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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1202

Chapter 1202 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anonymous, 1984:
Flavour test of Alkmene

Grab, W., 1983:
Flavoured dairy products: sensory and stability problems

Korn, H., 1983:
Flavoured milk prepared from commercial quality milk and fruit or fruit pieces

Heath, H.B., 1983:
Flavourings for dairy products

Wright, J.R., 1983:
Flavours and flavourings

Heath, H.B., 1983:
Flavours in milk and dairy products

Sultana, C., 1984:
Flax and other oil plants

Marchenkov, A.N., 1981:
Flax breeding during the 50 years of work of the All-Union Flax Institute

Evminov, V.N.; Dynnik, V.P.; Slushnyak, S.G., 1981:
Flax mutants in different zones of the Ukrainian SSR

Sharov, I.Ya, 1981:
Flax mutants induced by gamma rays from 60 degrees C

Kargopol' tsev, L.N.; Sharov, I.Y., 1981:
Flax varieties of the Mogilev station

Maddens, K., 1983:
Flax. Cultural techniques for fibre flax

Stryckers, J., 1983:
Flax. Weed control in fibre flax

Rosen, H. von, 1984:
Flea beetles of the genus Chaetocnema attacking barley on the island of Gotland

Cyprich, D.; Sipos, P., 1984:
Fleas (Siphonaptera) in the nests of Corvidae under Slovak conditions

Shevchenko, V.L., 1983:
Fleas and mites of the isabelline wheatear (Oenanthe isabellina Temm., 1829) and its nests in northern Cis-Caspia

Vashchenok, V.S., 1984:
Fleas and pathogens of bacterial diseases of man and animals

Kotti, B.K., 1984:
Fleas of the Evoron vole (Siphonaptera)

Volkov, G.S.; Kornienko, P.P., 1984:
Fleece of Precoce sheep

Sannikov, M.I.; Aboneev, V.V.; Belyaeva, A.M.; Kiselev, E.F., 1980:
Fleece type of fine-wooled sheep and its importance for selection

Kishore, K.; Gour, D.; Rawat, P.S., 1983:
Fleece yield and quality characters in Avikalin sheep

Swamy, G.; Binswanger, H.P., 1983:
Flexible consumer demand systems and linear estimation: food in India

Gruber, J., 1983:
Flexible handling of inputs in Rosinger's interactive procedure for multiple objective decision making (vector optimization)

Teague, M.L., 1982:
Flexible life cyclic planning: a product of an emerging post-industrial society

Hansen, R., 1983:
Flexible plant for the production of Cheddar and English territorials in the Express Creamery in Ruyton XI towns

Szadziewski, R., 1983:
Flies (Diptera) of the saline habitats of Poland

Persson, P.I., 1983:
Flies on the Great Alvar of Oland

Spitzer, K.; Rejmanek, M.; Soldan, T.; Zeleny, J., 1983:
Flight activity of some moths (Lepidoptera) monitored by sex pheromones in Vietnam: dry season

Bellec, C.; Hebrard, G., 1983:
Flight activity times of adults of the Simulium damnosum complex in the preforest sector of the Ivory Coast

Ulmer, JG.; Linit, MJ.; Kearby, WH., 1983:
Flight and dispersal behavior of the black walnut curculio, Conotrachelus retentus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Leppla, N.C.; Nelson, T.E.; Peterson, J.R.; Adams, G.W., 1983:
Flight and reproduction of velvetbean caterpillar moths in continuous zero gravity aboard the space shuttle Columbia

Meyerdirk, DE.; Moreno, DS., 1984:
Flight behavior and color-trap preference of Parabemisia myricae (Kuwana) (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) in a citrus orchard

Guries, R.P.; Nordheim, E.V., 1984:
Flight characteristics and dispersal potential of maple samaras

Bisht, DS., 1983:
Flight energetics of Indian honey bee, Apis cerana indica

Baker, PS.; Gewecke, M.; Cooter, RJ., 1984:
Flight orientation of swarming Locusta migratoria

Adler, PH.; K.C.ung Kim.; Light, RW., 1983:
Flight patterns of the Simulium vittatum (Diptera: Simuliidae) complex over a stream

Stamenkovic, S.; Stamenkovic, T.; Pantelic, Z., 1984:
Flight phenology of the codling moth Cydia (Carpocapsa) pomonella L. (Lepidoptera - Tortricidae)

Potter, DA.; Timmons, GM., 1983:
Flight phenology of the dogwood borer (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae) and implications for control in Cornus florida L

Mundie, J.H.; Traber, R.E., 1983:
Floating pen for holding salmonid fry in running water

Yoshida, S., 1983:
Flocculation in stored low-acid/2nd-grade milk

Thomson, E.F.; Bahhady, F., 1983:
Flock composition and fluxes and productivity levels of Awassi flocks in the northwest Syrian steppe

Cabaret, J.; Anjorand, N., 1984:
Flock diagnosis of protostrongyle infections: comparison of methods in goat farming

Parr, R.A.; Campbell, I.P.; Cahill, L.P.; Bindon, B.M.; Piper, L.R., 1984:
Flock glucose profiles and productivity in Booroola and random bred control Merino ewes

Bourbouze, A., 1982:
Flock movements and the use of routes in the high central Atlas Mountains of the Maghreb

Bencherifa, A., 1982:
Flock tending and its role in integrating children into Moroccan society

Dister, E., 1983:
Flood tolerance of floodplain forest trees on loamy sites

Solomakha, V.A., 1982:
Flood-plain meadows of the Vorskla river

Norby, R.J.; Kozlowski, T.T., 1983:
Flooding and SO2 stress interaction in Betula papyrifera and B. nigra seedlings

Cherry, R.H., 1984:
Flooding to control the grub Ligyrus subtropicus (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in Florida sugarcane

Eivemark, M.M.; Robinson, K.E., 1982:
Floodplain reclamation with mill tailings

Zinke, P.J., 1981:
Floods, sedimentation, and alluvial soil formation as dynamic processes maintaining superlative redwood groves

Prados, C.N. et al., 1983:
Floor heating in Almeria greenhouses, by solar and conventional energy

Appleby, M.C.; McRae, H.E., 1983:
Floor laying by domestic hens

Hughes, B.L.; Sloan, D.R., 1984:
Floor space requirements for young guinea fowl

Webb, N.G.; Nilsson, C., 1983:
Flooring and injury-an overview

Haferbeck, E., 1983:
Flooring for chinchillas

Lindemann, M.D.; Kornegay, E.T.; Collins, E.R., 1983:
Flooring materials for nursery cages

Smith, A.C., 1981:
Flora Vitiensis nova: a new flora of Fiji (spermatophytes only). Volume 2

Blasko, P., 1979:
Flora and forestry treatment of karst shrub forests

Martinez M.O., 1981:
Flora and phytosociology of a relict stand containing Libocedrus tetragona in San Pablo de Tregua Farm (Valdivia province, Chile)

Saxena, A.P.; Vyas, K.M.; Gupta, S.K., .:
Flora of Bundelkhand II. Hydrophytic weeds of Ken-baghain tract, Banda district, U.P

Anonymous, 1982:
Flora of cultivated plants of the USSR. VI. Maize

Safronova, I.N., 1982:
Flora of the Svyatoi Nos Cape region (arctic Yakutia)

Simpson, BB.; Neff, JL.; Seigler, DS., 1983:
Floral biology and floral rewards of Lysimachia (Primulaceae)

Sazima, M.; Santos, J.U.M. dos, 1982:
Floral biology and insect visitors of Ludwigia sericea

Yeung, E.C.; Blackman, S.J., 1983:
Floral biology of Epidendrum ibaguense H.B.K. 1. Development of the pollinium

Pereira Noronha, M.R.; Gottsberger, I.S.; Gottsberger, G., 1982:
Floral biology of Stylosanthes in the serrado of Botucatu, Sao Paulo

Negri, V., 1984:
Floral characteristics and seed set in populations of birdsfoot trefoil, sainfoin and Hedysarum coronarium in the presence or absence of pollinating insects

Kevan, P.G., 1983:
Floral colors through the insect eye: what they are and what they mean

Pushkarev, G.N., 1984:
Floral ecology and seed production of Rumex alpinus in relation to sexual dimorphism

Guzik, M.B.; Voronova, I.G., 1981:
Floral ecology of wild steppe grasses of the Azov region

Erickson, E.H.J.; Struckmeyer, B.E.; Peterson, C.E., 1982:
Floral factors to be considered in the pollination of hybrid carrot seed parents and their F1 progeny

Williams, N.H., 1983:
Floral fragrances as cues in animal behaviour

Benoit, F.; Ceustermans, N.; Calus, A., 1983:
Floral induction of cauliflower for greenhouse production from December to March

Stephenson, R.A., 1983:
Floral initiation and floral development in macadamia

Powell, E.A.; Jones, C.E., 1983:
Floral mutualism in Lupinus benthamii (Fabaceae) and Delphinium parryi (Ranunculaceae)

Baker, H.G.; Baker, I., 1983:
Floral nectar sugar constituents in relation to pollinator type

Starostenko, E.V., 1982:
Floral specialization and proboscis length

Waddington, K.D., 1983:
Floral-visitation-sequences by bees: models and experiments

Sherman, W.B.; Lyrene, P.M.; Mortensen, J.A.; Sharpe, R.H., 1982:
Flordaprince, a peach for central Florida

Wilfret, G.J.; Weiler, T.C.; Harbaugh, B.K.; Hammer, P.A., 1983:
Floriana Mist and Floriana Cascade. New Bristol Fairy type Gypsophila for cut flowers

Guzman, V.L.; Zitter, T.A., 1983:
Floricos 83. A Cos lettuce cultivar resistant to two viruses, for Florida organic soils

Anonymous, 1984:
Floriculture in Holland

Crocker, T.E., 1984:
Florida 1984. Survey shows more acreage in improved cultivars

Wilfret, G.J.; Burgis, D.S., 1982:
Florida WF75-6 and WF75-13. Two early maturing bell pepper breeding lines with concentrated fruit set

Anonymous, 1984:
Florida adopts sludge utilization rule

Anonymous, 1984:
Florida to use fly-free areas to meet quarantine regulations

Hernandez B.J.E.; Costa T.M.; Sainz O.H.; Clemente M.M., 1983:
Floristic catalogue of the beech forest of Montejo de la Sierra (Madrid province)

Doyle, G.J.; Moore, J.J., 1982:
Floristic changes in developing conifer plantations growing on blanket peat in the west of Ireland

Sipailova, L.M.; Shelyag Sosonko, Y.R.; Solomakha, V.A., 1982:
Floristic classification of flood-plain meadows of the Ukrainian forest zone

Rao, R.R.; Kharkongor, P., 1978:
Floristic composition and seasonal pattern of vegetation in pine forests of Shillong in Meghalaya

Sakai, H.; Sato, T.; Okuda, S.; Akiyama, T., 1982:
Floristic composition and the dynamics of weeds of sown grassland in Japan. V. Classification of weed communities and the dynamics of weeds in sown grassland in Shizuoka Prefecture

Gupta, A.C.; Raturi, D.P.; Bora, N.K.S., 1982:
Floristic composition of a west Himalayan subalpine coniferous forest

Malaisse, F.P. et al., 1983:
Floristics and plant geography

Aleinikov, N.A.; Ivanova, V.A.; Brederman, I.V., 1983:
Flotation properties of n-alkylmonoamides of alkylsuccinic acids (alkylsuccinamic acids)

Herbertsson, M., 1984:
Flour and bread prices in Sweden

Turk, M., 1984:
Flow behaviour of poultry slurry

Hoshiba, S.; Janni, K.A., 1983:
Flow characteristics of light traps for turkey facilities

Novoselov, S.; Rezchikov, V.; Berbitskii, V.; Ryazantseva, M.; Maratov, B.; Migerov, G., 1983:
Flow cooling grain rice

Negi, B.S., 1984:
Flow induced vibration in tubular exchangers:- their causes and remedies

Ivanova, I.A.; Kapchina, V.M., 1984:
Flow of assimilates and influence of some growth regulators on the amount of the pigments and on the intensity of photosynthesis in the hyacinth (Hyacinthus orientalis L.)

Ulrich, H., 1984:
Flow of materials in regional forestry and forest products industries

Rao, M.A., 1982:
Flow properties of fluid foods and their measurement

GVenkataramanan, K.; Sebastian, M.T., 1983:
Flow property evaluation of Indian rock phosphate and application to plant design

Chang, C.S.; Converse, H.H.; Lai, F.S., 1983:
Flow rate of corn through orifices as affected by moisture content

Thomas, R.F.; Blakemore, L.C.; Kinloch, D.I., 1983:
Flow-diagram keys for Soil Taxonomy. H. Mollisols

Grace, T.T.Jr, 1983:
Flowable liquid fertilizer containing suspended water insoluble nitrogen

Murty, Y.S.; Karan Singh, 1983:
Flower abscission response of Vicia faba to treatment with growth substances

Waldbauer, G.P., 1983:
Flower associations of mimetic Syrphidae (Diptera) in northern Michigan

Bazant, Z.; Svoboda, A., 1983:
Flower bud development and yield management in the peach cultivar Redhaven

Raff, J.W.; Hallpike, A.L., 1983:
Flower bud development on stone fruit varieties

Rasmussen, K.; Kold, E.; Christensen, J.V., 1983:
Flower bud formation and fruit set in relation to shoot length in the new cherry cultivar Stevnsbaer

Robbins, J.A.; Doughty, C.C., 1984:
Flower bud formation, flowering, and fruiting in highbush blueberry in response to chlormequat, ethephon, and daminozide

Nahlawi, N.; Kotob, M.A.; Meaded, A., 1979:
Flower bud induction, fruit set and development in young pistachio trees after treatment with Alar 85

Liang Chengyu; Guan Peicong, 1983:
Flower bud morphogenesis of Brassica parachinensis Bailey

Maeyer, L.D.; Deckers, J.C., 1984:
Flower bud quality in the pear cultivar Doyenne du Comice: 1982-1983 trials

Klingaman, G.L.; Eaton, S., 1983:
Flower bulb trials in Arkansas

Estilai, A., 1983:
Flower colour and its inheritance in guayule

Bellardi, M.G.; Canova, A.; Tacconi, R.; Gelli, C., 1984:
Flower colour-break of Gladiolus associated with strawberry latent ringspot virus

Sakata, Y.; Arisumi, K., 1983:
Flower colours in the camellia

Himme, M. van; Stryckers, J.; Bulcke, R., 1983:
Flower crops

Smaal, A.; Jong, J. de, 1983:
Flower form is an important aspect of chrysanthemum breeding

Rasmussen, K., 1983:
Flower formation and fruit set in the sour cherry cultivar Stevnsbaer

Krebs, O.; Zimmer, K., 1983:
Flower formation in Begonia boweri Ziesenh. and an offspring of B. Cleopatra. XII. End-of-day light in very short photoperiods

Krebs, O.; Zimmer, K., 1983:
Flower formation in Begonia boweri Ziesenh. and an offspring of B. 'Cleopatra'. IX. Effect of night breaks of different length and with different spectral bands

Krebs, O.; Zimmer, K., 1984:
Flower formation in Begonia boweri Ziesenh. and an offspring of B. Cleopatra. XIII. Effect of night-break on flower formation - summary and discussion

Zimmer, K.; Krebs, O., 1983:
Flower formation in Begonia boweri Ziesenh. and an offspring of Begonia 'Cleopatra'. XI. Additive effects of night break during both light sensitive phases and cyclic lighting

Krebs, O.; Zimmer, K., 1983:
Flower formation in Begonia boweri and an offspring of Begonia 'Cleopatra'. X. Reversibility of red light effect with far red light

Kobayashi, M.; Nakanishi, T., 1982:
Flower induction by top grafting in sweet potato

Nenadovic Mratinic, E., 1982:
Flower morphology of the black currant (Ribes nigrum) cultivar Silvergieters Black

Brook, R.M.; Sprent, J.I., 1983:
Flower removal and nodule activity in faba bean (Vicia faba L.)

Srivastava, H.C., 1983:
Flower that yields money

Byers, R.E.; Lyons, C.G.J., 1984:
Flower thinning of peach with desiccating chemicals

Lazri, B.; Barrows, EM., 1984:
Flower visiting and pollen transport by the imported cabbage butterfly (Lepidoptera: Pieridae) in a highly disturbed urban habitat

Schuler, K., 1982:
Flower visits by insects on Solidago canadensis and S. virgaurea, a comparative study

Tromp, J., 1984:
Flower-bud formation in apple as affected by air and root temperature, air humidity, light intensity, and day length

Ikudome, S., 1979:
Flower-visiting habits of fifteen species of megachilid bees in Kochi plain (Hymenoptera, Megachilidae)

Nyujto, F.; Brozik, S.; Nyeki, J.; Brozik, S., 1983:
Flowering and fertilization of cultivated apricot varieties and the association of varieties within the plantation

Natarajan, S.; Rao, V.N.M., 1983:
Flowering and floral characters in Jasminum grandiflorum L. as affected by graded and split doses of fertilizers

Schremmer, F., 1982:
Flowering and flower visitors in Carludovica palmata - an ecological paradox

Singh, R.R.; Jain, R.K.; Chauhan, K.S., 1983:
Flowering and fruiting behaviour of ber (Zizyphus mauritiana Lamk.) under Gurgaon conditions

Gachanja, S.P.; Gurnah, A.M., 1978 :
Flowering and fruiting of purple passion fruit at Thika

Omran, A.O.; Demian, K.R.; Abdel Al, I.M., 1980:
Flowering and fruiting patterns in prostrate and semiprostrate types of peanuts

Gibson, G.L.; Barnes, R.D.; Berrington, J., 1983:
Flowering and its interaction with environment in provenance trials of Pinus caribaea

Bini, G., 1984:
Flowering and pollination in olive. Studies on the pollination period, stigma receptivity, and development of the female gametophyte

Bagnard, C., 1983:
Flowering and reversion in Sinapis alba. III. Immediate and deferred effects of various lighting regimes applied during the post-inductive phase

Bura, R.I.; Shlyamar, E.A., 1984:
Flowering and seed-bearing in a clonal seed orchard of Scots pine

Neuhausl, R., 1982:
Flowering and shoot growth characteristics in alluvial forests and mesophytic broadleaved forests

Chakravarty, K.; Banerjee, S.P., 1982:
Flowering behaviour in crop plants with particular reference to jute crop

Nyeki, J.; Terpo, A.; Toth, M.; Gyuro, F.; Soltesz, M., 1982:
Flowering biological and growth characteristics of Malus species and cultivars

Kharitonova, L.F., 1982:
Flowering biology and nectar productivity of Chamaenerion angustifolium

Stoyanov, A.; G"rnevski, V., 1984:
Flowering biology of some apple cultivars

Simonova, O.N., 1984:
Flowering characteristics of Oplopanax elatus (Nakai) Nakai

Fonteno, W.C.; Larson, R.A., 1983:
Flowering control for Non Stop tuberous begonias

Ikegaya, F., 1984:
Flowering control on orchardgrass (Dactylis glomerata L.)

Reid, J.B.; Murfet, I.C., 1984:
Flowering in Pisum: a fifth locus, Veg

Cecich, R.A., 1983:
Flowering in a jack pine seedling seed orchard increased by spraying with gibberellin A4/7

Read, R.A.; Sprackling, J.A., 1983:
Flowering in a ponderosa pine provenance plantation in eastern Nebraska

Whiley, A.W.; Baker, J.A.; Saranah, J., 1983:
Flowering intensity patterns of three kiwifruit varieties in SE Queensland

Ison, R.L.; Humphreys, L.R., 1984:
Flowering of Stylosanthes guianensis in controlled temperatures under natural photoperiod

Ison, R.L.; Humphreys, L.R., 1984:
Flowering of Stylosanthes guianensis in relation to juvenility and the long-short day requirement

Alvim, P. de T., 1984:
Flowering of cocoa

Blazek, J.; Paprstein, F.; Kucera, J., 1983:
Flowering phenology of apple cultivars

Naithani, H.B.; Tiwari, S.C., 1983:
Flowering plants of Pauri and its vicinity

Daniel, L.; Bajtay, I., 1984:
Flowering time prediction in sweetcorn varieties of the Vegetable Crops Research Institute

Uthaiah, B.C.; Sulladmath, U.V., 1984:
Flowering, fruit set and cherelle wilt in 'Upper Amazon' cacao

Pel' menev, V.K.; Korzhenevskaya, N.I.; Kharitonova, L.F., 1981:
Flowering, nectar secretion, and significance as a fodder crop of Rhaponticum carthamoides, introduced into the Leningrad oblast

Flores Lui, L.F., 1983:
Flowering, pod-set, yield and dry matter partitioning of beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) in response to water stress and flower and leaf removal

Hicklenton, P.R., 1983:
Flowering, vegetative growth and mineral nutrition of pot chrysanthemums in sawdust and peat-lite media

Robbins, J.A.; Paul, J.L.; Reid, M.S., 1983:
Flowing solution culture for the mung bean rooting bioassay

Golan, Y.; Ben Arie, Z.; Friedland, S., 1982:
Fluazifop-butyl, a new herbicide for the control of gramineous weeds in orchards

Seth, A.K.; Headford, D.W.R.; Lim, J.K., 1982:
Fluazifop-butyl, a new systemic herbicide for annual and perennial grass control in the tropics

Gibbard, M.; Cousens, S.F.B., 1983:
Fluazifop-butyl: selective grass weed control in sugar beet and oilseed rape following tank-mix and sequential applications of broad-leaf herbicides

Dutoit, E.; Poirriez, J.; Leclercq, P.; Vernes, A.; Fontaine, G., 1983:
Flubendazole in the treatment of toxocariasis

Johraku, T.; Sekiguchi, W.; Kato, S.; Naruse, H.; Imai, F.; Wakamatsu, T., 1983:
Fluctuation of population of the green rice leafhopper, Nephotettix cincticeps Uhler (Hemiptera: Deltocephalidae)

Miletic, S., 1984:
Fluctuations in contents of solids-not-fat and protein in pasteurized milk

Ureel, J.P., 1984:
Fluctuations in food prices

Clemmens, A.J., 1983:
Fluctuations in irrigation water deliveries

Pollard, E., 1984:
Fluctuations in the abundance of butterflies, 1976-82

Roberts, R.J.; Smith, T.J.R.; Porter, M.R.; Sawtell, N.L., 1982:
Fluctuations in the abundance of pasture scarabs over an 18-year period of light trapping

Treter, U., 1982:
Fluctuations in the birch forest limit in Scandinavia

Giesecke, W.H.; Durand, A.M.; Petzer, I.M., 1984:
Fluctuations in the glucose level of cow's milk from normal and subclinically diseased udders

Gajdusek, S., 1983:
Fluctuations in the microbiological quality of raw milk

Padron Chavez, J.E.; Sanchez Salas, J.A., 1982:
Fluctuations of populations of the citrus rust mite Phyllocoptruta oleivora (Ashm.) in General Teran, Nuevo Leon

Boling, F., 1983:
Fluid bed technology in the oilseed industry

Garrett, G.W.; Salladay, D., 1984:
Fluid fertilizers

Hicks, M.L. (New Zealand), 1984:
Fluid flow sensor and control devices and apparatus

Michell, A.R., 1983:
Fluid therapy for alimentary disease: origins and objectives

Keshavamurthy, G.S.; Krishnamurthi, R., 1984:
Fluidised bed granulation

Petzold, H.; Marwitz, R., 1984:
Fluorescence in sieve tubes of mycoplasma infected plants after fixation with aldehydes

Earp, C.F.; Doherty, C.A.; Rooney, L.W., 1983:
Fluorescence microscopy of the pericarp, aleurone layer, and endosperm cell walls of three sorghum cultivars

Kuck, K.H.; Scheinpflug, H.; Tilburzy, R.; Reisener, H.J., 1982:
Fluorescence microscopy studies of the effect of Reg.Bayleton and Reg.Baytan on growth of stem rust in the wheat plant

Gonzales, M.F.; Brown, R.W.; Bhathal, P.S., 1984:
Fluorescence of fungi - not autofluorescence

Stojanov, S.; Rost, D., 1983:
Fluorescence test in the diagnosis of trichomonal vaginitis and its frequency

Thompson, L.Jr, 1982:
Fluorescent dye patterns of incorporation implements

Yankovskii, D.S.; Filenko, A.M.; Omel' yanyuk, V.S.; Fedin, F.A.; Popova, T.V., 1983:
Fluorescent studies of conformational rearrangement of alpha s1-casein

Mohan, S.B.; Ride, J.P., 1983:
Fluorescent-antibody staining of conidia of isolates of Verticillium albo-atrum in relation to their virulence for hop

French, A.D.; Carmichael, C.L.; Rugg-Gunn, A.J.; Furness, J.A., 1984:
Fluoridation and dental caries experience in 5-year-old children in Newcastle and Northumberland in 1981

Smith, G.E., 1984:
Fluoridation update

Rocco, S.; Canova, F.; Gambaretto, G.P.; Trivello, R.; Rausa, G.; Ceccherini, R., 1983:
Fluoride and dental caries. 1. Fluoride and other related minerals in the main water supplies in the provinces of Padova, Verona and Venezia

Keen, G.A., 1983:
Fluoride and dental health

Ekstrand, J.; Hardell, L.I.; Spak, C.J., 1984:
Fluoride balance studies on infants in a 1-ppm-water-fluoride area

Kordy, M.T.; Fonseka, C., 1984:
Fluoride concentration in drinking water in the city of Riyadh

Anonymous, 1982:
Fluoride emissions. Their monitoring and effects on vegetation and ecosystems

Wespi, H.J.; Burgi, W., 1982:
Fluoride excretion in urine during fluoridation of salt and drinking water

Spak, C.J.; Hardell, L.I.; D.C.ateau, P., 1983:
Fluoride in human milk

Yamauchi, M.; Choi, W.K.; Yamada, Y., 1983:
Fluoride inhibition of photosynthesis in certain crop plants

Horntvedt, R., 1983:
Fluoride levels in forest trees around aluminium smelters

O.C.nnor, J.A.; Horsman, D.C., 1982:
Fluoride levels in vegetation and ambient air in the Portland (Victoria) area

Seth, P.C.; Pandey, G.S., 1983:
Fluoride permeation in soil through phosphatic fertiliser dust fallout

Farriaux, J.P.; Ghisolfi, J.; Navarro, J.; Pechevis, M.; Rey, J.; Rieu, D., 1983:
Fluoride requirements and prevention of dental caries in children

Suttie, J.W.; Kolstad, D.L.; Sunde, M.L., 1984:
Fluoride tolerance of the young chick and turkey poult

Wheeler, S.M., 1983:
Fluorides and livestock.

Winter, G.B., 1983:
Fluorides in the prevention of caries

Shipe, W.F., 1984:
Fluorimetric methods: applications and limitations

Brewer, R.F.; Leonard, C.D., 1982:
Fluorine accumulation in and toxicity to citrus under field conditions

Lavado, R.S.; Reinaudi, N.B.; Vaquero, J.A., 1983:
Fluorine in waters, soils and vegetation of western Buenos Aires

Gregory, J.F.; Sartain, D.B.; Day, B.P., 1984:
Fluorometric determination of folacin in biological materials using high performance liquid chromatography

Datta, S.C.; Naryanaswami, A., 1983:
Fluorometric estimation of taurine in tissue extracts and biological fluids

Borgwardt, H.; Jank, H.W., 1982:
Fluorometric studies on chromosomes of the synthetic karyotypes KH and ACB of Vicia faba L. using a computer-assisted system for chromosome analysis. (Abridged version)

Wells, R.D.S.; Coffey, B.T., 1984:
Fluridone - Lake Rotoiti efficacy trial

Fong, F.; Koehler, D.E.; Smith, J.D., 1983:
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Focus on Britain

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Foliar Feed

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Foliar analysis in sugarcane VI. Note on the effect of rainfall on the leaf contents of N, P and K in plant cane

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Foliar analysis in sugarcane VII. Note on the effect of rainfall on the leaf contents of Ca, Mg and S in plant cane

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Foliar analysis in sugarcane VIII. Note on the effect of rainfall on the leaf contents of N, P and K in first-ratoon cane

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Foliar application of Bravo 500 for Ascochyta blight control

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Food-service marketing: the case for a full-line distributor

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Foodstuffs subsidies in Egypt

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For a new life-style based on co-operation and harmony

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For a united Europe the CAP must be changed, but how? Report of a meeting in Venice, 19-20 February 1981

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For better effect

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For how long should one suspend complete manuring in orchards ?

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For rational use of the factors of intensification

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For reducing the frequency of chemical treatments

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For the coconut's latest trick! timber

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For the control of the green citrus aphid

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For the control of the potato moth

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For the development of agricultural marketing

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For the protection of clover pericarps

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For the protection of rape

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For the rational control of weevils

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For the sake of success in the cereals and meat programme

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For the southern region of the Community. The integrated Mediterranean Programme

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For thinning operations in the central German highlands. Foma '84 - demonstration of efficient mobile harvesting systems

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For this company, seasonings are the spice of life

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For trees in peril

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Forage attributes for improved animal performance

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Forage boxes - a buyers' guide

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Forage conditioning: from metallic fingers to nylon brushes

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Forage crops. Early bite from rye and triticale

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Forage reserves

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Forage resources of Oklahoma

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Forage responses 1983

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Forage rice is good feed

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Forage sorghum (Sorghum bicolor)

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Forage utilization by White Leghorn chickens reared under different systems

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Forage yield of polycross progenies of lucerne derived from partly inbred parents

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Forage yields of lucerne in various environments

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Forage-corn response to rice-mill wastes and fertilizer

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Foraging and morphology in ants: the role of vertebrate predators as agents of natural selection

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Foraging behavior of honey bees on 'Golden Delicious' and 'Delicious' apple

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Foraging behaviour of honeybees on Golden Delicious apple

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Foraging behaviour of wapiti in a boreal forest enclosure

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Foraging by queens of Cataglyphus bicolor nigra (Hymenoptera: Formicidae): an unusual phenomenon among the Formicinae

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Foraging changes by canopy-feeding birds in a clearcut forest

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Foraging differences in bumblebees

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Foraging ecology of bees in an old field

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Foraging of Bombus terrestris and B. lapidarius (Hymenoptera, Apidae) on shared food resources

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Foraging of Macrotermes spp. (Isoptera: Macrotermitinae) in the tropics

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Foraging patterns and their multiplier effects on productivity of northern ungulates

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Foraging population size and distribution of Bombus monticola in the Peak District, England

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Foraging strategies and the structure of stingless bee communities in Costa Rica

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Force loads on the fastenings of the working tools of cotton cultivators

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Force measurements on tillage equipment

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Forced copulation in waterfowl

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Forced moulting in layers

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Forced sales in agriculture - the end of the game for Danish farmers?

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Forces and the coefficient of friction in the process of cutting soil

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Forces transmitted to the ground by the wheels of forestry machinery - in relation to a stationary vehicle on level and inclined surfaces

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Forces, tensions and deformation during wood bending

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Forcing asparagus, an alternative for mushroom-growers?

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Forcing astilbe - how long to chill

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Forcing culture of early chrysanthemum cultivars by direct planting of ethephon-treated cuttings

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Forcing dormant, isolated buds of blackcurrant

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Forcing earlier narcissi

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Forcing growth on summer-rooted rhododendron cuttings

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Forcing of tree peony for December shipping by pre-chilling and chemical treatments

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Forcing table tomatoes by applying warmth to the root system

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Forcing violets. Nostalgic, but also energy saving

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Forcing: Head lettuce grown without heating

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Forcing: Kohlrabi without heating

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Forcing: Radish varieties

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Forcing: Tomato hybrids grown without heating

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Forcing: Tomato hybrids in glasshouses

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Foreblight: epidemiology and detection

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Forecast of 90Sr accumulation in the crop harvest from physicochemical soil properties

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Forecast of food consumption in Hungary. Comparison of the forecast consumption per head of important foods with the actual data for 1976 to 1980

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Forecast of the incidence of stem atrophy on grapevine (Results from 1978 to 1982 and forecast for 1983)

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Forecast of the market for cattle. Evaluation of the cattle census of 2 December 1983

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Forecast of the market for cattle. Evaluation of the cattle census of 3 June 1983

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Forecast of the market for pigs. Evaluation of the pig census of 2 December 1983

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Forecast of the market for pigs. Evaluation of the pig census of 3 April 1984

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Forecast of the market for pigs. Evaluation of the pig census of 31 March 1983

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Forecasting - a basis for plant protection

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Forecasting Texas citrus production

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Forecasting and control index of the corn borer in cotton fields

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Forecasting and crop protection decision making - realities and future needs

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Forecasting and estimation of the harmfulness of TMV on tomato

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Forecasting consumption and long term costing of palm oil

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Forecasting cotton yield from its boll population

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Forecasting dairy herd performance

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Forecasting development and improvement of territorial organization of horticulture in the Ukrainian SSR

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Forecasting emergence and flight of the lilac borer (Lepidoptera: Sessiidae) based on pheromone trapping and degree-day accumulations

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Forecasting emergence of adult yellowheaded spruce sawflies (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae)

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Forecasting forest fire risk by the IBL method

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Forecasting in the protection of potatoes

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Forecasting lodging sales

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Forecasting of mustard aphid, Lipaphis erysimi Kaltenbach on rapeseed crop

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Forecasting of the abundance and development of the sunn pest in western Kazakhstan

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Forecasting of the development time of Ascaris ova in the Samarkand region

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Forecasting of the intensity of occurrence of noctuids on sugarbeet in the Sombora region as a basis for rational control (1979-1982)

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Forecasting on the basis of numerical evaluation

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Forecasting outbreaks of the grain aphid

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Forecasting outbreaks of the grain aphid Sitobion avenae in East Anglia

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Forecasting risks and protecting montane spruce forests from insects following wind and snow damage

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Forecasting the abundance of the grey cereal moth

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Forecasting the cyclical timing of the grape vine moth, Lobesia botrana (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae)

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Forecasting the demand for specialists

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Forecasting the development and location of agriculture in the Kirgiz SSR

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Forecasting the development of the fruit and vegetable production subsystem of a regional agroindustrial sector

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Forecasting the digestibility and energy value of maize silage from the plant composition at ensiling

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Forecasting the harmfulness of the apple moth

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Forecasting the price of lumber and plywood: econometric model versus future markets

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Forecasting tourism revised

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Forecasting yield in Coorg mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco)

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Forecasts (April 1983) of fertilizer consumption N-P2O5-K2O

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Forecasts (April 1984) of fertilizer consumption: N-P2O5-K2O

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Forecasts of Culex tarsalis populations in Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Forecasts of the world agriculture and food situation up to the year 2000

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Foreign aid and rural development in Ethiopia: a study of the role of international donor organizations in agricultural development programmes

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Foreign and domestic wood species suitable for particular sporting goods

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Foreign animal disease agent survival in animal products: recent developments

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Foreign businesses in The Netherlands in decline? A survey of foreign businesses in the Amsterdam area. Japanese firms in The Netherlands

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Foreign capital and agroindustrial conglomerates in Latin America. History and strategy

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Foreign exchange constraint, sectoral terms of trade and aggregate expenditure in a dual economy

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Foreign exchange flows and the Jamaican tourist sector

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Foreign experience of effects of quotas on milk production

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Foreign investment in U.S. food retailing industry: source countries, causal forces and consequences

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Foreign substances in milk and milk products

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Foreign timbers for structures

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Foreign tourism in the German Federal Republic. Development in the period 1950-81

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Foreign trade in food and agricultural products in 1982

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Foreign-exchange sensitivity: how a strong currency weakens hotel revenues

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Forensic entomology and medicine: dating of death. Unpublished observation

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Forest - Weather - Climate

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Forest - in model and reality

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Forest Pest Management Institute bibliography (1977-1982)

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Forest Science. Part II. Research and development

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Forest Service research - new views of an old mission

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Forest administration for development

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Forest and game history in Central Europe

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Forest and people: the efforts in Western Himalayas to re-establish a long-lost relationship

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Forest and timber taxes in Louisiana, 1966-1977

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Forest and woodland in Devon

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Forest as a source of food: Malaysia

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Forest associations and elfin woodland on dolomite

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Forest community classification of the Porcupine River drainage, interior Alaska, and its application to forest management

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Forest consolidation project at Lindach in the Eberbach Forest Ranger District

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Forest cover on two watersheds of the Nashwaak Experimental Watershed Project in west-central New Brunswick

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Forest damage and air pollution

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Forest damage and timber quality

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Forest damage caused by soil acidification in the Netherlands

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Forest damage in Switzerland - 1983 (Part 2). Interpretation of the 'Sanasilva' questionnaire and analyses of Norway spruce needles in relation to forest nutrition

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Forest damage inventory using IR aerial photography

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Forest damage, silvicultural measures, and fertilizer treatment

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Forest depletion by wildland fire in Canada, 1977-1981

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Forest development and growth

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Forest dieback - causes, consequences, control measures

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Forest dieback - the position at 30 June 1984

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Forest dieback and insects

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Forest dieback as a problem in forest valuation

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Forest dieback attributed to acid deposition from the atmosphere

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Forest dieback in Czechoslovakia

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Forest dieback in Switzerland

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Forest dieback in Upper Bavaria in Norway spruce that had been treated with potash-magnesia fertilizer

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Forest dieback in the mountains

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Forest dieback. Public law relating to claims for damage

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Forest ecology and protection. (7)

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Forest ecosystems in the analysis of structure and function - investigations on arthropod coenoses

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Forest exploitation in small-diameter conifer stands; a challenge to the imagination, technology and economics

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Forest fertilization in Sweden

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Forest fertilization in the Pacific Northwest: results of the Regional Forest Nutrition Research Project

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Forest fertilization program in Japan

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Forest fertilization research in California

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Forest fertilization research in Denmark: results and perspectives

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Forest fire prevention data: a change in perspectives

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Forest fires in Greece

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Forest fires in South Australia on 16 February 1983 and consequent future forest management aims

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Forest floor, soil, and vegetation responses to sludge fertilization in red and white pine plantations

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Forest habitat types of eastern Idaho-western Wyoming

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Forest haulage of timber prepared by pocket-less processors

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Forest history from pollen

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Forest history studies on forest dieback

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Forest inventory in Canton Graubunden

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Forest management, silviculture and soil science. (11)

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Forest management: source of information and framework for the administration of forests in Switzerland

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Forest nature reserves in Austria

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Forest pest conditions in the Maritimes in 1982

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Forest policy - a proposal

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Forest preservation in State forests in New South Wales

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Forest products for building construction

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Forest products industries studies at the University of Hamburg

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Forest recreating economics

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Forest recreation management and national parks in Taiwan

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Forest regeneration at high latitudes: experiences from northern Sweden

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