Section 2
Chapter 1,191

Effect of udder treatment of cows before milking on bacterial counts in milk immediately after milking

Beljin Korac, V.; Hauzer Alfirevic, O.; Korac, V.

Radovi Poljoprivrednog Fakulteta Univerziteta u Sarajevu 30(34): 193-199


Accession: 001190430

2 variants of preparation for milking were investigated. In the 1st variant, udders of all cows were washed with warm water from the same bucket and wiped down with the same cloth. In the 2nd variant, used on the same cows 5 days later, clean water and a new cloth were used for each animal. Milk obtained by hand milking into a sterile container had av. bacterial counts of 601 500/ml in the 1st variant but only 83 000/ml in the 2nd.

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