Farmers' wives between contradiction and hope: an enquiry into the contribution made to processes of self organization among participating farmers' wives by a study weekend at the Folk Highschool Ons erf during which a policy approach was tried

Coole Feenstra, B. de; Ruitenberg Ambagtsheer, C.

Boerinnen tussen tegenspraak en hoop een onderzoek naar de bijdrage van een vormingsweekeinde op de Volkshogeschool "Ons erf", waarbij gewerkt werd vanuit de methode van politiek leren, aan processen van zelforganisatie bij deelnemende boerinnen: 281


Accession: 001199286

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The contribution made by an educational programme to processes of self organization (consciousness of unequal power relationships) among the farmers' wives who took part is assessed. A preliminary enquiry had examined the social situation of farmers' wives on livestock holdings. The publication reports on the preliminary enquiry and analyzes the education process over the study weekend. Mention is made of the organizational framework surrounding the farmer's wife; a questionnaire over her position and a short review of economic and social developments in Dutch agriculture are included.