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Description of four new heterotrich ciliates of the genus Nyctotherus and Paranyctotherus n.g., endocommensal in a terrestrial oligochaete from Cameroon

Ngassam, P.

Protistologica 19(2): 167-175


ISSN/ISBN: 0033-1821
Accession: 001180017

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Examination of endocommensal ciliates from Eupolytoreutus from Cameroon, revealed 2 types of ciliary pattern: the first, characterized by an apical secant pattern on the right side of the cell, is shown by members of the genus Nyctotherus; for the 2nd, characterized by the presence of an apical and postoral secant system on the right side of the cell, Paranyctotherus n.g. is erected. 4 new species of ciliates are described and illustrated: N. cardiostomatus n.sp., N. polymorphus n.sp., N. dupouyi n.sp. and P. albareti n.sp.

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