Section 2
Chapter 1,179

Cytogenetic analysis of a triploid interspecific onion hybrid (Allium cepa X A. fistulosum) and its progeny

Horak, K.E.; Peffley, E.B.; Corgan, J.N.

HortScience 18(4 Section 2): 597


ISSN/ISBN: 0018-5345
Accession: 001178732

Delta Giant, a triploid (3x = 24) shallot cultivar with two genomes of A. cepa var. ascalonicum [A. ascalonicum] and one of A. fistulosum, was selfed or backcrossed to diploid A. cepa var. ascalonicum. Among 135 progeny analysed, 119 were normal diploids (2n = 16), ten were trisomics and six had more than 17 chromosomes.

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