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Fire hazards in the dairy industry. II. Study of possibility of dust explosion in milk drying factories

Habich, B.; Heine, M.; Orzeszko, A.; Starski, L.; Wilkonski, P.

Przeglad Mleczarski 31(6): 23-24


Accession: 001200710

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It is concluded, largely on the basis of data of Jacobson & Nagy (Food Technology (1962) 16 (2) 32) on min. explosive concentration (MEC), and also own observations in part I, that dried milk concentration in spray driers amounting to some 150 g/msuperscript 3 constitutes a fire hazard about 3x greater than when the concentration is 50 g/msuperscript 3 and that anti-explosion devices should be fitted in such towers.

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