Section 2
Chapter 1,128

Status of bargaining cooperatives

Biggs, G.W.

Cooperative research report United States Dept of Agriculture Economics Statistics and Cooperatives Service: 82 (16)


Accession: 001127415

This study portrays the current status of fruit, vegetable, and sugarbeet bargaining associations in the United States. It indicates the number of associations negotiating, number of members, physical and dollar valumes of negotiated commodities, methods of financing operations, trends in aforementioned factors, and bargaining procedures. Thirty-four of 75 bargaining associations successfully negotiated contracts with processors in 1978. They included 11 fruit, 14 vegetable, 5 potato, and 4 sugarbeet associations. The 34 associations negotiated for 27,000 members producing 28 million tons valued at $1.3 billion. Total dollar valume included sugarbeets, $488 million; vegetables, $331 million; fruits, $300 million; and potatoes, $228 million.

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