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Studies on the herbage production and the nutritive value of soiling paddy rice. 1. Difference between the japonica and the indica type of paddy rice in the herbage yield, silage quality and the feeding value of silage and hay

Fukumi, R.; Kumai, S.; Taji, K.

Memoirs of the College of Agriculture, Ehime University 27(1): 25-36


Accession: 001129488

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In submerged paddy field trials, japonica rice (a) Kinmaze and (b) Matsuyamamii and the indica (c) Ambar, (d) British Honduras Creole and (e) Gaiya Dhan Tosar were harvested at the milk-dough stage for hay or silage and fed to sheep. The indica ripened earlier and had longer culms and fewer tillers than japonica Evening rain caused severe lodging in (c) and (e) in the harvest period. DM yield was greater in (b) than the other due to its longer growth period. CF, ash and m.c. were lower and CP and NFE contents were higher in jpaonica than indica Silage quality was in the order (b) > (a) > (d) > (c) > (e).

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