spanish agriculture within the European Community

Ruggiero, M.; Nicastro, C., 1981:
Some thoughts on the provision of food in the tropics and its prospects for the future

Chabrol, R., 1982:
Some thoughts on thinning practices

Khan, K.M.; Borle, M.N., 1982:
Some thoughts on white grub problem in India

Hassoun, I., 1980:
Some trends in teaching in view of integrated rural development in Sudan

Hashimoto, A.; Matsumoto, K.; Adachi, T., 1982:
Some trials for forecasting rice leaf blast epidemics by application of the computer simulation

Van Doorsselaere, R.; Samsoen, L., 1982:
Some tylenchids from coffee-fields of Ivory Coast, with the description of Hemicriconemoides snoecki n.sp. (Nematoda: Tylenchida)

Bando, T., 1980:
Some typical examples on the development of forest owner's association in Hokkaido

Chatterjee, A.; Chakrabarti, A., 1983:
Some uncommon lesions of stephanofilarial dermatitis in cattle of West Bengal (India)

Arai, T., 1982:
Some unsolved problems in the studies of experimental fungal infections and their therapy

Saar, C.; Reichel, C., 1983:
Some unusual forms of leukosis in the cat

Perenyi, I., 1982:
Some urban development conditions to fulfil recreational needs

Frohlich, G., 1982:
Some useful plants of local significance in Ethiopia

Adriano, F.; L.E.sebio, C.; Collado, G.M., 1981:
Some visions and assumptions on Philippine agriculture in the future

Augustyn, O.P.H.; Rapp, A.; Wyk, C.J. van, 1982:
Some volatile aroma components of Vitis vinifera L. cv. Sauvignon blanc

Novikov, M.N., 1980:
Some ways of decreasing nitrogen losses from heavy soils of the Amur river region

Cobb, W.T., 1981:
Sonalan efficacy and crop tolerance when applied preplant incorporated to edible beans in the Pacific Northwest - EUP research

Currie, F.A.; Bamford, R., 1982:
Songbird nestbox studies in forests in North Wales

Schulman, A.; Loxton, A.J.; Heydenrych, J.J.; Abdurahman, K.E., 1982:
Sonographic diagnosis of biliary ascariasis

Ralls, P.W.; Colletti, P.M.; Quinn, M.F.; Halls, J., 1982:
Sonographic findings in hepatic amebic abscess

Hess, B.; Binswanger, R.O.; Otto, R., 1982:
Sonography and sonographically guided fine-needle puncture and aspiration in amoebic liver abscess. Case report and short review

Pirschel, J., 1982:
Sonography of hydatidosis

Peyraud, J.C., 1983:
Soon a new Bromus catharticus

Patil, B.G.; Wankar, B.N.; Wangikar, P.D., 1981:
Sooty mould a menace to citrus cultivation

Shaw, J.R.; Dickinson, D.B., 1982:
Sorbitol and sugar content of developing corn seeds

Hyams, J.S., 1983:
Sorbitol intolerance: an unappreciated cause of functional gastrointestinal complaints

Anonymous, 1982:
Sordi's small capacity production plants

Anonymous, .:
Sorghum and millets

Mengesha, M.H.; Rao, K.E.P.; Rao, S.A., 1982:
Sorghum and millets genetic resources at ICRISAT

Baligar, V.C.; Nash, V.E.; Whisler, F.D.; Myhre, D.L., 1981:
Sorghum and soybean growth as influenced by synthetic pans

Brown, R.F., 1982:
Sorghum black layer: a valuable visual aid in harvesting decisions

House, L.R., 1980:
Sorghum breeding

Anonymous, 1982:
Sorghum diseases

Wu, W.S., 1983:
Sorghum diseases in Taiwan and characterization and control of its seed-borne pathogens

Garcia A.G., 1982:
Sorghum for grain

Meissner H.H.; Van Staden J.H.; Van Rensburg N.J.; Slabbert H., 1982:
Sorghum grain as substitute for maize in fattening diets for beef steers

Daci, E.; Guga, E., 1981:
Sorghum hybrids and assessment of the combining ability of the lines for producing them

Seetharama, N.; Reddy, B.V.S.; Peacock, J.M.; Bidinger, F.R., 1982:
Sorghum improvement for drought resistance

Wrona, J.; Bienkowska, B.; Lovell, R.T., 1981:
Sorghum in feeds for young and market-ready carp

Newton, C.C., 1982:
Sorghum in poultry feeding

Jan Orn, J. et al., 1980:
Sorghum variety improvement

Narro S.J.; Berger, P.H.; Toler, R.W., 1983:
Sorghum viruses in Mexico

Anonymous, 1981:
Sorghum. Biochemistry: physicochemical characteristics of sorghum

Anonymous, 1981:
Sorghum. Physiology: selection for nitrogen and phosphorus efficiency

Anonymous, 1982:
Sorghum: advice for sowing in the year 1982

Anonymous, 1981:
Sorghum: contribution of varieties to AICSIP

Anonymous, 1981:
Sorghum: development of hybrids

Anonymous, 1981:
Sorghum: drought resistance at the seedling stage

Anonymous, 1981:
Sorghum: drought screening under severe stress during summer

Anonymous, 1981:
Sorghum: factors affecting crop establishment

Anonymous, 1981:
Sorghum: international yield testing

Anonymous, 1981:
Sorghum: microbiology

Anonymous, 1981:
Sorghum: postrainy-season adaptation

Shuvalov, Y.N., 1981:
Sorption of 144Ce by soils and desorption of the nuclide by plant extracts

Kurek, E.; Czaban, J.; Bollag, J.M., 1982:
Sorption of cadmium by microorganisms in competition with other soil constituents

Sanchez Andreu, J.; Juarez, M.; Garate, A., 1982:
Sorption of the chelate EDTA (ethylenediamine tetra-acetic acid) on soil materials. I. Silica gel

Akratanakul, S.; Boersma, L.; Klock, G.O., 1983:
Sorption processes in soils as influenced by pore water velocity: 2. Experimental results

Chuma, Y.; Ohura, M., 1982:
Sorting agricultural products by new type of DLE apparatus - DLE characteristics of apple from the point of sorting

Soine, H., 1981:
Sorting and stacking equipment for heavy-duty trim saws

Olsson, P., 1981:
Sorting of roundwood

Kedar, V.P., 1978:
Sound and unsound fruits dropped in Nagpur mandarin

Bodi, I., 1981:
Sour cherry cultivars recommended for the Iasi region

Ivan, I.; Minoiu, N.; Micu, I.; Modoran, D., 1981:
Sour cherry cultivars recommended for the hilly region of northeast Transylvania

Gozob, T.; Rudi, E.; Micu, C.; Amzar, V., 1981:
Sour cherry variety trials in the Arges region

Antila, M.; Ali Yrkko, S.; Antila, V.; Antila, P.; Ronnemaa, T.; Jarvelainen, H.; Viikari, J., 1982:
Sour cream buttermilk in physiological tests

Soehnlen, J.A., 1982:
Sour whey conversion

Mangler, J.E.; Tate, R.L.I.I., 1982:
Source and role of peroxidase in soil organic matter oxidation in Pahokee muck

Herzog, H., 1982:
Source and sink development during kernel filling of two spring wheats as affected by root size and cytokinin applications

Puckett, K.J.; Finegan, E.J., 1981:
Source identification of the various elements accumulated by lichens in the vicinity of Saint John, New Brunswick

Smith, T.; Broster, W.H.; Siviter, J.W., 1982:
Source of protein supplementation for various forages

Borodanenko, A.I.; Borodanenko, N.K., 1982:
Source of resistance of wheat to powdery mildew

Koch, K.E.; Tsui, C.L.; Schrader, L.E.; Nelson, O.E., 1982:
Source-sink relations in maize mutants with starch-deficient endosperms

Ho, L.C.; Shaw, A.F.; Hammond, J.B.W.; Burton, K.S., 1983:
Source-sink relationships and carbon metabolism in tomato leaves. 1. 14C assimilate compartmentation

Sachs, R.M.; Hackett, W.P., 1983:
Source-sink relationships and flowering

Hejlicek, K.; Chloupek, B., 1982:
Sources and causes of the origin of new foci of tuberculosis in cattle in Czechoslovakia in the period 1977-1979

Sommer, H.E., 1982:
Sources and collections of woody forest plants

Bruhn, J.; Franke, A.; Bushnell, R.; Weisheit, H.H.tton, G.; Gurtle, G., 1983:
Sources and content of iodine in California milk and dairy products

Webb, A.; Blakley, L., 1982:
Sources and impacts of variable foreign demands on U.S. wheat exports

Niu, X.K.; Leung, H.; Williams, P.H., 1982:
Sources and nature of seedling resistance to downy mildew and turnip mosaic in Chinese cabbage (Brassica campestris ssp. pekinensis)

Szymanski, B., 1979:
Sources and papers on the changes in forest cover on Polish territory

Tiede, S.; Schulz Borck, H., 1982:
Sources and use of income in farm households with full and part time farmers

Frantz, T.A.; Peterson, D.M.; Durbin, R.D., 1982:
Sources of ammonium in oat leaves treated with tabtoxin or methionine sulfoximine

Rykshina, Z.; Smuneva, V., 1982:
Sources of bacterial contamination of milk

Ruban, E.V.; Ivanova, T.Z.; Ivanitskii, K.I.; Suchkov, V.I.; Vlasov, V.I., 1981:
Sources of disease resistance among Soviet and foreign tobacco varieties

Iino, M.; Carr, D.J., 1982:
Sources of Free IAA in the Mesocotyl of Etiolated Maize Seedlings

Nikitina, K.V.; Shchelko, L.G., 1982:
Sources of immunity of soyabean from bacterial diseases widespread in the Krasnodar region

Avram, N.; Paunescu, G.; Begnescu, R.; Lungeanu, A.; Mironescu, D., 1982:
Sources of infection with bovine leukosis virus

Freedman, B.; Hutchinson, T.C., 1981:
Sources of metal and elemental contamination of terrestrial environments

Hamissa, M.R.; Mawardi, A.; Aziz, I.A.; Hakim, M.A.A., 1979:
Sources of nitrogen for maize

Bide, R.W.; Bowden, D.; Tumbleson, M.E., 1983:
Sources of normal variation of plasma l-aspartate:2-oxoglutarate aminotransferase in Hereford range cattle

Pooni, H.S.; Jinks, J.L., 1981:
Sources of predictions and their reliability in predicting the properties of recombinant inbred lines which can be obtained from a cross by single seed descent

Mohinder Singh; Chand, J.N., 1981:
Sources of resistance in barley against net blotch pathogen

Rawal, R.D.; Sohi, H.S., 1981:
Sources of resistance in cowpea to Septoria vignicola

Golubev, A.A.; Demina, R.B., 1982:
Sources of resistance of broad bean to Ascochyta disease and their agrobiological characteristics

Borodanenko, A.I.; Borodanenko, N.K., 1982:
Sources of resistance of wheat to brown rust and their practical utilization

Harrigan, E.K.S.; McRae, C.F.; Heritage, A.D., 1982:
Sources of resistance to Phytophthora cryptogea and Alternaria carthami for safflower breeding in Australia

Singh, B.B.; Mligo, J.K.; Marenge, E.T.; Ibrahim, I.A., 1982:
Sources of resistance to Phytophthora stem rot in cowpea

Amin, K.S.; Pal, A.B.; Brahmappa, 1981:
Sources of resistance to Rhizoctonia stem rot of pea

Joshi, L.M.; Singh, D.V.; Srivastava, K.D., 1983:
Sources of resistance to loose smut of wheat and triticale

Sinha, V.C.; Bhadur, P.; Nayer, S.K., 1983:
Sources of resistance to rusts and powdery mildew in wheat

Provvidenti, R., 1981:
Sources of resistance to turnip mosaic virus in Chinese cabbage

Tripathi, N.N.; Saharan, G.S.; Kaushik, C.D.; Kaushik, J.C., 1983:
Sources of resistance, epidemiology and control of Alternaria leaf spot of sunflower

Patel, P.N.; Mligo, J.K.; Leyna, H.K.; Kuwite, C.; Mmbaga, E.T., 1982:
Sources of resistance, inheritance, and breeding of cowpeas for resistance to a strain of cowpea aphid-borne mosaic virus from Tanzania

Shukla, A.K.; Misra, D.P., 1983:
Sources of rust resistance in linseed

Sydnor, T.D.; Holman, J.R., 1983:
Sources of shade trees in the United States -- 1983

Bapat, D.R.; Mote, U.N., 1982:
Sources of shootfly resistance in sorghum

Larson, O.W.; Gillespie, G.W.J.; Buttel, F.H., 1983:
Sources of social class identification among farmers

Johnson, A.W.; Chaplin, J.F., 1982:
Sources of tobacco budworm resistance in tobacco

Elliott, J.G.; McClure, F.D., 1983:
Sources of variance in the bioassay of protein value

Milagres, J.C.; Fedalto, L.M.; Costa, P.M.A.; Mello, H.V. de, 1981:
Sources of variation in litter size and weight at birth and 21 days of age in Duroc, Landrace and Large White pigs. 3. Piglet mortality

Milagres, J.C.; Fedalto, L.M.; Mello, H.V. de; Pereira, J.A.A., 1981:
Sources of variation in litter size and weight at birth and 21 days of age in Duroc, Landrace and Large White pigs. 4. Piglet and litter weight gains

Milagres, J.C.; Fedalto, L.M.; Silva, M. de A. e; Euclydes, R.F., 1981:
Sources of variation in litter size and weight at birth and 21 days of age in Duroc, Landrace and Large White pigs. 5. Genetic parameters

Milagres, J.C.; Fedalto, L.M.; Silva, M. de A. e; Pereira, J.A.A., 1981:
Sources of variation in litter size and weight at birth and at 21 days of age in Duroc, Landrace and Large White pigs. 1. Litter size

Milagres, J.C.; Fedalto, L.M.; Pereira, J.A.A.; Costa, P.M. de A., 1981:
Sources of variation in litter size and weight at birth and at 21 days of age in Duroc, Landrace and Large White pigs. 2. Piglet and litter weights

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Spawning with mixtures of 2 strains

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Speaking without words

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Special Issue: human--companion animal bond

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Special apple pectin for use in fruit preparations for yoghurts and milk desserts

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Special dried milk for cheesemaking, and method of its processing into White pickled cheese

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Special economic aspects of fertility related to Central European farming conditions

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Special edition on the economy of Niger

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Special features of India's largest fuel oil based ammonia plant

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Special features of the epizootiology of bovine cysticerciasis

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Special food aid issue

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Special issue devoted to soil science in China.

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Special issue for NFAC-UPLB Countryside Action Program on Agricultural Market Development

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Special issue on Togo

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Special issue on antibiotic therapy in veterinary medicine

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Special issue on conservation tillage

Anonymous, 1982:
Special issue on education

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Special issue on problems of the ecology of tropical forests

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Special issue on sharecropping and sharecroppers

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Special issue on the agricultural budget

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Special issue on thermalism

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Special issue on tropical pines. Part II

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Special issue on viral diseases of dogs and cats

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Special issue. Agrarian movements in India: studies on 20th century Bihar

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Special issue: advances in veterinary immunology 1982

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Special issue: dracontiasis

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Special membrane cartridge provides efficient automated whey processing

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Special milk feeds in the diet treatment of diarrhoea in infants

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Special number on enteritis of cattle

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Special number on grapevine irrigation

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Special number on mechanical harvesting and pruning of grapevines

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Special number on soil testing in India

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Special number on strawberries

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Special number: Timber trade/timber import

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Special prefectorial decrees

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Special problems in the automation of operating elements for sugar beet production

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Special problems with rearing queens in a hot, dry climate

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Special report No. 43. The cruise business. Parts 1 and 2

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Special report on leisure and aging

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Special report: dairy industry in Pakistan

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Special report: food: the main issues in 1982; small farmers organize to increase production (2 articles)

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Special report: on-farm water management

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Special report: sugar

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Special report: sugar industry

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Special section on the world agricultural outlook for: Coarse grains, oilseeds, cotton, fruits and vegetables, livestock and dairy, tobacco

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Special study: fertilizers in Africa

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Special: Dairy cattle housing

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Specialised information retrieval for cattle rearing

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Specialization and agroindustrial integration in cotton production

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Specialization and concentration of farm production at raion level

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Specialization and efficiency in farms

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Specialization and integration of production in cheesemaking

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Specialization of production according to soil type in the cooperative farms of Csongrad County

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Specialized milk production -- a manual for young, progressive dairy farmers

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Species composition of oesophagostomes of sheep and goats in the district of Stara Zagora

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Species composition of wild apples (Malus) of the USSR and their centres of genetic diversity

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Species diversity and the decomposition rate of leaflitter along the slope of a deciduous broadleaved forest mixed with Pinus densiflora Sieb. et Zucc. on the ridge

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Species hybridization in the genus Pinus

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Species in the Endogonaceae: a new species (Glomus occultum) and a new combination (Glomus geosporum)

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Species of Diatraea in sugar-cane fields in north-western Argentina

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Species recognition in human filarioids

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Species, distribution and a microhabitat theory for marine mud dwelling Comesomatidae (Nematoda) in European waters

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Species-related innate resistance to Schistosoma mansoni. Role of mononuclear phagocytes in schistosomula killing in vitro

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Species-rich swards for landscaping and recreation areas

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Specific IgM and IgE antibodies during parasitosis

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Specific adherence of Escherichia coli (strain RDEC-1) to membranous (M) cells of the Peyer's patch in Escherichia coli diarrhea in the rabbit

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Specific allergic sensitization to Strongyloides antigens in human strongyloidiasis

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Specific and intraspecific classification of Sorghum species of the ser. Bicoloria (Snowd.) Ivanjuk. et Doron. and of the ser. Caffra (Snowd.) Ivanjuk. et Doron

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Specific and non-specific cellular immune responses in malaria

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Specific and rapid measurement of lipoxygenase activity in biological materials

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Specific density and caloric value of the trunk wood of white birch, black cherry and sugar maple, and their relation to forest succession

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Specific differences in lupin in the frequency and range of induced mutations

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Specific effects of blue light on plant growth and development

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Specific effects of certain salts on carbohydrate metabolism in young corn seedlings

Hatata, M., 1982:
Specific effects of certain salts on nitrogen metabolism of young corn seedlings

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Specific effects of certain salts on the growth of roots of young corn seedlings

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Specific effects of some fertilization methods on tomato production. I. Effect on plant growth

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Specific effects of soybean mosaic virus (SMV) on N2-fixation rate, total N and ureide-N in Glycine max and G. soja

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Specific gravity and tracheid length variation of white spruce in Alberta

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Specific gravity of turkey and Bobwhite quail eggs as influenced by time of oviposition

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Specific gravity, tracheid length, and microfibril angle of sugi (Cryptomeria japonica D. Don): seed-grown trees compared with grafts

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Specific heat and its temperature dependence for phosphorus compounds of a given structure type

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Specific heat of retentates obtained from ultrafiltration of raw milk

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Specific humoral immunity in candidosis patients

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Specific inhibitors and substrates studies on the cholinesterases of Fasciola gigantica from sheep and goats

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Specific ion effect on the early growth in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

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Specific needle area of Scots pine and its dependence on light conditions inside the canopy

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Specific nucleo-cytoplasmic interactions of chromosome 1D of common wheat with alien cytoplasms from Aegilops species carrying the D genome

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Specific prophylaxis of Trichophyton infection in furbearing animals

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Specific proteolytic fragmentation of p60v-src in transformed cell lysates

Anonymous, 1982:
Specific quarantine requirements

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Specific recognition in gene-for-gene host-parasite systems

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Specific resistance -- choice of genes

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Specific respiratory activity of the mitochondria of pupae of Pieris brassicae (Lepidoptera). Relationships with the respiratory intensity in the animal

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Specific suppression of rat IgE responses with milk from immunized females and with feeds of serum antibody

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Specific surface of chestnut soils in the Volgograd Oblast'

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Specific treatment of arthrosis deformans in horses with glucosamine sulphate

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Specifically deuterated and tritiated auxins

Anonymous, 1981:
Specification for 1 pint (568 ml) multi-trip glass bottles for pasteurized milk

Anonymous, 1981:
Specification for fresh milk

Anonymous, 1981:
Specification for pasteurized milk

Anonymous, 1983:
Specification for principal shapes and basic dimensions for cutting edges for tractors with dozer, graders and tractor scrapers

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Specifications for procurement of cheese for processing

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Specificity and methods of transmission of cucumber necrosis virus by Olpidium radicale zoospores

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Specificity in the relationship between Salmonella typhimurium and Schistosoma mansoni

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Specificity of a compatibility factor in the interrelations of potato and Phytophthora infestans

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Specificity of an intradermal allergic test for bovine infectious rhinotracheitis--pustular vulvovaginitis

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Specificity of extracellular proteinases produced by different strains of Pseudomonas fluorescens

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Specificity of helminths of marine mammals in the European section of the Arctic

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Specificity of infection by Azospirillum spp. in plants with C4 photosynthetic pathway

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Specificity of inoculum development of physiologic races of Verticillium dahliae Kleb. in cotton tissues

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Specificity of iron requirements of Entamoeba histolytica in vitro

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Specificity of proteins in the expression of sex in hemp plants

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Specificity of the envelopment of bacteria and other particles in cotton cotyledons

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Specificity of the latex test for cryptococcal antigen: a rapid, simple method for eliminating interference factors

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Specimen preparation techniques for scanning electron microscopy of tobacco seeds

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Specimens of Taenia with numerous suckers

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Spectral analyses of antenna chlorophyll a in barley

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Spectral analysis of detergent-solubilized photosynthetic membranes

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Spectral characteristics and the forms of pigments in the light-harvesting complex from wheat chloroplasts

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Spectral characteristics of yellow traps used for the capture of aphids

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Spectral distribution of radiation within plant canopies

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Spectral radiometric characteristics of wheat and the spectrum yield model

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Spectral reflectance factor in sugarbeet growth and yield estimation

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Spectral response of defoliated pine forests: importance of the tree's environment

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Spectral response of the adult western corn rootworm (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) to selected wavelengths

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Spectral scanning of experimental plots of SO2-affected winter wheat and soybeans for mission planning

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Spectral signatures of Scots pine needles

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Spectrophotometric determination of larval ingestion rates in the spruce budworm (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

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Spectrophotometric determination of nickel with furildioxime, with special reference to milk and milk products and to the release of nickel from stainless steel by acidic dairy products and by acid cleaning

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Spectrophotometric determination of titanium in plants, soils and irrigation waters

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Spectrophotometric determination of ultramicro amounts of zinc with alpha , beta , gamma , delta -tetrakis(1-methylpyridinium-3-yl)porphine

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Spectrophotometric estimation of L-ascorbic acid with 2,5-diphenyl-3-thiazolyl tetrazolium chloride (MTT) and 2-(p-iodophenyl)-3-(p-nitrophenyl)-5-phenyl tetrazolium chloride (INT)

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Spectrophotometric estimation of uric acid in chicken droppings

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Spectrophotometric method for the routine determination of Cu in milk

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Spectrophotometric quantification of Guignard's sodium picrate test

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Spectrophotometric study of the interaction of xanthomegnin with serum albumin

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Spectrophotometric technique by X-ray fluorescence for the estimation of the trace elements Mn, Fe, Cu and Zn in leaves

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Spectrum of amebiasis in children

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Spent oxide pollution on former gas works land

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Sperm clumping and the population genetics of Hymenoptera

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Sperm damage, its origins, assessment and classification

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Sperm distribution within the genital tract of naturally inseminated gilts

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Sperm maturation antigens

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Sperm motility of northern pike and chain pickerel at various pH values

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Sperm producing capacity of Arab and native horses in Egypt

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Sperm size, body mass and reproduction in mammals

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Sperm structure in relation to function and phylogeny

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Spermatid production in unfed, Metastriata ticks

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Spermatogonial multiplication in the Chinese hamster. II. Cell cycle properties of undifferentiated spermatogonia

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Spermatogonial multiplication in the Chinese hamster. III. Labelling indices of undifferentiated spermatogonia throughout the cycle of the seminiferous epithelium

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Spermatozoal antibody interference in mouse in vitro and in vivo fertilization

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Spermatozoids with a single axoneme in 3 familes of Monopisthocotylea monogeneans: Ancyrocephalidae, Diplectanidae and Monocotylidae

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Spermogenesis and the ultrastructure of the mature spermatozoon of the sunn pest Eurygaster integriceps

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Sphecidae collected by the Noona Dan expedition to the Bismarck and Solomon Archipelagoes (Hymenoptera)

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Sphecidae from North Korea (II) with the list of the species of the family known from the Korean peninsula (Hymenoptera)

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Spheres of influence of regional hospitals

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Spheroidal catalyst for oxidation of sulfur dioxide

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Sphingomyelinosis, a new mutation in the mouse

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Spider mite and aphid infestation of maize hybrids at different fertilizer dosages and plant densities

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Spiders (Aranei) of the Vistula escarpment in Warsaw

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Spiders as predators of agriculturally injurious aphids

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Spiders from the Junkaralven area of Pite Lappmark

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Spiders from the island of Reunion (Araneae)

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Spiders in eastern Texas cotton fields

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Spiders inhabiting the colonial-webs of the fall webworm, Hyphantria cunea Drury (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae)

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Spiders, harvestmen and pseudoscorpions in spruce plantations in south Skane

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Spikelet population dynamics in seed crops of Panicum maximum 'Gatton'

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Spikelet sterility in relation to nitrogen and carbohydrate contents in rice

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Spilotylenchus arthuri n.g., n.sp. (Nematoda, Tylenchida: Allantonematidae), a parasite of Spilopsyllus cuniculi

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Spin-Probe Studies during Freezing of Cells Isolated from Cold-Hardened and Nonhardened Winter Rye : MOLECULAR MECHANISM OF MEMBRANE FREEZING INJURY

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Spinal cord compression and hindlimb paresis in cats with mucopolysaccharidosis VI

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Spinal cord compression by Coccidioides immitis abscess

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Spinal cord swelling and candidiasis. A case report

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Spinal fluid immunoenzymatic assay (ELISA) for neurocysticercosis

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Spindle sensitivity to colchicine of common wheat mutants affecting somatic chromosome distribution and promoting meiotic pairing

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Spinose ear tick, Otobius megnini, attached to the conjunctiva of a child's eye

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Spiral grain in Pinus oocarpa

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Spiral tubules in palm phloem

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Spiroacetals as pheromones in insects

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Spirochetes isolated from the blood of two patients with Lyme disease

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Spirogermanium: a new drug with antimalarial activity against chloroquine-resistant Plasmodium falciparum

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Spirometra mansonoides in a domestic cat in the State of Sao Paulo

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Spirometra mansonoides: effects of plerocercoid infection on glycogen deposition in rats

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Spirometra sp in a domestic cat in Pennsylvania

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Spiropes guareicola (Stev.) Cif. causing a new storage disease of oranges

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Spiroplasmas: a new group of mycoplasmas of animals and plants

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Spirostanol saponins from Paris polyphylla, structures of polyphillin C, D, E and F

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Spirurids of cattle in Dagestan

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Splash detachment under plant covers: results and implications of a field study

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Splash measurements in the field

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Splash of droplets striking inclined surfaces

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