The effect of reduced energy supply and subsequent realimentation on the energy balance and energy utilization of lactating cows

Kirchgessner, M.; Rohrmoser, G.; Muller, H.L.

Zeitschrift fur Tierphysiologie, Tierernahrung und Futtermittelkunde 49(4/5): 228-238


ISSN/ISBN: 0044-3565
Accession: 001136610

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In a trial with 4 pairs of twin cows gross energy intake was decreased by 15% and net energy for production by about 30% for 4 wk for half of each pair by restricting concentrates. Compared with the controls restricted cows lost proportionally more energy in urine and methane, so that the metabolizability of energy was decreased from 57.4 to 54.9%, and directed proportionally more energy to heat production and milk. Daily milk energy output averaged 47.5 and 52.1 MJ for restricted and control cows respectively; the restricted cows mobilized daily 9.6 MJ of tissue, and mean milk yield was only 2.8 kg lower. The efficiency of energy utilization for milk production was slightly lower in restricted than in control cows. After 3 weeks of realimentation with slight oversupply there was no significant difference between groups in any of the criteria studied. Mean efficiency of ME conversion to milk energy was 62%.