The variation, during growth, in concentrations of mineral elements in large-flowered chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum indicum)

Jaivenois, A.; Neumann, G.L.

Bulletin de la Societe Royale de Botanique de Belgique 115(2): 312-324


Accession: 001143788

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Chrysanthemums (cv. Sucy) were planted under glass in a nutrient-low sandy clay soil in June at 8000 plants/are and all manured as follows: N at 1.18 kg/are after planting + 0.18 kg in September, P2O5 at 1 kg after planting + 0.26 kg in September, K2O at 2.55 kg after planting + 0.36 kg in September, MgO at 1.5 kg after planting, FYM at 500 kg after planting and an organic 6:6:9 fertilizer at 5 kg after planting. Analyses of various plant organs are tabulated for N, P, K, Ca, Mg, N + P and K + Ca + Mg and for fresh and dry matter contents at different dates up to 145 days after planting. The results are discussed in relation to growth curves for aerial parts and roots and the translocation of mineral elements during vegetative growth and flowering.