A genetical investigation of hexaploid triticale. III. The inheritance of some characters in hexaploid triticale, and linkage between them

Nalepa, S.

Hodowla Roslin, Aklimatyzacja i Nasiennictwo 27(1): 39-50


ISSN/ISBN: 0018-3040
Accession: 001153413

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Analysis of data on height and some aspects of pubescence, colour and the occurrence of a wax coating on the ear and the internode below it, in eleven introduced lines, some of which were of dwarf stature, and the F1 and F2 progenies from crosses among them established the dominance of long culm over short culm, of ear-base pubescence over glabrousness, of bright-green colour over dark green and of wax coated internode over waxless. The control of each of these characters was monogenic. The wax coating on the ears depended on the cooperative action of two dominant genes. Linkage studies established the location on chromosome 5R of the gene for a wax coating on the internode below the ear at a recombination distance of 18.8% from Hp (hairy peduncle), which conditions pubescence of the base of the ear. No linkage was found between either of these characters and dwarfness.