Fattening bull calves on pelleted complete mixed feeds containing large amounts of straw treated with sodium hydroxide

Dzhurbinev, D.; Todorov, N.A.; Al Sakhib, M.

Zhivotnov"dni Nauki 20(6): 21-28


Accession: 001199459

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From 198 to 460 kg liveweight 2 groups of 8 Bulgarian Brown and American Brown Swiss bull calves, initially about 8.5 months old, were given pelleted complete feeds with barley straw untreated 50 or treated with sodium hydroxide 4.26 kg/100 kg 68% to appetite. Mean daily gain, 1107 and 1014 g, was not significantly different between groups. Feed intake was 7.78 and 8.33 kg/kg gain. Digestibility of dietary nutrients was similar in the 2 groups although digestibility of crude fibre tended to be better with treated straw. Feed energy value was 34.66 and 47.52 feed units/100 kg straw. There was no difference in slaughter indices.