An analysis of hybridization effects on wool production in crossbreds of Tsigai with North Caucasus Mutton-Wool sheep

Jakubec, V.; Krizek, J.; Hyanek, J.

Zivocisna Vyroba 29(1): 73-78


ISSN/ISBN: 0044-4847
Accession: 001160414

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For 18 Tsigai sheep, 10, 218 and 63 Tsigais with 25, 50 and 75% of North Caucasus Mutton-Wool (NCMW) inheritance, and 51 NCMWs, fleece weight at 10 months of age averaged 3.40, 3.10, 3.41, 3.21 and 3.82 kg resp., clean wool weight 2.03, 1.86, 2.07, 1.92 and 2.26, and fibre diameter 29.8, 27.3, 27.6, 27.0 and 25.7 mu m. For wool production, the performance of NCMWs was significantly superior to that of all other groups, and that of Tsigais and crossbreds with 50% of NCMW inheritance was significantly superior to that of crossbreds with 25 and 75% of NCMW inheritance. For fibre diameter, NCMWs were significantly superior to other groups, and crossbreds to Tsigais. Significant effects on all traits were obtained for genotype, year and sex. For ewe lambs aged 10 months, fleece weight averaged 3.51 kg, clean wool weight 2.08 kg, and fibre diameter 27.61 mu m, the only significant crossbreeding effect being the additive effect on fibre diameter.