Interspecific transfer of only part of genome by fusion between non-irradiated protoplasts of Nicotiana glauca and X-ray irradiated protoplasts of N. langsdorffii

Itoh, K.; Futsuhara, Y.

Japanese Journal of Genetics 58(6): 545-553


DOI: 10.1266/jjg.58.545
Accession: 001215066

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Chromosome numbers of cultured cells of N. glauca (2n = 24) ranged from 24 to 26, and those of N. langsdorffii (2n = 18) from 30 to 34. Somatic hybrid calluses derived from fusion of nonirradiated protoplasts of these species had 90 to 92 chromosomes, while those derived from irradiated protoplasts had 50 to 68 chromosomes. Electrophoretic studies indicated that hybrid calluses from irradiated protoplasts lacked bands specific to N. langsdorffii, including that representing the small subunit polypeptide of ribulose 1,5-diphosphate carboxylase. These results indicated that part of the N. langsdorffii genome was eliminated at hybridization, after X-irradiation of protoplasts.