Section 2
Chapter 1,176

Competitive behaviour of cultivars of perennial ryegrass, meadow fescue, timothy and common meadow grass

Mott, N.

Wirtschaftseigene Futter 28(3): 193-201


Accession: 001175065

In a trial in 1975-8 on sandy loam soil with a soil index of 70, (a) 33 of perennial ryegrass, (b) 13 of meadow fescue, (c) 12 of timothy and (d) 7 of Poa pratensis were sown each with a single competing sp. (cocksfoot with (a) and (b), perennial ryegrass with (c) and timothy with (d)). The competitive ability of each was assessed on the basis of its percentage of the total DM yield.

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