Section 2
Chapter 1,148

Uptake of nitrogen by upland crops in Tokachi district. Part 2. Utilization of nitrogen from chemical fertilizer and released from soil organic matter by sugarbeet grown in different soil types

Nishimune, A.; Fujita, I.; Konno, T.

Research Bulletin of the Hokkaido National Agricultural Experiment Station 133: 17-29


Accession: 001147294

In trials in Tokachi district in 1970, growth and root yield increased with soil type in the order (a) brown Andosol < (b) black Andosol < (c) alluvial soil but sugar contents decreased as root yield increased so that sugar yield did not change. Utilization of 15N-labelled fertilizer did not differ markedly between soils. For early growth application of sodium nitrate at sowing was more effective than application in early June.

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