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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1184

Chapter 1184 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ogilvy, S.E., 1984:
Disease control in oilseed rape, with particular reference to Alternaria brassicae

Vanachter, A.; Wambeke, E.V.n; Droogenbroeck, J.V.n; Assche, C.V.n, 1983:
Disease control on tomatoes grown in recirculating nutrient solution (NFT)

Renfro, B.L.; Singburaudom, N., 1983:
Disease development of sorghum downy mildew in maize as influenced by inoculum density and host matrix

Anonymous, 1984:
Disease incidence among horses in France, Ireland and the United Kingdom during 1983

Hoisington, D.A.; Neuffer, M.G.; Walbot, V., 1982:
Disease lesion mimics in maize. 1

Shabi, E.; Elisha, S., 1984:
Disease management of apple scab

Loginov, N.V., 1983:
Disease of Romanov sheep in industrial farming complexes caused by associations of helminths and protozoa

Frederiksen, R.A., 1982:
Disease problems in sorghum

Sehgal, H.S., 1984:
Disease problems of eucalypts in India

Dohoo, I.R.; Martin, S.W., 1984:
Disease production and culling in Holstein-Friesian cows. III. Disease and production as determinants of disease

Pfender, W.F.; Hagedorn, D.J., 1983:
Disease progress and yield loss in Aphanomyces root rot of peas

Lawson, V.F.; Summers, W.L., 1984:
Disease reaction of diverse sources of Lycopersicon to Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria pepper strain race 2

Orchard, L.P.; Kuntz, J.E., 1981:
Disease reactions of walnut species to butternut canker

Solbu, H., 1984:
Disease recording in Norwegian dairy cattle. II. Heritability estimates and progeny testing for mastitis, ketosis and 'all diseases'

Nagaich, B.B., 1983:
Disease resistance in potato in India

Buddenhagen, I.W., 1983:
Disease resistance in rice

Yurkov, V.M.; Kartushin, S.S., 1984:
Disease resistance of calves housed in buildings illuminated with monochromatic light

Kechel, H.G., 1983:
Disease resistance of poplar clones in N. Rhine-Westphalia

Schonleiter, R.; Hansel, A.R.; Winkel, A., 1983:
Disease resistance of the cereal cultivars officially approved in the GDR

Hammons, R.O., 1982:
Disease resistant groundnut released

Dohoo, I.R.; Martin, S.W.; Meek, A.H.; Sandals, W.C.D., 1983:
Disease, production and culling in Holstein-Friesian cows. I. The data

Dohoo, I.R.; Martin, S.W.; McMillan, I.; Kennedey, B.W., 1984:
Disease, production and culling in Holstein-Friesian cows. II. Age, season and sire effects

Dohoo, I.R.; Martin, S.W., 1984:
Disease, production and culling in Holstein-Friesian cows. IV. Effects of disease on production

Dohoo, I.R.; Martin, S.W., 1984:
Disease, production and culling in Holstein-Friesian cows. V. Survivorship

Dohoo, I.R.; Martin, S.W.; Meek, A.H., 1984:
Disease, production and culling in Ontario dairy cattle

Vetter, K., 1983:
Disease-adapted diet

Yuill, T.M., 1983:
Disease-causing organisms: components of tropical forest ecosystems

Tillon, J.P.; Madec, F., 1984:
Diseases affecting confined sows. Data from epidemiological observations

Dalchow, J., 1984:
Diseases and pests of China asters and what one can do about them

Bakhrusheva, T.E.; Pereverzev, D.S., 1984:
Diseases and pests of cow parsnip

Harranger, J., 1984:
Diseases and pests of damson

Anonymous, 1983:
Diseases and pests of fruit crops. Control of fruit diseases

Pardatscher, G., 1981:
Diseases and pests of ornamental foliage trees

Calavan, E.C.; Van Gundy, S.D.; Eckert, J.W.; Johnson, E.L.V., 1982:
Diseases and their control

Edney, K.L.; Harris, D.C.; Morton, A.; Cardon, J.A.; Bielenin, A., 1984:
Diseases caused by Phytophthora species

Carles, L., 1983:
Diseases caused by prunus necrotic ringspot virus and control methods

McAllum, H.J.F., 1984:
Diseases causing cattle abortions

Anonymous, 1982:
Diseases diagnosed in the Department of Pathology of the Faculty of Veterinary and Zootechnical Medicine, National University of Mexico, during 1980

Musselius, V.A., 1984:
Diseases in mariculture and their prophylaxis

McCarter, S.M.; Kays, S.J., 1984:
Diseases limiting production of Jerusalem artichokes in Georgia

Ploper, L.D., 1983:
Diseases of French bean and their control in north-western Argentina

Vismanis, K.O.; Lullu, A.V.; Iygis, V.A.; Turovskii, A.M.; Yun, A.I., 1984:
Diseases of Salmonidae in the marine fish farms on the Baltic coast and their prophylaxis

Krishtal' , A.F.; Dashkina, N.G.; Mikhonovskaya, N.D.; Tsarichkova, D.B.; Buchatskii, L.P.; Lebedinets, N.N.; Kilochitskii, I.P.; Rybal' chenko, V.M.; Koval' , E.Z., 1984:
Diseases of Trichogramma

Anonymous, 1980:
Diseases of bees and their control

Wick, R., 1983:
Diseases of boxwood

Mishra, K.C., 1983:
Diseases of cattle transmitted through ticks and their control

Abdi Arush, M., 1982:
Diseases of dromedaries in Somalia

Wallach, J.D.; Boever, W.J., 1983:
Diseases of exotic animals. Medical and surgical management

Viard Drouet, F.; Coudert, P.; Durand, P.; Provot, F., 1983:
Diseases of female breeding rabbits. Variation in some plasma values in primiparous rabbits

Miller, T., 1984:
Diseases of female strobili in southern pine seed orchards

Verbitskaya, I.N., 1984:
Diseases of fish at the fish farms of the Ministry of Fisheries of the USSR

Chaubeau Duffour, C.; Morandi, H., 1984:
Diseases of fish in Lake Geneva. Preliminary study

Bedlan, G., 1984:
Diseases of flax (Linum usitatissimum L.)

Butin, H., 1983:
Diseases of forest and park trees

Tiev, R.A., 1983:
Diseases of fruit trees caused by nematode-vectors of viruses from the family Longidoridae

Danilov, E.P., 1984:
Diseases of furbearing animals

Anonymous, 1984:
Diseases of grain legumes

Tanwani, S.K.; Yadava, R., 1983:
Diseases of man communicable through milk

Rapp, L.; Richter, J., 1984:
Diseases of ornamental ivy. Phytophthora has recently been found

Horie, H.; Kobayashi, T., 1983:
Diseases of ornamental woody plants observed at Jindai Botanical Park, Tokyo

De, B.K., 1982:
Diseases of potato in West Bengal

Lowe, R.; Perombelon, M.C.M. , 1983:
Diseases of potato tubers. Susceptibility of tubers to infection by E. carotovora

Kotsche, M.; Gottschalk, C., 1983:
Diseases of rabbits and hares

Duranti, G.; Mondini, S., 1983:
Diseases of rabbits. Principles of therapy and prophylaxis

Venkatarao, A.; Shanmugam, N., 1983:
Diseases of sesamum and their control

Kraft, W., 1984:
Diseases of small animals. Volume 1. Internal medicine

Ovchinnikova, A.M.; Potlachuk, V.I., 1980:
Diseases of soybean seeds in the Soviet Far East and the methods for their phytopathological analysis

Keymer, I.F., 1983:
Diseases of squirrels in Britain

Djerbi, M., 1983:
Diseases of the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.)

Mutti, S., 1983:
Diseases of the digestive system

Anonymous, 1984:
Diseases of the horse. A handbook for science and practice. Part 2/II

Anonymous, 1984:
Diseases of the horse. A handbook for science and practice. Parts 1 and 2

Stegena, B.; Pies, J., 1984:
Diseases of the locomotor system in relation to milk production in dairy cows

Thornton, D.A.K., 1983:
Diseases of the mammary gland in goats

East, N.E.; Birnie, E.F., 1983:
Diseases of the udder

Roberts, R.J.; Sommerville, C., 1982:
Diseases of tilapias

Gronborg, H., 1984:
Diseases of tomato

Anonymous, 1983:
Diseases of vegetables

Khatua, D.C.; Maiti, S., 1982:
Diseases of vegetables in West Bengal and their control

Brokenshire, T.; Prasanna, K.P.R., 1984:
Diseases of winter oilseed rape in SE Scotland

Anonymous, 1982:
Diseases of zoo animals. Proceedings of the 24th International Symposium on Diseases of Zoo Animals, 19-23 May, 1982, in Veszprem

Anonymous, 1983:
Diseases of zoo animals. Proceedings of the 25th International symposium on diseases of zoo animals, 11-15 May, 1983, Vienna

Anosa, Vo, 1983:
Diseases produced by Trypanosoma vivax in ruminants, horses and rodents

Rodhain, F., 1983:
Diseases transmitted by culicines and urbanization: an example of coevolution

Kucheruk, V.V.; Rosický, B., 1983:
Diseases with natural foci: basic terms and concepts

Johansson, P.O., 1984:
Disequilibrium cutting rules

McLaren, D.J., 1984:
Disguise as an evasive stratagem of parasitic organisms

McClay, A.J. (Ireland), 1982:
Disinfectant for the dairy industry and its use

Slavchev, G.; Milashki, S.; Gabrovski, T., 1984:
Disinfectant for the prevention and control of bovine mastitis

Winterhalder, K.; Bohm, R.; Strauch, D., 1984:
Disinfecting effect of Stallsaure in a model experiment

Kleiner, U.; Trenner, P., 1983:
Disinfecting effect of gamma-rays and electron rays on Salmonella dublin

Venosa, A.D.; Ram, N., 1984:

Tsuglenok, N.V., 1984:
Disinfection and preparation of seeds for sowing

Strauch, D., 1984:
Disinfection measures in conventional solid and liquid manure management

Rubin A.J.; Engel J.P.; Sproul O.J., 1983:
Disinfection of amoebic cysts in water with free chlorine

Clarke, N.A.; Berman, D., 1983:
Disinfection of drinking water, swimming-pool water and treated sewage effluents

Bijl, A.S.; Koch, V.J.M., 1983:
Disinfection of flower bulbs by pesticides in foam

Rattink, H., 1982:
Disinfection of potting compost by gamma rays, as an alternative

Tola, V.; Prengperaj, M., 1983:
Disinfection of teats after milking to prevent bovine mastitis

Kuznetsova, Y.I.; Antykov, S.A., 1984:
Disinfestation of components

Mordkovich, Y.B.; Vashakmadze, G.G., 1983:
Disinfestation of fresh fruits by the Oriental fruit moth

Stoyanova, S., 1984:
Disinfestation of seeds by the use of low temperatures

Sommer, M.S.; Chen, S.H.; Bierl, J.F., 1983:
Disk blade performance

Ware, G.W.; Buck, N.A.; Estesen, B.J., 1983:
Dislodgeable insecticide residues on cotton foliage: comparison of ULV/cottonseed oil vs. aqueous dilutions of 12 insecticides

Fenton, T.R.; Harries, J.T.; Milla, P.J., 1983:
Disordered small intestinal motility: a rational basis for toddlers' diarrhoea

Quaroni, S.; Sardi, P.; Petrolini, B.; Locci, R., 1983:
Disorders due to Leucocytospora cincta in peach orchards in the province of Verona. Symptoms, isolation and inoculation trials

Maurage, C.; Pham, H.T.; Duhamel, J.F.; Tardieu, M.; Ricour, C.; Griscelli, C.; Rey, J., 1981:
Disorders of chemotaxis in protein-energy malnutrition

Raese, J.T., 1984:
Disorders of d'Anjou pears related to tree nutrition

Atkins, C.E., 1984:
Disorders of glucose homeostasis in neonatal and juvenile dogs: hypoglycemia-Part II

Atkins, C.E., 1984:
Disorders of glucose homeostasis in neonatal and juvenile dogs: hypoglycemia. I

Levchenko, V.I., 1983:
Disorders of liver function in beef bulls with purulent hepatitis

Valle, N.D.l; Perez, R., 1980:
Disorders of the citrus graft union

Tryfan, B., 1983:
Disparities and egalitarianism

Ignar, M., 1983:
Disparities in the living conditions of the farming population. Relations between town and country

Ul' yanova, N.N.; Zaichenko, V.F., 1983:
Dispenser for filling milk into customer's container

Bull, G.C., 1984:
Dispensing beverages

Grigor' yev, N.A., 1979:
Dispersal and concentration processes involved in the generation of secondary lithogeochemical beryllium anomalies

Brown, L.; Brown, J., 1984:
Dispersal and dispersion in a population of soldier beetles, Chauliognathus pennsylvanicus (Coleoptera: Cantheridae)

Peterson, R.D.I.I.; McInnis, D.O., 1982:
Dispersal and distribution of the screwworm Cochliomyia hominivorax (Coquerel) dispersed on the ground in southern Texas, 1980

Karg, W., 1983:
Dispersal and infestation dynamics of the fruit-tree spider mite Panonychus ulmi Koch in hedge-like rows in intensively cultivated apple orchards

Shivayogeshwara, B.; Veeresh, G.K., 1983:
Dispersal and migration of Holotrichia serrata adults (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Melolonthinae)

Tisserat N.; Kuntz J.E., 1983:
Dispersal gradients of conidia of the butternut canker fungus in a forest during rain

Jennings, DT.; Houseweart, MW.; Dimond, JB., 1983:
Dispersal losses of early-instar spruce budworm (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) larvae in strip clearcut and dense spruce-fir forests of Maine

Fitt, B.D.L.; Lapwood, D.H.; Dance, S.J., 1983:
Dispersal of Erwinia carotovora subsp. atroseptica in splash droplets

Rajasab, A.H.; Rajendran, C., 1983:
Dispersal of Hemileia vastatrix uredospores and spread of coffee leaf rust

Yu, DSK.; Laing, JE.; Hagley, EAC., 1984:
Dispersal of Trichogramma spp. (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) in an apple orchard after inundative releases

Pennypacker, B.W.; Leath, K.T., 1983:
Dispersal of Verticillium albo-atrum in the xylem of alfalfa

Schowalter, T.D., 1984:
Dispersal of cone and seed insects to an isolated Douglas-fir tree in western Oregon

Cirio, U., 1983:
Dispersal of eggs and larval competition in Dacus oleae Gmel. (Diptera, Trypetidae).

Hirose, Y.; Yamasaki, M., 1984:
Dispersal of females for colony founding in Polistes jadwigae Dalla Torre (Hymenoptera, Vespidae)

Chamberlain, W.F., 1984:
Dispersal of horn flies: III. Effect of environmental factors

Carter, M.V., 1983:
Dispersal of splash droplets in a wind tunnel

Roche, R.; Abreu, S., 1982:
Dispersal of the ant Tetramorium guineense (Mayr) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Johnson, D.L.; Wellington, W.G., 1983:
Dispersal of the collembolan, Folsomia candida Willem, as a function of age

Blickenstaff, CC., 1983:
Dispersal of western bean cutworm larvae from egg masses as measured by damage to beans

Wright, RJ. van Duyn, JW.; Bradley, J R.; Jr., 1983:
Dispersal, flight, and diurnal activity patterns of adult southern corn billbugs (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Trumble, J.T.; Oatman, E.R., 1984:
Dispersion analyses and resource utilization of aphid parasitoids in a non-depletable environment

Sziraki G., 1984:
Dispersion and movement activity of some important moth pests living on stone fruits

Corneil, JA.; Wilson, LF., 1984:
Dispersion and seasonal activity of the pales weevil, Hylobius pales (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), in Michigan Christmas tree plantations

Fuxa, JR., 1984:
Dispersion and spread of the entomopathogenic fungus Nomuraea rileyi (Moniliales: Moniliaceae) in a soybean field

Jones, VP.; Parrella, MP., 1984:
Dispersion indices and sequential sampling plans for the citrus red mite (Acari: Tetranychidae)

Proskuryakova, A.M.; Markovich, N.Y., 1984:
Dispersion of common species of Aedes from their breeding-places in the steppe zone of Tuva (the Central Tuva lowland). Communication 1. The distance of flight of A. vexans

Mather, T.N.; DeFoliart, G.R., 1984:
Dispersion of gravid Aedes triseriatus (Diptera: Culicidae) from woodlands into open terrain

Ostapenko, N.S.; Petrova, Z.M.; Us' yarov, O.G., 1984 :
Dispersion of liquid ammonia in soil

Vernon, RS.; Borden, JH., 1983:
Dispersion of marked-released Hylemya antiqua (Meigen) (Diptera: Anthomyiidae) in an onion field

Hatton, T.A.; Lightfoot, E.N., 1984:
Dispersion of trace solutes in flowing groundwater

Chardin, A., 1982:
Displacement of bandsaw blades on wheels. General study R 351

Munk, W.G., 1983:
Disposable drinks-pack

Noorlander, D.O., 1984:
Disposable inner sleeve for inflation assembly

Huettl, P.J., 1982:
Disposal of a primary papermill sludge on sandy cropland soil

Gasser, J.K.R., 1984:
Disposal of effluents from intensively housed livestock

Olson, R.V.; Terry, R.V.; Powers, W.L.; Swallow, C.W.; Kanemasu, E.T., 1982:
Disposal of feedlot-lagoon water by irrigating bromegrass: II. Soil accumulation and leaching of nitrogen

Tauchnitz, J.; Schnabel, R.; Pihan, W.; Mahrwald, R.; Hennig, H., 1982:
Disposal of industrial waste products. 13. Determination of cultivation suitability values for toxic waste materials used in the experiment

Tauchnitz, J.; Mahrla, W.; Kiesel, G.; Schnabel, R.; Hennig, H., 1983:
Disposal of industrial waste products. 21. The land disposal of industrial ashes

Ross, D.S.; Sohrabi, T.M.; Stewart, L.E.; Brodie, H.L., 1983:
Disposal of sewage effluent using trickle irrigation tubing

Altona, R.E.; Bosman, J.; Breyer Menke, C.J.; Lever, N.A., 1983:
Disposal of wastewater from Modderfontein Factory: review of the biological nitrogen removal systems

Singer, L.M.; Elliott, H.A., 1982:
Disposal of water treatment sludges by land application

Chambers, JE.; Redwood, WT.; Trevathan, CA., 1983:
Disposition and metabolism of chlorpyrifos in the black imported fire ant, Solenopsis richteri Forel

Shah, B.H.; Nawaz, M.; Javed, I., 1984:
Disposition kinetics, dosage and urinary excretion of sulphamethylphenazole in sheep

Brien, J.F.; Loomis, C.W.; Tranmer, J.; McGrath, M., 1983:
Disposition of ethanol in human maternal venous blood and amniotic fluid

Lindeberg, S.; Sandström, B.; Lundborg, P.; Regårdh, C.G., 1984:
Disposition of the adrenergic blocker metoprolol in the late-pregnant woman, the amniotic fluid, the cord blood and the neonate

Goodrowe, K.L.; Heath, E., 1984:
Disposition of the manchette in the normal equine spermatid

Palaniswamy, P.; Chisholm, M.D.; Underhill, E.W.; Reed, D.W.; Peesker, S.J., 1983:
Disruption of forest tent caterpillar (Lepidoptera: Lasiocampidae) orientation to baited traps in aspen groves by air permeation with (5Z,7E)-5,7-dodecadienal

Schwalbe, C.P.; Paszek, E.C.; Bierl Leonhardt, B.A.; Plimmer, J.R., 1983:
Disruption of gypsy moth (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) mating with disparlure

Turkov, V.G.; Kononov, G.A.; Lebedev, A.G.; Stepanov, G.S., 1984:
Disruption of hormonal control and cyclic degeneration of ovaries

Voerman, S.; Minks, A.K.; Kraan, C. van der; Neal, J.J., 1983:
Disruption of orientation of male Synanthedon myopaeformis moths to traps baited with their sex attractant

Sofranko, A.; Fliegel, F., 1984:
Dissatisfaction with satisfaction

Lu, A.P.; Liu, K., 1981:
Dissection of the alimentary canal of Opisthoplatia orientalis Burm

Koblet, H.; Kempf, C.; Flaviano, A.; Kohler, U.; Omar, A., 1984:
Dissection of the fusion process of Semliki Forest virus (SFV) infected Aedes albopictus cells (C6/36). I. Temperature.

Flaviano, A.; Kempf, C.; Omar, A.; Kohler, U.; Koblet, H., 1984:
Dissection of the fusion process of Semliki Forest virus (SFV) infected Aedes albopictus cells (C6/36). II. Monensin (M).

Hickey, W.F.; Sommerville, L.H.; Schoen, F.J., 1983:
Disseminated Candida glabrata: report of a uniquely severe infection and a literature review

Klein, R.A.; Cleri, D.J.; Doshi, V.; Brasitus, T.A., 1983:
Disseminated Strongyloides stercoralis: a fatal case eluding diagnosis

Juhl, G.; Brzezinski, W.A., 1984:
Disseminated actinomycosis associated with infection by Capnocytophaga species

Sesma, P.; Alvarez, J.C.; Llinares, P.; Suarez, M.D., 1984:
Disseminated aspergillosis complicating hepatic failure

Williams, A.J.; Zardawi, I.; Walls, J., 1983:
Disseminated aspergillosis in high dose steroid therapy

Demicco, D.D.; Reichman, R.C.; Violette, J.; Winn, W.C.J., 1984:
Disseminated aspergillosis presenting with endophthalmitis. A case report and a review of the literature

Miller, R.I.; Turnwald, G.H., 1984:
Disseminated basidiobolomycosis in a dog

Stamenkovic, I., 1983:
Disseminated candidosis

Morin, O.; Bureau, B.; Vermeil, C., 1984:
Disseminated circinate herpes due to Microsporum canis: on a family epidemic

Abrams, D.I.; Robia, M.; Blumenfeld, W.; Simonson, J.; Cohen, M.B.; Hadley, W.K., 1984:
Disseminated coccidioidomycosis in AIDS

Kovacs, A.; Forthal, D.N.; Kovacs, J.A.; Overturf, G.D., 1984:
Disseminated coccidioidomycosis in a patient with acquired immune deficiency syndrome

Clipsham, R.C.; Britt, J.O., 1983:
Disseminated cryptococcosis in a macaw

Borton, L.K.; Wintroub, B.U., 1984:
Disseminated cryptococcosis presenting as herpetiform lesions in a homosexual man with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Arp, L.H.; Grier, R.L., 1984:
Disseminated cutaneous hemangiosarcoma in a young dog

Taylor, M.N.; Baddow, L.M.; Alexander, J.R., 1984:
Disseminated histoplasmosis associated with the acquired immune deficiency syndrome

Bonner, J.R.; Alexander, W.J.; Dismukes, W.E.; App, W.; Griffin, F.M.; Little, R.; Shin, M.S., 1984:
Disseminated histoplasmosis in patients with the acquired immune deficiency syndrome

Wheat, L.J.; Small, C.B., 1984:
Disseminated histoplasmosis in the acquired immune deficiency syndrome

Oddo, D.; Chuaqui, B.; Cubillos, L., 1983:
Disseminated histoplasmosis with ultrastructural examination of the fungus

Jones, P.G.; Cohen, R.L.; Batts, D.H.; Silva, J., 1983:
Disseminated histoplasmosis, invasive pulmonary aspergillosis, and other opportunistic infections in a homosexual patient with acquired immune deficiency syndrome

Tracy, S.L.; McGinnis, M.R.; Peacock, J.E.; Cohen, M.S.; Walker, D.H., 1983:
Disseminated infection by Aspergillus terreus

Busapakum, R.; Youngchaiyud, U.; Sriumpai, S.; Segretain, G.; Fromentin, H., 1983:
Disseminated infection with Conidiobolus incongruus

E.A.i, A.S.; Castillo, N.B., 1984:
Disseminated infection with Trichosporon beigelii

Diaz Hernandez, A.; Hernandez Rodriguez, P., 1982:
Disseminated intravascular coagulation as a complication of Plasmodium falciparum malaria

Kambayashi, J.; Kosaki, G.; Shimada, Y., 1983:
Disseminated intravascular coagulation associated with severe infection in surgical patients: a retrospective and prospective study

Morris, D.D.; Beech, J., 1983:
Disseminated intravascular coagulation in six horses

Purohit, R.C.; Pablo, L.S.; Teer, P.A.; Newton, J.C.; Hammond, L.S., 1984:
Disseminated intravascular coagulation in varying periods of intestinal ischemia

Shih, L.Y.; Lee, N., 1984:
Disseminated petriellidiosis (allescheriasis) in a patient with refractory acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

Cook, J.R.; Tyler, D.E.; Coulter, D.B.; Chandler, F.W., 1984:
Disseminated protothecosis causing acute blindness and deafness in a dog

Simecek, C.; Slais, J.; Tomsíková, A.; Sebor, J., 1982:
Disseminated pulmonary adiaspiromycosis identified in bioptic material from the lung

Sane, S.; Vadera, V., 1982:
Disseminated toxoplasmosis

Twarog, J., 1983:
Dissemination of agricultural progress in the privately owned farms (case study of selected communes)

Morisse, J.P.; Cotte, J.P.; Huonnic, D., 1984:
Dissemination of salmonellae by chronically infected dairy cows. 1

Sailer, R.I.; Brown, R.E.; Munir, B.; Nickerson, J.C.E., 1984 :
Dissemination of the citrus whitefly (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) parasite Encarsia lahorensis (Howard) (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) and its effectiveness as a control agent in Florida

Sullivan, T.P.; Sutherland, J.R.; Woods, T.A.D.; Sullivan, D.S., 1984:
Dissemination of the conifer seed fungus Caloscypha fulgens by small mammals

Anonymous, 1981:
Dissertation abstracts, 1980

Rao, C.V.; Edgerton, L.A., 1984:
Dissimilarity of corpora lutea within the same ovaries or those from right and left ovaries of pigs during the oestrous cycle

Nommik, H.; Pluth, D.J.; Melin, J., 1984:
Dissimilatory reduction of 15N-labeled nitrate in the presence of nonlabeled NO or N2O

Regupathy, A.; Habeebullah, B.; Kuttalam, S.; Balasubramanian, M.; Manavalan, R.S.A., 1982:
Dissipation of dimethoate, methyl demeton and fenthion in mango fruits

Mayeux H.S.Jr; Richardson C.W.; Bovey R.W.; Burnett E.; Merkle M.G.; Meyer R.E., 1984:
Dissipation of picloram in storm runoff

Patil, N.G.; Dethe, M.D., 1983:
Dissipation of systemic pesticides from green chillies

Farrington, K.; Newman, S.P.; Varghese, Z.; Moorhead, J.F., 1983:
Dissociation between calcium and phosphate absorption in nephrotic syndrome

Mills, T.M.; Gerardot, R.J., 1984:
Dissociation of copulation from ovulation in pregnant rabbits

Hendley E.D.; Atwater D.G.; Myers M.M.; Whitehorn D., 1983:
Dissociation of genetic hyperactivity and hypertension in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Aguilar, E.; Tejero, A.; Vaticón, M.D.; Fernández Galaz, C., 1984:
Dissociation of luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone control mechanisms in male and female rats by neonatal administration of estradiol benzoate or testosterone propionate

Il' yasova, A.K.; Saulebekova, M.S., 1983:
Dissociation of orthophosphoric acid in a sodium chloride medium (I = 1)

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Dissolution and displacement of Al and Si oxides in loess soils under forest in Central Germany

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Dissolution characteristics of Pu-contaminated soils and sediments in lung serum simulant solution

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Dissolution for total elemental analysis

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Dissolution of iron oxyhydroxides and differential weathering of phyllitic minerals under hydromorphic conditions

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Dissolution of native potassium-magnesium minerals in aqueous salt solutions of nitric and hydrochloric acids

Anonymous, 1983:
Dissolved loads of rivers and surface water quantity/quality relationships

H.A.tang; Hani, H., 1983:
Dissolving heavy metals from soils with acids in order to approximate total element content

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Distal sesamoidean desmitis

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Distance and the utilization of health facilities in rural Nigeria

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Distance constraints in peasant farming systems

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Distance education in universities in Asia

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Distant apricot hybrids and their use in breeding

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Distant hybridization and polyploidy in breeding stone fruits

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Distant hybridization in Prunus domestica

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Distant hybridization in Scandinavian plant breeding research

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Distant hybridization of lemon in the humid subtropics of the USSR

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Distant hybrids of wild stone fruits as breeding material

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Distaste for milk: psychological aspects

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Distemper encephalitis in beech martens (Martes foina) in Switzerland

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Distillation of Eucalyptus leaves by cohobation and vaporization

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Distilleries as a sideline business, their importance and prospects with particular reference to the special arrangement distilleries

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Distillers dried grains with solubles as a protein source for the chick

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Distinct reduction of nitrofurans and metronidazole to free radical metabolites by Tritrichomonas foetus hydrogenosomal and cytosolic enzymes

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Distinction between hybrid and nucellar citrus trees by analysis of their biochemical compounds

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Distinguishing among white seeded bean cultivars by means of allozyme genotypes

Marcucci, M.C.; Sansavini, S.; Ciampolini, F.; Cresti, M., 1984:
Distinguishing apple clones and cultivars by surface morphology and pollen physiology

Harrison, J.G., 1983:
Distinguishing between lesions caused by Botrytis fabae and B. cinerea on field bean leaves

Andrews, G.R., 1984:
Distinguishing pasteurized, UHT and sterilized milks by their lactulose content

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Distributed Egg Production Functions for Meloidogyne arenaria in Grape Varieties and Consideration of the Mechanistic Relationship between Plant and Parasite

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Distributed microprocessor system for soil and well monitoring

Dillaha, T.A.; Beasley, D.B., 1983:
Distributed parameter modeling of sediment movement and particle size distributions

Anonymous, 1983:
Distributing bulk and bagged fertilizer products

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Distribution - a cornerstone in the dairy structure

Matsunaka, S., 1983:
Distribution analysis of the propanil-resistance gene in the genus Oryza

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Distribution and abundance of Dacus dorsalis (Diptera: Tephritidae) in native and exotic forest areas on Kauai

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Distribution and abundance of St. John's wort, Hypericum perforatum L., and its introduced biological control agents in Victoria

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Distribution and abundance of browsing mammals in Westland National Park in 1978, and some observations on their impact on the vegetation

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Distribution and abundance of marine nematodes on the kelp Macrocystis integrifolia

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Distribution and activities of Anastrepha fraterculus (Diptera: Tephritidae) flies on host and nonhost trees

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Distribution and adherence of Lactobacillus bulgaricus in the gastroenteric tract of germ-free animals

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Distribution and agronomic properties of Shokh and Arzyk (hardpan) soils of the Fergana depression in Uzbekistan

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Distribution and biology of Minnesota nightshades

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Distribution and biology of species of the genera Neuroterus and Cynips (Hymenoptera, Cynipidae) in Bulgaria

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Distribution and characterization of organophosphate-resistant southern chinch bugs (Heteroptera: Lygaeidae) in Florida

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Distribution and chemical characterization of regular arrays in the cell walls of strains of the genus Lactobacillus

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Distribution and chromosome number in the genus Erianthus

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Distribution and conidial viability of Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) d By. in the air above infected potato fields

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Distribution and cycling of elements in a Pinus resinosa plantation ecosystem, Wisconsin

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Distribution and cycling of sulphur in the vegetation of two forest ecosystems in an acid rain environment

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Distribution and ecology of Dermacentor marginatus (Sulzer, 1776) (Ixodoidea) in the French Alps and their piedmont

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Distribution and economic aspects of bulk blending in the Federal Republic of Germany

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Distribution and epidemiological factors in relation to barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV) in Chile

Herrera M.G.; Quiroz E.C., 1983:
Distribution and epidemiological factors of barley yellow dwarf virus in Chile

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Distribution and evolution of populations of the pine processionary, Thaumetopoea pityocampa Schiff, (Lep., Thaumetopoeidae) in the Corsican mountains. I. Emergence rhythms of the insect and population dynamics

Geri, C., 1984:
Distribution and evolution of populations of the pine processionary, Thaumetopoea pityocampa Schiff. (Lep., Thaumetopoeidae) in the Corsican mountains. II. Relations between populations and the physical and forest environment

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Distribution and expression of small circular mitochondrial DNAs

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Distribution and frequency of physiologic races of wheat rusts in India during 1978-1980

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Distribution and germination of mamane seeds

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Distribution and growth of weeds as influenced by intensity of felling in spruce and silver fir forests

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Distribution and handling are cheapest with Tetra Brik

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Distribution and harmfulness of weeds and effectiveness of herbicides applied to maize in Khabarovsk region

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Distribution and host records of root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne spp. in Garhwal hills

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Distribution and hybridization of Hyalophora columbia (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae) in Wisconsin

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Distribution and importance of Noogoora and Bathurst burrs in eastern Australia

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Distribution and importance of equine contagious metritis in the Federal Republic of Germany

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Distribution and intensity of Dictyocaulus arnfieldi infection in donkeys in the Federal Republic of Germany: seasonal dynamics of excretion of larvae

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Distribution and laboratory diagnosis of canine parvovirus together with a literature review

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Distribution and metabolism of O-ethyl O-4-nitrophenyl phenylphosphonothioate after a single oral dose in one-week old chicks

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Distribution and metabolism of dolichol and dolichyl phosphate in rat liver

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Distribution and metabolism of ecdysteroids in the adult yellow mealworm beetle, Tenebrio molitor

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Distribution and metabolism of simazine in simazine-tolerant and -intolerant poplar (Populus sp.) clones

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Distribution and new host records of phytophagous mites (Acarina: Tetranychoidea) of north India

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Distribution and number of Sumatran rhinoceros in the Endau-Rompin region of Peninsular Malaysia

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Distribution and numbers of bears

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Distribution and occurrence of Staphylinidae in arable land in Belgium

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Distribution and origin of the species of the family Scutelleridae in Romania

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Distribution and overcrowding effects in mosquito larvae (Diptera: Culicidae) inhabiting taro axils in the Ryukyus, Japan

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Distribution and population dynamics of Collembola in relation to soil moisture

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Distribution and prevalence of soyabean mosaic virus strains in Parana State

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Distribution and probable age of relict permafrost features in south-western Ontario

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Distribution and production of Tomicus piniperda in pine wood stacks

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Distribution and properties of micellar buffalo's kappa -casein

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Distribution and properties of soybean beta -amylase isozymes

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Distribution and relative abundance of mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) on U.S. Air Force installations in the Pacific and notes on mosquito-borne disease potential

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Distribution and severity of tunnel gully erosion in New Zealand

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Distribution and species diversity of deep-sea nematodes in the Venezuela Basin

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Distribution and spread of Puccinia horiana and its absence from Australia at present

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Distribution and structure of plasmodesmata in the Kranz-mesophyll, bundle-sheath and vascular parenchyma in leaf blades of Themeda triandra

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Distribution and ultrastructural changes of bovine mammary plasma cells following intramammary infection with Staphylococcus aureus.

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Distribution and utilization of mangroves in Vietnam

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Distribution function of heavy metals in river sediment

Sivolap, Y.M.; Gornostaeva, L.N., 1983:
Distribution in cereal genomes of inverted and spacer sequences included in the highly repetitive DNA

Ohlrogge, J.B., 1983:
Distribution in human tissues of fatty acid isomers from hydrogenated oils

Benjamini, D., 1983:
Distribution list of the butterflies of Israel west of the Jordan River (Lepidoptera)

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Distribution mapping at the national level for the European plant-parasitic nematode survey

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Distribution model of evergreen oaks in Salamanca province

Arentz, L., 1983:
Distribution model of heavy metals in flood sediments of soils near a brook and in Petasites hybridus in the northern Eifel and border region

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Distribution of 14C-labelled ochratoxin A in pregnant mice

Shuvalov, Y.N.; Kobaliya, V.A., 1983:
Distribution of 14C-urea in the vegetative and reproductive organs of citrus

Szautner, S., 1983:
Distribution of Abutilon theoprasti Medic. in Szolnok county

Abdurrohim, S.; Martawijaya, A.; Tarumingkeng, R.C.; Soeratmo, F.G., 1982:
Distribution of CCA preservative in tusam (Pinus merkusii Jungh. et de Vries) for transmission poles

Alferova, M.V.; Oripov, A.O., 1981:
Distribution of Cysticercus bovis in Uzbekistan

Veremeev, V.N., 1981:
Distribution of Elateridae (Coleoptera) in soils of Scots pine forests with different groundwater levels

Kurosaki, Y., 1984:
Distribution of Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae in arthritic swine and the serovars of the isolates

Madsen, H., 1983:
Distribution of Helisoma duryi, an introduced competitor of intermediate hosts of schistosomiasis, in an irrigation scheme in northern Tanzania

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Distribution of L-histidine ammonia-lyase activity in soils

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Distribution of Melophagus ovinus in the Chitin region and its economic effects on sheep farming

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Distribution of Opuntia spp. and their evaluation as feed

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Distribution of Q fever among cattle in a region not inhabited by the tick Dermacentor marginatus

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Distribution of Trichinella species in the Old World

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Distribution of Trichinella spiralis larvae in selected muscles and organs of experimentally infected swine

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Distribution of Tylenchulus semipenetrans in a Texas Grapefruit Orchard

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Distribution of VA mycorrhizal spores in sandy beach soils under cashew

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Distribution of Verticillium in stems of resistant and susceptible species of mint

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Distribution of acid phosphatase in microfilariae of Onchocerca volvulus from the Upper Orinoco, Federal Amazon Territory, Venezuela

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Distribution of adult Baylisascaris procyonis in raccoons from Virginia

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Distribution of antibiotics, mixed experimentally into milk, in cream, casein and whey

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Distribution of arsenic in human tissues and milk

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Distribution of ascorbate-2-sulfate and distribution, half-life and turnover rates of [1-14C]ascorbic acid in rainbow trout

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Distribution of assimilate during the flush cycle of growth in Theobroma cacao L

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Distribution of assimilates in cucumber plants

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Distribution of aztreonam into fetuses and milk of rats

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Distribution of bean pod mottle virus in Arkansas soybean as related to the bean leaf beetle, Cerotoma trifurcata, (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) population

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Distribution of benomyl and triadimefon in soyabean tissues and its effects on infection by Phakopsora pachyrhizi

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Distribution of bermudagrass roots in native soils and reclaimed lignite spoil

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Distribution of beta -carotene among the serum lipoproteins of dairy cows

Kurz, E.; Rambeck, W.A.; Zucker, H., 1984:
Distribution of beta-carotene in the serum lipoproteins of dairy cows

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Distribution of cadmium, zinc and copper in tissues of chickens given cadmium

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Distribution of calcite and dolomite in some calcareous soils of Egypt

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Distribution of carbohydrates under different levels of nitrogen nutrition in fibre flax plants during the reproductive period of development

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Distribution of carnitine and acylcarnitine in the hamster epididymis and in epididymal spermatozoa during maturation

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Distribution of cartap and monocrotophos in the rice plant and their toxicity to the rice leafroller, Cnaphalocrocis medinalis Guenee

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Distribution of catalase in goat milk

Woodhead, S., 1983:
Distribution of chemicals in glass fibre discs used in insect bioassays

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Distribution of chicken anemia agent (CAA) and detection of neutralizing antibody in chicks experimentally inoculated with CAA

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Distribution of chloramphenicol in blood and milk after oral administration in goat

Bounias, M., 1983:
Distribution of classes of lipids in different parts of the honeybee body

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Distribution of copper and other elements in ryegrass roots, determined with a scanning proton microprobe

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Distribution of crossbred cattle in different ranges of economic traits

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Distribution of cysts and tachyzoites in calves and pregnant cows inoculated with Toxoplasma gondii oocysts

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Distribution of different forms of iron and manganese in some lateritic soils of West Bengal under different forest vegetations

Mohapatra, S.P.; Khan, S.K., 1982:
Distribution of different fractions of nitrogen in some rice soils of India

Mayzaud, P.; Conover, RJ., 1984:
Distribution of digestive enzymes in zooplankton during the spring bloom in a Nova Scotia inlet

Reddy, S.E., 1983:
Distribution of dry matter among the different component parts of mango (Mangifera indica L.) tree

Kalmbacher, R.S., 1983:
Distribution of dry matter and chemical constituents in plant parts of four Florida native grasses

Alberda, T.; Boer, J.M.W. de, 1983:
Distribution of dry matter and nitrogen between the different plant parts in intact and depodded soyabean plants after flowering

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Distribution of dry matter in different genotypes of flue cured tobacco - (Nicotiana tabacum L.)

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Distribution of ear assimilates within wheat ears in relation to the position on the ear of the spikelet contributing the assimilates

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Distribution of education among income groups. An empirical analysis

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Distribution of eggs and the host response in chickens infected with Austrobilharzia variglandis (Trematoda)

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Distribution of eggs on tomato by Trialeurodes vaporariorum Westwood (greenhouse whitefly)

Gurgenidze, L.N., 1983:
Distribution of elaterid larvae in chernozem soils of the southern Georgian plateau

Gower S.T.; Frederick D.J.; Clark A.IIi, 1984:
Distribution of energy in different aged southeastern bottomland forests

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Distribution of equine infectious anaemia in Slovenia, Yugoslavia

Anusionwu, E.C., 1984 :
Distribution of farm income and wealth among rural households in Nigeria: a comparative analysis

Anonymous, 1983:
Distribution of fertilizer in Nepal

Ma, L-m., 1983:
Distribution of fleas in the hair coat of the host

Hradecky P.; Sis R.F.; Klemm W.R., 1983:
Distribution of flehmen reactions of the bull throughout the bovine estrous cycle

Mitra, R.R.; Mandal, L.N., 1983:
Distribution of forms of iron and manganese in rice soils of West Bengal in relation to soil characteristics

Shoaf S.E.; Elchisak M.A., 1983:
Distribution of free and conjugated dopamine in rats and mice

Jarrett, A.R.; Morrow, C.T., 1984:
Distribution of frost protection water applied to apple trees during bud and leaf development

Demkina, T.S.; Mirchink, T.G., 1983:
Distribution of fungal biomass in certain soil types

Grebenyuk, N.V., 1983:
Distribution of fungi on flax stems

Thorstenson, D.C.; Weeks, E.P.; Haas, H.; Fisher, D.W., 1983:
Distribution of gaseous 12CO2, 13CO2, and 14CO2 in the sub-soil unsaturated zone of the western US Great Plains

Konarev, A.V., 1981:
Distribution of germplasm of Elytrigia juncea (L.) Nevski (2n = 14) in polyploid species of Agropyron

Elvinger, F., 1983:
Distribution of group B streptococci and hygiene factors in dairy herds in the Winsen region (Luhe)

Rexrode, C.O.; Baumgras, J.E., 1984:
Distribution of gum spots by causal agent in black cherry and effects on log and tree quality

Lux, W.; Hintze, B., 1983:
Distribution of heavy metals in soils and plants in urban areas of Hamburg

Keidan, P.D.; Kruklite, A.Y., 1982:
Distribution of helminths of pigs in the Latvian SSR

Hakim Elahi, A.; Allard, R.W., 1983:
Distribution of homoeoalleles at two loci in a diploidized tetraploid: leucine aminopeptidase loci in Avena barbata

Visser, P.S., 1984:
Distribution of human schistosomiasis in the southern Transvaal, South Africa

Kharitonov, A.B.; Samigullina, L.I.; Klassen, P.V.; Karmyshov, V.F.; Bogomolova, L.Y., 1983:
Distribution of impurities during acid decomposition of Chilisai phosphate concentrates

Grah, O.J.; Hawkins, R.H.; Cundy, T.W., 1983:
Distribution of infiltration on a small watershed

Pustovar, A.Y.; Panchenko, L.A.; Saraeva, G.M., 1984:
Distribution of influenzavirus among pigs

Vagt, M., 1983:
Distribution of influenzaviruses in swine in northern Germany

Nordkvist E.; Salomonsson A C.; Aman P., 1984:
Distribution of insoluble bound phenolic acids in barley grain

Lenkauskaite, C.L.; Godomskene, O.A.; Sakalauskene, L.A., 1982:
Distribution of intestinal parasites in Vil'nus according to data of the Vil'nus city infectious hospital

Mengel, K.; Bubl, W., 1983:
Distribution of iron in vine leaves with HCO3- induced chlorosis

Howell, T.A.; Phene, C.J., 1983:
Distribution of irrigation water from a low pressure, lateral-moving irrigation system

Rahman, P.M.M.; Ali, M.M., 1984:
Distribution of land holding and its inequality in Bangladesh

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Distribution of levamisole in animals - absorption, distribution and excretion in rats, dogs and monkeys

Zongnan Sun; Pictiaw Chen; Garrett, R.E., 1983:
Distribution of light transmitted through agricultural products

Tolgyesi, G., 1983:
Distribution of lithium in Hungarian soils and plants

Hermanns, W.; Macke Rosenbaum, E., 1983:
Distribution of lymphocytes having nonspecific esterase activity in lymphatic organs of rats. Enzyme histochemistry of plastic-embedded tissue specimens

Mehra, R.K.; Baser, B.L., 1982:
Distribution of manganese in saline alkali soils of Bjilwara District (Rajasthan)

Punsola, L.; Guarro, J., 1984:
Distribution of mating types of the Microsporum gypseum complex in Spanish soils

Cho, H.Chang.; Chung, P.Rim.; Lee, K.Tae., 1983:
Distribution Of Medically Important Freshwater Snails And Larval Trematodes From Parafossarulus Manchouricus And Semisulcospira Libertina Around The Jinyang Lake In Kyongsang-Nam-Do, Korea

Ansari, Z.A.; Rodrigues, C.L.; Chatterji, A.; Parulekar, A.H., 1982:
Distribution of meiobenthos and macrobenthos at the mouth of some rivers of the east coast of India

Fuhs, G.W.; Reddy, M.M.; Parekh, P.P., 1982:
Distribution of mercury and fourteen other elements in remote watersheds in the Adirondack Mountains

Mineev, V.G.; Trishina, T.A.; Alekseev, A.A., 1983:
Distribution of mercury and its compounds in the biosphere

Skripnichenko, I.I.; Zolotareva, B.N., 1983:
Distribution of mercury in various particle-size fractions of forest-steppe soils

Yata, S.; Nishimoto, K., 1983:
Distribution of metal elements in wood impregnated with aqueous solutions of metal salts as determined by SEM-EDXA

Baser, B.L.; Mehra, R.K., 1982:
Distribution of micronutrients in saline alkali soils of Bhilwara District (Rajasthan)

Kovalenko, N.P., 1983:
Distribution of moisture potential in the plane of a layer to be drained

Nasr, E-SA.; Tucker, MR.; Campion, DG., 1984 :
Distribution of moths of the Egyptian cotton leafworm, Spodoptera littoralis (Boisduval) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), in the Nile Delta interpreted from catches in a pheromone trap network in relation to meteorological factors

Portnoy S.; Murphy T.M., 1983:
Distribution of mutants in aggregates of cultured cells

Katoch, R.C.; Sodhi, S.S.; Baxi, K.K., 1984:
Distribution of mycoplasms in the genital tract of dairy bulls

Stoichev, D.; Stoicheva, D.; Mateva, K.; Akhchiiski, P., 1983:
Distribution of nitrates in the profile of a leached smolnitza and their content in the groundwater

Yoneyama, T., 1983:
Distribution of nitrogen absorbed during different times of growth in the plant parts of wheat and contribution to the grain amino acids

Panichsakpatana, S.; Suwanaswong, S.; Hongprayoon, C., 1982:
Distribution of nitrogen fixation and its management in two important paddy soils of Thailand

Farrell, E.P.; Wiklander, G.; Nilsson, S.I.; Tamm, C.O., 1984:
Distribution of nitrogen in lysimeters previously treated with sulphuric acid and a combination of acid and fertiliser

Posypanov, G.S.; Posypanova, V.N.; Kobozeva, T.P.; Dzhamro, G.K., 1983:
Distribution of nodules on roots of perennial legumes

Crossway, A.; Dvorák, J., 1984:
Distribution of Nonstructural Variation along Three Chromosome Arms between Wheat Cultivars Chinese Spring and Cheyenne

Dvorák, J.; Chen, K.C., 1984:
Distribution of Nonstructural Variation between Wheat Cultivars along Chromosome Arm 6Bp: Evidence from the Linkage Map and Physical Map of the Arm

Gupta, A.C.; Raturi, D.P., 1984:
Distribution of organic matter and nutrient content in a Eucalyptus hybrid plantation on lateritic soil in West Bengal

Schmid, J.M.; Bennett, D.D.; Andrews, M., 1983:
Distribution of pandora moth egg masses and first stage larvae

Schulman, A.; Neuvonen, E.; E.K.mmonen, C.; Veijalainen, P., 1982:
Distribution of parvovirus infection in the Finnish swine population

Ologhobo, A.; Fetuga, B., 1984:
Distribution of phosphorus and phytate in some Nigerian varieties of legumes and some effects of processing

Zhu, Y.M.; Pardini, G.; Poggio, G.; Sequi, P., 1983:
Distribution of phosphorus in particle-size fractions of soils treated with organic wastes

Boivin, G.; Stewart, RK., 1983:
Distribution of phytophagous mirids (Hemiptera: Miridae) on apple trees in relation to habitat availability

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Distribution of pigeon peas, cassava, coffee and grass roots in an Ultisol

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Distribution of plant-parasitic nematodes in the rice-growing areas of Cuba. II. Matanzas Province

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Distribution of plasma alkaline phosphatase and its isoenzymes in normal and chronically parasitized lambs

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Distribution of plasma cholesterol in four Swiss towns

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Distribution of poly(A)-containing RNA of membrane-bound polyribosomes in preparations of maturing maize endosperm

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Distribution of polychlorinated biphenyl congeners in human milk and blood during lactation

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Distribution of potato cyst nematodes in Kodaikanal Hills, Madurai, District, Tamil Nadu

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Distribution of potential soft tick vectors of African swine fever in the Caribbean region (Acari: Argasidae)

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Distribution of rabies virus, interferon and interferon-mediated enzymes in the brains of virus-infected rats

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Distribution of races of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. vasinfectum within the United States

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Distribution of radiolabelled lymph cells in lymph nodes and the migratory properties of blood lymphocytes in sheep

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Distribution of relative growth rates and variation of cytohistological zonation in apical meristems of seedlings of two contrasting open-pollinated jack pine (Pinus banksiana) families

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Distribution of rhizome rot disease of mioga plant in Tosayama-mura, Kochi-ken

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Distribution of selenium and glutathione peroxidase in blood fractions from humans, rhesus and squirrel monkeys, rats and sheep

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Distribution of selenium in chicken tissues as affected by bursectomy

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Distribution of serotonin in Juglans regia seeds during ontogenetic development and germination

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Distribution of serum antibodies to wheat gliadin and bovine milk in atopic and non-atopic healthy adults

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Distribution of sheep and goat helminths in conditions of transhumance in Uzbekistan

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Distribution of silica, sesquioxides, and clay in Quebec podzolic soils and their effects on subsoil cementation

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Distribution of some plant communities with respect to geology and physiography in Mussoorie area

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Distribution of some quantitative characters in medium-weight laying hens

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Distribution of some radionuclides in the soil-irrigation water system (model experiment)

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Distribution of species from the genus Rhus L. in the eastern Mediterranean region and in southwestern Asia

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Distribution of specific antibody activity among serum immunoglobulin isotypes following bovine herpesvirus 1 infection of cattle

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Distribution of spermatozoa in the female genital tract of rabbits. 1. The effect of LHRH and oestradiol-17 beta

Pakzad, R.; Paufler, S., 1982:
Distribution of spermatozoa in the female genital tract of rabbits. 2. The effect of LHRH and oxytocin

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Distribution of subpopulations of lymphocytes in the lymph nodes of swine

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Distribution of sulphur fractions in lysimeters previously treated with sulphuric acid, NPK fertilizer and a combination of acid and fertilizer

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Distribution of superoxide dismutases, oxidases, and NADH peroxidase in various streptococci

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Distribution of synthetic resin in the glueline of plywood made from veneers with false heartwood

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Distribution of the European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis (Hubner) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae), as related to oviposition preference of the spring-colonizing generation in eastern North Carolina

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Distribution of the complementary genes causing F1 weakness in the common rice and its wild relatives. I. L-2-a gene in Asian native cultivars

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Distribution of the free and bound organic matter, and the humin fractions in climax and degraded soils

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Distribution of the green spruce needle miner Epinotia nanana Treitschke (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) within and between trees at Redesdale, Northumberland

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Distribution of the intestinal flagellates in the hindgut of the termite, Reticulitermes speratus (Kolbe)

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Distribution of the populations of Atherigona soccata Rondani (Diptera, Muscidae) and allied species during the rainy season in Upper Volta

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Distribution of the root system in the apple cultivar Jonathan, grafted on M.9, in relation to mineral nutrition

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Distribution of the rusty grain beetle (Coleoptera: Cucujidae) in columns of wheat stored dry or with localized high moisture content

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Distribution of the serotypes of Salmonella in meat imported into Japan

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Distribution of the species of the family Nabidae - Costa 1852, in Romania

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Distribution of the two mating types among Histoplasma capsulatum isolates obtained from an urban histoplasmosis outbreak

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Distribution of the weevil species that attack citrus in Cuba

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Distribution of tobacco budworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) larvae within cotton plants

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Distribution of tomato ringspot virus in dandelion in Pennsylvania

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Distribution of total nitrogen, nitrate and potassium during the phenological stages of fodder oats in relation to fertilizer application

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Distribution of trace elements and minerals in human and cow's milk

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Distribution of trace elements in the organs and tissues of lambs infected with Strongyloides and coccidia

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Distribution of trans-octadecenoic acid in the major glycerolipids of human milk

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Distribution of triazine-resistant weeds in Hungary and possibilities of control

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Distribution of vanadium and its influence on chlorophyll formation and iron metabolism in tomato plants

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Distribution of virus and tumour formation in ducks experimentally infected with reticuloendotheliosis virus

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Distribution of virus-, mycoplasma- and rickettsia-like organisms in tissues of Drepanosiphum acerinum (Homoptera, Aphididae)

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Distribution of walleye pollock larvae and their food supply in Funka Bay and the adjacent waters, Hokkaido

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Distribution of woodland species in farmland woods

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Distribution of woody plants in western Asia

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Distribution of xylem resistance to water flow

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Distribution on cotton of Amrasca devastans and Ayyaria chaetophora in relation to pest scouting techniques for Thailand

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Distribution pattern of anthocyanins in the Polygonaceae

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Distribution patterns of Aulacophora

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Distribution patterns of home lawn sprinklers

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Distribution patterns of lesser grain borer (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) in towers of wheat, and effects of the presence of the granary weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

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Distribution patterns of some species of erigonid spiders in rice fields and their significance

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Distribution patterns of weeds in Wallis

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Distribution studies of 14C-labelled aflatoxin B1 and ochratoxin A in pregnant mice

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Distribution uniformity of irrigation plants

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Distribution, abundance, and a probability model for larval Culicoides variipennis (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) on dairy farms in New York State

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Distribution, abundance, growth and food of freshwater eels (Anguilla spp.) in the Douglas River, Tasmania

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Distribution, characteristics and classification of Vertisols

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Distribution, ecological requirements, and silvicultural use of Tilia cordata

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Distribution, excretion and metabolism of S-ethyl dihydrogen phosphorothioate monohydrate (amifostine). II. Distribution in rats after repeated administration and distribution in young rats, placental transfer, and excretion into milk after a single administration

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Distribution, host plants, and reproductive biology of the Sitona humeralis Stephens group of species (Coleoptera, Curculionidae)

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Distribution, population dynamics, and characteristics of ice nucleation-active bacteria in deciduous fruit tree orchards

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Distribution, spread and perpetuation of Peronosclerospora philippinensis in Punjab

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Distributional associations among Geomydoecus and Thomomydoecus lice (Mallophaga: Trichodectidae) and pocket gopher hosts of the Thomomys bottae group (Rodentia: Geomyidae)

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Distributions of some nematode and crustacean parasites in Psettodes erumei (Bloch) and Cynoglossus macrolepidotus (Bleeker) in the Bay of Bengal

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District profiles of agricultural growth in Uttar Pradesh

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Disturbance of eclosion sequence in hybrid Lepidoptera

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Disturbances of vitamin A metabolism in animals

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Disturbed behaviour in farm animals: a genetic approach using laboratory animals

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Ditching improves forest productivity

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Diterpenic alkaloids of Aconitum napellus roots from Switzerland

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Diuraphis noxia (Mordvilko) (Hemiptera: Aphididae), a recent addition to the aphid fauna of South Africa

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Diuretic hormone: another peptide with widespread distribution within the insect CNS

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Diuretic therapy, magnesium deficiency and lipid metabolism

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Diurnal K+ and anion transport in Phaseolus pulvinus

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Diurnal Lepidoptera (Lepidoptera, Diurna) of the polar Yeniseya and Taimir

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Diurnal Rb+ transport in Phaseolus pulvinus

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Diurnal activity of some carabid species in pine forests of the Dubener Heide, GDR

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Diurnal adjustment for the fine fuel moisture code

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Diurnal and longitudinal variations in fat, energy and trace element content of human milk

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Diurnal and seasonal changes in abscisic acid of field-grown soybeans subjected to drought stress

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Diurnal and seasonal patterns of xylem water potential in three cultivars of cowpea

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Diurnal and seasonal water relations of the desert phreatophyte Prosopis glandulosa (honey mesquite) in the Sonoran desert of California

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Diurnal and spatial variation in leaf water potential and leaf conductance of irrigated peach trees

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Diurnal changes in colonic motor profile in conscious dogs

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Diurnal changes in glycogen stores in liver and skeletal muscle of rats in relation to the feed timing of sucrose

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Diurnal changes in lipolytic activity of isolated fat cells and their increased responsiveness to epinephrine and theophylline with meal feeding in rats

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Diurnal changes in the water relations and transpiration of a soybean crop simulated during the development of water deficits

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Diurnal changes in water deficit and recovery patterns of intact rice leaves under natural and controlled environment conditions

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Diurnal changes in water relations and abscisic acid in field-grown Vitis vinifera cultivars. II. Abscisic acid changes under semi-arid conditions

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Diurnal course of the temperature in a Lithops sp. (Mesembryanthemaceae Fenzl) and its surrounding soil

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Diurnal fluctuations in specific leaf weight of the potato

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Diurnal growth rhythm and water regime in poplar seedlings

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Diurnal man-biting activity of Armigeres subalbatus (Coquillett, 1898) in a village in West Bengal

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Diurnal patterns of heat tolerance in relation to CAM

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Diurnal rhythm for corticosterone in obese (ob/ob) diabetes (db/db) and gold-thioglucose-induced obesity in mice

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Diurnal rhythm in nitrate reductase activity of Cocos nucifera L. leaves

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Diurnal rhythm of melatonin action on sexual maturation of male rats

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Diurnal rhythm, level and amount of activity in Blatta orientalis in relation to sex and photoperiod

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Diurnal rhythm, social behaviour and rest in dairy cows fed continuous on concentrates in an automatic feeder

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Diurnal rhythms in developing ducts of the mouse mammary gland

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Diurnal variation for inhibition of eating by bombesin in the rat

Stadler, P., 1983:
Diurnal variation in respiratory mechanics of healthy horses and horses with chronic lung disease

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Diurnal variation in soil temperature on a mountain slope

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Diurnal variation in the functioning of cowpea nodules

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Diurnal variation in the serum LH and prolactin levels in Gir and crossbred heifers

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Diurnal variations in estradiol binding site concentrations in the hypothalamus, pituitary and uterus of prepuberal rats

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Diurnal variations in leaf water potential and stomatal conductance of pigion pea (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.) cultivars as affected by irrigation levels

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Diurnal variations of nitrate reductase activity and stability in barley leaves

Lillo, C., 1984:
Diurnal variations of nitrite reductase, glutamine synthetase, glutamate synthase, alanine aminotransferase and aspartate aminotransferase in barley leaves

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Diurnally subperiodic pattern of Brugia malayi-like microfilaria in Kalimantan, Indonesia

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Divergence and the selection of pairs for hybridization in pea

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Divergence in larval responses to food plants between temperate and tropical populations of the black swallowtail butterfly

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Divergent mass selection for carotenoids in a flue-cured tobacco population

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Divergent responses of serum lipoproteins to changes in dietary carbohydrate and cholesterol in cynomolgus monkeys

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Divergent transport mechanisms for pyrimidine nucleosides in petunia pollen

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Diverse manifestations of ocular toxoplasmosis

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Diverse sources of resistance to race 104 of leaf-rust in wheat

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Diversification of agriculture in Himachal Pradesh

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Diversification strategy of multinationals. Analysis of one sector: soya

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Diversity among progenies of selected phenotypes of yellow birch

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Diversity and food specificity of seed-harvesting ants in relation to habitat and community structure

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Diversity and polymorphism in the MHC appear to be generated by a copy mechanism

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Diversity and seasonality of male euglossine bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae) in central Panama

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Diversity in the genetic material of Trigonella foenum-graecum and T. corniculata

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Diversity in the number of chromosomes in 9 families of Coleoptera and the possible causes

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Diversity indexes and interpretation of recreation supply inventories

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Diversity indices for recreation planning

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Diversity indices of the natural enemies of rice pests in Thailand

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Diversity of clones within an anastomosis group of Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn in a field

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Diversity of form in Norway spruce on soddy pale podzolic soils in Belorussia

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Diversity of immunoglobulin structural gene loci. The special case of the mouse lambda locus

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Diversity of microbial communities

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Diversity of surface mine wastes and implementation of reclamation practices

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Diversity of understory arthropods in an indigenous forest and an exotic Eucalyptus plantation in western Kenya

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Diversity of vertebrates in wildlife water-impoundments on the Chippewa National Forest

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Diversity, organisation and sheep selection schemes in France

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Diversity, structure and pattern in Nylsvley vegetation

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Division of labor between scouts and recruits in honeybee foraging

Gonczi, I., 1983:
Division of labour and work organization in the Hungarian large-scale agricultural production

Ryabov, V.P., 1983:
Division of resin-tapping in the USSR into natural regions

Davidov, M.V., 1983:
Division of the Scots pine forests of the Ukraine into mensurational regions by stand growth types

Cai, B., 1982:
Divisions in the vegetative growth stage in sugarbeet

Wynne Edwards, K.E.; Lisk, R.D., 1984:
Djungarian hamsters fail to conceive in the presence of multiple males

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Do acreage diversion programs encourage farming erodible land? A Palouse case study

Scholz, F., 1984:
Do air pollutants affect the genetic structure of forest tree populations?

Keller, T., 1983:
Do alpine tunnel ventilators affect mountain pines growing nearby?

Jenkins, J., 1982:
Do audiovisual media possess unique teaching capabilities?

Heinrich, B., 1983:
Do bumblebees forage optimally, and does it matter?

Kreutzer, K., 1984:
Do fertilizer treatments reduce forest damage?

van der Wal, P.G.; van der Valk, P.C.; Goedegebuure, S.A.; van Essen, G., 1983 :
Do gilts and barrows react similarly with respect to leg weakness and osteochondrosis?

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Do investigator characteristics affect dietary reports of children?

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Do lipids play a role in milk intolerance?

Plas Roser, S.; Kauffmann, M.T.; Aron, C., 1984:
Do luteinized unruptured follicles secrete progesterone in mature female rats?

Mantau, U., 1983:
Do multinationals control the American sawn timber market? The structure of the sawmilling industry in the USA

Shorland, Fb, 1983:
Do recommended daily dietary allowances stand up to scrutiny?

Selcan, Z., 1984:
Do rotary nozzles have economic advantages over spreader nozzles?

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Do secondary substances inhibit mycorrhizal association?

Schelp, F.P.; Harinasuta, T.; Bunnag, D., 1984:
Do serum proteinase inhibitors regulate the state of nutrition in malarial infection?

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Do several gonadotropins exist in fishes? Biochemical data and exogenous vitellogenesis

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Do soyabeans have a place in communal areas?

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Do the dinitroaniline herbicides protect cotton plants from diuron and fluometuron injury?

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Do tocopherols, ubiquinone and beta -sitosterol influence the blood cholesterol of rats fed diets containing different fatty acid patterns?

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Do water-holding compounds help in transplanting?

Tischendorf, W., 1984:
Do we still need a working plan?

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Dock - weed or pasture plant?

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Doctors, agriculture, food supplies and nutrition from 1850 to 1950

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Documentation and preliminary validation of H2OTRANS and DAYTRANS, two models for predicting transpiration and water stress in western coniferous forests

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Documentation for automated management systems

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Documentation of intraspecific plant character diversity

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Documentation: reform of agricultural policy. Papers and results of the DNR symposium on 9-10 December 1981 in Bonn

Anonymous, 1981:
Documents of the First National Congress of Adult Popular Education Augusto Cesar Pinell Managua, 6-7 June 1981

Anonymous, 1981:
Documents of the second National Literacy Congress, 5-6 September 1980, Managua, Nicaragua

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Dodder control in alfalfa stands by herbicides

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Doe reproduction and preweaning litter performance of straightbred and crossbred rabbits

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Does DNA content change in the course of triticale breeding?

Schrenker, T.; Hauck, H.; Huschka, U., 1984:
Does IgM-class rheumatoid factor disturb Candida-specific IgM-diagnostics?

Smith, C.A., 1984:
Does a commodity economy enrich the few while ruining the masses? Differentiation among petty commodity producers in Guatemala

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Does a relationship exist between the pollution of wildlife grazing areas with lead and cadmium and the residues of these metals in wild animals?

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Does breast feeding protect against the development of clinical symptoms of celiac disease in children?

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Does casomorphin have a functional role?

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Does copulation inhibit infanticide in male rodents?

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Does corpus luteum function autonomously during estrous cycle in the rat? A possible involvement of LH and prolactin

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Does cuticular elasticity regulate the size of the blood meal imbibed by female Glossina austeni?

Alm, L., 1983:
Does fermented milk prolong life?

Veen, L. van der, 1983:
Does fertilizing or manuring of potatoes affect storage losses?

Pfammatter, W.; Hurter, J.; Umiker, T.; Tanner, H., 1984:
Does gibberellic acid lower the quality of Williams' pear ?

Helle, T.; Aspi, J., 1983:
Does herd formation reduce insect harassment among reindeer? A field experiment with animal traps

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Does histoplasmosis exist in Turkey? (An epidemiological survey)

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Does hormonal imbalance cause death of embryos in sheep?

LeLeiko, N.S., 1982:
Does human milk intrinsically help protect newborns from infection?

Kessler, H.G., 1983:
Does industrial processing affect the nutritive value of food products as exemplified by milk?

Burr, M.L., 1983:
Does infant feeding affect the risk of allergy?

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Does it pay to stabilise the price of vegetables?: an empirical evaluation of agricultural price policies

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Does lactose intake induce cataract in man?

Kliffen, C., 1984:
Does lettuce in the Netherlands suffer from air pollution? Economic and physiological aspects

Nuwer, N.; Cerra, F.B.; Shronts, E.P.; Lysne, J.; Teasley, K.M.; Konstantinides, F.N., 1983:
Does modified amino acid total parenteral nutrition alter immune-response in high level surgical stress

Bryant, A.M., 1983:
Does nitrogen fertilizer have a place in dairying

Jain, V.; Chandra, R., 1984:
Does nutritional deficiency predispose to acquired immune deficiency syndrome?

Stern, M.P.; Gaskill, S.P.; Hazuda, H.P.; Gardner, L.I.; Haffner, S.M., 1983:
Does obesity explain excess prevalence of diabetes among Mexican Americans? Results of the San Antonio Heart Study

Bolwerk, E.L.; Swanson, H.H., 1984:
Does oxytocin play a role in the onset of maternal behaviour in the rat?

Davies, J.; Mcmahon, J.; Beech-Garwood, P.A.dulai, F., 1984:
Does parasitism of Simulium damnosum by Mermithidae reduce the transmission of onchocerciasis?

Halevy, A.H.; Whitehead, C.S.; Kofranek, A.M., 1984:
Does pollination induce corolla abscission of cyclamen flowers by promoting ethylene production?

Chapman, C.G.D., 1984:
Does preferential pairing occur in Secale cereale X S. montanum tetraploid hybrids?

Lange, J.M., 1983:
Does saving energy actually save?

Sheldrake, A.R.; Venkataratnam, N., 1983:
Does soil cracking reduce pigeonpea yields?

Cordiner, S.S.; Moore, C.M.; Vintiner, S.K.; Jordan, T.W., 1983:
Does sporidesmin act on membranes?

Spencer, S.B., 1983:
Does stray voltage really cause mastitis?

Walther, U., 1983:
Does the Nmin-method assist in the aim to accurately fertilize sugar beet?

Hurter, J.; Umiker, T.; Tanner, H., 1983:
Does the application of gibberellic acid reduce the quality of Williams' pear?

Raes, G.; Fransen, T.; Verschraege, L., 1983:
Does the cotton fibre perimeter exhibit further changes after apposition of the initial layers of the secondary wall?

Focant, M.; Allart, B.; Gillain, M.G.; Vanbelle, M.; Bucumi, B., 1983:
Does the digestibility of nitrogenous material by pepsin allow one to estimate the quality of dehydrated sugarbeet pulp?

Stel' makh, A.F.; Avsenin, V.I., 1983:
Does the gene Vrn4 exist ?

Tangermann, S., 1984:
Does the reform of EC agricultural policy have prospects of success?

Bury, P.J.; Koot, J.H., 1983:
Does the smallholder deserve better? Adoption of new agricultural methods and techniques in southwest Upper Volta

Lacey, R.W., 1984:
Does the use of chloramphenicol in animals jeopardise the treatment of human infections?

Plateaux Quenu, C., 1983:
Does the volume of pollen provisions affect the sex of the egg laid on it? An experimental study of the first brood of Evylaeus calceatus

Anonymous, 1984:
Dog and cat diseases

Buonavoglia C.; Compagnucci M.; Orfei Z., 1983:
Dog response to plaque variant of canine parvovirus

Mordue, J.E.M., 1983:
Dolipore septa in Sclerotium hydrophilum

Grant, P.J.; Tanner, P.D., 1983:
Dolomitic lime requirements of pasture legumes during establishment on different soil types

Anonymous, 1983:
Domestic and international tourism's contribution to state revenue

Anonymous, 1983:
Domestic and international travel to Melbourne

El-Magied, S.A.; Abou-Zeid, I.M., 1983:
Domestic animals infested by hard ticks in Dakahlia, Egypt

McDowell, F.H.Jr, 1983:
Domestic dairy marketing policy: an interregional trade approach

Markus, M.B.; Daly, T.J.M.; Biggs, H.C., 1983:
Domestic dog as a final host of Sarcocystis of the mountain zebra Equus zebra hartmannae

Betters, D.R.; Wilcox, W.R.; Ryan, P.P., 1984:
Domestic fuelwood utilization and resource management in Colorado

Stenger, P., 1983:
Domestic pack for ice cream cones

Kleemeier, L., 1984:
Domestic policies versus poverty-oriented foreign assistance in Tanzania

Sukharomana, S., 1983:
Domestic resource cost of agricultural mechanization in Thailand: a case study of small rice farms in Supanburi

Silwal, B.B., 1983:
Domestic resource cost of tea production in Nepal

Rein, A., 1983 :
Domestic tourism

Anonymous, 1983:
Domestic travel in Victoria 1978-79 to 1981-82

Schneider, M.H., 1984:
Domestic-sized wood chip stoker: combustion and efficiency

Rao, M.N.; Haranath, 1984:
Domiciliary management of severe PEM

de Catanzaro, D.; Ngan, E.T., 1983:
Dominance in intermale encounters and subsequent sexual success in mice

Proshold, FI.; Karpenko, CP.; Raulston, JR., 1983:
Dominant black body mutant in Heliothis virescens (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and transfer to Heliothis subflexa (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) through hybridization

Saunders, R.D.; Darby, S.C.; Kowalczuk, C.I., 1983:
Dominant lethal studies in male mice after exposure to 2.45 GHz microwave radiation

Vachkova Petrova, R., 1982:
Dominant lethal test with pyrazovos in male albino rats

Jarvis, R.A., 1984:
Dominant soils of the Northumberland Coalfield

Chakraborti, N.K., 1983:
Dominant weeds of Tripura jute crop

Somes, R.G., 1984:
Dominant white plumage-color somatic mosaic in the domestic fowl

Bolling, H.C.; Rivera Suarez, N., 1983:
Dominican Republic: an export market profile

Raffio, R., 1984:
Domino's Pizza

Anonymous, 1984:
Don't overlook NH3 hoses in maintenance programs

Burrows, V.D., 1984:
Donald oats

Due, J.M.; Due, J.F., 1981:
Donor financing of agricultural development in southern Sudan - development or dependency?

Atlanov, A.V., 1981:
Donors of high technological qualities of the fibre in Gossypium hirsutum L

Shakhmedov, I.S.; Grigor' eva, L.I.; Tashmukhamedova, A.A., 1981:
Donors of resistance to fungal diseases in wheat

Kudryavtseva, A.A., 1981:
Donors of winter hardiness - winter forms of wheat obtained from spring varieties

Smirnov, N.V.; Drynkina, V.V., 1981:
Donskoe ice cream

Clayton, R.N.; Bailey, L.C., 1984:
Dopamine agonist- and antagonist-induced modulation of pituitary gonadotrophin releasing hormone receptors are independent of changes in serum prolactin

Thompson, G.E., 1984:
Dopamine and lipolysis in adipose tissue of the sheep

Hall, T.R.; Chadwick, A., 1984:
Dopaminergic inhibition of prolactin release from pituitary glands of the domestic fowl incubated in vitro

Sanz, F.; Idoipe, C.; Idoipe, A., 1983:
Dopaminergic receptors in guinea-pig bladder

Carrillo, A.J.; Steger, R.W.; Chamness, G.C., 1983:
Dopaminergic stimulation of pituitary but not hypothalamic estrogen receptors in ovariectomized rats

Mauget, J.C., 1983:
Dormancy break and bud burst in walnut trees (Juglans regia L., cv. Franquette) subjected to temperatures above 15 degrees C during their apparent rest period

Okagami, N.; Kawai, M., 1982:
Dormancy in Dioscorea: differences of temperature responses in seed germination among six Japanese species

Arguello, J.A.; Bottini, R.; Luna, R.; Bottini, G.A. de; Racca, R.W., 1983:
Dormancy in garlic (Allium sativum L.) cv. Rosado Paraguayo. I. Levels of growth substances in seed cloves under storage

Cohn, M.A.; Castle, L., 1984:
Dormancy in red rice. IV. Response of unimbibed and imbibing seeds to nitrogen dioxide

Petri, J.L.; Fortes, G.R. de L., 1982:
Dormancy in vegetative and fruiting peach buds: effect of spraying with DNOC and mineral oil

Corbineau, F.; Lenoir, C.; Lecat, S.; Come, D., 1984:
Dormancy of cereal seed and its elimination (continued). 2. Mechanisms involved

Come, D.; Corbineau, F., 1984:
Dormancy of cereal seed and its elimination. I. Principal characteristics

Wickham, L.D.; Passam, H.C.; Wilson, L.A., 1984:
Dormancy responses to post-harvest application of growth regulators in Dioscorea species. 1. Responses of bulbils, tubers and tuber pieces of three Dioscorea species

Wickham, L.D.; Passam, H.C.; Wilson, L.A., 1984:
Dormancy responses to post-harvest application of growth regulators in Dioscorea species. 2. Dormancy responses in ware tubers of D. alata and D. esculenta

Budkevich, A.A., 1983:
Dormancy state and keeping quality

Luz, E.D.M.N., 1983:
Dormant cankers: source of inoculum of Corticium salmonicolor on cocoa

Grochowska, M.J.; Karaszewska, A.; Jankowska, B.; Maksymiuk, J., 1984:
Dormant pruning influence on auxin, gibberellin and cytokinin levels in apple trees

Nixon, A.J.; Stashak, T.S., 1983:
Dorsal laminectomy in the horse. I. Review of the literature and description of a new procedure

Nixon, A.J.; Stashak, T.S.; Ingram, J.T.; Norrdin, R.W.; Colter, S.B.; Lebel, J.L., 1983:
Dorsal laminectomy in the horse. II. Evaluation in the normal horse

Nixon, A.J.; Stashak, T.S.; Ingram, J.T., 1983:
Dorsal laminectomy in the horse. III. Results in horses with cervical vertebral malformation

Manzo, A.; Lieto Vollaro, P. de; Lanfranchi, F., 1981:
Dosage studies with imidazole derivatives in the treatment of giardiasis

Martinez Carrillo, J.L.; Reynolds, H.T., 1983:
Dosage-mortality studies with pyrethroids and other insecticides on the tobacco budworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) from the Imperial Valley, California

Dolan, T.; Young, A.; Losos, G.; Mcmilian, I.M.nder, C., 1984:
Dose dependent responses of cattle to Theileria parva stabilate

Menshov, A.A., 1983:
Dose estimation of noise load for agricultural machine operators

Obradovic, J., 1983:
Dose of infective material necessary for the development of carp erythrodermatitis in freshwater fish

Gelatt, K.N.; Gum, G.G.; Wolf, E.D.; White, M.M., 1984:
Dose response of topical carbamylcholine chloride (carbachol) in normotensive and early glaucomatous beagles

Groot Veenbaas, G. de, 1982:
Dose-effect relations in connection with soil pollution

Hedin, L.; Ekholm, C.; Hillensjö, T., 1983:
Dose-related effects of luteinizing hormone on the pattern of steroidogenesis and cyclic adenosine monophosphate release in superfused preovulatory rat follicles

Lellis, W.T.; Figueiredo, J.M. de, 1982:
Doses and intervals of application of copper-based fungicides in the control of cocoa black pod

Rimoldi, E.M., 1983:
Dosimetric findings in individuals in a veterinary radiography department

Anonymous , 1983:
Dossier of the month: machinery use and production costs

Anonymous, 1984:
Dossier. Agroindustry, industry of hunger? (4 articles)

Anonymous, 1984:
Dossier. Food strategy

Brisset, C.; Bugnicourt, J.; Duhamel, B., 1984:
Dossier. Hungry Africa. Drought and desertification in the Sahel

Anonymous, 1984:
Dossier. Tools to change lives

Anonymous, 1984:
Dossier. Tourism for or against the Third World

Anonymous, 1984:
Dossier: Agriculture in black Africa: a precarious situation

Anonymous, 1984:
Dossier: Tropical oilseeds

Anonymous, 1983:
Dossier: agricultural research. A key to the hunger problem

Cyplik, M. et al., 1984:
Dossier: agriculture as seen by its workers

Anonymous, 1983:
Dossier: biotechnology at the crossroads

Anonymous, 1984:
Dossier: environment and development

Mizrahi, J. et al., 1984:
Dossier: managing energy

Mollard, A. (et al ), 1982:
Dossier: solutions to the problems of mountain areas: discussion of the Besson Report

Mounier, A. et al., 1983:
Dossier: the crisis: some of the answers. Exports - food and agriculture - setting up in farming and employment

Pappas, M.G.; Hajkowski, R.; Cannon, L.T.S.; Hockmeyer, W.T., 1984:
Dot enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (Dot-ELISA): comparison with standard ELISA and complement fixation assays for the diagnosis of human visceral leishmaniasis

Whelen, A.C.; George, J.E.; Osburn, R.L.; Wikel, S.K., 1984:
Dot-ELISA to examine serologic responses of Bos taurus and Bos indicus to ixodid tick infestations.

Butin, H.; Richter, J., 1983:
Dothistroma needle blight: a new pine disease in the German Federal Republic

Polkovnikov, G.A.; Muzika, L.F., 1983:
Double application of herbicides to nursery-grown tomatoes

Svejgaard, E., 1983:
Double blind comparison of ketoconazole and griseofulvin in the treatment of dermatophyte infections

Torres Rodrguez, J.M.; Martnez Roig, A.; Bartlett Coma, A., 1984:
Double blind study with ketoconazole and griseofulvin in infantile dermatophytoses

Pahade, R.F.; Ziemer, J.H.; Cheung, H., 1984:
Double column multiple condenser-reboiler high pressure nitrogen process

Lang, J., 1984:
Double contrast gastrography in dog. Technique and interpretation

Ved Singh; Chawahan, P.S., 1982:
Double cropping in dryland

Cai, X.M.; Zu, Y.G.; Chen, H.D., 1984:
Double cropping of cotton by means of plastic membrane mulch in Yaucheng area

Maggiore, T.; Gentinetta, E.; Lorenzoni, C., 1984:
Double cropping: production results from Italian ryegrass-maize and barley-maize rotations

Krajcsovics, L., 1984:
Double eradication of leptospirosis from a pig farm in southern Hungary

Euler, W.B.; Martinsen, J.; McDonald, J.W.; Watt, G.D.; Wang, Z.C., 1984:
Double integration and titration of the electron paramagnetic resonance signal in the molybdenum iron protein of Azotobacter vinelandii

Kumar, J.; Haware, M.P., 1983:
Double podded chickpea genotypes with resistance to Fusarium wilt

Saleh, M., 1983:
Double pot experiment with cocoa and coffee seedlings

Nagylaki T., 1984:
Double recombinants in mitosis

Wild, B.L., 1983:
Double resistance by citrus green mould Penicillium digitatum to the fungicides guazatine and benomyl

Temu, A.B., 1981:
Double sampling with aerial photographs in estimating wood volume in miombo woodlands

Oyediran, A.B.O.O.; Oyejide, C.O., 1983:
Double-blind comparative study of a new anthelmintic albendazole, in the treatment of intestinal helminths

Bwibo, N.O.; Pamba, H.O., 1983:
Double-blind comparative study of albendazole and placebo in the treatment of intestinal helminths

Artner, J.; Fuchs, G., 1983:
Double-blind comparison of efficacy, tolerance and safety of tioconazole and placebo in patients with vaginal candidiasis and assessment of systemic absorption

Grigoriu, D.; Grigoriu, A., 1983:
Double-blind comparison of the efficacy, toleration and safety of tioconazole base 1% and econazole nitrate 1% creams in the treatment of patients with fungal infections of the skin or erythrasma

Comninos, A.; Kapellakis, I.; Pikouli Giannopoulou, P.; Manafi, T., 1984:
Double-blind evaluation of ketoconazole comparatively with clotrimazole in vaginal candidiasis

Qadripur, S.A., 1984:
Double-blind parallel comparison of sulconazole nitrate, 1% cream and powder, with econazole, 1% cream and powder, in the treatment of cutaneous dermatophytoses

Rossignol, J.F., 1984:
Double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial of albendazole: world summary

Dedrick, A.R.; Clemmens, A.J., 1984:
Double-bubblers coupled with pressure transducers for water level sensing

Carmi, A.; Plaut, Z.; Nir, H., 1984:
Double-cropping of wheat and cotton: application of a new agrotechnique based on growing cotton in a restricted root-zone volume

Duncan, R.R., 1980:
Double-cropping sorghum with crimson clover

Whiting, P.G.; Breznock, E.M.; Pendray, D.L.; Strack, D.R., 1984:
Double-outlet right ventricle for relief of pulmonic stenosis in dogs. An experimental study

Compans, RW.; Bishop, DHL., 1983:
Double-stranded RNA viruses. Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Double-Stranded RNA Viruses, held October 5-10, 1982, at Frenchman's Reef, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Caldwell, W.D.; Rabb, J.L.; Holoubek, B.B.; Frazier, J.S., 1984:
Doublecropping irrigated cotton and soybeans with wheat

Wright, L.J., 1983:
Doubled haploid production in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) using interspecific hybridization and nitrous oxide treatment

Nemoto, H., 1982:
Doubts about the disc method for testing milk for antibiotics

Cybinski, D.H., 1984:
Douglas and Tinaroo viruses: two Simbu group arboviruses infecting Culicoides brevitarsis and livestock in Australia

Goujon, P., 1981:
Douglas fir. The most important species for reafforestation

Miller, G.E.; Hedlin, A.F., 1984:
Douglas-fir cone moth and cone gall midge: relation of damage and prolonged diapause to seed cone abundance in British Columbia

Alexander, B.G.J.; Ronco, F.J.; White, A.S.; Ludwig, J.A., 1984:
Douglas-fir habitat types of northern Arizona

Sickle, G.A. van; Alfaro, R.I.; Thomson, A.J., 1983:
Douglas-fir height growth affected by western spruce budworm

Hahn, P.F.; Smith, A.J., 1983:
Douglas-fir planting stock performance comparison after the third growing season

Binkley, D., 1984:
Douglas-fir stem growth per unit of leaf area increased by interplanted Sitka alder and red alder

Summerfield, E.R., 1977:
Douglas-fir stump diameters in eastern Washington

Preston, S., 1984:
Dovedale: a slow destruction?

Djiane, J.; Houdebine, L.M.; Kelly, P.A.; Teyssot, B.; Dusanter, I., 1983:
Down-regulation of prolactin receptors and biological effects of prolactin in the mammary gland. Evidence for the existence of a prolactin second messenger

Applebaum-Bowden, D.; Haffner, S.M.; Hartsook, E.; Luk, K.H.; Albers, J.J.; Hazzard, W.R., 1984:
Down-regulation of the low-density lipoprotein receptor by dietary cholesterol

Richey, C.B.; Barrett, J.R.; Jacko, R.B., 1983:
Downdraft channel gasifier - furnace for biomass fuels

Lewkowicz, A.G.; French, H.M., 1982:
Downslope water movement and solute concentrations within the active layer, Banks Island, N.W.T

Egan, B.T., 1984:
Downy mildew disease and Australian cane varieties

Crute, I.R., 1984:
Downy mildew of brassicas

Gay Bellile, F.; Lacouture, J.; Sarrazin, J.F.; Courlit, Y.; Menard, E., 1983:
Downy mildew of grapevine. Systemic fungicides. Resistant races

Crute, I.R.; Gordon, P.L.; Norwood, J.M., 1984:
Downy mildew of lettuce

Crute, I.R.; Gordon, P.L.; Norwood, J.M., 1983:
Downy mildew of lettuce - deployment of resistance in wild Lactuca populations

Norwood, J.M.; Crute, I.R.; Gordon, P.L., 1983:
Downy mildew of lettuce - inheritance of specific virulence

Crute, I.R.; Gordon, P.L.; Norwood, J.M., 1983:
Downy mildew of lettuce - novel sources of seedling resistance

Minassain, V., 1981:
Downy mildew of wheat: a new record for Iran

Kremheller, H.T., 1983:
Downy mildew warning service: advice and first experiences

Pall, O., 1982:
Downy mildew, an important disease of Solanum laciniatum Ait

Archimbault, P.; Ambroggi, G.; Joineaud, J., 1983:
Doxycycline in poultry: bioavailability and transmission to eggs

Wilfret, G.J., 1983:
Dr. Magie - a salmon gladiolus for a cut flower

Anonymous, 1982:
Dr. Oh milk drinks challenge the Western pop market

Bos, J.J., 1984:
Dracaena in West Africa

Hopkins, D.R., 1983:
Dracunculiasis: an eradicable scourge

Self, K.P.; Khalilian, A.; Batchelder, D.G.; Bloome, P.D.; Riethmuller, G., 1983:
Draft and power requirements of tillage implements in Oklahoma soils

Alikhani, Z.; Singh, G.; Thierstein, G.E., 1983:
Draft measurements in an alfisol and a vertisol under two management systems

Reid, J.T.; Carter, L.M.; Clark, R.L., 1983:
Draft measurements with a three-point dynamometer

Upadhyaya, S.K.; Kemble, L.J.; Collins, N.E., 1983:
Draft prediction of mounted implements from strain gage readings

Mohammad, F.S.; Skaggs, R.W., 1983:
Drain tube opening effects on drain inflow

Soliman, M.M., 1983:
Drainage by an intercepting pump station

Cannell, R.Q., 1980:
Drainage experiments in the field and lysimeters

Ochs, W.J.; Wenberg, R.D.; Lucas, P.E., 1982:
Drainage guide improvements for better drainage design

Smith, C.M.; Gregg, P.E.H.; Tillman, R.W., 1983:
Drainage losses of sulphur from a yellow-grey earth soil

Becker, E. de; Billen, G.; Servais, P., 1984:
Drainage of agricultural soils in Belgium and contamination of surface waters with N, P and K

Weber, F., 1984:
Drainage of curd

Finkel, H.J., 1983:
Drainage of irrigated fields

Zeller, J., 1984:
Drainage of landslide zones

Zeller, J.; Trumpler, J., 1984:
Drainage of landslide zones - guide for the design of drainage channels on steep slopes

Heath, T.J.; Brandon, R.A.; Norman, S.T., 1984:
Drainage of lymph from the foreleg to the superficial cervical lymph node in sheep

Cheng, Y., 1983:
Drainage of paddy soils and its significance

Reichman, G.A.; Doering, E.J.; Benz, L.C., 1983:
Drainage requirement for sugarbeets grown on sandy soil

Baghirathan, V.R.; Hall, M.J., 1984:
Drainage studies in central Java

Durnford, D.S.; Podmore, T.H.; Richardson, E.V., 1982:
Drainage: an incremental net benefit approach for optimal design

Hovde, A.; Myhr, K., 1980:
Draining of peat humus in Western Norway

Barton, D.; Jeanrenaud, J.P.; Gibbon, D., 1983:
Draught animal power. A discussion of the historical and current issues relating to draught animal power, with emphasis on the role of the draught ox in small farm systems

Bigot, Y., 1983:
Draught animals and their limitations in the development of production systems in the savannah regions of the Ivory Coast

Sidorova, M.I., 1984:
Drawing together the living standards of the urban and rural population

Anonymous, 1982:
Drawing up a food strategy

Rommel, G., 1983:
Drawing up protein balances in the milk processing industry

Lam, A., 1984:
Drechslera nobleae on ryegrass in England

Lam, A., 1984:
Drechslera siccans from ryegrass fields in England and Wales

Schmidt, D., 1983:
Drechslera sorokiniana on Festuca in meadows at Changins

Charleston, W.A.G., 1983:
Drenching for worms - worthwhile or not?

Chakrabarti, S., 1981:
Drepanosiphine aphids (Homoptera: Aphididae) and their distribution in India

Keshri, R.C.; Singh, B.P., 1983:
Dressed yields of Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)

Bohn, M., 1982:
Dressing percentage, carcass cuts and degree of fatness of heavy-bodied turkey males in relation to age

Rao, K.S.; Pillai, K.J., 1984:
Dressing yields of broilers and country chicken reared under identical conditions

Gorner, F.; Gerykova, I.; Horakova, Z.; Krcal, Z.; Prekoppova, J.; Kochova, V.; Kerekreti, O., 1983:
Dried acidophilus products

Ganegoda, G.A.P.; Siriwardene, J.A.D.S.; Gunaratne, S.P.; Jayawardena, K.M.; Poulter, R.G., 1982:
Dried fish silage as a protein source for poultry. 3. Comparison with fish meal using parboiled or raw rice bran as filler

Danilov, A., 1984:
Dried food wastes and productivity of pigs

Sjollema, A., 1982:
Dried milk for use in recombined products

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