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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1162

Chapter 1162 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Read, S.J.; Berry, R.W., 1984:
An evaluation of the synthetic pyrethroid cypermethrin in organic solvent and emulsion formulations

Human, C.H.; Nel, P.C.; Hammes, P.S.; Beyers, E.A., 1982:
An evaluation of the various methods of measuring the development stages of wheat

Blackshaw, R.P., 1984:
An evaluation of three insecticides as compost treatments for the control of vine weevil larvae in hardy-annual nursery stock

Lorber, M.N.; Mulkey, L.A., 1982:
An evaluation of three pesticide runoff loading models

Steacy, G.M.; Christensen, D.A.; Cochran, M.I.; Horton, G.M.J., 1983:
An evaluation of three stages of maturity of hay fed with two concentrate levels for lactating dairy cows

Kammerer, C.M.; MacCluer, J.W.; Bridges, J.M., 1984:
An evaluation of three statistics of structured exploratory data analysis

Norris, M.L.; Turner, W.D., 1983:
An evaluation of tribromoethanol (TBE) as an anaesthetic agent in the Mongolian gerbil (Meriones unguiculatus)

Zollinger, W.A., 1981:
An evaluation of two sources of bias in estimated breeding values for weaning weight in beef cattle

Alekhin, S.N.; Ponomarev, Y.E.; Matveeva, P.I., 1983:
An evaluation of urea capsules in fertilization of tobacco on light soils in foothills of the Kuban' region

Lagoke, S.T.O.; Idem, N.U.A.; Chandra Singh, D.J., 1981:
An evaluation of various herbicides for weed control in kenaf in the Southern Guinea savanna of Nigeria

Tyurin, Y.S.; Novoselova, E.L., 1981:
An evaluation of winter vetch cultivars for protein content

Speer, G.S.; Allinson, D.W.; Washko, W.W., 1983:
An evaluation of yield and quality components of Lolium X Festuca hybrids

Anonymous, 1981:
An evaluation study of minor irrigation scheme, Ernakulam (Kerala)

Anonymous, 1982:
An evaluation study on lift irrigation schemes in Goa 1978-79

Knapp, S.J.; Ross, W.M.; Stroup, W.W., 1983:
An exact confidence interval for heritability on a progeny mean basis

Fraleigh, W.P., 1983:
An examination of relationships of inherent, intrinsic, instrumental, and contributive values of the good sports contest

Baldwin, A.J.; Jensen, G.K.; Nielsen, P., 1982:
An examination of tests for the measurement of the solubility of instant whole milk powder

Antoniw, J.F.; White, R.F.; Carr, J.P., 1984:
An examination of the effect of human alpha -interferons on the infection and multiplication of tobacco mosaic virus in tobacco

Mitchell, C.D.; Broadbent, P.J., 1983:
An examination of the feasibility of roofless accommodation for rearing fattening cattle during the winter in North East Scotland

Samuels, J.B., 1983:
An examination of the marketing environment and operational status of the travel agency industry with an emphasis on the marketing of recreational travel services

Smeers, J., 1983:
An examination of the sales outlets for Belgian agricultural and horticultural products on both domestic and foreign markets: livestock products

Smeers, J., 1983:
An examination of the sales outlets for Belgian agricultural and horticultural products on both domestic and foreign markets: potatoes and horticultural crops

Aeschimann, D., 1984:
An example of evolution towards weed characteristics: the case of Silene vulgaris s.l. (Caryophyllaceae)

Culbard, E.B., 1982:
An example of land misuse in part of the United Kingdom caused by inadequate planning control

Laronche, R., 1983:
An example of study of energy conservation; drying of milk byproducts

Nishimura, K.; Furukawa, T., 1983:
An example of the application to dairy cattle selection of a computer simulation model considering gene loci

Chalmers, N.A., 1984:
An example of the use of a spreadsheet computer program in advisory work

Godefroy, J.; Dormoy, M., 1984 :
An example of the use of soil diagnosis for the programming of fertilization in banana plantations

Anonymous, 1982:
An experiment and studies on aerial sowing of trees and herbs in Yanan Prefecture, Shanxi Province

Martynov, G.A.; Shevchenko, V.L.; Stepanov, V.M.; Martynova, N.V.; Grazhdanov, A.K.; Zharinova, L.K., 1983:
An experiment in artificial infection of the isabelline wheatear (Oenanthe isabellina Temm., 1829) with the agent of plague

Muhlmann de Masoner, L.; Masoner, P.H.; Bernal, H., 1982:
An experiment in radiophonic education: Accion Cultural Popular

Gao, J.H.; Cai, T.R.; Zheng, W.Y.; Sun, J.Z., 1982:
An experiment on and analysis of wood drying by far-infrared rays with electrothermal generators

Salii, I.I.; Organ, N.G.; Groza, I.F., 1984:
An experiment on crossing Simmental with Holstein-Friesian cattle

Kondrat' ev, K.Ya, 1982:
An experiment on determining weediness of fields during spring

Tsou, C.T., 1979:
An experiment on new type of adhesives

Hua, Y.K.; Wang, H.L., 1982:
An experiment on particle drying in different screen fractions

Zhao, M.C.; Zhu, Y.P., 1983:
An experiment on the artificial rearing of Parasarcophaga harpax Pand. (Dipt.; Sarcophagidae)

Yin, Y.S.; Chang, J.Y.; Liang, Y.L.; Wang, X.L., 1983:
An experiment on the biological control of Pieris rapae L

Sato, S.; Shinjo, C., 1983:
An experiment on the genetics of heading date in rice

Abramenko, M.I., 1984:
An experiment on the use of tissue transplantation for investigating breeding characters in crucian carp and its hybrids with common carp

Okamoto, G.; Omutere, E.E.; Yoshida, T.; Shimamura, K., 1984:
An experiment to determine the effective time of fertilizer application for 'Kyoho' grapes

Moe, L., 1983:
An experiment with PGF2 alpha for the induction of parturition in ewes

Konnerup Madsen, H., 1983:
An experiment with wind shelters for blue foxes

Puiggali, J.R.; Batsale, J.C., 1982:
An experimental air drying apparatus and its use

Yavitt J.B.; Fahey T.J., 1984:
An experimental analysis of solution chemistry in a lodgepole pine forest floor

Gilley, J.R.; Mielke, L.N.; Wilhelm, W.W., 1983:
An experimental center-pivot irrigation system for reduced energy crop production studies

Kepes, J.; Szijjarto, A., 1984:
An experimental investigation into the enterprise conditions influencing the innovational processes on cooperative farms

Dam, C. van, 1983 :
An experimental laboratory: the methodology of Santos de Morais

Smego, R.A.; Durack, D.T., 1984:
An experimental model for Naegleria fowleri-induced primary amebic meningoencephalitis in rabbits

Issa Fullara, M.M., 1983:
An experimental study for modernizing instruction through educational technology: the case of Saudi Arabia

Klyuev, A.I.; Nidziev, A.I., 1983:
An experimental study of a plow with spring fastened bodies

Ambasht, R.S.; Singh, M.P.; Sharma, E., 1983:
An experimental study of soil and water conservation through herbaceous plants

Seppala, M., 1982:
An experimental study of the formation of palsas

Dou, W.X.; Han, K.X.; Zhao, F.C.; Wu, X.S., 1982:
An experimental study of the high-head flume in hydroengineering model

Yu, Y.; Lu, X.Q.; Xiao, S.M.; Tao, G.Y.; Zhao, M.L., 1983:
An experimental study on the biology of Culex pipiens pallens Coquillett

Hutchinson, E.S.; Price, S.C.; Kahler, A.L.; Morris, M.I.; Allard, R.W., 1983:
An experimental verification of segregation theory in a diploidized tetraploid: esterase loci in Avena barbata

Dosso, M.; Kilian, J.; Savary, G., 1983:
An exploitation of SPOT simulated data: evaluation of eroded soils and study of the hydrographic system (Bagre, Upper Volta)

Lake, P.E.; Ravie, O., 1984:
An exploration of cryoprotective compounds for fowl spermatozoa

Draper, D.J., 1983:
An exploratory investigation of the job characteristics and job satisfaction of public recreation and leisure service management employees (as measured by the job diagnostic survey)

Kanani, S.J.; Gopaldas, T., 1983:
An exploratory study to investigate the nutritional impact of nutrient and health inputs on school children (Boys, 5-13 years)

Christensen, J.E., 1983:
An exposition of canonical correlation in leisure research

Gramann, J.H., 1983:
An expost facto analysis of the regional economic impact of expenditures for reservoir recreation

Gent, B. van et al., 1983:
An extension of the Ban

Sergi, P., 1983:
An extension service for rural and agricultural development

Garrison, R.G.; Gonzalez Mendoza, A.; Mirikitani, F.K., 1983:
An extracellular substance of Sporothrix schenckii in human infection

Benz, W.; Koch, W.; Moosmann, A., 1984:
An extraction procedure for the determination of the weed seed potential of soils

Namitokov, A.A., 1981:
An extremely rare case of mixed hymenolepiasis and dipylidiasis

Ruckerbauer, G.M.; Garcia, M.M.; Rigby, C.E.; Robertson, F.J.; Samagh, B.S.; Stemshorn, B.W., 1984 :
An hemolysis-in-gel test for bovine brucellosis

Kitching, I.J., 1984:
An historical review of the higher classification of the Noctuidae (Lepidoptera)

Humphery Smith, I., 1983:
An hypothesis on the evolution of Herpetostrongylinae (Trichostrongyloidea: Nematoda) in Australian marsupials, and their relationships with Viannaidae, parasites of South American marsupials

Queiroz O., 1983:
An hypothesis on the role of photoperiodism in the metabolic adaptation to drought

Woolford, M.W.; Williamson, J.H.; Copeman, P.J.A.; Napper, A.R.; Phillips, D.S.M.; Uljee, E., 1983:
An identical twin study of milk production losses due to subclinical mastitis

Tseng, Y.H.; Chu, Y.I., 1982:
An illustrated key for the identification of 8 common fruit-flies of the genus Dacus from Taiwan (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Laszczka, A.; Oramus Kasprzyk, B., 1983:
An immediate effect of qualitative changes in the diet on semen quality of bulls, estimated by laboratory tests

Prasvirnina, A.M.; Chaika, M.T., 1983:
An immunochemical identification of a protein component of the reaction centre of photosystem I in the composition of etioplastid membrane

Konarev, V.G.; Tarlakovskaya, A.M.; Gavrilyuk, I.P., 1983:
An immunochemical study of seed proteins of members of tribe Vicieae in relation to aspects of differentiation of species and genera

Duncan, I.D.; Hammang, J.; Trapp, B., 1984:
An immunocytochemical investigation of myelin proteins in the shaking pup.

Tung, M.C.; Tsai, S.S.; Ho, L.F., 1983:
An immunofluorescence study on Edwardsiella tarda

Fleming, H.L., 1981:
An immunogenetic analysis of skin specific antigens in mice

Zachary, A.A., 1983:
An immunogenetic study of the equine leucocyte antigen (ELA) system

Arthur, J.E.; Lucke, V.M.; Newby, T.J.; Bourne, F.J., 1984:
An immunohistological study of feline glomerulonephritis using the peroxidase-antiperoxidase method

Platov, E.M., 1983:
An important factor affecting pregnancy in sheep

Cesarz, W., 1983:
An important measure for the intensification of agriculture. Agricultural price reform encourages output growth. In cooperatives and state farms the 1984 plan is being prepared: increasing yields with minimal consumption and fulfilment of the economic strategy

Ageev, V.; Kupina, L.; Dolbeneva, E.; Baikovskaya, I.; Petrina, Z., 1984:
An important protein resource for poultry

Cesarz, W., 1983:
An important step towards the intensification of agriculture. The agricultural price reform promotes increased productivity

Chi, J.Geun.; Shong, Y.Kee.; Hong, S.Tae.; Lee, S.Hyung.; Seo, B.Seol.; Choe, K.Won., 1983:
An Imported Case Of Kala-Azar In Korea

Bazin, S., 1983:
An improved approach to bovine mastitis problems. I. Subclinical mastitis: diagnosis, prevalence and dynamics of infection

Bazin, S., 1983:
An improved approach to bovine mastitis problems. II. Incidence and bacteriology of clinical cases, plan of prevention, approach to the problem on the farm

Oldman J.W.; Judd M.J.; Mcaneney K.J., 1984:
An improved bead thermistor anemometer for use in plant canopies

Richardson, P.R.K., 1983:
An improved darting system for immobilizing smaller mammals in the wild

Corson, I.D.; Fennessy, P.F.; Suttie, J.M., 1984:
An improved design for home-made projectile syringe

Ruegg, M.; Moor, U.; Blanc, B., 1983:
An improved differential scanning calorimetric method for the estimation of the solid fat content of butterfat

Machev, A.; Kostadinova, P.; Chomova, R., 1984:
An improved gas-chromatographic method for triclopir determination in the soil and in plant samples

Xiong, W.Y. (Hsiung, W.Y.; Gong, L., 1979:
An improved half-leaf method for measuring the growth rate of trees

Strickman, D., 1983:
An improved method for rearing Wyeomyia smithii

Fischer, W.R.; Pfanneberg, T., 1984:
An improved method for testing the rate of iron(III) oxide reduction by bacteria

Evidente, A.; Iasiello, I.; Randazzo, G., 1984:
An improved method for the large-scale preparation of lycorine

Dowson, J.R., 1983:
An improved method for the simultaneous auto-analysis of calcium and phosphorus in plasma and urine

Munger, H.M.; Lane, D.P., 1983:
An improved method of BA application for the promotion of fruit set in muskmelon

Kalode, M.B.; Bentur, J.S.; Sain, M.; Rao, U.P.; Srinivasan, T.E., 1982:
An improved method of field screening of rice cultures against brown planthopper

Dik, I.E., 1983:
An improved method to determine the market potential for a new food product: a case study of papaya nectar

Floore, T.G., 1982:
An improved miniature CDC light trap for collecting adult Culicoides mississippiensis Hoffman (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

Paddon, A.R., 1984:
An improved pit kiln for charcoal production

Miles, J.A.; Mehlschau, J.J., 1983:
An improved power module for forest operations

Aneja, V.P.; Rajorhia, G.S.; Makker, S.K., 1982:
An improved process for continuous production of chhana

Sukvanachaikul, Y.; Laurenson, E.M., 1983:
An improved rainfall-runoff model for semi-arid regions

Lambert, L., 1984:
An improved screen-cage design for use in plant and insect research

Heimlich, R.E.; Bills, N.L., 1984:
An improved soil erosion classification for conservation policy

Fomichev, A.M., 1981:
An improved technology for the cultivation of fodder beet stecklings in Ukrainian SSR

Leclerc, M.C.; Robin, P., 1983:
An in situ study of the effect of the moisture and nitrate content of dune soil on accumulation and reduction of nitrate in marram grass (Ammophila arenaria L.)

Trinidad, T.P.; Madriaga, J.R.; Valdez, D.H.; Sagun, R.S.; Rosa, A.M. de la, 1983:
An in vitro method of determining non heme iron availability in Filipino meals

Peasley, E.L.; Collins, G.B., 1983:
An in vitro system for disease expression in tobacco

Mackie, RI.; Gilchrist, FMC.; Heath, S., 1984:
An in vivo study of ruminal micro-organisms influencing lactate turnover and its contribution to volatile fatty acid production

Thorne, J.H.; Rainbird, R.M., 1983:
An in vivo technique for the study of Phloem unloading in seed coats of developing soybean seeds

Anonymous, 1981:
An in-service handbook for distance educators

Mubarak, A., 1984:
An in-situ method for the determination of hydrogen sulphide in natural gas feedstock

Remond, M.; Larenaudie, B.; Dhennin, L.; Durand, M.; Legrand, B.; Loquerie, R.; Guerche, S., 1984:
An inactivated swine fever vaccine. Study of various factors and adaptation to industrial production

Lietz, B., 1983:
An increase from every field, and from every stall

Jansen, J.; Dommerholt, J.; Korver, S.; Meijering, A.; Oldenbroek, J.K., 1982:
An index for meat production

Bulgak, V.D., 1983:
An indicator of the necessity of treating apple

Yadav, R.K.; Michael, A.M., 1981:
An indigenous method of water prospecting

Brewer, R.A.; Stuart, F.A.; Corbel, M.J., 1983:
An indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the detection of antibodies to Brucella abortus in porcine sera

Bakshi, M.P.S.; Ichhponani, J.S.; Makkar, G.S., 1982:
An indirect method of estimating N-retention in buffalo at maintenance level

Shinde, G.B.; Chakrabarti, C.H., 1983:
An individual and combined supplementary effects of some essential amino acids and B-vitamins on the nutritional parameters of autoclaved horse gram (Dolichos biflorus) protein in male albino rats

Acktun, M., 1983:
An inducer of para-immunity prepared from Bacillus subtilis culture filtrate. Its use in supportive therapy for infectious diseases in young calves, with reference to environmental and housing conditions

Shubeck, PP., 1984:
An inexpensive carrion beetle trap (Coleoptera: Silphidae)

Saltveit, M.E., 1982:
An inexpensive controlled-temperature chamber

Riley, S.J., 1983:
An inexpensive gage for measuring ground surface topography

Syvertsen, J.P.; Smith, M.L.J., 1983:
An inexpensive leaf chamber for measuring net gas exchange

Stokes, M.R.; Schneider, P.L.; Steinmetz, L.M., 1983:
An inexpensive machine for frequent feeding of sheep in metabolism crates

Reece, J.W.; Iff, R.H.; Sirois, D.L., 1983:
An inexpensive photogrammetry system for obtaining 3-D spatial coordinates in dynamic testing conditions

Allison, A., 1983:
An inexpensive, portable Tullgren extractor suitable for the tropics

Krucek, Z., 1983:
An information system for the control of social development

Schaefer, GW.; Bent, GA., 1984:
An infra-red remote sensing system for the active detection and automatic determination of insect flight trajectories (IRADIT)

Seemann, G., 1983:
An infrared analyser for rapid determination of food constituents

Du, J.R.; Hong, L.M., 1982:
An initial report of an experiment on controlling the agromyzid fly (Melanagromyza sojae) of soyabean with carbofuran and the loss of yield caused by the pest

Chang, M.Q.; Zheng, Y.M., 1983:
An initial report on the observation of the resin canal of Tenasserim pine wood under the scanning electron microscope

Pei, X.D.; Zhang, G.Z.; Shao, Y.C., 1983:
An initial study on methods of calculating the water requirement of winter wheat in the Beijing area

Anonymous, 1983:
An inquiry into pre-school activities in Zimbabwe, 1981

McKinzie, L.D., 1983:
An inquiry into the measurement of individual crop supply response - a system approach

Lane, A.B., 1984:
An inquiry into the response of growers to attacks by insect pests in oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.), a relatively new crop in the United Kingdom

Kubo, I.; Uchida, M.; Klocke, J.A., 1983:
An insect ecdysis inhibitor from the African medicinal plant, Plumbago capensis (Plumbaginaceae); a naturally occurring chitin synthetase inhibitor

Anwar, A.H.; Chaudhry, A.H., 1984:
An insight into the life cycle of cattle ascarid

Wells, C.B.; Wright, M.J., 1984:
An inspection of soils of the Watiparinga Reserve, Adelaide, S.A

Chavaz, J.; Junker, F.; Gaillard, C., 1982:
An inspection of the progeny of Swiss Brown bulls during the first and third lactation

Goroshko, V.V.; Obrinskii, L.E.; Rozenberg, A.M., 1983:
An installation for studying photosynthesis, respiration and transpiration of intact plants in a monitored environment

Gladkov, P.K., 1984:
An installation for yeasting straw

Kelly, M.; McKerrow, A.J., 1983:
An instance of porous asbestos sheeting and its treatment - an advisory case

Boshernitsan, V.A.; Ravilov, A.A., 1984:
An instrument for combined regulation of air temperature and relative humidity

Sharipov, S.T.; Postokhodov, A.V.; Maksutov, A.M., 1983:
An instrument for diagnosing tuberculosis in large horned cattle

Ottmar, R.D., 1983:
An instrument for measuring duration of precipitation

Strand, O.E., 1982:
An integrated approach for Canada thistle control on non-crop land

Messersmith, C.G., 1982:
An integrated approach for the control of leafy spurge on non-crop land

Chaudhary, J.P.; Yadav, L.S.; Poonia, F.S., 1980:
An integrated approach for the control of pod borer, Heliothis armigera (Hubner) on pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan (Millsp))

Schnoor, J.L.; Carmichael, G.R.; Schepen, F.A.V.n, 1982:
An integrated approach to acid rainfall assessments

Bishay, A., 1984:
An integrated approach to desert management

Griffin, J.L.; Regan, R.P.; Dunand, R.T.; Baker, J.B.; Cohn, M.A., .:
An integrated approach to red rice control

Delucchi, V.; Baumgaertner, J.; Bieri, M., 1983:
An integrated control approach for canning pea crop pests in Switzerland

Sterling, W.L.; Bleicher, E.; Jesus, F.M.M. de, 1983:
An integrated management programme for cotton insects in north-eastern Brazil using sequential sampling

Callicrate, J.M., 1983:
An integrated pest management format for Lane County's vector management program

Stevenson, W.R., 1983:
An integrated program for managing potato late blight

Lloyd, C.J., 1982:
An integrated reclamation management plan for the Highland Valley mining complex

Antonius, S.H.; Hagedorn, D.J., 1983:
An integrated screening procedure for breeding beans resistant to bacterial brown spot (Pseudomonas syringae)

Bose, A.S.C.; Ojha, T.P., 1983:
An integrated solar drying system for agricultural crop drying

Anonymous, 1984:
An integrated system for supervising the chain of animal production and meat production. Papers delivered at a meeting held at Utrecht on 27th October 1983

Anderson, G.W., 1984:
An integrated system of sheep grazing and softwood production

Buchleiter, G.W., 1983:
An integrated water-energy management system - development

Heermann, D.F.; Buchleiter, G.W.; Duke, H.R., 1983:
An integrated water-energy management system - implementation

Lonsdale, J.E., 1983:
An integrated weed control programme

Goodall E.A.; Mcmurray C.H., 1984:
An integration of mathematical models for feeding and lactation with reproductive performance of the dairy cow

Shishiba, Y.; Irie, M.; Yamada, H.; Kinoshita, F., 1983:
An inter- and intralaboratory quality-control survey of radioimmunoassay of insulin, thyroxin, thyrotropin, cortisol, digoxin, gastrin, beta 2-microglobulin, and IgE in Japan with commercially available kits

Davis, R.D.; Carlton Smith, C.H., 1983:
An inter-laboratory comparison of metal determinations in sewage sludges and soil

Carlton Smith, C.H.; Davis, R.D., 1983:
An inter-laboratory comparison of metal determinations in sludge-treated soil

Shoup, W.D.; Becker, W.J., 1983:
An interactive computer model to teach safe tractor operation

Freeman, T.G., 1983:
An interactive model to improve farm management in arid lands

Mandic, D., 1983:
An interesting find of a hydatid cyst in the liver of a pig

Ferrara, E.; Reina, A.; Lamparelli, F.; Giorgio, V., 1983:
An interesting olive table cultivar occurring in Apulia

Shimura, I.; Ito, Y.; Seike, K., 1983:
An intergeneric hybrid between Pyrus serotina Rend. and Cydonia oblonga Mill

Cragg, S.M.; Icely, J.D., 1982:
An interim report on studies of the tolerance by Sphaeroma (Crustacea: Isopoda) of CCA-treated timber

Lammel, R. et al., 1984:
An interim report: forest dieback in West Germany, and research on its causes

Ehrentreich, W., 1984:
An interior door made from particleboard shells

Anonymous, 1984:
An international directory: agribusiness consulting firms

Kada, R., 1982:
An international perspective on part time farming in Japan

Ye, B.; Wang, H., 1984:
An interpretation of phosphate adsorption by means of Langmuir isotherms in some soils of north-eastern China

Fiscus, E.L.; Klute, A.; Kaufmann, M.R., 1983:
An interpretation of some whole plant water transport phenomena

Johnson, C.G., 1982:
An interpretation of synecologic relationships in the Billy Meadows Area of the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest

Dahms, E.C., 1984:
An interpretation of the structure and function of the antennal sense organs of Melittobia australica (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) with the discovery of a large dermal gland in the male scape

Kirschling, P.J., 1982:
An interregional competition analysis of the U.S. apple industry

Jong, S.H. de; Bloem, L.J., 1984:
An interview with the Dutch Minister of Agriculture on the EC

Zhang, X.Q.; Gu, M.G.; Ting, Y.C., 1982:
An introduction to a valuable new breeding source - diploid perennial teosinte

Knapp, H., 1982:
An introduction to foreign tourism. Quality instead of quantity. Austrian tourism after the break in growth

Neville, M.C.; Neifert, M.R., 1983:
An introduction to lactation and breast-feeding

Mohr, H.; Shropshire, W.J., 1983:
An introduction to photomorphogenesis for the general reader

Griesbach, R.J., 1984:
An introduction to somatic cell genetics

Wellving, A.H.A., 1983:
An introduction to the Zambian seed industry

Henriksen, P., 1983:
An introduction to the insemination of foxes

Stranzinger, G., 1984:
An introduction to the use of biotechnical methods in animal breeding

Payne, A.L.; Mitchell, A.A.; Holman, W.F., 1982:
An inventory and condition survey of rangelands in the Ashburton River Catchment, Western Australia

Hitzhusen, F.J.; Bacon, T.; Cathcart, T.; Gowen, M., 1983:
An inventory of Ohio's biomass resources

Abrahamse, T.; Brunt, A.M., 1984:
An investigation into pesticide imports, distribution and use in Zambia with special emphasis on the role of multinational companies

Wolfson, M.M.; Cresswell, C.F., 1982:
An investigation into the activity of the photosynthetic pathway enzymes in Alloteropsis semialata

Mohiuddin, Y., 1984:
An investigation into the determinants of farm employment in Pakistan

Holman, Y.K., 1983:
An investigation into the dynamics of children's museums: a case study of selected museums

Domburg, G.E.; Sharapova, T.E.; Nitsetskaya, L.L., 1984:
An investigation into the interaction of wood components in the process of thermal treatment. 6. The formation of benzyl-ether bonds between cellulose and lignin model compounds

Maxted, N.; Trueman, I.C., 1983:
An investigation into the occurrence of Salix X meyerana Rostk. ex Willd. in Shropshire

Yang, K.; Zhao, Y., 1983:
An investigation into the procedure for growing an outsize chrysanthemum plant

Sakharov, V.V.; Rakhmanberdiev, R.Z.; Guraev, G.G., 1984:
An investigation into the severing of pre-tensed mulberry stems by a screw-type cutter

Baumgartner, M.; Keller, E.R.; Schwendimann, F., 1983:
An investigation into the stability and instability of the 'blue reaction' in potato by an examination of tuber characteristics

Young, R.G.; Sitler, T.R.; Balogh, R.A.; Aharrah, E.C., 1982:
An investigation of Japanese fleeceflower (Polygonum cuspidatum) planted on strip mines in Clarion and Venango Counties, Pennsylvania

Bamossy, G.J., 1983:
An investigation of aesthetic judgement ability and art patronage behaviour by adolescents

Gacek, E., 1982:
An investigation of barley leaf scald (Rhynchosporium secalis (Oud.) Davis)

Spirin, A.P.; Ufirkin, N.A.; Vasilenko, E.I., 1983:
An investigation of blade configurations for a heavy sweep cultivator

Wilson, S.C.; Jennings, R.C.; Cunningham, F.J., 1983:
An investigation of diurnal and cyclic changes in the secretion of luteinizing hormone in the domestic hen

Lovell, D.P.; Totman, P.; Bigelow, S.W.; Nebert, D.W.; Hoffman, H.A.; Greig, J.B.; Festing, M.F., 1984:
An investigation of genetic variation within a series of congenic strains of mice

Sobue, N.; Kato, K., 1983:
An investigation of indoor climate of wooden houses by regression analysis between indoor and outdoor temperature or humidity changes

Fear, C.D., 1984:
An investigation of off-season flowering in lowbush and half-high hybrid blueberries

Greening, H.G., 1983 :
An investigation of protectant treatments for farm-stored grain in New South Wales

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An investigation of recreational activities and potential with particular emphasis on the impact of increased leisure time

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An investigation of safety zone configuration when cultivating perennial row-crops

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An investigation of stalk depression by the rotary cutting apparatus of headers during soyabean harvesting

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An investigation of temperature for Kalanchoe

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An investigation of the activity of selected disinfectants against Brucella abortus

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An investigation of the control of red pepper fruit rot caused by Phytophthora capsici Leonian

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An investigation of the development and application of participatory research methods in non-formal education of rural adults in developing countries

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An investigation of the extent to which the recommendations found in the literature of the American Alliance of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance are found in the secondary school curriculum in Pennsylvania from 1970 to 1979

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An investigation of the framework of summer vacation recreation in the municipal area of Chulon (a small town near Tel Aviv, Israel), and a model for public recreation for youth

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An investigation of the leaf anatomy, foliar mineral levels, and water relations of a Sarawak forest

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An investigation of the performance of a rotary cutter drive for a self-propelled harvester

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An investigation of the potential for the use of organic fertilizer on small, mixed farms in Costa Rica

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An investigation of the presence of aflatoxins in feeds in Greece

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An investigation of the relationship between Seat Index Point and Seat Reference Point for agricultural tractors

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An investigation of the relationship between public library use patterns and local economic conditions in twenty urban areas: 1960-1979

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An investigation of the separation of lucerne seed by a pneumatic-centrifugal separator

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An investigation of the synaptonemal complex of mammals. 1. Nature and mechanism of centric fusion (Robertsonian translocation)

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An investigation of the use of pallets in mechanizing the harvesting, transport and distillation of lavender

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An investigation on Carposina sp. and its control

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An investigation on Wenshan cattle and their improvement by crossbreeding

L.Lungcheng, 1983:
An investigation on best matching of push-cut speed with the raising and lowering speed of the blade of hydraulic bulldozers

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An investigation on flowering and vegetative rejuvenation of Phyllostachys bambusoides

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An investigation on pelt characters of some native breeds of sheep

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An investigation on plants of Artemisia dracunculus L. s.l. (tarragon)

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An investigation on production of hay and regrowth fodder from some natural grasslands and sown pastures in the Vidin region

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An investigation on susceptibility of banana clones to fusarial wilt, freckle and marginal scorch disease in Taiwan

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An investigation on the biology and control of Indarbela disciplaga Swinhoe in Sabah

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An investigation on the classification based on the vascular patterns of vegetative organs for Chinese woody plants

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An investigation on the growth conditions and the regulation of seed bearing of Scotch pine stand in Honghaergi region

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An investigation on the numerical taxonomy of some dodder species (Cuscuta spp.) common in Turkey according to their seed and embryo characteristics

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An investigation on the sources of primary inoculum of wheat common root rot and a comparison of methods of counting conidia in soil in Guangdong

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An investigation on the termites from Ding Hu Shan

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An investigation on the transfer of early embryos in mice

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An investment in health: children's summer camps in the Winnipeg region

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An iodine-containing disinfectant

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An ion exchange method for the regeneration of ethyl alcohol used in the determination of CEC in tropical soils

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An irrigation management program in Hall County, Nebraska

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An isozyme analysis of tulip-tree hybrids (Liriodendron chinense X L. tulipifera)

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An isozyme marker for resistance to bean yellow mosaic virus in Pisum sativum

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An iterative regression model for estimating soybean yields from environmental data

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An objective evaluation of carcass quality of pigs for breeding and slaughter

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An objective programming approach to planning the dairy and meat sector of the agroindustrial sector

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An objective trait for evaluating the fleece

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An Observation Chamber Technique for Evaluating Potential Biocontrol Agents of Globodera rostochiensis

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An observation of European wasps

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An observation of dermatitis in caged dwarf and normal-sized Single Comb White Leghorn laying hens

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An observation of nutrient levels in old, unfertilized rabbiteye blueberry plants

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An observation of the leaf growth of soybeans

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An observation on chromosomes of Bombyx mandarina

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An oculo-cerebellar syndrome caused by congenital bovine viral diarrhoea virus-infection

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An old CO2 technique rediscovered. Small gas burners in the greenhouse

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An oliglonucleotide isolated from bovine blood microfilariae

Growdon, W.A., 1983:
An ominous left-sided pelvic mass in a young woman associated with the Cambridge Diet

Voerman, S. van Deventer, P., 1984:
An omnidirectional pheromone trap with high catch capacity for apple clearwing moth Synanthedon myopaeformis (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae)

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An on-line information retrieval system for herbicides in horticultural crops

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An open-top chamber for studying the effects of air pollution on plants

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An operational evaluation of Bacillus thuringiensis serotype H-14 against Anopheles sundaicus in west Java, Indonesia

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An opinion about selecting the suitable type of haul trucks for the northern forest districts of China

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An opinion survey among Natal vegetable farmers on the marketing of fresh vegetables

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An optical method for estimating papaya maturity

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An original new insecticide - Nevifosz 50 EC - being safe on bees if applied out of their daily flight period

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An outbreak of Bordetella bronchiseptica pneumonia in a colony of common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus)

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An outbreak of Campylobacter jejuni abortion in mink

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An outbreak of IBR/IPV infection in bulls and dairy cattle in Israel. 1. Clinical and diagnostic aspects. 2. Vaccination of bulls at artificial insemination centres

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An outbreak of Prostephanus truncatus (Horn), the lesser grain borer, in Tanzania

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An outbreak of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis infection in a small indoor breeding colony of red-bellied (Saguinus labiatus) tamarins

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An outbreak of a disease of farmed eel (Anguilla anguilla) due to Aeromonas hydrophila in turkey: histopathological and bacteriological studies

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An outbreak of adenovirus enteritis in piglets

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An outbreak of auricular dermatitis on a pig farm

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An outbreak of blister beetle poisoning in horses in Florida

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An outbreak of citrus mite, Eutetranychus orientalis (Klein) in Delhi

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An outbreak of coccidiosis in kangaroos in a zoological collection

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An outbreak of diarrhoea in hoggets associated with infection by Yersinia enterocolitica

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An outbreak of excessive neonatal mortality in four Danish mink farms. I. Descriptive epidemiological investigations. II. Analytic epidemiological investigations

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An outbreak of furunculosis in coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) at the beginning of marine pen culture

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An outbreak of herpesvirus infection in pups and its possible relationship to hereditary dysgammaglobulinaemia

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An outbreak of infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis in Abu-Tamer dairy farm in Iraq

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An outbreak of leaf eating caterpillar, Chatra grisea Moore on pine trees in Meghalaya

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An outbreak of leptospirosis in Corriedale sheep in India

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An outbreak of leptospirosis in cattle and man

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An outbreak of suspected type D botulism in horses in California

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An outbreak of swine diarrhea of a new type associated with coronavirus-like particles in Japan

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An outbreak of the aphid Aphis gossypi (Glover) on isabgol, Plantago ovata (L.), and its chemical control

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An outbreak of viral enteritis in goslings in Taiwan

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An outbreak of white root-rot and its environmental conditions in the experimental arboretum

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An outline of general resource needs and procedures for the electrophoretic separation of active enzymes from plant tissue

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An outline of the evolution of the genus Taraxacum Zinn

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An outline of the major soils of Kenya

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An overview of New Zealand group breeding schemes

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An overview of agricultural household models: empirical applications

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An overview of agricultural household models: theory

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An overview of citronella oil in Indonesia

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An overview of employment in agriculture, forestry, and fisheries: past trends and current policy issues

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An overview of genetic researches in the plant kingdom

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An overview of hickory shuckworm research - has it led to an adequate pest management program?

Anonymous, 1983:
An overview of illiteracy in the region

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An overview of organized mosquito control in Florida

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An overview of pollination

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An overview of the Canadian oilseed industry

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An overview of the assessment and regulation of energy balance in humans

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An overview of the health care system in rural Bangladesh

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An overview of the leisure experience as product; Program modification through program evaluation. (2 articles)

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An overview of the possible applications of IR-spectroscopy in the food industry

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An overview of tourism and its employment generating potential in Fiji in the 1980's

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An overwintering, feeding study of channel catfish in cages

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An oviposition model for the spruce budworm, Choristoneura fumiferana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

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An ultra-low volume monodispersion hand sprayer

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An ultrasonographically solid, tumor-like appearance of echinococcal cysts in the liver

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An ultrastructural analysis of osteochondritic growth plate cartilage in growing swine

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An ultrastructural study of the action of two benzo (de) isoquinolyl-1,3-dione derivatives on Trypanosoma cruzi in vitro

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An ultrastructural study of the development of the tegument of the cercariae of Proctoeces maculatus, a trematode parasite of mussels

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An ultrastructural study of the late-blight fungus Phytophthora infestans and its interaction with the foliage of two potato cultivars possessing different levels of general (field) resistance

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An ultrastructural study of the myxosporeans, Sphaerospora angulata and Sphaerospora carassii, in the common carp, Cyprinus carpio L

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An ultrastructural study of the sinus epithelium in the mammary gland of the lactating ewe

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An ultrastructural study on the fertilization and cytoplasmic components of zygotes in pigs

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An unbreakable cage for the collection and keeping of ixodid ticks

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An underground silo for storing maize

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An understanding of the ecological and biological characters of field weeds

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An unrecorded fungus on tulsi (Ocimum sanctum)

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An unreplicated comparison of 10 U.S.A. barleys with two local types under irrigation

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An unusual Phytophthora associated with root rot of subterranean clover

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An unusual catch of Atractocerus brevicornis (L.) in Italy (Col. Lymexylonidae)

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An unusual decay pattern in brown-rotted wood

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Anabolic agents in farm animals

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Anabolic hormones during fattening?

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Anabolics and testing horses for doping

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Anaemias from deficiency and congenital metabolic disorder of vitamin B-12 in children

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Anaemias in calves. Occurrence, causes, identification, importance and control

Anonymous, 1983:
Anaemias in rearing calves: occurrence, causes, recognition, importance and control

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Anaerobic (clostridial) dysentery in piglets

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Anaerobic (clostridial) dysentery of young coypu

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Anaerobic bacteria and processes

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Anaerobic digestion

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Anaerobic digestion in developing countries: some pressing research needs

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Anaerobic digestion of cattle slurry

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Anaerobic digestion of piggery and poultry wastes

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Anaerobic digestion of the liquid fraction of dairy manure

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Anaerobic digestion on a large pig unit

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Anaerobic digestion: manure to energy

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Anaerobic digestion: the problems of crop residues and wastes containing straw

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Anaerobic fermentation and aerobic degradation as a treatment method for pig slurry

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Anaerobic fermentation of leaf extracts to prepare leaf-protein concentrate

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Anaerobic filter loading for liquid swine waste

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Anaerobic lagoons-design and solids management

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Anaerobic metabolism in germinating seeds of Echinochloa crus-galli var. oryzicola (barnyard grass)

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Anaerobic microsites in soils and their possible effect on pesticide degradation

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Anaerobic processes

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Anaerobic treatment of food processing wastes and agricultural effluents

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Anaerobic treatment of pig wastes

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Anaerobiosis and Release from Dormancy in Apple Embryos: Leaching of (+/-) [C]Abscisic Acid and its Metabolites under Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditions

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Anaesthesia in rodents and rabbits.

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Anaesthesia of cattle in the light of the acid base equilibrium and gas measurement in venous and arterial blood

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Anaesthesia of dogs using a combination of a new xylazine derivative (Ursonarcon) with the hypnotic Radenarcom (etomidate)

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Anaesthesia of exotic animals

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Anaesthesia of honeybees by smoke from the pyrolysis of puffballs and keratin

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Anaesthesia of pets

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Anaesthesia of store pigs with azaperone i/m and etomidate intraperitoneal

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Anaesthesia of three nematode species with propylene phenoxetol

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Anaesthesia of unusual species in general veterinary practice. 4. Anaesthesia of wild carnivores

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Anaesthesia with buprenorphine-nitrous oxide-oxygen in the animal model domestic pig

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Anal sacs and glands of the anal sacs of cat. II. Comparative studies on development of the anal sac and external skin

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Anal sacs and glands of the anal sacs of cats. I. Histomorphology of their development

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Analgesia and anaesthesia for experimental surgery in dogs, cats, pigs and sheep

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Analogies between the drug resistance profile of the faecal colibacilli of ewes and their lambs

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Analyses of copper and chromium in stakes of the four reference timbers

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Analyses of muscular dystrophy and Con A deficiency traits in testcross progeny of chickens

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Analyses of soils from the commercial radioactive waste disposal sites at Barnwell, SC, and Hanford, WA

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Analyses of the age of genes and the first arrival times in a finite population

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Analyses of the composition and dietary value of actinidia fruits

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Analyses of the variation in the interval from an injection of prostaglandin F2 alpha to oestrus as a method of studying patterns of follicle development during dioestrus in dairy cows

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Analyses of trace elements in connection with soil surveys

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Analysing and monitoring of fertilizer marketing costs and margins. Paper presented at the FAO/FIAC Working Group on Fertilizer Marketing and Credit, 13th Session, Rome, 12-15 April 1983

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Analysing the economic validity of air/air heat exchanger use in livestock housing

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Analysis and guidelines for watershed rehabilitation

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Analysis of agriculture, supply and inflation

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Analysis of butter. Part 1. General introduction including preparation of samples

Anonymous, 1984:
Analysis of butter. Part 2. Method for determination of water, solids-not-fat and fat contents (reference method)

Anonymous, 1984:
Analysis of butter. Part 3. Method for determination of water content (routine method)

Anonymous, 1984:
Analysis of butter. Part 5. Method for determination of salt content (routine method)

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Analysis of change in the population of defoliating insects in residual foci of Dendrolimus sibiricus

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Analysis of changes in properties and composition occurring during the transition from colostrum to normal milk

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Analysis of chromium

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Analysis of diversity in Indian cowpea genetic resources

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Analysis of felling butt-damage in Interior British Columbia

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Analysis of forage production for assessments and appraisals

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Analysis of free fatty acids in Italian cheese

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Analysis of fruit uniformity in the processing tomato

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Analysis of furmetamide in treated wood

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Analysis of genetic parameters in a self-pollinated crop bread wheat

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Analysis of grain protein content of wheat in the north China plain

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Analysis of grain quality in maize

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Analysis of home produced and commercially brewed miso

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Analysis of incidental wage costs in the Lower Saxony State Forest Service

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Analysis of indigenous Australian foods

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Analysis of Indole-3-acetic Acid Metabolism in Zea mays Using Deuterium Oxide as a Tracer

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Analysis of interactions among biotic and abiotic factors in ricefields, with special reference to the role of tubificids in the ricefield ecosystem

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Analysis of market outlets for some agricultural and horticultural products in 1982

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Analysis of milk for compositional payment

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Analysis of mosquito collections in the dengue fever infected localities of Gurgaon urban, Haryana State

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Analysis of mutated sectors in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) for the selection of mutants with changed reaction to powdery mildew (Erysiphe graminis DC. f. sp. hordei Marchal)

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Analysis of nesting boundaries of some dominant ants in cocoa trees in Nigeria

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Analysis of nitrogen fixation

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Analysis of nitrogenous resin in particleboards

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Analysis of nut components in the coconut: a study of sampling

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Analysis of optimal roll tensioning for circular saw stability

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Analysis of pachytene in maize and problems of the origin of maize

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Analysis of phototransformation intermediates in the pathway from the red-absorbing to the far-red-absorbing form of Avena phytochrome by a multichannel transit spectrum analyser

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Analysis of physiological ovarian activity in sheep and its distribution throughout the whole year

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Analysis of pith-borer populations

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Analysis of plant hormones

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Analysis of plant phenolics by high-performance liquid chromatography using a polystyrene-divinylbenzene resin column

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Analysis of production respiration in photosynthesizing tissues of the intact plant

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Analysis of radial increment of Norway spruce in relation to differentiation of trees

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Analysis of rape seeds

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Analysis of rates and reasons for culling of dairy cows

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Analysis of rice production and productivity in Eastern India

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Analysis of skin mycoses in Polish railwaymen

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Analysis of soil and plant material by inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometry. Comparison of digestion procedures for major and trace constituents in plant material

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Analysis of soil and plant material by inductively coupled plasma=optical emission spectrometry

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Analysis of soluble antigens in the peritoneal exudate of mice infected with Toxoplasma gondii

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Analysis of some morphological divergences in the complex of Culex pipiens (Diptera, Culicidae)

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Analysis of some technological parameters of the DIO 2 x 24 milking installation for ewes

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Analysis of stand and site characteristics data from the 1983 ground-based forest damage inventory in Baden-Wurtemberg

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Analysis of standing crop of Sasa senaensis communities by quantification (type I)

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Analysis of stem form of cedars in Morocco. Application to the computation of stem profile curves

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Analysis of stored sheep cheese for fatty acids by capillary GLC

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Analysis of sugarbeet yield at different stand density and fertilizer rates

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Analysis of surgical treatments for selected upper respiratory tract conditions in horses

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Analysis of sweet orange leaves for diagnosing nutrients status with special references to some major and micronutrients

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Analysis of the K-fertilizing effect on a humic pelosol

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Analysis of the National Alcohol Program and its implications for the agricultural sector in Sao Paulo

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Analysis of the X1 and X2 generations of Vicia faba L., after seeds treatment with gamma-rays and ethyl-methane-sulphonate (EMS)

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Analysis of the action of multistage crystallization plants during regulated crystallization of potassium chloride

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Analysis of the adaptability of hybrid rice

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Analysis of the adaptation of winter wheat in the Orange Free State

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Analysis of the agricultural competencies needed by the farmers in Al-Hassa Oasis in Saudi Arabia

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Analysis of the bending failure of wooden beams by simulation

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Analysis of the breeding potential of wheat-Agropyron and wheat-Elymus derivatives for agronomic and quality characteristics

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Analysis of the catalytic domain of phosphotransferase activity of two avian sarcoma virus-transforming proteins

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Analysis of the causes of mortality in sows during the breeding period

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Analysis of the cephalic structures of free-living nematodes of the family Enoplidae (Enoplida) and problems of the evolution of this group

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Analysis of the colonization of Scots pine by bark beetles in the western Poles'e of the Ukraine

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Analysis of the Complexity and Diversity of mRNAs from Pollen and Shoots of Tradescantia

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Analysis of the connection between the construction of symmetrical aminotriazine-derivatives and their herbicide effect

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Analysis of the controlled droplet application (C.D.A.)

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Analysis of the costs, profits and incomes of individual farmers in 1981

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Analysis of the deformation state of wood material

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Analysis of the deposits of chemical impurities in pulsators

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Analysis of the development of demand for butter in the GFR using information from household surveys and opinion polls

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Analysis of the economic conditions of vegetable production

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Analysis of the economic results of agricultural basic organizations of associated labour (BOAL) in Voivodina on the basis for some indicators for 1976-1980

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Analysis of the effect of water stress on the growth of grain legumes

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Analysis of the effects, particularly repellency, of a synthetic pyrethroid, deltamethrin, on honeybees

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Analysis of the efficiency of transporting sugar beet by rail

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Analysis of the factors affecting germination of Tilia mongolica in the nursery

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Analysis of the factors responsible for low sucrose content recorded in recent years

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Analysis of the forestry sector and proposals for action: Cape Verde

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Analysis of the genetic components of variance for yield in spring bread wheat plants resistant to Puccinia recondita

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Analysis of the genetics of resistance to stem rust race 21 in the wheat variety Slavia

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Analysis of the genome composition of species of Helianthus L

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Analysis of the genus Echinocotyle (Cestoda, Hymenolepididae)

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Analysis of the ginning process on a modern roller gin

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Analysis of the group composition of larch rosin

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Analysis of the growth of determinate tomato cultivars

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Analysis of the Heterogeneity of the 40,000 Molecular Weight Tuber Glycoprotein of Potatoes by Immunological Methods and by NH(2)-Terminal Sequence Analysis

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Analysis of the impact on the Portuguese agricultural sector of joining the EC

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Analysis of the influencing factors on the refrigerating capacity and the yearly demand of cold in a cold store for chicory roots

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Analysis of the inheritance of quantitative characters in populations of Georgian many-eared maize

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Analysis of the inheritance of resistance to stem rust race 11 in the wheat variety Slavia

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Analysis of the intraspecific heterosis and combining ability of Chinese fir (Cunninghamia leuceolata (Lamb.) Hook)

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Analysis of the irrigation efficiency parameters

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Analysis of the life duration of the MP-5 'Ural-2' petrol-engine chain-saw

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Analysis of the matric pontential - water content curves obtained in situ during an irrigation experiment

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Analysis of the methodology employed in the breeding of Sea Island cotton (Gossypium barbadense L.)

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Analysis of the microclimate of animal houses, illustrated by two problem calf houses

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