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Chapter 1,191

Effect of the phase of the reproductive cycle on the level of phosphorus compounds in the blood serum of high-yielding and low-yielding dairy cows

Pjescak, M.; Valent, M.; Kovacik, J.

Acta Zootechnica Universitatis Agriculturae Nitra 37(21): 23-35


Accession: 001190244

In autumn, winter and spring, 24 (i) high-yielding ( more than 5000 kg milk in 305-day lactation) and 24 (ii) low-yielding (<less or =>3000 kg milk) Slovakian Pied cows were each divided into 4 groups of 6 according to phase of reproductive cycle (4-6 wk post partum, 3 or 7 months pregnant or infertile), and blood serum contents of inorganic P, lipid P, protein P, RNA P and total P were determined. All cows were in the 4th-6th lactations.

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