Cytological and taxonomic study of some Allium species of the section Oreiprason of subgenus Rhizirideum (Liliaceae)

Vakhtina, L.I.; Kudryashova, G.L. (Kudrjaschova, G.L.

Botanicheskii Zhurnal 66(5): 695-702


ISSN/ISBN: 0006-8136
Accession: 001178830

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The five species studied fell into three groups on the basis of similarities in chromosome morphology: (1) A. globosum and A. talassicum, (2) A. korolkowii and (3) A. setifolium and A. subtilissimum. All proved to be diploids with 2n = 16 chromosomes. Idiograms for each of the species are given. Species of group 1 were karyotypically similar to A. petraeum, A. filifolium and A. tianschanicum.