Effect of gibberellic acid, sulphuric acid and thiourea on germination and seedling growth of peach X almond hybrid (Sloh)

Singh, K.P.; Grewal, S.S.; Dhatt, A.S.

Punjab Horticultural Journal 23(3/4): 164-167


Accession: 001187554

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Intact stones were treated with sulphuric acid for 5 minutes or the stones were cracked, the seeds removed and treated for 24 h with GA3 at 150 p.p.m., thiourea at 5000 p.p.m. or GA3 + thiourea (150 + 5000 p.p.m.). The stones and seeds were stratified in sand at 5 degrees C for 30, 40 or 60 days. Treatment with GA3 at 150 p.p.m. plus stratification for 45 days gave the best germination and seedling growth.