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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1205

Chapter 1205 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lang, N. C., 1981: Genetic polymorphism of beta -lactoglobulin and alpha -lactalbumin in cows' milk

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Section 2, Chapter 1205, Accession 001204003

Section 2, Chapter 1205, Accession 001204005

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Section 2, Chapter 1205, Accession 001204009

Veprev, S. G., 1982: Genetic potential of regulating the interaction of plants in stands

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Section 2, Chapter 1205, Accession 001204013

Kuznetsov, G. A., 1982: Genetic principles of the production of white nutrias

Arus, P., 1983: Genetic purity of commercial seed lots

Section 2, Chapter 1205, Accession 001204018

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Section 2, Chapter 1205, Accession 001204072

Roos, E. E., 1984: Genetic shifts in mixed bean populations. I. Storage effects

Roos, E. E., 1984: Genetic shifts in mixed bean populations. II. Effects of regeneration

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Section 2, Chapter 1205, Accession 001204096

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Section 2, Chapter 1205, Accession 001204119

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Section 2, Chapter 1205, Accession 001204141

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Section 2, Chapter 1205, Accession 001204145

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Section 2, Chapter 1205, Accession 001204171

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Section 2, Chapter 1205, Accession 001204197

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Section 2, Chapter 1205, Accession 001204206

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Section 2, Chapter 1205, Accession 001204267

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