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Metabolism of fungitoxic terpenoids in resistant and susceptible cotton stele subsequent to inoculation with Verticillium dahliae

Garas, N.A.; Lee, M.S.; Waiss, A.C.J.

Phytopathology 74(7): 849


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-949X
Accession: 001222157

The fungitoxic sesquiterpenoids and sesquiterpenoid aldehydes which accumulate in the stele of cotton plants inoculated with V. dahliae were studied in 4 varieties. The major antifungal compounds detected in the resistant Gossypium barbadense variety Seabrook Sea Island (SBSI) were hemigossypol, desoxyhemigossypol and their methylated derivatives. Only traces of the methylated derivatives were found in the 3 varieties of G. hirsutum and none was detected in extracts from uninoculated plants.

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