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Associations between growth attributes of barley and grain yield under different seeding dates

Abdel Raouf, M.S.; Kandil, A.; Gheith, E.M.S.; Mahros, N.

Annals of Agricultural Science, Moshtohor 19(1): 45-55


Accession: 001164513

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Barley Giza 119 was sown during 1980-2 on 5, 15 or 25 Nov. or Dec. Plants were irrigated 3 times at 30-day intervals; N was applied at 31 kg/feddan. Plant ht., dry wt., leaf area and LAI of 7-wk-old plants decreased with delay in sowing date. Highest CGR and RGR of 7- to 14-wk-old plants were obtained by sowing on 5 Dec. After 15-17 wk the highest values were obtained by sowing on 15 Nov.

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