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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1186

Chapter 1186 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Yamanaka, M., 1984:
Econometric analysis on the problem of prices of vegetables in Kumamoto City

Baudin, A.; Lundberg, L., 1984:
Econometric models for demand for mechanical wood products

Buongiorno, J.; Brannman, L.; Bark, T., 1984:
Econometric versus univariate and bivariate time-series forecasts: the case of softwood lumber imports

Vinohradsky, K., 1983:
Economic accounting and the entrepreneurial function of a socialist farm

Masyuk, A.N., 1983:
Economic accounting, price, and economic incentives in the agro-industrial sector

Khan, S., 1983:
Economic activities of women in Bangladesh

Perry, C.S., 1984:
Economic activity and social indicators: a rural-urban discontinuum?

Golubev, G.N., 1983:
Economic activity, water resources and the environment: a challenge for hydrology

Nikiphoroff, B., 1982:
Economic analysis of Paraguayan farms under uncertainty

Gunjul, K.R.; Heady, E.O., 1983:
Economic analysis of U.S. farm mechanization; Simulation of farm machinery investments under alternative energy price, support price, and export level policies (2 papers)

Martinez, A.; Avila, M.; Deaton, O.W., 1981:
Economic analysis of a dairy farm in El Salvador

Netayaraks, P., 1983:
Economic analysis of alcohol production in Thailand and its implication on trade with Japan

Kobayashi, H., 1984:
Economic analysis of arable land diverted to non-agricultural use - an estimation of the supply function

Medina, J.J.; Ezcurra, G.V., 1982:
Economic analysis of bent grass pasture in semiarid Argentina

Ruskin, H.A.K., 1983:
Economic analysis of biofuels production in arid regions

Welsch, D.E., 1982:
Economic analysis of biological nitrogen fixation

Brux, J.M., 1984:
Economic analysis of buffer stocks to stabilize the international grain markets

Chiu, N.C., 1983:
Economic analysis of crop changes in paddy fields

Jorin, R., 1983:
Economic analysis of decisions on control of the milk market, effects on producers, consumers and the federal budget

Papp, L., 1983:
Economic analysis of grapevine cultivars grown in some wine-producing districts

Hanchar, J.J.; Skinner, S.P.; Ismail, A.A.; Yarborough, D.E., 1983:
Economic analysis of hexazinone use in lowbush blueberry production

Adesipe, Y.M.; Olayiwole, M.B.; Fulani, I.J., 1983:
Economic analysis of intensive beef production based on different sources of protein rations in Northern Nigeria

Gaidus' kii s, P.I., 1983:
Economic analysis of inter-branch relations within the agroindustrial sector

Klemme, R.; Schoney, R., 1984:
Economic analysis of land bid prices using profitability and cash flow considerations in finite planning horizons

Lo, S.L.; Lin, Y.T., 1981:
Economic analysis of leased and purchased slopeland management of released national forests in Tung Sheh area

Kirby, H.W.; Main, C.W.; Carlson, G.A., 1983:
Economic analysis of managing multiple pests in tobacco

Ram, C.B.; Kalla, J.C., 1981:
Economic analysis of milk procurement by public sector milk plants in Haryana

Yaron, D.; Bresler, E., 1983:
Economic analysis of on-farm irrigation using response functions of crops

McBryde, G.L.; Conner, J.R.; Scifres, C.S., 1984:
Economic analysis of selected brush management for eastern South Texas

Bailey, D., 1984:
Economic analysis of selected marketing strategies for cotton in the Texas Southern High Plains: a whole-farm simulation approach

Lias, D.S.; Smith, T.I.J., 1983:
Economic analysis of small-scale prawn farming in South Carolina

Sousa, I.C. de; Pinazza, A.H.; Sturion, A.C., 1982:
Economic analysis of sugarcane production systems based on raw material quality

Halpin, J.M., 1983:
Economic analysis of the economic threshold in cotton production

Schwarzer, J.; Buchta, S.; Dufek, J., 1982:
Economic analysis of the effect of different hybrid populations on the economics of pig production

Wattanutchariya, S., 1983:
Economic analysis of the farm machinery industry and tractor contractor business in Thailand

Faminow, M.; Sarhan, M., 1983:
Economic analysis of the location of fed cattle slaughtering and processing in the United States

Lybecker, D.W.; King, R.P.; Schweizer, E.E.; Zimdahl, R.L., 1984:
Economic analysis of two weed management systems for two cropping rotations

Loveless, R.S.J.; Flowers, P.J.; Jackson, D.H.; Schuster, E.G., 1982:
Economic analysis of wildlife management costs in the U.S. Forest Service, Northern Region

Zavgorodnyi, V.I.; Sklyar, V.A.; Trubilin, I.T., 1983:
Economic analysis on farms

Savov, P., 1980:
Economic and biological characteristics of new wheat varieties

Khvatysh, G.A., 1980:
Economic and biological characteristics of tomato varieties in Abkhazia

Czesany, S., 1982:
Economic and ecological aspects of probable future developments in agriculture

Yoo, Chul In, 1983:
Economic and ecological processes in rural Korea: a macro-level analysis

Prasad, R., 1983:
Economic and efficient use of plant nutrients

Sharma, A.D.; Brusewitz, G.H.; Huhnke, R.L., 1984:
Economic and energetic analysis of dehumidification in swine housing

Meo, M., 1984:
Economic and energetic evaluation of alcohol fuel production from agriculture: Yolo County, California

Alderink, F.J.; Dietrich, R.A., 1982:
Economic and epidemiological implications of anaplasmosis in Texas cattle herds

Ishchanov, M., 1981:
Economic and geographical problems in the development of irrigated farming in the Amu-Darya valley

Valasek, F., 1982:
Economic and organizational problems of operation of large dairy farms

Anonymous, 1983 :
Economic and production relations within the agroindustrial sector system

Gyllstrom, B., 1981:
Economic and rural development in Lesotho: prerequisites and performance

Carvajal, M.J., 1983:
Economic and rural development in the Caribbean, 1975-1980: a bibliography

Callahan, J.C.; Fischer, B.C., 1982:
Economic and silvicultural potentials of 23 harvested Indiana woodlands

Segura de los Angeles, M. (Angeles, M.S. de los), 1983:
Economic and social impact analysis of agro-forestry development projects in Villarica, Diadi, and Norzagaray

Torres, A.T.; Ventura, R.F., 1983:
Economic and social impacts of the Aquaculture Production Project

Dunajew, P., 1983:
Economic and social tasks for the USSR Food Programme

Kellerman, A., 1983:
Economic and spatial aspects of von Thunen's factor intensity theory

Grofik, R.; Michalko, J., 1983:
Economic and statistical aspects of broiler production in unified agricultural cooperatives

Zalla, T.M., 1982:
Economic and technical aspects of smallholder milk production in Northern Tanzania

Beenhakker, H.L.; Lago, A.M., 1983:
Economic appraisal of rural roads: simplified operational procedures for screening and appraisal

Fernandez Lavandera, O.; Pizarro Checa, A., 1983:
Economic aspects of agriculture in the Costa del Sol

Z.Kiss, L., 1983:
Economic aspects of apple storing

Macchioni, G., 1984:
Economic aspects of control of bovine hypodermosis in Italy

Dijkhuizen, A.A., 1983:
Economic aspects of diseases, and of the prevention and treatment of disease, in dairy cattle

Brabander, H.D. et al., 1984:
Economic aspects of forest dieback

Pare, G.; Poulin, H., 1981:
Economic aspects of forest management in relation to spruce budworm. Volume II: Management of susceptible stands

Pare, G.; Poulin, H., 1981:
Economic aspects of forest management in relation to spruce budworm. Volume III: Conversion of the most susceptible stands

Poulin, H.; Pare, G.; Menard, D., 1983:
Economic aspects of forest management in relation to spruce budworm. Volume IV: Compensating for losses by intensive management of non-susceptible stands

Poulin, H.; Pare, G., 1982:
Economic aspects of forest management in relation to spruce budworm. Volume V: Salvaging damaged stands

Schnattinger, R., 1984:
Economic aspects of growing fibre flax in Austria

Bottger, W.; Deneke, W.; Meyer, J., 1983:
Economic aspects of intensive plant protection in winter wheat

Ploeger, C., 1984:
Economic aspects of investment in energy-saving by tomato growers

Bublot, G., 1984:
Economic aspects of land use

Meier, R., 1982:
Economic aspects of modelling the transport system of the socialist agriculture of the GDR

Matsunaga, M.; Ribeiro Junior, D.; Sever, F.A. de A., 1982:
Economic aspects of mushroom production

Breuer, J.F., 1983:
Economic aspects of rape within rotations

Arendonk, J.A.M. van, 1983:
Economic aspects of replacing dairy cattle

Pitts, E., 1983:
Economic aspects of seasonality of milk production

Sfeir Younis, A., 1983:
Economic aspects of soil conservation programs in less-developed countries (LDCs)

Pare, G., 1982:
Economic aspects of the allocation of maple stands in state forests: I - A method for determining the profitability threshold for a maple stand exploited for sap

Moura, P.A.M. de; Ribeiro, J.L., 1984 :
Economic aspects of the breeding of beef cattle

Dumsday, R.G.; Oram, D.A.; Lumley, S.E., 1983:
Economic aspects of the control of dryland salinity

Nagy, A., 1984:
Economic aspects of the development of tourism

Joosse, M.L.; Goedegebure, J., 1983:
Economic aspects of the quality of plant material

Robert, G.L., 1983:
Economic assessment of Mimosa pigra in Thailand

Papacek, J., 1984:
Economic assessment of coccidiosis control under industrial calf raising conditions at Stara Hlina (Czechoslovakia)

Sarin, R.; Ryan, J.G., 1983:
Economic assessment of improved watershed-based technology options in on-farm experiments

Bote Gomez, V., 1983:
Economic assessment of services: the case of tourism

Palis, F.G., 1983:
Economic assessment of the monitoring and the calendar systems in the chemical control of the diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella (L.) on cabbage

Illyes, B.; Keresztesi, B., 1981:
Economic assessment of the recreational function of forests in East European countries

Voskoboinik, V.F., 1984:
Economic assessment of the treatment and prevention of calf pneumonia on specialized farms

Kling, A., 1984:
Economic assessment of yield fluctuations in selected field crops

Zeddies, J.; Waibel, H., 1984:
Economic basis for decisions and estimations in the assessment of the efficacy of weed control measures

Starostin, S.P.; Zaitseva, V.G.; Smirnova, G.V., 1982:
Economic basis of the use of aerial ultra-low-volume spraying of winter wheat crops for the control of the sunn pest

Toulmin, C., 1983:
Economic behaviour among livestock-keeping peoples: a review of the literature on the economics of pastoral production in the semi-arid zones of Africa

Zavaleta, L.R.; Kogan, M., 1984:
Economic benefits of breeding host plant resistance: a simulation approach

Frengley, G.A.G., 1983:
Economic benefits of conservation tillage in New Zealand. I. Mixed crop and livestock farms

Frengley, G.A.G., 1983:
Economic benefits of conservation tillage in New Zealand. II. Pastoral sheep farms

Gray, J.H.; Acree, J.A.; Payne, R.L., 1983:
Economic benefits to the fever tick eradication program derived from wildlife surveillance

Sommer, J.; Voss, K.M.; Ninnemann, I., 1983:
Economic bookkeeping down to brigade level

Toth, M.; Halmagyine, V.I., 1983:
Economic broiler feeding

Pejanovic, R., 1982:
Economic causes of the rural exodus in Yugoslavia

Shei, S.Y., 1984:
Economic change and its implications for Taiwan's agriculture in the 1980s

Uzik, M., 1983:
Economic characteristics of selected red clover cultivars

Montoya R.R.I.; Rendon C.O.; Gomez G.F.; Alvarez G.H., 1983:
Economic comparison of two types of cage for two lines of laying hens

Pierson, G. (et al ), 1982:
Economic comparisons between farms specializing in sheep and farms combining cattle and sheep rearing in the departement of Haute-Vienne (1980 survey)

Thunell, R.K.; Bodyfelt, F.W.; Sandine, W.E., 1984:
Economic comparisons of Cheddar cheese manufactured with defined-strain and commercial mixed-strain cultures

Nagy, G., 1983:
Economic conditions and prospects for development of farms with adverse conditions

Anonymous, 1983:
Economic consequences of contaminated food in trade

Burrows, G.H., 1982:
Economic consequences of technological change in sugar cane harvesting

Arnold, J.E.M., 1983:
Economic considerations in agroforestry projects

Sandrey, R.A., 1983:
Economic considerations in managing Oregon Rocky Mountain elk

Krause, L., 1983:
Economic considerations in sunflower pollination and insecticide application for control of the sunflower moth (Homoeosoma electellum)

Wagstaff, F.J., 1984:
Economic considerations in use and management of gambel oak for fuelwood

Heissenhuber, A., 1983:
Economic considerations on the use of pressed sugar beet pulp in the feeding of cattle

Middleton, K.R., 1984:
Economic control of fertiliser in highly productive pastoral systems. V. Extending advice through the Mitscherlich-Liebig model

Rawat, B.S.; Arora, K.L., 1982:
Economic conversion of logs (Part II)

Heady, E.O.; Nicol, K.J.; Wade, J.C., 1981:
Economic cost and trade-offs in improving water quality and nonpoint pollution through agriculture: an inter-regional approach

Gonzalez Caban, A., 1983:
Economic cost of initial attack and large-fire suppression

Uzdin, D.Z.; Mikhlin, V.M., 1983:
Economic criteria for optimizing indicators of the state of repair of machinery and components

Kreysa, J., 1984:
Economic criteria for the evaluation of smallwood as an energy source

Straka, F., 1983:
Economic damage thresholds for the cabbage moth on cauliflower and for the main leaf-gnawing pests during the second half of the vegetative period on crucifer species

Bond, M.E.; Ladman, J.R., 1978:
Economic development and South American tourism

Sondermann, K., 1983:
Economic development and agricultural union policy. General economic development and agricultural union policy - a historical analysis of the potential for radical behaviour of farmers during periods of unfavourable economic development

Wong, K.Y.; Tong, S.T.Y., 1983:
Economic development and the physical environment of the Pearl River delta: an overview

Poppe, K.J., 1981:
Economic development of dairy farming

Bithu, B.D., 1981:
Economic drain depth in layered clayey soils in Chambal Command

Pilipyuk, V.I.; Sagoyan, R.S.; Zhilyaeva, V.M., 1982:
Economic effectiveness of an integrated system of protection of apple orchards against pests and diseases in the Black Sea coastal region of the Krasnodar district

Tukhtaeva, S., 1981:
Economic effectiveness of applications of Treflan to kenaf

Sedlarska Topchieva, B.; Andonov, D., 1984:
Economic effectiveness of applying high rates of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to maize in monoculture

Sadykova, A.K.; Imashev, P.S., 1982:
Economic effectiveness of continuous production of koumiss

Slobodyan, Y.N., 1981:
Economic effectiveness of fertilizer application to beech stands in the Carpathian foothills

Lichev, S.; Gushevilov, Z., 1983:
Economic effectiveness of fertilizing Nardus stricta pastures in some mountainous areas

Lopukhina, G.I.; Golovatyi, V.G., 1983:
Economic effectiveness of increasing the sowing and fertilizer rates for cultivation of Westerwolds ryegrass

Ivantsov, N.K.; Kovrizhnykh, I.A., 1981:
Economic effectiveness of linuron application to fodder lupin

Khomyakov, M.T.; Adamyan, K.M.; Goncharov, N.R., 1982:
Economic effectiveness of post-harvest treatment of potato tubers in the control of storage rots

Run' ov, G.; Orashki, N., 1983:
Economic effectiveness of some herbicide combinations for weed control in maize in monoculture

Leffers, G., 1983:
Economic effects of indoor feeding in summer compared with grazing of dairy cows

Marchand, A., 1984:
Economic effects of the main parasitoses of cattle

Chobanov, R.E., 1984:
Economic efficacy of control measures for intestinal nematode infections

Hrubes, R.J., 1983:
Economic efficiency in Forest Service program development

Ganpule, S.P.; Sane, S.N., 1984:
Economic efficiency of exotic cows

Pandey, R.N.; Kumar, P.S., 1981:
Economic efficiency of feed resources in milk production under mixed farming system

Schweitzer, D.L.; Andersen, E.V.; Mills, T.J., 1982:
Economic efficiency of fire management programs at six National Forests

Raki, Z.; Janky, M., 1984:
Economic efficiency of the grass and crop rotation

Hall, E.J., 1982:
Economic efficiency vs. local economic impact: a comparison of national forest management programs

Pomazkov, N.I., 1984:
Economic energy relations in the agroindustrial sector

Monteiro, A., 1982:
Economic evaluation of CEPLAC activities in agricultural research, teaching and extension during 1957-80 in Bahia, Brazil

Aragon, A.; Avila, M.; Deaton, O.W., 1981:
Economic evaluation of a dual-purpose commercial herd in Costa Rica

Maiorella B.L.; Blanch H.W.; Wilke C.R., 1984:
Economic evaluation of alternative ethanol fermentation processes

Norton, R.D.; Santaniello, V.; Echevarria, J.A., 1983:
Economic evaluation of an agricultural sector investment program: a case study for Peru

Hall, Hh, 1983:
Economic evaluation of crop response to lime

Negri Neto, A.; Anjos, N.M. dos, 1980:
Economic evaluation of fertilizer use in the Centre-South region of Brazil

Garoian, L.; Conner, J.R.; Scifres, C.J., 1984:
Economic evaluation of fire-based improvement systems for Macartney rose

Kubarava, M.V.; Zhamoidzik, V.A.; Maroz, A.S., 1984:
Economic evaluation of grass fodders

Kuipers, A., 1981:
Economic evaluation of indices for selection of cows

Wood, W., 1984:
Economic evaluation of investment projects: possibilities and problems of applying Western methods in China

Moore, C.V., 1981:
Economic evaluation of irrigation with saline water within the framework of farm, methodology and empirical findings: a case study of Imperial Valley, California

Simeonov, B.; Shcherev, P.; Kassimov, I., 1984:
Economic evaluation of reduced soil cultivations in crop rotation

Zeddies, J., 1983:
Economic evaluation of slurry

Dijkhuizen, A.A.; Renkema, J.A.; Stelwagen, J., 1984:
Economic evaluation of the culling of cows because of infertility

Chinarov, I.I.; Izmer, M.V.; Dudaleva, E.N.; Pavlova, L.L.; Solov' eva, A.G., 1979:
Economic evaluation of the effectiveness of concentration and specialization of milk production complexes

Stevko, J.; Strelecek, F., 1983:
Economic evaluation of the relationship between the price of a dairy cow and its productivity

Oron, G.; Ben Asher, J.; Issar, A.; Boers, T.M., 1983:
Economic evaluation of water harvesting in microcatchments

Lazarus, W.; Pitt, R., 1983:
Economic feasibility of diesel fuel substitutes from oilseeds in New York State

Raki, Z.; Toth, B., 1983:
Economic feasibility of grass production for beef fattening

Sondge V.D.; Khuspe V.S., 1983:
Economic feasibility of irrigated fodder maize in summer

Laufenberg, T.L.; Rowlands, R.E.; Krueger, G.P., 1984:
Economic feasibility of synthetic fiber reinforced laminated veneer lumber (LVL)

Sargent, S.A.; Steffe, J.F.; Pierson, T.R., 1983:
Economic feasibility of using apple pomace as a boiler feedstock

Kim, C.S.; Brown, W.G.; Langmo, R.D., 1980:
Economic feasibility to Oregon growers of mechanically harvested strawberries. In Strawberry Mechanization. Papers presented at conference held at University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, 6-7th December 1979

McBurney, S.A., 1983:
Economic features of cattle finishing

Anderson, K., 1983:
Economic growth, comparative advantage and agricultural trade of Pacific rim countries

Bandhan, K., 1983:
Economic growth, poverty and rural labour markets in India: a survey of research

Bacha, E.L., 1983:
Economic growth, urban and rural wages: the case of Brazil

Nichols, T.E.Jr, 1983:
Economic impact of aflatoxin in corn

Krystynak, R., 1984:
Economic impact of anaplasmosis in Canada

Ahrens, C.; Cramer, H.H.; Mogk, M.; Peschel, H., 1983:
Economic impact of crop losses

Smith, E.G., 1983:
Economic impact of current and alternative farm programs on farm structure in the southern High Plains of Texas

Lieutier, F., 1984:
Economic impact of scolytids: lines of research

Taylor, D.F., 1983:
Economic impact of tourism in Hong Kong

Spinrad, B.K., 1982:
Economic impact of tourism in St. Lucia

Franklin, D.R., 1983:
Economic impacts of water conservation measures in agriculture and energy within the Upper Colorado River Basin

Amosson, S.H.; Dietrich, R.A.; Collins, G.; Hopkin, J.A., 1983:
Economic implications for industry and society from US bovine brucellosis control/eradication programs

Olteanu, G., 1983:
Economic implications of cysticercosis in cattle

Caswell, M.F.; Zilberman, D.; Goldman, G.E., 1984:
Economic implications of drip irrigation

Luitjens, E.J., 1982:
Economic importance and control of weeds

Mitterpak, J.; Hunady, J., 1984:
Economic importance of Caryophyllaeus fimbriceps in carp

Ramaswamy, K.; Sundaram, R.K., 1981:
Economic importance of Tetrameres mohtedai and Acuaria spiralis infections of fowl

Malaka, S.L.O., 1983:
Economic importance of termites: six case studies in Nigeria and Ghana

Beck, E., 1983:
Economic importance of the most important cattle and buffalo breeds of India

Sheridan, T.E.I.I., 1984:
Economic inequality and agrarian conflict in the municipio of Cucurpe, Sonora, Mexico

Gupta, M.P.; Ram, S.; Patil, B.D., 1982:
Economic injury level of lucerne weevil, Hypera variabilis Herbst (Curculionidae: Coleoptera) on lucerne crop (Medicago sativa L.)

Cuperus, G.W.; Radcliffe, E.B.; Barnes, D.K.; Marten, G.C., 1983:
Economic injury levels and economic thresholds for potato leafhopper (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) on alfalfa in Minnesota

Poston, F.L.; Pedigo, L.P.; Welch, S.M., 1983:
Economic injury levels: reality and practicality

Pan, Z.W.; Teng, K.F., 1980:
Economic insect fauna of China. Fasc. 17. Acarina: Gamasina

Tan, J.J.; Yu, P.Y.; Li, H.X.; Wang, S.Y.; Jiang, S.Q., 1980:
Economic insect fauna of China. Fasc. 18. Coleoptera: Chrysomeloidea (I)

Wang, P.Y., 1980:
Economic insect fauna of China. Fasc. 21. Lepidoptera: Pyralidae

Chu, H.F.; Wang, L.Y., 1980:
Economic insect fauna of China. Fasc. 22. Lepidoptera: Sphingidae

Anonymous, 1982:
Economic instruments for rational utilization of water resources

Zavernyaeva, L.V., 1984:
Economic interdependencies in the agroindustrial sector

Mamedov, A., 1984:
Economic interdependencies within regional agroindustrial sectors

Zavgorodnyi, A., 1984:
Economic interrelations between branches of the agroindustrial sector

Shumway, Cr, 1983:
Economic interrelationships in Texas field crop production

Andreano, R., 1983:
Economic issues in disease control and eradication

Minev, M.; Masalska, I.; Stoev, B., 1983:
Economic losses attributable to acute fowl typhoid

Zhilinskii, A.G.; Pletneva, M.M.; Zen' kov, A.V., 1983:
Economic losses attributable to bovine leukosis

Safiullin, R.T., 1983:
Economic losses caused by the principal helminthiases of farm animals during the 10th quinquenium

Mohring, B., 1984:
Economic losses in forest enterprises caused by air pollution damage

Csaki, C., 1983:
Economic management and organization of Hungarian agriculture

Ranney, S.I., 1983:
Economic models of planned temporary migration

Kingma, O.T., 1984:
Economic models, productivity and priorities in rural research

Putterman, L., 1982:
Economic motivation and the transition to collective socialism: its application to Tanzania

Dutrow, G.F.; Kaiser, H.F., 1984:
Economic opportunities for investments in forest management in the southern United States

Zaman, M., 1983:
Economic opportunities from polders in Bangladesh

Khattra, P.S.; Sain, I., 1984:
Economic optima in crop production

Guinard, A., 1982:
Economic optimization of fertilizer applications: a method for field staff based on response curves and surfaces

Anonymous, 1984:
Economic outlook; Megatrends. (2 articles)

Rani U.; Singh C.B., 1982:
Economic performance of farm women of weaker sections in dairy enterprise

Homem de Melo, F.B., 1982:
Economic policy and the agricultural sector during the postwar sector

Hamlett, C.A.; Colvin, T.S.; Musselman, A., 1983:
Economic potential of conservation tillage in Iowa

Elyakime, B., 1984:
Economic problems involved in the harvesting of first and second thinnings in coniferous plantations: management of the enterprise and conditions of sale of the timber

Bartak, J.; Sterba, J.; Prokopic, J.; Schandl, V., 1983:
Economic problems of cysticercosis in large-scale fattening farms - unit 01 Trebon

Rakhimov, E.D., 1982:
Economic problems of intensification and of scientific and technical progress in cotton growing in Uzbekistan

Pavlyuchenkov, A.K.; Goncharov, V.D., 1984:
Economic problems of mixed feed production

Shpichak, A.M., 1983:
Economic problems of sunflower seed production

Rancheva, T.; Kostadinov, I., 1984:
Economic properties of some mushroom (Agaricus bisporus (Lange) Sing.) strains

Hans, L., 1983:
Economic recession leads to increasing barter trading

Strak, M., 1982:
Economic reform and cultural amenities in the villages

Rychlik, T., 1983:
Economic reform in agriculture - selected problems

Kotelyanets' , V.I.; Pilipchenko, A.I., 1983:
Economic relations between enterprises in the agroindustrial sector and transport organisations

Dimeny, I., 1983:
Economic relations of horticultural production systems

Raevskii, V.A., 1984:
Economic relations within the agroindustrial sector are to be improved

Kagatsume, M.; Zwart, A.C., 1983:
Economic relationships within the Japanese feed and livestock sector

Hinton, W.L.; Housden, W.C., 1983 :
Economic results from horticulture. 1982 harvest year

Elten, G.; Pedersen, T.D.; Larsen, A., 1983:
Economic results in Danish agriculture 1982/83

Brandl, H., 1983:
Economic results of beech silviculture in Forest Ranger District Neckargemund

Camargo, J.R.V. de, 1981:
Economic results of fertilizer experiments on cotton in Sao Paulo

Johnson, S.H.I.I.I.; Reuss, J.O., 1984:
Economic results of simulated changes in Pakistan's irrigation system

Doster, D.; Griffith, D.; Mannering, J.; Parsons, S., 1983:
Economic returns from alternative corn and soybean tillage systems in Indiana

Fischer, O., 1984:
Economic significance of Cryptosporidium in calf rearing

Kobisch, M.; Madec, F., 1983:
Economic significance of atrophic rhinitis in France

Jabara, C.L.; Webb, A.J., 1982:
Economic significance of health and sanitary regulations for trade in agricultural products

Cihacek, L.J., 1984:
Economic soil treatment of iron chlorosis in grain sorghum grown on a gypsum affected soil

Tisdell, C.A.; Silva, N.T.M.H. de, 1982:
Economic spacing of trees and other crops

Dadiao Chen; Wallender, W.W., 1984:
Economic sprinkler selection, spacing, and orientation

Fortmann, L., 1984:
Economic status and women's participation in agriculture: a Botswana case study

Baloch, A., 1983:
Economic stimulation of cattle farming

Brady, J.A.; Headley, J.C., 1983:
Economic strategies for coping with black cutworms in northwest Missouri

Olufolaju, M.B., 1983:
Economic strategies for drought vulnerable areas of the world

Vargas, S., 1981:
Economic structure of beekeeping in Mexico

Curtin, L., 1984:
Economic study of Salmonella poisoning and control measures in Canada

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Efecct of removal of plant crops on growth and yield of the potato

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Efect of great brome (Bromus diandrus Roth.) on the growth of wheat and great brome and their uptake of nitrogen and phosphorus

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Effect and after-effect of extreme temperatures on the leaf respiration activity of Lycopersicon esculentum (Solanaceae)

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Effect and efficiency of foliar and soil application of urea and iron on fibre yield and quality of jute

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Effect and persistence of selected carbamate pesticides in soil

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Effect in vitro of furapyrimidone on adult worms and microfilariae of Brugia malayi

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Effect in vitro of metabolites of praziquantel on Schistosoma japonicum

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Effect of acid rain on agricultural soils

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Effect of 'phytoncides' on bacterial preparations used for biological control in forestry

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Effect of (+) sotalol and vasicine HCl on oxytocin evoked contraction of isolated rat uterus and mammary strip

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Effect of (2 chloroethyl) phosphonic acid (ethephon) on induction of flowering and gynoecism in jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus, Lam)

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Effect of (2-chloroethyl) phosphonic acid on apical dominance of peach (Prunus persica Batsch.)

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Effect of (5H)-furan-2-one on certain physiological processes in germinating maize caryopses

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Effect of 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol on renal osteodystrophy and growth of children with terminal renal insufficiency treated by haemodialysis

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Effect of 10% Eleutherococcus, Gidrolizin L-103, flower pollen and sapropel on polar foxes

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Effect of 2,4,5-T on 1 and 2 yr old Norway spruce (Picea abies) seedlings at different phases of growth and development

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Effect of 2,4,5-TP on inhibition of activity of certain enzymes of dwarf bean explants

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Effect of 2,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid and micronutrients on fruit-size, cracking, maturity and quality of litchi cv. Rose Scented

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Effect of 2,4-D amine on dicotyledonous weeds and proso in relation to dosage and fertilizer application on leached chernozem soil in the Mordovinian ASSR

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Effect of 2,4-D in irrigation water on yield quality of Concord grapes

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Effect of 2,4-D on electron transport system (ETS) activity and respiration in soil

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Effect of 2,4-D on weeds of fields infested with wild oats and effectiveness of tri-allate in the Tyumen' forest-steppe

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Effect of 2,4-DB on soybeans (Glycine max)

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Effect of 2,4-dichlorobenzyl tributyl phosphonium chloride (phosfon-D) on growth, flowering and yield of oat in a pot culture

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Effect of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid on polysomal profiles and polyadenylated RNA in excised tuber tissue of Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus)

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Effect of 2-chloro-9-hydroxyfluorene-9-carboxylic acid-methylester on the abscission of the leaves of Phaseolus vulgaris

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Effect of 2-chloroethylphosphonic acid on mango ripening

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Effect of 20 krad of gamma irradiation on reproduction of pink bollworm (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) and their F1 progeny: potential impact on the identification of trap catches

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Effect of 3 methods of suckling on the growth of calves and the production and reproduction of their dams

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Effect of 3,6-dichloropicolinic acid on selected Texas range plants

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Effect of 32P beta -ray internal radiation on mutation at the uninucleate stage in wheat

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Effect of 4-(3-indolyl)-butyric acid (IBA) concentrations on rooting of mahaleb hardwood cuttings

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Effect of 5-hydroxytryptamine on canine intestinal motility during fasting

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Effect of 6-benzyladenine at different temperatures in short days on flowering and vegetative growth of Schlumbergera

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Effect of ABA on the water relations of winter-wheat cultivars varying in drought resistance

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Effect of AMO-1618 on glyoxysomal enzyme activity and sterol synthesis in castor bean endosperm

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Effect of Acanthamoeba profilin on the pre-steady state kinetics of actin polymerization and on the concentration of F-actin at steady state

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Effect of Acephate (orthene), an organophosphorus insecticide, on lipid metabolism in albino rats

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Effect of Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) age on sex ratios in Romanomermis culicivorax (Nematoda: Mermithidae)

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Effect of Alar and CCC on flowering and fruiting in peach, cv. Alexander

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Effect of Alar on seed yield of red clover

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Effect of Alar on the growth of woody species in young stands

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Effect of Alar, Cycocel, kinetin, 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T on the pre-harvest fruit drop in Blood Red sweet orange

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Effect of Alectra vogelii Benth. on cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.). 1. Some aspects on reproduction of cowpea

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Effect of Aliette on AMV infection of bean leaves and on the resultant alterations in the patterns of proteins and peroxidases

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Effect of Aminex on the content of some free amino acids in spring barley plants

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Effect of Argentine stem weevil on productivity of grasses in the Waikato

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Effect of Ascochyta blight on seed yield and quality of lentils

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Effect of Atrinal on vegetative growth of cv. Williams' pear trees

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Effect of Azolla green manuring on rice crop

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Effect of Azospirillum inoculation on yield of field-grown wheat

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Effect of Azotobacter chroococcum from Cyperus rotundus on the yield of moong

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Effect of Azotobacter exudates on certain micro-fungi associated with the phylloplane of soybean

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Effect of Azotobacter inoculation and nitrogen fertilization on the yield of seed potatoes in the coastal area of Peru

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Effect of Bacillus strain on the chungkook-jang processing. II. Changes of the components and enzyme activities during the storage of chungkook-jang

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Effect of Bacillus thuringiensis crystal toxin on the midgut epithelium of the silkworm, Bombyx mori (Lepidoptera: Bombycidae)

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Effect of Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis on a genetically-defined population of black flies (Diptera: Simuliidae) and associated insects in a montane New Hampshire stream

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Effect of Banminth-II (morantel tartrate 4%) against nematode infections in suckling buffalo calves

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Effect of Biltricide on cysticercosis cellulosae with muscular pseudohypertrophy. A report of three cases

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Effect of Bio-Cat on potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) in relation to its time of application

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Effect of Bordeaux mixture on net photosynthetic rate and stomatal and intracellular resistances in apple leaves

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Effect of Bulgarian potassium-calcium zeolite on some major and trace elements in lambs

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Effect of C alpha -oxidation in the fungal metabolism of lignin

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Effect of C.C.A.-preservative treatment on bending strength of small clear specimens of high-temperature-dried and air-dried Caribbean pine

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Effect of CA on changes in the biochemical indices of satsuma fruits during storage

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Effect of CCC and B-Nine on waterlogged gram (Cicer arietinum)

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Effect of CCC on nucleic acid contents of maize, summer squash plants and senescent bean leaf segments kept in darkness

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Effect of CGA-43089, CGA-92194 and MON-4606 in combination with acetanilide herbicides on growth of grain sorghum (Sorghum bicolor)

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Effect of CGA-43089, CGA-92914, and MON-4606 on germination, emergence, and growth of a yellow endosperm cultivar of grain sorghum (Sorghum bicolor)

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Effect of CGA-82725 and metolachlor combinations with metribuzin on weed control in Katahdin potatoes

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Effect of CO2 concentration on growth and production of glasshouse vegetable crops

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Effect of CPTA and of nicotine on chlorophyll and carotenoid contents of an ornamental gourd

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Effect of Ca/Mg Ratio of irrigation water on wheat grown on a loamy sand soil

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Effect of CaCO3 on the changes in availability of B, Mn and Fe in an acid soil in relation to nutrition of rice

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Effect of Camposan (ethephon) on some morphological characters, lodging and yield of winter rye

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Effect of Cannabis sativa L. on yield of rabi maize (Zea mays L.)

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Effect of Cercospora beticola toxin (CBT) on the activity of a proton pump of pea stem microsomal vesicles

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Effect of Cerone growth regulator on Lennox

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Effect of Clostridium perfringens epsilon toxin on the cardiovascular system of rats

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Effect of Compudose 365 on the performance of steers

Keane, M.G., 1983 :
Effect of Compudose 365 treatment on performance of young bulls for beef

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Effect of Coriban (diamphenethide) and Ranide (rafoxanide) against Fasciola hepatica of different ages

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Effect of Cotofor on dynamics of carbohydrates in cotton leaves on light soils

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Effect of Cycocel and Alar on some biochemical constituents in tomato plant and fruits

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Effect of Cycocel and Planofix on oil and fatty acid composition of peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

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Effect of Cycocel and nitrogen combinations on haulm growth and tuber yield of potato in the hills of Shillong and Simla

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Effect of Cycocel and nitrogen on some wheat cultivars under Sulimaniyah dryland condition

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Effect of Cycocel application on the internal structure of the leaf of Abelmoschus esculentus L

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Effect of DPX-5648 and glyphosate on roadside vegetation

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Effect of Depotocin inj. Spofa, added to boar semen, on the pregnancy rate and fertility of sows

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Effect of Dosanex and trace elements on nitrate and nitrite contents and nitrate reductase activity in carrots

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Effect of Droncit against Raillietina cesticillus and Choanotaenia infundibulum

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Effect of EC and SAR of water on wheat and barley grown on different textured soils

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Effect of EDTA on endogenous manganese during indoleacetic acid-induced growth of Avena coleoptile segments

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Effect of Eptam with irrigation

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Effect of Ergostim and Fetrilon application on the yield components of wheat and broad bean crops

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Effect of Ergostim on grapevine yield and quality

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Effect of Erysiphe betae on the content of N substances in sugarbeet

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Effect of Escherichia coli endotoxin on the numbers of leukocytes and T- and B-lymphocytes in the peripheral blood of piglets

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Effect of Ethrel and Hydrel on mandarin fruit colour

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Effect of Ethrel and auxins on the fruit dehiscence in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L. cv. Jai)

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Effect of Ethrel on chemical composition of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) varieties HS-101 and HS-102

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Effect of Ethrel on the pectic substances and pectolytic enzymes in tomatoes

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Effect of Ethrel on the storage life of citrus fruits

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Effect of European red mite (Panonychus ulmi) on quality and yield of apples

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Effect of Fedex on hunger mortality, haemoglobin and iron in blood and on weight gains and feed conversion in fattening chickens

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Effect of Fedex on hunger mortality, weight gain and conversion of feed in fattening turkeys

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Effect of Figaron, a new thinning agent for citrus fruits, on the rooting of cuttings of certain ornamental species

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Effect of Flordimex on the growth and reproductive characteristics of onions grown for seed

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Effect of Folifertil on the shoot and root growth of newly established grapevines

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Effect of Fusarium T-2 toxin on the activity of some enzymes in the blood of sheep

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Effect of GA, CCC and Ethrel on seed production of carrot

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Effect of GA, pinching and ringing on the improvement of bunch, berry size and quality on Delight cultivar of grape (Vitis vinifera L.)

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Effect of GA3 on plant height of tall, semi-dwarf and dwarf strains of bread wheat

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Effect of GA3 treatment during vernalisation on various types of winter wheat

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Effect of GA3, CCC, defoliation and quantum flux density on growth and flowering in Pelargonium X hortorum

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Effect of GnRH on reproductive performance in mink

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Effect of GnRH vet. Berlin-Chemie and the synchronization of oestrus and ovulation in sheep during the breeding season

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Effect of Gramoxone (paraquat) for preplant reduction of canary grass (Phalaris minor Retz.) in wheat in stale seed bed technique

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Effect of H2 evolution on 15N2 fixation, C2H2 reduction and relative efficiency of leguminous symbionts

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Effect of Helminthosporium turcicum Pass. on maize productivity in relation to the time of inoculation and disease intensity

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Effect of Herbazin-50 on yield and composition of essential oil and development of lavender

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Effect of Herbex on herbicide translocation

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Effect of IAA and GA on growth and rooting of apical fragments of Brassica juncea L. (Czern & Coss)

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Effect of IAA on the growth and accumulation of physiologically active compounds in Chenopodium botrys L

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Effect of IAA, NAA, ascorbic acid and succinic acid as seed soaking treatment on wheat (var. Kalyan sona)

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Effect of IBA and NAA treatments on the endogenous hormones in grapevine rootstock hardwood cuttings

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Effect of IBA concentrations and bottom heat on the rooting of myrobalan A and B cuttings

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Effect of IBA on rooting of cuttings of Eugenia formosa Wall and Sterculia alata Roxb. var. diversifolia

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Effect of IBA, adenine and adenosine phosphates on rooting and sprouting of stem cuttings of Ipomoea fistulosa Mart

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Effect of intralipid on total and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels in newborns and infants

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Effect of JHIII on the reproduction of Varroa jacobsoni

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Effect of K levels on the seed yields and commercial characteristics of Brassica napus

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Effect of K uptake rate, root growth and root hairs on potassium uptake efficiency of several plant species

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Effect of KCN and p-chloromercuribenzenesulfonic acid on the release of sucrose and 2-amino(1-14C)isobutyric acid by the seed coat of Pisum sativum

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Effect of KNO3 on dormancy breaking of Panicum maximum cv. Likoni. I. Storage at ambient temperature

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Effect of Ketionin on milk yield in cows

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Effect of LH on steroidogenesis by hamster follicles isolated at defined stages of development

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Effect of Labuctril 25 and three other herbicides on wild soil isolates and mutant strains of streptomycetes

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Effect of lantana on the composition of the extracellular fluid of sheep

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Effect of Lantana toxicity on lysosomal and cytosol enzymes in guinea pig liver

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Effect of Lauricidin and ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid on growth of nine hymenomycetous fungi

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Effect of Leucaena and NPK fertilizer on growth of beans in the cerrado

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Effect of Leucaena leucocephala on the thyroid gland of rabbits: a histopathological study

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Effect of Lp10/Lr10 on mycelial and haustorial development of Puccinia recondita in wheat

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Effect of Lumeton and Dosanex on yield and chemical composition of spring barley grains

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Effect of Meloidogyne incognita on Momordica charantia seedlings

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Effect of Menacanthus stramineus and Lipeurus tropicalis infestations on weight gain in broiler birds

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Effect of Mg and Ca saturation on degree of dispersion, hydraulic conductivity and moisture retention characteristics of soils

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Effect of Mg and Zn fertilization on soil test levels, ear leaf composition, and yields of corn in northern West Virginia

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Effect of Mg and minor elements on the yield and kernel oil content of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

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Effect of Mn and Fe application on the yield and mineral content of rice plants

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Effect of Mn concentration on the growth and distribution of Mn and Fe in two bush bean cultivars grown in solution culture

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Effect of Mo, Zn and Mn on aerial biomass and nutrient production of the species Lolium multiflorum L. var. westerwoldicum

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Effect of MuLV-related genes on plasmacytomagenesis in BALB/c mice

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Effect of N and K application on the yield of three potato varieties at different locations in 1973-76

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Effect of N and K fertilization on agronomic characteristics and chemical composition of Myrodata of Agrinio oriental tobacco

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Effect of N and P fertilization on yield and quality of kochia grown in the greenhouse

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Effect of N and P fertilizers on the herb and oil yields and the quality of Mentha citrata oil

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Effect of N and P rates on yield and moisture use efficiency (MUE) of safflower crop

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Effect of N application on peanut leaf composition

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Effect of N application on the continuity of vegetative growth in irrigated grasslands

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Effect of N application on the stand and yield of winter cereals under practical conditions

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Effect of N fertilization on the fermentability of some grass species and on silage quality

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Effect of N fertilizer on yield and quality of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

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Effect of N level in the nutrient solution on the abscisic acid content in tomato plants

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Effect of N level on flowering, seed and fiber yield of some introduced and local flax varieties

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Effect of N solution concentration, water rate and transient starvation on sweet paprika dry matter production and yield

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Effect of N top-dressing on grain yield of wheat cultivars GK Szeged and GK Tiszataj

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Effect of N, P and K fertilisation on soil and leaf nutrients of Coorg mandarin on three rootstocks

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Effect of N, P, K and their different combinations on seed yield, oil content and other economic characters of sunflower

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Effect of N, P, K fertilizer applications on growth of Pinus caribaea seedlings

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Effect of N,N-dimethyl-piperidinium chloride on the vegetative and reproductive growth of soybean, Glycine max (L.) Merr

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Effect of N-P-K fertilization on mineral composition of Poa pratensis L. grown on a shallow muck soil

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Effect of N-Serve nitrification inhibitor on yields of some field crops

Nurmukhamedov, R.F., 1983:
Effect of N-serve on conversion of fertilizer nitrogen and cotton yield

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Effect of NAA and BA on the development of excised bulblets of Lilium rubellum Baker cultured in vitro in diffuse light or darkness, and on leaf emergence in vivo

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Effect of NAA on the control of water shoots and suckers on apple trees

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Effect of NO2 on photosynthetic pigments in the leaves of Populus 'Hybrida 280'

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Effect of NPK fertilizers and Spartin on the yield of fruit crops - a note

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Effect of NPK fertilizers and deficiency of individual elements of nutrition on content of non-protein nitrogen compounds in rice

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Effect of NPK fertilizing on the corm/shoot relationship in Colchicum autumnale

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Effect of NPK on phosphorus uptake by sunflower at different stages of growth

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Effect of Na+, K+, ouabain, amiloride and ethacrynic acid on the transepithelial potential across Malpighian tubules of Locusta

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Effect of NaCl and KCl on the rate of proteolysis of cow milk by trypsin in vitro

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Effect of NaCl on the content and synthesis of different fractions of nucleic acids in pea shoot apices

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Effect of Nemacur on phytoparasitic nematodes of mango, 1982

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Effect of Nephrostomum ranosum and Apharyngostrigea ibis on serum, proteins and uric acid of the Egyptian heron

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Effect of Nitran rates on the weediness and yield of cabbage

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Effect of Nosema locustae (Microsporida: Nosematidae) on food consumption in the differential grasshopper (Orthoptera: Acrididae)

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Effect of O, O-dimethyl O- (3-methyl-4-nitrophenyl) phosphorothioate (fenitrothion) treatment on acute toxicity of 2-sec-butylphenyl methylcarbamate (BPMC) in dogs

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Effect of O2 on the kinetics of the flash-induced 518 nm absorbance change in vivo

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Effect of Oesophagostomum infection on the formation and intensity of post-vaccination immunity to swine erysipelas

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Effect of Phaseolus mungo L. seed-coat-leachate on fungal growth

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Effect of Plasmodium cynomolgi B infection on the haematological and liver function tests in rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta)

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Effect of Prunus necrotic ringspot virus (PNRV) on the vegetative performance of peach

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Effect of Pseudomonas phaesolicola toxin on leaf physiology of Phaseolus vulgaris

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Effect of RNase on Zein Synthesis in Endosperms of brittle-2opaque-2 Maize Double Mutant

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Effect of Rhizobium numbers on nodulation and dinitrogen fixation in groundnut

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Effect of Rumensin on weight gains and feed conversion of young bulls

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Effect of Sevin 50, Amid-Thin W and NAA on the yield, quality and irregular bearing of Golden Delicious apple trees

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Effect of TK36AC on the control of Paspalum conjugatum Berg. by glyphosphate

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Effect of TPA on the mutagenicity of caffeine in the soybean mutation test

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Effect of TUR on grapevine growth and development

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Effect of Thelohania infection on populations of Austropotamobius pallipes in granitic and calcareous habitats

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Effect of Thiobacillus thiooxidans on the trace element supply of Lolium multiflorum under sulphur fertilizing

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Effect of Torulopsis on fermented flavour of moromi

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Effect of Treflan and prometryne on weeds and sunflower yield

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Effect of Treflan on accumulation and distribution of dry matter and nutrients in tobacco plants

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Effect of Trichinella spiralis infection on antibody titres against the T-independent antigen lipopolysaccharide (LPS) in mice

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Effect of Tur on potato yield

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Effect of Tylan Premix (tylosin) on the productivity and state of health of hens infected with Mycoplasma gallisepticum

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Effect of Tylosin, Bayonox and Salinomycin on growth and feed conversion in piglets

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Effect of Tylosin, Bayonox, Salinomycin and Zn-bacitracin on fattening pigs

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Effect of ULV sprayers on the efficacy of spray formulations of malathion against Amrasca biguttula biguttula (Ishida) infesting cotton

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Effect of USG placement and planting geometry on yield of random-planted rice

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Effect of Verticillium wilt on root and top weight of peanut cultivar Tamnut 74

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Effect of X-ray irradiation on developing eggs of the silkworm

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Effect of ZnSO4 and its methods of application on some growth parameters, the concentration and uptake of N, P and Zn by berseem grown in sandy calcareous soil

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Effect of protein level on carcass characteristics of lambs

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Effect of a Bulgarian gibberellin preparation on tomato fruiting

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Effect of a Norway spruce monoculture on the physico-chemical characteristics of an acid brown soil in the Ardennes

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Effect of a biological activator containing cysteine on maize (Zea mays L.) cv. HMD 7974

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Effect of a biologically active preparation on growth and development of pheasants (Phasianus colchicus mongolicus Brandt)

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Effect of a bran diet on the total transit rate and measurements of the gastrointestinal tract in weaning piglets

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Effect of a branched chain amino acid-enriched nutritional product on the pathophysiology of the liver and nutritional state of patients with liver cirrhosis

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Effect of a Brief CO(2) Exposure on Ethylene Production

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Effect of a collagen-monomycin complex and of amphotericin B on Leishmania tropica promastigotes in vitro

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Effect of a combination of ketamine and xylazine on respiratory gas tensions and acid-base status in calves

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Effect of a cromoglycan on pulmonary lesions associated with lungworm infestation of the cat

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Effect of a culture filtrate from Fusarium avenaceum on the penetration of Heterodera daverti into roots of Trifolium subterraneum

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Effect of a decorative vinyl overlay on formaldehyde emissions

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Effect of a decrease in the moisture content of alluvial soils on the intensity of the grass biomass increment

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Effect of a diet based on molasses and urea on reproductive performance of heifers

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Effect of a diet composed entirely of green feed on the growth of young male Anglo-Nubian goats

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Effect of a diet containing a meal from house-fly (Musca domestica) larvae on macro- and micromorphology of the spinal cord and cerebrospinal nerves in mink

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Effect of a freeze on the technological characteristics of some sugarcane cultivars

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Effect of a growth inhibitor on the growth habit and flowering of some Pelargonium zonale (L.) Ait. cultivars

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Effect of a laser beam on the germination of Scots pine seeds

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Effect of a low frequency pulsating magnetic field on the healing of rat skin wounds

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Effect of a maize/soyabean association on the nutritive value of silage

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Effect of a milk substitute on gastric secretion in young rats

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Effect of a mixture of BHC and parathion on Nilaparvata lugens Stal and its influence on natural enemies in paddy fields

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Effect of a morphactin on cumulative physiological weight loss, free and protein amino acids and protein after storage of tomatoes

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Effect of a new insect growth regulator, Ro 13-5223, on hymenopterous parasites of scale insects

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Effect of a nitrification inhibitor on N immobilization and release of 15N from nonexchangeable ammonium and microbial biomass

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Effect of a palm oil effluent product (Prolima) on the performance of laying chickens

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Effect of a polyethylene cover on the growth of container plants of forest trees

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Effect of a prescribed fire on herbage production in southwestern ponderosa pine on sedimentary soils

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Effect of a prolonged practice of crop rotation and fertilizer treatment on the nematode fauna

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Effect of a refrigerated milk receiver on raw milk quality

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Effect of a resistant soybean genotype on the development of the soybean looper (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and an introduced parasitoid, Microplitis demolitor Wilkinson (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

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Effect of a second metal on cadmium-induced hypertension

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Effect of a second treatment (ampicillin-cloxacillin) during the dry period on the level of mammary infection at calving

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Effect of a single dose of T3 on the uptake of (2-14C)-ethanolamine into chicken liver phospholipids

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Effect of a soyabean catch crop during wheat and barley monoculture on the toxicity of the soil solution

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Effect of a supplement of Rumensin on the fattening of bulls with farm-produced feeds

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Effect of a synthetic folic acid analogue, 9-methyl-pteroylglutamic acid, on fetal chondrogenesis: ultrastructural observations

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Effect of a vitamin C dietary supplement on sow litter size

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Effect of a zinc-deficient diet on the oesophagus of rat

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Effect of aak, Calotropis procera on the population build up of Rhizopertha dominica

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Effect of abdominal opening on water balance in chickens

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Effect of abiotic factors on the aerial dispersion of fungi in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Effect of abscisic acid and kinetin on growth and proline accumulation in cacao seedlings under water stress

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Effect of abscisic acid on exudation from deficient and aged sunflower roots

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Effect of abscisic acid on tea cell culture growth and synthesis of phenolics

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Effect of abscisic acid on tobacco mosaic virus

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Effect of acarbose, pectin, a combination of acarbose with pectin, and placebo on postprandial reactive hypoglycaemia after gastric surgery

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Effect of accelerated aging of soyabean seeds on isocitrate lyase and malate synthetase activities

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Effect of accelerated aging on the swelling and shrinkage of oak wood

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Effect of accelerated fixation on decay of CCA-treated wood

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Effect of accelerating maturation in tobacco

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Effect of acemidophen and its derivatives on the phosphorylating activity of Fasciola hepatica mitochondria

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Effect of acemidophen on the quality of ewes' milk

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Effect of acetaldehyde on hepatic gluconeogenesis

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Effect of acid activation of Scots pine pulp on the properties of hardboard

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Effect of actinomycetes and streptomycin on the nodulation of Phaseolus vulgaris

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Effect of actinomycin D on induction of pollen callus

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Effect of active immunization against estradiol on egg shell quality

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Effect of acute aldrin toxicity on serum transaminase, alkaline phosphatase and inorganic phosphorus in goats

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Effect of acute heat stress and its modifications by adrenaline and adrenolytic drugs in pigeons

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Effect of ad libitum maize silage or pasture with different amounts of concentrates on the production of dairy cows

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Effect of adaptation to handling on the circulating corticosterone concentration of laying hens

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Effect of adding DEAE-dextran to the stabilizer or to the diluent on the immunogenicity of strain V-319/Acatlan rabies vaccine for cattle

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Effect of adding Lih Feng Jiuen, the microorganism feed supplement, to laying diets on egg production, feed efficiency and egg quality of Leghorn hens

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Effect of adding beta -galactosidase to milk on some dairy products

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Effect of adding fumaric acids to mixed feeds for early weaned and growing pigs

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Effect of adding lactase enzyme to milk on acidity and growth of some microorganisms

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Effect of adding lysozyme to diets for mink on pelt quality

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Effect of adding nitrogen in combination with MnO2 on the growth, yield and composition of rice

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Effect of adding organic and mineral fertilizers to ponds on fish production

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Effect of adding urea during the production of forage yeasts on their chemical composition and on broiler chickens fed on the yeasts

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Effect of addition of BHA on the shelf life of buffalo milk butter powder

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Effect of addition of oil on the effectiveness of the herbicide Betanal in sugarbeet crops

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Effect of addition of ration of straw with dried beet or molasses on changes in milk composition of cows fed on hay and grass silage

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Effect of addition of textured soya protein on microbial contamination of canned meat products

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Effect of addition to ration of synthetic DL-methionine or methionine hydroxy analogue on milk yield of cows and fat and protein contents

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Effect of adjuvants on the antigenic activity of anti-rabies cell vaccines in trials on cattle

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Effect of administering hormonal preparations on the plasma testosterone level of boars

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Effect of administration of a haemolysate in sows on perinatal performance of piglets

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Effect of administration of anti-bursal extract or perfusate serum on the antibody production in chickens

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Effect of administration of estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy on the reproductive function of the bovine and its offspring

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Effect of administration of lipid vesicle (liposome) bound cholesterol esterase on liver cholesterol ester levels in cholesterol-fed rats

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Effect of admixtures of soya meal on the physical properties of dough and gluten, and on the quality of the bread

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Effect of adrenalectomy on brown adipose tissue of obese (ob/ob) mice

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Effect of adrenalectomy on the metabolism of glucose in obese (C57 Bl/6J ob/ob) mice

de Greef, W.J.; van der Schoot, P., 1983:
Effect of adrenalectomy on the regulation of ovarian function during lactation in the rat

van der Schoot, P.; de Greef, W.J., 1983:
Effect of adrenalectomy on the regulation of the secretion of gonadotrophins and prolactin in the lactating rat

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Effect of adrenaline and cortisol on milk secretion

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Effect of adrenergic blockers and depleters on food intake in rats

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Effect of adrenocorticotropin hormone injections on glucocorticoid receptors in chicken thymocytes

Asakai, R., 1983:
Effect of adrenocorticotropin on progesterone, 20 alpha -hydroxyprogesterone and adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate in isolated luteal cells from rat ovaries

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Effect of adsorption on the flow of water in fine pores

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Effect of adverse factors on seeds

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Effect of aeration on extracellular enzyme synthesis by psychrotrophs growing in milk during refrigerated storage

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Effect of aeration on the fertilising ability of turkey semen stored for 48 hours at 5 and 15 degrees C: a study from the 33rd to the 47th week of age

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Effect of aerosols of therapeutic substances on pigs with respiratory diseases of infectious origin

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Effect of aflatoxin B1 and major metabolites on phytohemeagglutinin-stimulated lymphoblastogenesis of bovine lymphocytes

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Effect of aflatoxin B1 on European corn borer survival and development in the laboratory

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Effect of age and dietary calcium on renal 25(OH)D metabolism, serum 1,25(OH)2D, and PTH

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Effect of age and glucocorticoid administration on the proteolytic activity of gastric mucosa: a comparative study in the young rat, calf and piglet

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Effect of age and mating on pheromone production in the female olive fruit fly, Dacus oleae (Gmel.)

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Effect of age and reproductive status on wool yield of Polwarth ewes

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