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Effect of level and form of phosphorus and level of calcium intake on zinc, iron and copper bioavailability in man

Bour, N., J.S.; Soullier, B.-A.Z., M., B.

Nutrition research 4(3): 371-379


ISSN/ISBN: 0271-5317
DOI: 10.1016/s0271-5317(84)80098-6
Accession: 001188067

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Assessment of the effect of phosphorus (P) supplements (with/without added calcium [Ca]) on Zn, Fe, and Cu bioavailability in a metabolic and multi-dietary study of 10 healthy men (ages 20-30) indicated that high Ca supplements decreased polyphosphate hydrolysis and stabilized hexametaphosphate and polyphosphate hydrolysis products (except pyrophosphate); P supplements (particularly hexametaphosphate) markedly decreased Fe absorption and retention at low (but not at high) Ca supplementation, while hexametaphosphate and high Ca decreased Cu retention. None of the diets tested affected Zn retention. (wz)

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