A new source of cytoplasmic male sterility in Nicotiana tabacum with cytoplasm from Nicotiana velutina

Nikova, V.M.; Zagorska, N.A.

Comptes Rendus de l' Academie Bulgare des Sciences 36(1): 129-132


ISSN/ISBN: 1310-1331
Accession: 001154472

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When N. velutina (n = 16) was crossed with the N. tabacum variety Tekne (n = 24), the F1 hybrids obtained were completely sterile. Tissue cultures were initiated from stem segments of the hybrid and the regenerates obtained set some seed on pollination with pollen from N. tabacum cv. Rila 207. The seed obtained had a 62.3% germination rate. The small percentage of viable plants raised from this seed were male sterile. Information is presented on flower development in these new cytoplasmically male-sterile sources. Two types of abnormal stamens with shortened filaments were observed.