Economic considerations in sunflower pollination and insecticide application for control of the sunflower moth (Homoeosoma electellum)

Krause, L.

American Bee Journal 123(3): 211-214


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-7626
Accession: 001185124

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A study in Wyoming, USA, showed that yields of 3 hybrid varieties of sunflower were increased if crops were pollinated by insects, especially by honeybees; the value of insect pollination is estimated to be $84.64 per acre [$211 per ha]. The economic damage caused by various population levels of the pest Homeosoma electellum, the sunflower moth, was also estimated. If the cost of applying insecticide is $5.17 per acre [$13 per ha], spraying is economically worthwhile when moth populations reach 2 per 5 flower heads. However, if methyl parathion is applied while honeybees are foraging in a 50-acre [20-ha] crop, it is estimated that the loss in honey production alone could be between $390 and $650 (for 26 colonies).P. Walker.