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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1131

Chapter 1131 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lisa, V.; Belletti, P.; Quagliotti, L.; Luisoni, E., 1980: Studies on virus diseases of Phaseolus in Piedmont and possibilities of control

Djoko Tamnou, J.; Leclerc, C.; Modabber, F.; Chedid, L., 1981: Studies on visceral Leishmania tropica infection in BALB/c mice. I. Clinical features and cellular changes

Yadav, R. C.; Pandey, A. D.; Varma, S., 1983: Studies on viscosities of slurries obtained from different Indian rock phosphates during manufacture of wet process phosphoric acid. Part I. Normal viscosities and effect of Mg++ ions

Klein, H.; Francke, W.; Konig, W. A., 1981: Studies on wasp venom, I. Low molecular weight constituents of venom sac extracts of Paravespula vulgaris

Chen, Z. Y.; Zhu, B. M.; Yi, J. H., 1982: Studies on watermelon mosaic disease

Section 2, Chapter 1131, Accession 001130005

Biswas, S. C.; Sabharwal, V. P.; Singh, A. P., 1981: Studies on weathering of beneficiated Amjhore pyrites

Umrani, N. K.; Bhoi, P. G., 1982: Studies on weed control in bajra under dryland conditions

Section 2, Chapter 1131, Accession 001130008

Pande, H. K.; Manna, G. B.; Moorthy, B. T. S.; Patel, C. S., 1981: Studies on weed control in rice in India

Sugawara, S., 1983: Studies on weed populations as indicators of soil properties. 11. Relationship between the application of soil amendments and weedy vegetation in a newly cultivated field

Moharram, Y. G.; Moustafa, A. M.; Osman, H. O. A., 1981: Studies on wet dehulling of Egyptian sesame seeds by lye solutions

Fitzgerald, W.; Cooke, B. M., 1982: Studies on wheat and barley isolates of Septoria nodorum

Tiwari, A. S.; Pandey, R. L.; Mishra, P. K.; Kotasthane, S. R., 1981: Studies on wilt inheritance in gram (Cicer arietinum L.)

Lumen, B. O. de; Reyes, P. S.; Belo, P. S., 1981: Studies on winged bean lipoxygenase

Goto, T., 1980: Studies on wood gluing with olefine resins

Goto, T.; Saiki, H.; Onishi, H., 1982: Studies on wood gluing. XIII: gluability and scanning electron microscopic study of wood-polypropylene bonding

Kamiya, F.; Hirashima, Y.; Hatayama, Y.; Kanaya, N., 1981: Studies on wood-panel construction (I). Effect on racking resistances of bearing wall due to testing methods and wall length

Hirashima, Y.; Kamiya, F.; Hatayama, Y.; Kanaya, N., 1981: Studies on wood-panel construction (II). Loading test of full-scale house

Kamiya, F.; Hirashima, Y.; Hatayama, Y.; Kanaya, N., 1983: Studies on wood-panel construction (III). Evaluation of a shear wall by analytical method

Kandasamy, N.; Arora, C. L.; Gupta, D. C., 1982: Studies on wool quality attributes in Nali, Chokla and crossbred lambs

Liang, H. G.; Yu, L. J.; Ma, Z. J.; Dai, X. Y., 1982: Studies on wound-induced CN-resistant respiration in potato tuber slices

Yeo, S. G.; Choi, W. P., 1982: Studies on yeast-like fungi associated with bovine mastitis. 1. Epidemiological study. 2. Sensitivity of yeast-like fungi to antifungal agents

Yeo, S. G.; Choi, W. P., 1982: Studies on yeast-like fungi associated with bovine mastitis. I. Epidemiological study

Yeo, S. G.; Choi, W. P., 1982: Studies on yeast-like fungi associated with bovine mastitis. II. Sensitivity of yeast-like fungi to antifungal agents

Section 2, Chapter 1131, Accession 001130026

Bhosale, R. J.; Andhale, R. K., 1981: Studies on yield performance of some high yielding varieties of groundnut under heavy rainfall conditions

Nakanishi, H.; Mori, S.; Segi, K.; Murakami, M., 1982: Studies on yield stability from the point of view of character variability in crops. V. Variations in characters of panicle shape in rice cultivars

Hoffer, A. P.; Karnovsky, M. L., 1981: Studies on zonation in the epididymis of the guinea pig. I. Ultrastructural and biochemical analysis of the zone rich in large lipid droplets (zone II)

Kader, A. A.; Heintz, C. M.; Labavitch, J. M.; Rae, H. L., 1982: Studies related to the description and evaluation of pistachio nut quality

Section 2, Chapter 1131, Accession 001130031

Ahnen, N., 1980: Studies relating to on-farm milk filtration

Finci, S.; Yilmazdemir, Y., 1982: Studies to determine suitable methods of artificial propagation and inoculation of Septoria tritici Rob. & Desm., the pathogen of wheat leaf spot

Sinha, M. N., 1981: Studies with 15N on fertilization of wheat as affected by source and time of application at two moisture levels

Bansal, S. K.; Barsaul, C. S.; Maheswari, M. L., 1981: Studies with cross-bred (Holstein X Haryana) heifers under three different planes of nutrition

Wood, J. M.; Mumford, J.; Folkers, C.; Scott, A. M.; Schild, G. C., 1983: Studies with inactivated equine influenza vaccine. 1. Serological responses of ponies to graded doses of vaccine

Papo, J.; Bargai, U., 1981: Studies with post mortem intraosseous phlebography in dogs: a model for the anatomist and pathologist

Petrasch, R.; Pfeffer, E., 1982: Studies with rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri R.) on the optimum level of dietary protein and on the utilization of casein

Ouldridge, E. J.; Head, M.; Buck, H.; Rweyemamu, M. M., 1982: Studies with recent type O FMD isolates from South-East Asia

Komenda, B.; Komenda, K.; Komenda, E., 1982: Study and breeding of winter rye for resistance to snow mould

Jamrichova, S., 1982: Study and development of tvaroh cheeses with white mould

Anonymous, 1982: Study and information meeting. Aphids on crops. Paris -- 2,3 and 4 March 1981

Masseron, A., 1983: Study and selection of Paradis Jaune de Metz, an apple rootstock

Section 2, Chapter 1131, Accession 001130046

Oldeman, R. A. A. et al., 1983: Study group for choice of species and 'kinds' of forest

Wright, R. D., 1983: Study indicates need for changes in nutrition programs for plants in containers

Malcolmson, J. F., 1982: Study mechanism of genetic variability in Phytophthora infestans and the evolution of new pathogenic types

Section 2, Chapter 1131, Accession 001130050

Zhang, W. X., 1982: Study of photothermoecology in Chinese rice varieties. 1. Photothermal model of 155 Chinese rice varieties

Camerlynck, P.; Bievre, C. de; Jeannin, L.; Beer, F.; Cudey, B., 1982: Study of 3 strains of Hendersonula toruloidea Nattrass, 1933 isolated from man. Aetiopathogenic discussion

Section 2, Chapter 1131, Accession 001130053

Machado, H.; Munoz, D., 1982: Study of Guinea grass cultivars for the cattle enterprise Triangle 1 of Camaguey

Cutillas Barrios, C.; Guevara Benitez, D. C.; Ubeda Ontiveros, J. M.; Soler Cruz, M. D., 1982: Study of Menacanthus numidae (Giebel, 1874) (Mallophaga) found on Alectoris rufa L. in the Province of Granada

Ishiwata, T.; Fujiwara, I.; Naruge, Y.; Obi, K.; Tanaka, I., 1983: Study of NO3 by laser-induced fluorescence

Maqsudar Rahman, K. M., 1980: Study of Plasmodium falciparum resistance to 4-aminoquinolines (chloroquine) in Sabah, Malaysia

Salema, M. P.; Parker, C. A.; Kidby, D. K.; Chatel, D. L., 1981: Study of Rhizobium in the legume rhizosphere

Belsey, E. M.; Adler, M. W., 1981: Study of STD clinic attenders in England and Wales, 1978. 2. Patterns of diagnosis

Montero Fernandez, F. P.; Martinez Gomes, F., 1982: Study of Tritrichomonas muris, a parasite of the mouse

Safonov, V. I.; Smolyakova, I. P., 1981: Study of a collection of Phleum pratense in the Khabarovsk region

Yanchenko, V. I., 1981: Study of a collection of Triticum dicoccum in the Altai region

Sukhanberdina, L. Kh, 1981: Study of a collection of durum wheat in Turgai province

Section 2, Chapter 1131, Accession 001130064

Lahourcade, M.; Ripert, C.; Nanadoumgar, J., 1982: Study of a focus of onchocerciasis in southern Togo; its possible significance in the phenomenon of re-invasion of the Volta basin

Fuzesi, I.; Fuzesine, S. M.; Kiss, A. T., 1981: Study of a methoprene juvenoid (EGYT 2668) in animal tissues

Ponirovskii, E. N.; Mel' kumyants, A. N.; Lukmanova, N. E., 1979: Study of a natural focus of zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis in the Tedzhensk oasis

Rindell, P.; Melchior, R., 1981: Study of a peat deposit covered by a Lake Agassiz beach ridge

Bordas, C.; Mignon, P., 1982: Study of abomasal parasites in healthy Charolais cattle in the Nievre

Shevchenko, R. V., 1980: Study of acute toxicity of a new formulation of an anthelmintic, micro-encapsulated cyazone

Au, A. C. S.; Ko, R. C.; Simon, J. W.; Ridell, N. J.; Wong, F. W. T.; Templer, M. J., 1983: Study of acute trichinosis in Ghurkas: specificity and sensitivity of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays for IgM and IgE antibodies to Trichinella larval antigens in diagnosis

Kaya, S., 1982: Study of aflatoxin residues in dairy feed and raw milk by a chromatographic method

Nicoletti, P. L.; Mahler, J. R.; Scarratt, W. K., 1982: Study of agglutinins to Brucella abortus, B. canis and Actinobacillus equuli in horses

Section 2, Chapter 1131, Accession 001130077

Cai, F.; Mang, K., 1982: Study of alfalfa mosaic virus isolate H-10 I. The biological identification, purification and physical, chemical properties

Cai, F.; Peng, X.; Mang, K., 1982: Study of alfalfa mosaic virus isolate H-10 II. Isolation, purification and molecular weight determination of the viral coat-protein and nucleic acids

Soria, J. T.; Palacios, S. J.; Velasco, E. E., 1982: Study of almond nutrition. Critical levels and optimum equilibria of macro and micronutrients

Section 2, Chapter 1131, Accession 001130081

Lukovnikova, L. A.; Denisova, V. A., 1979: Study of antagonistic properties of lactic streptococci and their exploitation in tvorog manufacture

Dustova, L. T., 1979: Study of antibodies during experimental Oesophagostomum infection of pigs by means of gel diffusion

Luo, K.; Wang, Z., 1983: Study of bacterial wilt (Pseudomonas solanacearum) controlled by antagonistic and avirulent P. solanacearum

Nikitina, K. V.; Budanova, V. I.; Stepanova, S. I.; Yaskina, O. S., 1982: Study of bean and lupin for resistance to bacterial diseases

Rasulov, M., 1980: Study of bees (Apoidea) in Zarafshan valley

Tarabrina, N. P.; Pinegin, B. V., 1979: Study of biological properties of antibiotic-resistant strains of lactic acid bacteria

Greco, A. M.; Gentile, M.; Filippo, O. di; Coppola, A., 1982: Study of blood vitamin C in lung and bladder cancer patients before and after treatment with ascorbic acid. A preliminary report

Sharma, S. P.; Dube, D. C.; Pahuja, A. N., 1981: Study of blooming process and stigma receptivity in a male sterile line and its maintainer in pearlmillet

Wanjari, K. B.; Khapre, P. R., 1981: Study of branching and linkage in Solanum melongena L. X S. indicum L

Kuzin, I. G., 1981: Study of bread wheat for confectionery production quality

Michaud, D., 1981: Study of bud flushing of 181 provenances of Douglas fir. First results

Cupakova, M.; Palo, V.; Gorner, F., 1981: Study of carbonyl compounds in milk fat and its fractions

Khalilov, E. M.; Namazov, F. I., 1979: Study of cell reactions in liver helminthiases of buffaloes

Galanova, T. F.; Surgova, T. M.; Derevyanko, R. I., 1981: Study of cellulolysis in eggs of the gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar L.)

Podoinikova, Z. I., 1982: Study of certain aspects of the kinetics of drying hot-pressed wood-based sheets

Parra, M.; Parra, T., 1982: Study of changes in phosphorus levels in physiologically normal Citrus limonum leaves during spring flowering

Weng, J. H., 1981: Study of characteristics of semi-dwarf rice (I). Effects of shading on rooting ability of rice seedlings

Atrashenok, N. V.; Il' ichenko, V. P.; Khotyleva, L. V.; Ruban, V. V., 1980: Study of chloroplast structure in two forms of hexaploid triticale with different types of cytoplasm

Section 2, Chapter 1131, Accession 001130100

Bonilla G, J. C., 1982: Study of coffee leaf spot disease caused by the fungus Mycena citricolor

Bochkova, N. G.; Koreshkova, G. V.; Pogodina, V. V., 1981: Study of combined foci of arbovirus infections transmitted by mosquitoes

Inozemtsev, V. V.; Kolpakova, A. I.; Zotova, Z. Ya; Protasov, S. A., 1981: Study of combining ability and pest resistance in clones of Bromus inermis

Gamzikova, O. I. (Gamsikova, O. I); Tsil' ke, R. A.; Stetsova, N. G., 1981: Study of combining ability for biochemical characters in spring bread wheat varieties. II. Lysine, tryptophan

Semenov, S. G.; Braudo, E. E.; Yaroshenko, Yu F.; Zharikova, G. G.; Tolstoguzov, V. B., 1982: Study of commodity properties of food emulsions. I. The effect of dispersion medium composition on kinetic stability of O/W emulsions containing proteins, acidic polysaccharides and calcium salts

Alykov, N. M., 1981: Study of complex formation of phthalexon S with praseodymium and some aminoglycoside antibiotics

Chamala, S.; Coughenour, C. M.; Keith, K. J., 1983: Study of conservation cropping on the eastern Darling Downs -- a basis for extension programming

DeHoff, T. W.; Stroshine, R.; Tuite, J.; Baker, K., 1982: Study of corn quality during barge shipment

Liu, M. X., 1982: Study of crosses between triticale and Triticum aestivum

Miccolis, V.; Vannella, S.; Damato, G.; Bianco, V. V., unda: Study of cumulative yield of several varieties of broad bean for fresh market

Jagmail Singh; Varma, P. K., 1982: Study of cytoplasmic effect on some morphological and economic traits in Gossypium

Peti, J., 1983: Study of damage caused by maize dwarf mosaic virus on 24 maize hybrids

Ishaque, M.; Ahmed, I.; Naseem, N. A., 1983: Study of decomposition of Jordan and Lagarban phosphate rock with nitric acid, hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid

Keydel, F., 1982: Study of different designs for the production of hybrid seed in wheat at two different localities

Litvinov, N. S., 1983: Study of different pig breeds by molecular hybridisation of DNA

Konggaard, S. P., 1980: Study of different types of housing for dairy cows. III. Milk yield

Konggaard, S. P., 1980: Study of different types of housing for dairy cows. IV. Feed conversion, reproduction and health

Farkas, K.; Kijovszky, M., 1983: Study of dipterous larvae and pupae occurring in the root zone of cabbage varieties and radish

Section 2, Chapter 1131, Accession 001130119

Szlachta, J., 1981: Study of duration and rate of milking of cows in parlours equipped with the duovac device

Gonzalez, A. R.; Marx, D. B., 1982: Study of early and late fall plantings of spinach

Pogodina V.V., 1983: Study of early stages of the pathogenesis of scrapie in experimentally infected mice

Section 2, Chapter 1131, Accession 001130123

Fesus, I.; Gleria, M. di; Kienitz, K.; Melis, M., 1982: Study of effectivity and mortality of gamma-irradiated developmental stages of Tribolium confusum Duv

Massoudi, M. S., 1980: Study of effluents from combustion of wood waste

Jia, C.; Wang, J.; Jin, P.; Gao, X.; Dai, Z., 1983: Study of embryo culture for accelerating the propagation of Chinese cabbage (Brassica pekinensis Rupr.)

Noblet, J.; Etienne, M.; Lechaux, P., 1983: Study of energy metabolism in the lactating sow. Preliminary results

Voronova, L. P.; Sukhorzhevskaya, T. B.; Benko, N. I.; Gusev, V. P.; Khadzhinov, M. I.; Shcherbak, V. S., 1981: Study of enzyme diversity and combining ability in diallel crosses of maize lines

Palilova, A. N.; Danilenko, N. G., 1980: Study of enzymes of carbohydrate metabolism in maize plants with cytoplasmic male sterility

Gabal, MA.; Hassan, FK.; Siad, AA.; Karim, KA., 1983: Study of equine histoplasmosis farciminosi and characterization of Histoplasma farciminosum

Ladizinsky, G., 1983: Study of evolutionary problems by means of seed protein electrophoresis

Lev, L., 1982: Study of experimental and natural Encephalitozoon cuniculi infections in rabbits by 3 serological methods

Fikiin, A. G., 1983: Study of factors intensifying heat exchange in fruit and vegetable cooling

Wiboonpongse, A.; Kellogg, E. D., 1979: Study of farm to wholesale marketing in the Chiang Mai Valley

Cupka, V., 1982: Study of fatty acid composition of sows' colostrum and milk during lactation

Anonymous, 1981: Study of financial results and reporting trends in the gaming industry

Martemucci, G.; Bellitti, E.; Toteda, F.; Manchisi, A., 1979: Study of first signs of oestrus in ewe lambs according to genotype

Ibrahim Granet, O.; Bievre, C. de, 1982: Study of fructification types of strains of Fonsecaea pedrosoi from different regions

Frazao, A.; Alves, J. A., 1982: Study of fungicides used against grey mould of grapevine in Portugal

Mathur, S. P., 1981: Study of fungus infection of the eye in health, ocular diseases, and in general malnutrition

Dutta, L. C.; Dutta, D.; Mahanty, P.; Sarma, J., 1981: Study of fungus keratitis

Gladkaya, R. M., 1981: Study of gall nematodes in glasshouses

Daudet, F. A., 1981: Study of gas exchange (respiration and transpiration) during bulking and storage of yam tubers

Branlard, G., 1983: Study of genetic determination of 20 gliadin bands

Paramasivan, K. S., 1980: Study of genotypic and phenotypic variability in quantitative characters in hybrids of tall and dwarf indica rice varieties

Sizikov, A. P., 1981: Study of genotypic correlations for yield components in spring wheat in a DIAS programme

Mathurin, P.; Degras, L., 1981: Study of germination enhancement of the yam (Dioscorea sp. pl.) tuber by an activator based on ethylene chlorohydrin and carbon tetrachloride

Nogueira, R. H. F.; Goncalves, L. S., 1982: Study of gland size and type in Apis mellifera workers emerged from drone cells

Chang, X. L., 1982: Study of grain filling in wheat

Jia, D. L.; Fu, Z. Q., 1982: Study of groundwater salt movement in loose sandy soil by means of dual radioactive isotopes

Halasz, A., 1981: Study of herbicide sensitivity of different tobacco varieties and new selections

Sun, J. Z.; Yu, L. G.; He, G. W., 1981: Study of heritability and the correlations between the main quantitative characters in jute

Paramasivan, K. S.; Varadharajan, S.; Soundarapandian, G.; Venkataraman, N., 1982: Study of heterosis in hybrids of Sesamum

Paramasivan, K. S., 1979: Study of heterosis in hybrids of rice varieties

Basky, Z., 1981: Study of host-parasite relationships of Trialeurodes vaporariorum (Westwood) and Encarsia formosa (Gahan)

Agis, F.; Crenn, O., 1983: Study of human hookworm disease in Guadeloupe (French West Indies)

Almendros, G.; Pando, E.; Lozano, J. M.; Polo, A., 1982: Study of humic compounds in a sapric peat and their changes during incubation under controlled conditions

Coutinho, A. D.; Antunes, M. T. A.; Domingues, A. L. C., 1982: Study of humoral and cellular immunity in schistosomal liver disease

Galanova, T. F.; Derevyanko, N. M.; Shvedova, R. I., 1982: Study of hydrolases in the process of metamorphosis in the gypsy moth

Abouzkham, A.; Lebeau, G.; Petithory, J. C., 1983: Study of immunoglobulins in schistosomiasis

Polkovnikova, A. P.; Khramtsova, E. N.; Vatskii, V. F., 1982: Study of indices of genotypic structure of the herd in cow selection

Tavares, A. de M., 1981: Study of infection by Mansonella ozzardi

Fedorova, M. I.; Antsugai, F. I., 1980: Study of initial material of tomato for breeding for suitability for mechanical harvesting and Phytophthora resistance

Ahuya, K. N.; Singh, R. R.; Singh, K. P., 1981: Study of inter and intra-row spacing affecting growth, yield and quality of safflower under rainfed conditions

Sadaterashvili, Yu F., 1980: Study of intermediate hosts of Macracanthorhynchus of pigs

He, L. Q.; Chen, S. L., 1982: Study of interspecific hybrids between Gossypium hirsutum and G. anomalum

Toptikov, V. A.; Sivolap, Yu M., 1982: Study of isolated cell nuclei of higher plants maintained in vitro

Akhund zade, I. M.; Fedorova, E. E.; Dashdamirov, Z. D., 1981: Study of karyotype and meiosis in Feijoa sellowiana Berg

Efimov, V. E.; Ivanov, V. S.; Tarasenko, V. M.; Tereshchatov, V. Ya; Leonov, O. M.; Frolov, A. I., 1982: Study of kinetics of casein hydrolysis

Kalil Filho, A. N.; Miranda Filho, J. B. de; Cardoso, M.; Valois, A. C. C., 1982: Study of latex yield regression in clones of rubber (Hevea sp.)

Reznickova, M.; Jiraskova, M.; Srna, J., 1981: Study of long-term trend in hygiene level of milk treatment in the dairies in the milk supply area of the Central State Veterinary Institute (USVU) in Prague

Asakusa, S.; Watanabe, H.; Akiyama, F., 1981: Study of low salt diet. 2. Salt absorption by the pre-treatment of cooking

Asakusa, S.; Watanabe, H.; Akiyama, F., 1981: Study of low salt diet. 3. De-salting effect of pre-treatment of cooking

Polo, J. L. M., 1978: Study of maize nutrition by the systematic variant method

Sharda, B.; Bhandari, B.; Sharma, K. D., 1983: Study of manganese in Indian childhood cirrhosis

Anonymous, 1982: Study of mathematically optimized regulation of rice cultivation

Berezenko, N. P., 1981: Study of meiosis in Fragaria moschata and sterile F. ananassa X F. moschata hybrids

Gamidova, T. S., 1981: Study of meiosis in the first-generation intergeneric hybrids Triticum araraticum Jakubz. X Aegilops ventricosa Tausch. and Ae. ventricosa X T. dicoccum Schubl

Patharangkura, P., 1982: Study of metacercariae from protamonid crabs in Nakhon Nayok Province, Thailand

Petkov, V. V., 1982: Study of microsporogenesis and pollen development in male-sterile forms of lucerne

Videnovic, Z.; Vasic, G., 1982: Study of minimum soil tillage in dry farming and irrigation conditions on chernozem type of soil

Mallea, M.; Renard, M.; Charpin, J., 1982: Study of moulds in bakeries

Todorov, I. D.; Dimitrov, B. D., 1981: Study of mutational variation in the grape Bolgar

Askerov, I. T.; Rzaeva, S. A.; Veliev, N. M., 1981: Study of mutations induced by gamma rays in wheat

Sadoyan, A. G., 1981: Study of natural antioxidants in the superficial tissues of apple

Batalova, F. M., 1981: Study of nematode respiration

Khangil' din, V. V., 1981: Study of new mutant genes in Pisum sativum. I. The genes def, le, lm, fn, and fna and their effect on seed production

Parkash, V., 1981: Study of nitrate reductase activity in different protein lines of wheat during vegetative and grain development period

Kolar, I.; Braun, B.; David, J.; Kubin, V., 1983: Study of nutritional value of alkali-treated straw in rations for dairy cows

Kostrej, M.; Pataky, J., 1982: Study of operation of the large capacity dairy unit on Palin (Slovakia) agricultural co-operative

Slavik, L., 1982: Study of optimum agricultural system under irrigated conditions

Brunet, J., 1981: Study of ovine and caprine parasitosis in a Department of the South-East. A proposed methodology for an alerting system

Perczelne Zalai, M., 1981: Study of parameters for evaluating sour cherry fruits using statistical methods

Melnikov, P. I.; Pavlov, A. V., 1982: Study of permafrost in the U.S.S.R.: scientific and practical problems

Le Doan Dien, 1981: Study of peroxidase isoenzymes in growth and development of Vietnamese maize

Waters, M. D.; Sandhu, S. S.; Simmon, V. F.; Mortelmans, K. E.; Mitchell, A. D.; Jorgenson, T. A.; Jones, D. C. L.; Valencia, R.; Garrett, N. E., 1982: Study of pesticide genotoxicity

Mel' nitskii, V. N. (Mel' nitsky, V. N); Samygin, G. A., 1980: Study of physiological aspects of frost resistance in winter cereals by means of chilling the seedlings

Rouxel, F.; Herve, Y.; Rousselle, P., 1983: Study of physiological specialization in Plasmodiophora brassicae. Identification of various pathotypes in France. Reaction of some Cruciferae to these pathotypes

Corbea, L. A.; Remy, V. A.; Martinez, H. L., 1982: Study of planting density and establishment of Bermuda grass cv. Coastcross 1

Goel, R.; Misra, P. K., 1982: Study of plasma zinc in neonates and their mothers

Rachev, R.; Sakhanekov, Kh; Kozhev, A., 1979: Study of possibilities of decolorization of milk fat

Boros, V.; Barabas, J.; Slottova, A., 1982: Study of possibility of preservation of milk samples for microbiological examination

Pathak, S. C.; Dhingra, M. M.; Gurung, B. S., 1982: Study of prediction of 300 days milk yield from part time production in Gir cows

Eduardo, O., 1980: Study of preemergent herbicides on the establishment of seeded Leucaena

Eduardo, O., 1980: Study of premergent herbicides on the establishment of transplanted seedlings of Leucaena in Hawaii

Hano, G.; Polgar, L., 1981: Study of preparations and techniques against larvae of Zabrus tenebrioides

Miocinovic, D.; Ostojic, M.; Otenhajmer, I.; Ciljevic, F., 1982: Study of production of Sjenica cheese

Palo, V.; Juraskova, D., 1981: Study of properties of fractionated fat of cask-stored ewes' milk cheese. I. Some chemical and physical properties

Palo, V.; Juraskova, D., 1981: Study of properties of fractionated fat of cask-stored ewes' milk cheese. II. Distribution of aroma potential

Yunuskhanov, Sh; Ibragimov, A. P.; Khalmuratov, E., 1980: Study of protein markers in Gossypium hirsutum L. and G. barbadense L. II

Yunuskhanov, Sh; Ibragimov, A. P.; Alimukhamedov, S. S.; Omel' chenko, V. S.; Mukhitdinov, T.; Sadykov, S. S., 1980: Study of protein markers of Gossypium hirsutum L. and G. barbadense L., III

Belov, A. N.; Ostroumov, L. A.; Shlegel' , A. N., 1979: Study of proteolytic activity of milk-clotting enzymes of bacterial and animal origin

Ursova, L. E., 1981: Study of pulmonary nematodes of domestic and wild ruminants in the Pamirs

Hylmar, B., 1983: Study of pure dairy cultures

Kovanci, I.; Anac, D., 1981: Study of quality characters and physical properties in some varieties of processing tomato

Horak, F. P., 1982: Study of reaction kinetics of destruction of spores and chemical changes in UHT treatment of milk with the view of optimizing the heating procedures

Rudyshin, S. D., 1983: Study of readily soluble proteins and peroxidase in the leaves in relation to resistance in grapevine

Huang, X. H.; Zhao, J. L.; Zhu, D. W.; Zhou, P.; Yan, J. Q., 1982: Study of respiratory pathways during cell wall regeneration in tobacco mesophyll protoplasts

Anonymous, 1981: Study of returnable and non-returnable containers

Jolly, A., 1983: Study of ride comfort using a nonlinear mathematical model of a vehicle suspension

D' Arcy, A. L., 1982: Study of root exudates of soyabean and lentil. I. Kinetics of exudation of phenolic compounds, amino acids and sugars during the first days of seedling growth

Gonzalez, C.; Gonzalez, J. A., 1982: Study of rootstocks for 'Tahiti' lime (Citrus aurantifolia Tan.): Part VII: isoenzymatic characterization (2)

Ohtani, S., 1982: Study of rumen developmental patterns in the early weaned calf

D' Egidio, G.; Bazzoffi, P.; Nistri, L.; Zanchi, C., 1981: Study of runoff, infiltration and soil losses on pasture under different management in the Apennine mountains using a field rainfall simulator

Aguilar Arrivillaga, E., 1980: Study of rural housing conditions in Guatemala

Section 2, Chapter 1131, Accession 001130227

Polumordvinova, I. V.; Erina, O. I.; Ryabkova, V. I., 1980: Study of seed and embryo development in different Allium species and their interspecific hybrids

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Section 2, Chapter 1131, Accession 001130435

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