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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1198

Chapter 1198 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Engel, H.W.B.; Leusden, F.M. van; Nouws, J.F.M., 1984: Evaluation of the European Community's four-plate method for the detection of residues of antimicrobial drugs in slaughtered animals

Carlson, L.G.; Plorde, J.J., 1983: Evaluation of the FIAX semiautomatic fluorescent immunoassay system for the detection of IgG antibodies to Toxoplasma gondii

Retes Cazares, J.E., 1982: Evaluation of the Hyre system in forecasting late blight (Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de Bary) in northern Sinaloa

Mulla, M.S.; Axelrod, H., 1983: Evaluation of the IGR Larvadex as a feed-through treatment for the control of pestiferous flies on poultry ranches

Novak, W.P., 1984: Evaluation of the Jerabek cutting attachment for chain saws

Chieffi, P.P.; Marques, R.M.; Siqueira, J.G.V. de, 1981: Evaluation of the Kato-Katz method for the parasitological diagnosis of schistosomiasis mansoni

Barry, J.W.; Whyte, G.L.; Hofacker, T.H., 1979: Evaluation of the Marsh Turbo Thrush for forest spraying. Phase 1 - spray characterization

Andrien, M., 1981: Evaluation of the Nutrition Education Programme at the Regional Hospital Centre of Bouake; Interim report

Croft, B.A.; Knight, A.L., 1983: Evaluation of the PETE phenology modeling system for integrated pest management of deciduous tree fruit species

Booker, R.E., 1983: Evaluation of the Pilodyn Wood Tester for use in the particleboard industry

Folkema, M.P., 1983: Evaluation of the S.L.R.-2000 dual head delimber attachment

Ben Ismail, R., 1984: Evaluation of the activity of mebendazole against Hymenolepis nana in Tunisia

Nikolov, N., 1983: Evaluation of the activity of the synthetic juvenoid R-394 against some species of noctuids of the genus Agrotis

Lishchitovich, L.I.; Nikolaenko, N.V., 1981: Evaluation of the adaptability and stability of varieties and hybrids in an ecological trial

Rabibhadana, A.; Tantuvanit, N.; Chotchuangniran, C.; Paothatat, C.; Yensuvarin, Y., 1983: Evaluation of the administration and management of the Sericulture/Settlement Project

Faure, R.; Tur, Z.; Alonso, J.C.; Gonzalez, F., 1981: Evaluation of the administration of progesterone and oestradiol benzoate for the treatment of anoestrus in heifers

Zhang Qi; Mew, T.W., 1984: Evaluation of the adult plant resistance of Xa-6 to bacterial blight of rice

Krause, C., 1981: Evaluation of the aeration method of air injection to increase the capacity of carp production units

Ebadi, A., 1984: Evaluation of the allergic test in diagnosis of brucellosis in sheep

Gestring, W.D.; Soltanpour, P.N., 1984: Evaluation of the ammonium bicarbonate-DTPA soil test for assessing boron availability to alfalfa

Rweyemamu, M.M.; Ouldridge, E.J.; Head, M.; Purse, F., 1984: Evaluation of the antigenic variation within type A foot and mouth disease virus isolates from Asia

Schoppner, A., 1984: Evaluation of the appearance of town parks

Qi, S.; Shunxiang, Y.; Yuqin, D.; Zhaohai, L.; Jinxu, L., 1984: Evaluation of the availability of phosphorus in feeds for poultry and swine and their nutritional phosphorus deficiency

Brodsky, M.H., 1984: Evaluation of the bacteriological health risk of 60-day aged raw milk Cheddar cheese

Guy, E.J., 1984: Evaluation of the bread-baking quality and storage stability of 12% soy-fortified wheat flour containing sweet cheese whey solids

Svestka, M., 1982: Evaluation of the changes in numbers of the nun moth (Lymantria monacha L.) in the framework of the biogeosystem with regard to climatic conditions

Scarpati de Briceno, Z.; Briceno P.O., 1980: Evaluation of the chemical composition and nutritional value of some samples of quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) from the germplasm bank of the National Technical University of the Altiplano

Pocsai, K.; Szabo, L., 1983: Evaluation of the chemical composition of Vicia faba L. from the point of view of production and breeding

Kanno, Y.; Namikawa, K.; Hamada, M.; Kashimura, R.; Yamaguchi, T.; Fuyama, M.; Akasaka, H., 1982: Evaluation of the chemotherapeutic effect of anti-piroplasmotic drugs in mice. 1. Toxicity test on Ganaseg in ICR mice

Turbin, N.V.; Anokhina, V.S.; Fedorova, G.A.; Kryzhanovskaya, L.I., 1981: Evaluation of the combining ability of Lupinus luteus for individual yield components

Savchenko, V.K.; Tereshko, G.T., 1983: Evaluation of the combining ability of lines of fowls in network test crosses. 1. Characters of lines and their hybrids

Savchenko, V.K.; Tereshko, G.T., 1983: Evaluation of the combining ability of lines of fowls in network test crosses. 2. General combining ability of lines

Duran Diaz, A., 1983: Evaluation of the complement fixation test using tube or microplate for the diagnosis of equine piroplasmosis

Idzkowska, M., 1983: Evaluation of the components of crosses in breeding Fusarium and Ascochyta resistant garden peas

Bhalla, M.K.; Bernier, C.C., 1984: Evaluation of the components of rate-reducing resistance in Vicia faba to Uromyces viciae-fabae

Maber, J.; Holland, P.T.; Steven, D., 1984: Evaluation of the controlled droplet application (CDA) spraying technique in kiwifruit

Spivakov, N.S., 1980: Evaluation of the degree and frequency of expression of heterosis for some characters in first-generation hybrids of grain sorghum

Stanovic, V., 1984: Evaluation of the demand for labour for selected technical and administrative posts in agriculture

Srefl, J., 1983: Evaluation of the design of the mobile part of machinery systems for hay harvesting

Butte, N.F.; Garza, C.; Smith, E.O.; Nichols, B.L., 1983: Evaluation of the deuterium dilution technique against the test-weighing procedure for the determination of breast milk intake

Amarowicz, R.; Smoczynski, S., 1983: Evaluation of the diet in a technical school canteen

Wolter, R.; Valette, J.P.; Daste, A., 1983: Evaluation of the digestibility of fresh brewers' grains with ponies

Vercruysse, J., 1983: Evaluation of the direction of the gonotrophic cycle of Anopheles arabiensis in an urban zone (Pikine, Senegal)

Boyarshinova, G.A., 1981: Evaluation of the drought resistance of tomatoes from the collection of the Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry (VIR) by different methods

Stepanov, K.M.; Nazarova, L.N.; Strizhekozin, Y.A.; Sanin, S.S.; Fochenkova, T.V.; Agaev, A.A., 1984: Evaluation of the economic effectiveness of chemical protection of rye from stem rust

Hlavackova, R., 1982: Evaluation of the economic effectiveness of commercial fertilizers: a methodological approach

Gotovtseva, M.Z., 1982: Evaluation of the economic efficacy of implementing control measures against bovine cysticerciasis in the Yakuts ASSR

Fedotov, I.S.; Karaban' , R.T.; Tikhomirov, F.A.; Sisigina, T.I., 1983: Evaluation of the effect of SO2 on Scots pine stands

Vodogretsky, V.E., 1982: Evaluation of the effect of agricultural afforestation in stream flow from observational data of experimental basins and agricultural fields

Gusev, V.V., 1983: Evaluation of the effect of deep loosening on the physical properties, moisture regime, and productivity of fine-textured sod-podzolic soils

Minnaar, A.D.P.; Thomson, D.K.; Preez, J.J. du; Hayes, J.P., 1983: Evaluation of the effect of different commercial processing methods on the nutritional value of poultry byproduct meal

Novotny, J., 1983: Evaluation of the effect of some soil properties on infection of cereals by take-all (Gaeumannomyces graminis)

Gautreau, J., 1984: Evaluation of the effective nondormancy rates in the field of Senegalese groundnuts

Miller, G.E., 1983: Evaluation of the effectiveness of cold-water misting of trees in seed orchards for control of Douglas-fir cone gall midge (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae)

Shalaev, V.S., 1983: Evaluation of the effectiveness of sawing spruce sawlogs oriented according to the knots

Locatelli, D.P., 1982: Evaluation of the effectiveness of some active ingredients with anti-cockroach activity

Maiorov, V.I.; Lopatkin, A.V.; Bogachev, S.S.; Bekishev, G.A.; Kononenko, A.P., 1984: Evaluation of the effectiveness of the nuclear polyhedrosis virus of the cotton moth Heliothis armigera under various conditions of its practical use

Djurdjevic, D.; Petrovic, S.; Stojic, V.; Miljkovic, V., 1983: Evaluation of the effectiveness of therapy of ovarian cysts in cows by RIA progesterone

Milano, S.; Neto, J.A.A.V., 1982: Evaluation of the effectiveness of three microbiocides in the control of sapstains

Dauncey M.J.; Ingram D.L., 1983: Evaluation of the effects of environmental temperature and nutrition on body composition

Dauncey M.J.; Ingram D.L.; Walters D.E.; Legge K.F., 1983: Evaluation of the effects of environmental temperature and nutrition on growth and development

Nurkhametov, K.G.; Mukhamed' yanova, E.R., 1981: Evaluation of the efficacy and therapeutic doses of locally produced bithionol against fascioliasis in cattle

Giebel, O.; Mazurkiewicz, M.; Mroz, A.; Pietrzkiewicz, T.; Zalesinski, A., 1984: Evaluation of the efficacy of Apralan (apramycin) in controlling bacterial diseases of poultry

Giebel, O.; Mazurkiewicz, M.; Mroz, A.; Pietrzkiewicz, T.; Wieliczko, A., 1984: Evaluation of the efficacy of Imequyl (flumequine) in the control of bacterial diseases of poultry

Hosny, M.M.; E.S.adany, G.; Moawad, G.M.; Topper, C., 1983: Evaluation of the efficacy of certain bacterial insecticides (Bacillus thuringiensis) in controlling Spodoptera littoralis in Egypt

Zavoikin, V.D.; Plyushcheva, G.L.; Nikiforova, T.F.; Shurandin, A.S.; Filinyuk, A.A.; Sabgaida, T.P., 1984: Evaluation of the efficacy of faecal examination techniques in the diagnosis of opisthorchiasis. Communication 1

Bhopale, G.M.; Bhatnagar, B.S., 1984: Evaluation of the efficacy of various anthelmintics against Ancylostoma caninum larvae in vitro

Hurney, A.P.; Ridge, D.R.; Dick, R.G., 1984: Evaluation of the efficiency of cane harvesters in removing extraneous matter, and in limiting cane losses during the cleaning process

Costa, A.J. da; Kasai, N.; Kronka, S. do N.; Chaia, G., 1983: Evaluation of the efficiency of closantel (R. 31.520) for the treatment of cattle naturally infested by Boophilus microplus (Canestrini, 1888)

Brackmann, A.; Link, D.; Costa, E.C., 1982: Evaluation of the efficiency of the insecticide Orthene (acephate) for the control of fruit flies (Anastrepha spp.) in peach

Bari, M.A.; Kaya, H.K., 1984: Evaluation of the entomogenous nematode Neoaplectana carpocapsae (=Steinernema feltiae) Weiser (Rhabditida: Steinernematidae) and the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner var. kurstaki for suppression of the artichoke plume moth (Lepidoptera: Pterophoridae)

Matsumura, K.; Endo, R., 1983: Evaluation of the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detecting antibodies to Toxocara canis in dogs

Johann, G., 1984: Evaluation of the external quality of apple planting material

Ward, J.A., 1984: Evaluation of the fertilizer promotion programme of the National Fertilizer Secretariat in Sri Lanka

Zheng, C.Q.; Lin, H.R.; Huang, Z.H., 1984: Evaluation of the fibre quality of ramie varieties

Gardner, W.D.; Alexiou, P.N.; Lind, P.; Butler, D., 1983: Evaluation of the fire retardant efficacy and leach resistance of an amino resin fire retardant. Preliminary report

Hoppe, R.W.; Bavister, B.D., 1983: Evaluation of the fluorescein diacetate (FDA) vital dye viability test with hamster and bovine embryos

Beer, S.A.; Plyuschcheva, G.L.; Gitsu, G.A.; Losev, G.I., 1983: Evaluation of the frequency of finds of Opisthorchis felineus ova in the population of endemic foci of opisthorchiasis in relation to the frequency of tests (Kato's)

Buchta, S.; Dufek, J.; Sauerova, J.; Schwarzer, J.; Safranek, F., 1981: Evaluation of the genetic potential of terminal hybrids of pigs

Peneva, T.I.; Kissel' , N.I.; Surikov, I.M.; Artemova, N.V., 1981: Evaluation of the genome and chromosome composition of triticale on the basis of protein markers

Dodonov, G.P.; Martinez, G.R.; Chinea, A., 1982: Evaluation of the germplasm bank

Wilson, P.A.; Cox, R.I.; George, J.M.; Hoskinson, R.M.; Scaramuzzi, R.J.; Turnbull, K.E.; Wong, M.S.F., 1983: Evaluation of the growth and reproductive performance of the female progeny of ewes immunized against steroids

Oliwensztein de Rios, A.; Portillo, J.; Pieri, D.; Dabezies, A.; Russi, D.; Moreira, L.; Cadenas, G.; Garcia, B.A. de; Robles, A.M.; Touya, E., 1981: Evaluation of the haematological response to iron polystyrene sulphonate adsorbate in children with iron deficiency

Cooney, P.A.; Gibbs, D.G.; Golinski, K.D., 1982: Evaluation of the herbicide 'Roundup' Reg. for control of bitou bush (Chrysanthemoides monilifera)

Gross, W.B.; Siegel, H.S., 1983: Evaluation of the heterophil/lymphocyte ratio as a measure of stress in chickens

Palta J.A., 1983: Evaluation of the hydraulic press for measurement of leaf water potentials in cassava

Pandey, R.N.; Gupta, S.K., 1983: Evaluation of the hydrodynamic dispersion coefficient using leached fraction equations

Cruz Castillo, F. de la; Pividal Grana, J.; Barquet Rodriguez, L.; Aguiar Prieto, P.H., 1982: Evaluation of the immediate hypersensitivity skin test for the diagnosis of schistosomiasis. Study on a group of Cubans and residents in an endemic area

Adel' shin, F.K.; Yarulin, G.R., 1983: Evaluation of the immunizing activity of the antigens of Echinococcus multilocularis by means of IHAT and FAT

Wawrzkiewicz, K.; Wawrzkiewicz, J., 1984: Evaluation of the immunogenic properties of live and inactivated vaccines against ringworm in cattle

Khalil, A.A.; Kita, J., 1983: Evaluation of the immunological responses of cattle with the use of different types of Pasteurella vaccines

Jawad, J.; Khairy, N.; Sukkar, F., 1981: Evaluation of the indirect immunofluorescent antibody test for the diagnosis of kala-azar in Iraq

Liepa, I.Y.; Gaitnieks, T.K.; Reke, G.K., 1983: Evaluation of the influence of automobile transport on a forest planting

McGee, M.V.; Boyd, C.E., 1983: Evaluation of the influence of water exchange in channel catfish ponds

Berliner, P.; Oosterhuis, D.M.; Green, G.C., 1984: Evaluation of the infrared thermometer as a crop stress detector

Selassie, A.G.; Bekele, F., 1982: Evaluation of the integrated family life education project

Daz Mayans, J.; Andreu Moliner, E.D.; Nunez Cachaza, A., 1983: Evaluation of the isotonic and isometric contractions of the metathoracic tibial extensor muscle of Schistocerca gregaria (Forskal, 1775), and its variation with the temperature

Losev, G.I.; Beer, S.A., 1983: Evaluation of the levels of prevalence of helminthiases by means of repeated faecal tests

Galan Sauco, V.; Fernandez Galvan, D., 1983: Evaluation of the local population of West Indian avocadoes of the island of Gomera

Arzuaga, J., 1983: Evaluation of the losses caused by Alternaria solani (Ellis & Martin) Jones & Grout in six varieties of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)

Potapov, B.I., 1983: Evaluation of the macrostructural stability of long-cultivated soils

Chmelik, K.; Jevic, P.; Smely, J.; Souhrada, J., 1983: Evaluation of the main parameters of an experimental plant for the production of packaged feeds for cattle

Lin, M.Y.; Kleven, S.H., 1984: Evaluation of the microagglutination test in the diagnosis of Mycoplasma gallisepticum infection in chickens

Knaus, B.U., 1983: Evaluation of the microprecipitation on agar test for the diagnosis of toxoplasmosis in man

Makarim A.K.; Cox F.R., 1983: Evaluation of the need for copper with several soil extractants

Bajpai, M.P.; Sharma, J., 1984: Evaluation of the new herbicides in wheat

Ledinsky, J., 1979: Evaluation of the nitrogen nutrition of Scots pine planting stock

Clavel Parrilla, A.; Castillo Garcia, F.J.; Marcos Aragues, G.; Lafarga Gil, M.A.; Gil Tomas, J.; Gomez Lus, R., 1983: Evaluation of the number of samples for the diagnosis of enterobiasis

Davis, K.R.; Peters, L.J.; Cain, R.F.; LeTourneau, D.; McGinnis, J., 1984: Evaluation of the nutrient composition of wheat. III. Minerals

Lasztity, B.; Kadar, I., 1983: Evaluation of the nutrient supply of recultivated land by plant analysis

Oliveira, I.P. de; Aidar, H.; Kluthcouski, J., 1982: Evaluation of the nutritional necessity of phosphorus for unirrigated beans in cerrado soils

Urteaga, C.; Cabrera, L.; Godoy, R.; Rosales, E.; Ruz, M.; Dominguez, P.J.; Berdichewsky, I.; Rozo, J.; Rey, J.; Araya, J., 1982: Evaluation of the nutritional state of pregnant university students attending the Student Medical and Dental Service of the University of Chile

Kerimbekov, B.K.; Dzhantasov, Z.K.; Tkach, N.Z.; Karimov, T.K.; Kurakina, V.E.; Yarovaya, T.G.; Zhamankulov, K.Z.; Pamurzina, L.F.; Mavlyudova, N.M.; Zalevskii, Z.K.; Sarkulov, S., 1984: Evaluation of the nutritional state of workers in the chromium industry

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Perry, L.E.; Reap, E.J.; Gilliland, M.A., 1982: Evaluation of the overland flow process for treatment of high-strength snack food processing wastewaters

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Deng, C.G.; Zhang, X.D.; Deng, M.L., 1983: Evaluation of the performance of Enshi Black pigs and their crosses

Silva, J.J.S. e, 1982: Evaluation of the performance of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) cultivars at two levels of soil fertility

Breil, K., 1983: Evaluation of the population density and coverage in vineyards with permanent sward

Manaoharan, N.; Gopalan, M.; Ramakrishnan, C.; Rangaswami, P.; Shanmugavelu, K.G., 1983: Evaluation of the preference of thrips (Scirtothrips dorsalis H.) to chilli accessions

Rouse, D.B.; Stickney, R.R., 1982: Evaluation of the production potential of Macrobrachium rosenbergii in monoculture and in polyculture with Tilapia aurea

Aleksandrov, A.Kh, 1983: Evaluation of the progeny of some European provenances of Picea abies by height growth

Adel' shin, F.K.; Ballad, N.E.; Kovalenko, F.P., 1983: Evaluation of the protective activity of purified fractions of an alveolar hydatid antigen in line-bred mice

Thawley, D.G.; Joo, H.S.; Johnson, M.E.; Solorzano, R.F., 1984: Evaluation of the radial immunodiffusion enzyme assay (RIDEA) for the detection of antibody to pseudorabies virus

Mladek, J.; Nyvlt, V.; Fabry, A.; Devera, S., 1983: Evaluation of the rapeseed frost resistance by a dielectric method

Borovinskaya, L.B., 1982: Evaluation of the reclamational effect of shelter belts on soils of the light-chestnut complex by electrometric methods

Gundermann, E., 1981: Evaluation of the recreation evaluation methods used in Western Europe

Merlo, M., 1982: Evaluation of the recreational value of woodlands

A.R.wi, K.M.; Ahmed Abdul Jawad Ahmed, 1984: Evaluation of the relative efficiencies of several selection indices for predicting yield performance in Upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Prinsloo, J.F.; Schoonbee, H.J., 1984: Evaluation of the relative growth performance of three varieties of the European common carp, Cyprinus carpio, in Transkei

Rondon, Z.; Combellas, J. de; Martinez, N., 1982: Evaluation of the reproductive performance of ewes synchronized with FGA

Prekoppova, J.; Boros, V.; Krcal, Z., 1983: Evaluation of the resazurin test

Leath, S.; Pedersen, W.L., 1984: Evaluation of the residual effects of the Ht1 gene with respect to Exserohilum turcicum race 2 in maize inbreds and hybrids

Arzuaga, J.; Estevez, A., 1982: Evaluation of the resistance of 6 potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) varieties to Alternaria solani over 3 years under field conditions

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Hobt, H., 1982: Evaluation of the response of crops to potassium, in long term trials. World experience

Galkin, V.I., 1981: Evaluation of the response of spring bread wheat to environmental factors in breeding varieties of the intensive type

Nakasuji, F.; Dyck, V.A., 1984: Evaluation of the role of Microvelia douglasi atrolineata (Bergroth) (Heteroptera: Veliidae) as predator of the brown planthopper Nilaparvata lugens (Stal) (Homoptera: Delphacidae)

Durand, D., 1983: Evaluation of the role of village achievements in the development of the Sahel (Report for the Fondation de France)

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Nakamura, K.; Gimenes Fernandes, N., 1982: Evaluation of the severity of anthracnose on some commercial sorghum genotypes

Koundal, K.R.; Sinha, S.K., 1983: Evaluation of the significance of malic acid secretion in chickpea

Mazzoni, M.R.C.; Robutti, J.L., 1983: Evaluation of the sodium dodecyl sulphate sedimentation method for the determination of baking quality in wheat breeding

Bassili, M.; Basturus, N.M., 1983: Evaluation of the suitability of food-plants for the rearing of Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.)

Bednova, V.N.; Vasil' ev, M.M., 1982: Evaluation of the susceptibility of Trichomonas vaginalis to drugs of the nitroimidazole group in solid nutrient media

Gearheart, R.A.; Martono, S., 1984: Evaluation of the technical and community participation approach of CARE assisted rural water supply projects in Indonesia

Wolf, A.; Hrivnák, D., 1982: Evaluation of the toxicity of new sources of protein for human nutrition

Aggett, P.J.; More, J.; Thorn, J.M.; Delves, H.T.; Cornfield, M.; Clayton, B.E., 1983: Evaluation of the trace metal supplements for a synthetic low lactose diet

Muller, P.; Deegen, E.; Reitemeyer, H., 1984: Evaluation of the tracheobronchial secretion of horses with pulmonary disease, in relation to leukocytes in the secretion

Munoz A.G.; Poey, F., 1983: Evaluation of the traditional methodology for the description of rice cultivars

Kilpatrick, F.A., 1982: Evaluation of the trapezoidal flume for measuring water-sediment discharges from mined areas

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Wiadrowska, B.; Syrowatka, T., 1982: Evaluation of total mercury in human tissues

Mishra, S.N.; Verma, B.M., 1982: Evaluation of training of rural youth for self-employment (TRYSEM) in Rajasthan: a case study of Dholpur and Rajakhera blocks in the district of Bharatpur

Rotem, A.; Bandaranayake, R.C., 1983: Evaluation of training programs for primary health care

Holtkamp, D., 1983: Evaluation of training systems for cooperatives in developing countries with a case study of Jamaica

Warren, R.G.; Webb, A.I.; Kosch, P.C.; Coons, L., 1984: Evaluation of transcutaneous oxygen monitoring in anaesthetised pony foals

Stephenson, R.G.A.; Pritchard, D.A.; Connell, J.A., 1984: Evaluation of treatments for fortifying round bales of barley stubble using a spear technique

Jourdan, S.W.; Oplinger, E.S., 1983: Evaluation of triacontanol as a potential soybean growth regulant

Shaw, S., 1984: Evaluation of triadimenol, fuberidazole and phenylmercury acetate for suppression of germination of sclerotia of Claviceps purpurea

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Rouse, R.E., 1984: Evaluation of two commercially available biostimulants on citrus

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Lorton, S.P.; Winter, J.L.; Pace, M.M.; Sullivan, J.J., 1984: Evaluation of two seminal collection regimens for mature Holstein bulls

Hwang, Y.S.; Schultz, G.W.; Mulla, M.S., 1983: Evaluation of unsaturated fatty acids as mosquito ovipositional repellents

Awad-Masalmeh, A.; Willinger, H., 1983: Evaluation of usefulness of 2-mercapto-ethanol treatment in serodiagnosis of swine leptospirosis

Anderson, G.W., 1983: Evaluation of uterine lumenal proteins in dairy cattle at known stages of the estrous cycle and in ovarian steroid treated ovariectomized cows

Peterson C.J.; Johnson V.A.; Mattern P.J., 1983: Evaluation of variation in mineral element concentrations in wheat flour and bran of different cultivars

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Wijnen, C.J.M., 1984: Experiences with statutory financial support to the self employed in the agricultural sector

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Reuter, W., 1982: Experiences with the Reuter trout silo

Patzold, G., 1983: Experiences with the apple cultivar Gloster

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Doley, D., 1984: Experimental analysis of fluoride susceptibility of grape vine (Vitis vinifera L.): foliar fluoride accumulation in relation to ambient concentration and wind speed

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Miao, J.C., 1983: Experimental control of pine caterpillars with microcapsulated pesticide

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Anonymous, 1984: Experimental design in cattle research when resources are limiting

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Mohammad, F.S.; Skaggs, R.W., 1983: Experimental determination of drain opening effects on drainage rates

Di, N.L., 1983: Experimental determination of lacquer flow of clonal progenies of the major cultivars of lacquer trees in farmsteads in Shaanxi Province

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Kuran, J.; Sestak, J., 1984: Experimental determination of the position of the centre of gravity of some types of self-propelled self-loading wagons

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Yuasa, N.; Yoshida, I., 1983: Experimental egg transmission of chicken anemia agent

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Blinov, B.K., 1982: Experimental evaluation of certain parameters of mercury migration from surface soil

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Molnar, K., 1984: Experimental evidence that protozoans causing swim-bladder inflammation in common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) are stages of Sphaerospora renicola

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Yoda, H.; Nakayama, K.; Nakagawa, M., 1982: Experimental infection of Bordetella bronchiseptica to rabbits

Mello, D.A.; Teixeira, M.L., 1984: Experimental infection of Calomys callosus with Leishmania donovani chagasi

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Yong Cong, M.; Perera de Puga, G., 1982: Experimental infection of Cuban snails with African Schistosoma mansoni

Rhee, J.K.; Kim, P.G.; Baek, B.K.; Lee, S.B.; Ahn, B.Z., 1983: Experimental infection of Cyprinus carpio nudus with Clonorchis sinensis

Bicescu, M.; Pirvulescu, M.; Manolescu, N.; Bucur, E.; Ionita, C., 1982: Experimental infection of HPCDIR pigs with strains of Mycoplasma spp., isolated from outbreaks of pig enzootic pneumonia

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Jones, R.C.; Georgiou, K., 1984: Experimental infection of chickens with an adenovirus isolated from tenosynovitis, following infection with either (1) an arthrotropic reovirus, or (2) infectious bursal disease virus

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Kazacos, K.R.; Kazacos, E.A., 1984: Experimental infection of domestic swine with Baylisascaris procyonis from raccoons

Sanchis, R.; Pardon, P., 1984: Experimental infection of ewes with Salmonella abortusovis: effect of stage of pregnancy

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Ramos, J.R.; Luya, M.J., 1983: Experimental infection of unweaned piglets with encephalomyocarditis

Iliadis, N.; Tsangaris, T.; Kaldrymidou, H.; Lekas, S., 1983: Experimental infection with Erysipelothrix insidiosa in turkeys and pigeons

Conlogue, G.C.; Foreyt, W.J., 1984: Experimental infections of Eimeria mccordocki (Protozoa, Eimeriidae) in white-tailed deer

Liou, P.P., 1983: Experimental infections of domestic ducks with Aujeszky's virus

von Rotz, A.; Mumcuoglu, Y.; Pohlenz, J.F.; Suter, M.; Brossard, M.; Barth, D., 1983: Experimental infestation of cattle with ectoparasites and their effect on leather quality

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Kachanov, Y.F.; Tkachenko, V.A., 1983: Experimental investigation of a hydrostatic transmission control system for the running gear of self-propelled agricultural machines

Rekubratskii, G.M., 1983: Experimental investigation of a stubble drill for grain and grass seed

Mishin, M.A., 1984: Experimental investigation of a sugarbeet top cleaner

Shalashov, A.P.; Biryukov, V.I., 1983: Experimental investigation of the process of wet forming of the fibre mat between two vertical screens

Zhang, L.C.; Guo, W.M.; Cheng, Y.S., 1981: Experimental investigation on the physiology of afterripening of Korean pine seed

Mogilan, R.V., 1984: Experimental investigations of the resistance to forward movement of the TB-1 tractor

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Kumar, A.; Mann, R.S., 1983: Experimental laboratory fixed-bed study on the atmospheric pressure gasification of poplar bark with steam

Barner, J., 1983: Experimental landscape ecology

Petrova, A.; Antonov, A.; Yuskeselieva, L., 1984: Experimental laser technique for studying aerosol immunization of piglets

Lucas J.L.; Pearson R.E.; Vinson W.E.; Johnson L.P., 1984: Experimental linear descriptive type classification

Reid, H.W.; Buxton, D.; Pow, I.; Moss, R., 1983: Experimental louping-ill virus infection of black grouse (Tetrao tetrix)

Padmavathi, V.; Kumar, R.; Malaviya, A.N.; Mohapatra, L.N., 1983: Experimental malarial infection I. Plasmodium berghei infection in normal and T-cell deficient mice

Rainard, P., 1983: Experimental mastitis with Escherichia coli: sequential response of leukocytes and opsonic activity in milk of immunised and unimmunised cows

Boetius, I.; Boetius, J., 1982: Experimental maturation of European silver eels

Plumb, O.A.; Brown, C.A.; Olmstead, B.A., 1984: Experimental measurements of heat and mass transfer during convective drying of southern pine

Anonymous, 1982: Experimental methods for assessing the effects of insecticides on the honeybee

Gorbatov, A.B., 1982: Experimental microsporosis in animals

Andryushin, V.V., 1981: Experimental microsporosis of horses

Neuhauser, M.; Gottmann, U.; Bassler, K.H. , 1984: Experimental model for long-term trials of parenteral nutrition in growing rats

Hoyos de Castro, A.; Hernando Costa, J.; Hernando Massanet, I.; Canas Alcocer, C., 1981: Experimental model of ilmenite weathering. Application to microscopical examination of opaque minerals

Hoyos de Castro, A.; Hernando Massanet, I.; Hernando Costa, J.; Canas Alcocer, C., 1981: Experimental model of magnetite weathering. Application to microscopical examination of opaque minerals

Labuda, M.; Ciampor, F.; Kozuch, O., 1983: Experimental model of the transovarial transmission of Tahyna virus in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes

Warren, L.G., 1983: Experimental models for the in vitro comparison of imidazole compounds

Malinow, M.R., 1983: Experimental models of atherosclerosis regression

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