Chromosome number and pairing and grain fertility of progenies in an aneupentaploid hybrid of (Triticum durum (Gulab) X Aegilops squarrosa meyeri) F3 X T. durum X T. durum

Tabushi, J.

Japanese Journal of Genetics 58(6): 683-684


Accession: 001172242

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Three plants of (T. durum X A. squarrosa var. meyeri) F3 with fairly good chromosome pairing (17II + 7I, 20II + 2I and 18II + 3I) were backcrossed to T. durum, giving BC1F1 plants with 13II + 8I or 13II + 7I. In the BC2F1, plants had 13II + 5I or 13II + 6I. In the BC2F2 of the F3 17II + 7I plant, individuals with 17II + 2I, 17II + 3I, 18II + 1I and 18II + 2I were observed. In the BC2F2 of the other two F3 plants, plants with 14II or 16II + 2I, 18II + 1I and 19II + 1I were observed. In the BC2F3 and BC2F4 of the F3 17II + 7I plant, most plants had 17-18II and some had 19-20II. Because most individuals had unequal pairing, grain fertility was very low. In the BC2F4 however, ears with >50% fertility were seen in two individuals with, respectively, 17II + 2I and 19II.