Section 2
Chapter 1,144

The use of isozymes as genetic markers for the identification of two popcorn populations and for relating heterosis to genetic diversity expressed by F1 heterozygosis

Marcon, G.; Heidrich Sobrinho, E.

Revista Brasileira de Genetica 5(4): 725-735


ISSN/ISBN: 0100-8455
Accession: 001143508

Differences were found between populations in gene frequency alone or in gene frequency and alleles at 11 out of 20 enzymatic loci studied in the populations UFRGS18 and UFRGS20. Three types of tissue were examined in over 7000 individual plants by means of electrophoresis in amide or polyacrylamide gel. In the UFRGS18 X UFRGS20 F1, which was high yielding, significant heterozygosity occurred at eight of these loci. A correlation r = -0.82 was found between the genetic distance between the parental populations at each enzymatic locus and the heterozygosity at the locus. The effectiveness of using isoenzymes to distinguish maize populations was confirmed and support given to earlier findings that F1 heterosis is dependent on parental diversity.

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