Cytogenetical studies in wheat. XIII. Sr35 - a third gene from Triticum monococcum for resistance to Puccinia graminis tritici

McIntosh, R.A.; Dyck, P.L.; The, T.T.; Cusick, J.; Milne, D.L.

Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenzuchtung 92(1): 1-14


Accession: 001178779

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In studies in Australia, a resistance gene was isolated among single plant selections from Triticum monococcum line C69.69 (PI264935) which was transferred to hexaploid wheat following a bridging cross with a tetraploid cultivar; studies in Canada showed that the resistance gene of the diploid selection G2919 was the same as the Australian gene, which was designated Sr35. Monosomic analysis and linkage studies in hexaploid wheats heterozygous for Sr35 showed that the gene is on chromosome 3A alpha and has linkages of 34% with the centromere and of 1% with R2 for red grain colour. Some homozygous dominant white-grained individuals were obtained. Both G2919 and C69.69 had another resistance gene besides Sr35; it is postulated that this is Sr21. Virulence to Sr35 was observed in some strains of P. graminis f. sp. tritici in both North America and Australia.