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Formation of phosphate regime of calcareous and leached chernozem soils of the Krasnodar region under the influence of phosphorus fertilizers. Communication 1. Availability of soil and fertilizer phosphorus for winter wheat, sugarbeet and maize

Kasitskii, Y.I.; Mazyuk, N.N.; Lupina, A.A.

Agrokhimiya (12): 51-60


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-1881
Accession: 001202150

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P uptake and yields of winter wheat, sugarbeet and maize (fresh fodder) grown with NK on a leached chernozem soil were higher than when grown on a calcareous chernozem soil. Applied P was fixed in not readily available forms to a greater extent in the leached chernozem soil than in calcareous chernozem soil, indicating the need to apply P at a higher rate to leached chernozem soil than to calcareous chernozem soil to obtain similar yield increases.

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