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The Molecular Basis of Genetic Diversity among Cytoplasms of TRITICUM and AEGILOPS Species. II. on the Origin of Polyploid Wheat Cytoplasms as Suggested by Chloroplast DNA Restriction Fragment Patterns

Tsunewaki, K.; Ogihara, Y.

Genetics 104(1): 155-171


ISSN/ISBN: 0016-6731
PMID: 17246126
Accession: 001140025

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From comparisons of restriction fragment patterns (seven enzymes used) of chloroplast DNA in T. aestivum and 11 related species, it is suggested that Ae. longissima, Ae. aucheri and Ae. bicornis (or Ae. searsii) were the cytoplasmic donors to the T. dicoccoides--T. aestivum and T. timopheevii groups and the Ae. kotschyi--Ae. variabilis complex, respectively.

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