Analysis of peroxidase isozyme patterns in Euchlaena mexicana, Zea mays and their hybrids

Tao, Z.R.; Guo, L.J.

Hereditas, China 5(3): 17-20


Accession: 001161752

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The zymograms of two teosinte lines were significantly different from those of four maize cultivars. There were 11 bands in leaf extracts and six bands in root extracts from the maize cultivars. Qunhua 105 had 11 leaf bands and six root bands but teosinte line 2 had only five bands in both leaf and root extracts. The teosinte bands were thick and dark, with higher activity than the maize bands. The zymograms of maize X teosinte F1 hybrids resembled those of teosinte and the hybrids showed high heterosis.