Studies on the hepatotoxicity of bile acid. Hepatic change after the concomitant administration of chenodeoxycholic acid and alcohol

Morita, T.

Journal of the Nara Medical Association 32(6): 723-734


Accession: 001129487

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Rats were given for 32 weeks chenodeoxycholic acid (CDCA) or alcohol, or both. By weeks 8 and 16 there was accumulation of triglyceride in the liver with CDCA and alcohol. Alcohol alone produced higher concentration of triglyceride in serum by weeks 8 and 16 than did alcohol with CDCA. CDCA with or without alcohol increased CDCA considerably, slightly increased ursodeoxycholic acid but decreased cholic acid in bile. CDCA alone had no effect on blood ethanol concentration, ethanol clearance or liver alcohol dehydrogenase activity. Alcohol given alone increased serum bile acid values, with no effect on CDCA absorption from the intestine.