Studies on carcass quality evaluation of Korean native cattle. 1. Comparison of beef production and carcass characters of Korean native, Holstein-Friesian and beef cattle

Lee, K.W.; Kim, Y.K.; Kim, K.S.; Cheong, S.K.

Research Reports of the Office of Rural Development, Suweon Livestock and Veterinary 24: 39-44


Accession: 001128512

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265 Holstein-Friesian, Charolais, Aberdeen-Angus, Hereford and Korean native cattle were slaughtered. For the 5 breeds resp., live weight averaged 419, 455, 456, 483 and 460 kg, dressing percentage 53.0, 53.4, 62.1, 59.0 and 58.1, and percentage of carcass lean 70.3, 67.3, 71.4, 71.7 and 69.6; all differences among breeds were significant. Sex significantly affected all 3 traits. All carcass measurements, except chest width, differed significantly among breeds.