Effect of cultivars and date and rate of sowing on yield and quality of lucerne during the year of sowing

Belzile, L.; Rioux, R.

Canadian Journal of Plant Science 64(2): 309-317


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-4220
Accession: 001186595

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In field trials in 1971-5, lucerne cv. Alfa, Narragansett and Vernal were sown at 6.7, 13.4 or 20.2 kg seed/ha at 15-day intervals. Sowing during May gave the highest DM yields, although later sowing tended to increase digestibility and CP content of forage at 2nd cut. Total DM yield was highest in Alfa at all sowing rates and dates and DM digestibility tended to be highest in Alfa. Sowing rate had no effect on digestibility or CP content although DM yield at 1st cut decreased with decrease in sowing rate.