Effects of zeranol on body weight and blood composition in steers

Contreras, P.A.; Werner, R.; Tadich, N.

Veterinaria Argentina 1(5): 450-461


Accession: 001193081

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At an av. body weight of 358.5+or-23.5 kg, 15 Holstein-Friesian steers were implanted with 36 mg zeranol. Compared with 15 untreated controls, the body weight of treated animals was significantly higher 45, 60, 75 and 90 days after implantation (362.7+or-26.8, 366.0+or-26.8, 376.6+or-27.4 and 382.2 kg resp. vs. 353.9+or-18.2, 358.2+or-20.8, 368.4+or-20.6 and 372.0+or-21.0). Treated animals had significantly higher serum protein concentrations than controls 60 days after treatment (62.4+or-7.0 vs. 55.8+or-3.5 g/litre), and significantly higher concentrations of urea 15, 60 and 75 days after treatment (2.21+or-0.42, 2.38+or-0.46 and 3.42+or-0.43 mmol/litre vs. 1.77+or-0.19, 2.05+or-0.31 and 3.00+or-0.50), but zeranol treatment had no significant effect on haemoglobin, albumin, glucose or sodium concentrations.