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Effect of the content of vegetable crude protein in the diet on the utilization of urea in dairy cows. 1. Digestion of nitrogen and utilization of urea for bacterial protein synthesis in the rumen

Voigt, J.; Piatkowski, B.; Krawielitzki, R.; Sommer, A.; Ceresnakova, Z.; Engelmann, H.; Vancisin, J.; Girschewski, H.; Chrastinova, L.

Archiv fur Tierernahrung 33(4/5): 327-340


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-942X
Accession: 001190159

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The utilization of feed urea in the rumen was tested in 2 experiments with a total of 4 newly lactating dairy cows with rumen and duodenal re-entrant cannulae. With the energy supply constant in each case, the rations in experiment A contained 8.7, 12.4 and 14.6 and those of experiment B 10.7, 13.7 and 17.1% crude plant protein in DM. After supplementation with 120 and 150 g urea daily there were 11.9, 15.7 and 17.8 (A) and 13.8, 16.7 and 20.2 (B) % crude protein in DM.

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