The influence of various photoselective films on the yield and earliness of dwarf beans grown under tunnels without heat

Petralia, S.; D' Amore, R.; Monopoli, F.P.

Colture Protette 11(3): 39-46


Accession: 001139333

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Data are tabulated on emergence-to-flowering and flowering-to-ripening intervals, and on yields and leaf pigment contents of dwarf beans, cv. Mary P2, grown under tunnels covered with yellow, colourless or violet PVC or polyethylene (PE) films of three sizes (area/volume = 1m2/1m3, 1m2/2m3, 1m2/3m3). Data on the spectral properties and temperatures under each film are also provided. Yield and earliness were better under PE than PVC. Yields were also better under colourless films and medium sized tunnels.