Section 2
Chapter 1,230

Occurrence of Campylobacter jejuni in dogs and cats in an animal home

Weber, A.; Schafer, R.; Lembke, C.; Berg, H.

Der Praktische Tierarzt 65(1): 51-54


ISSN/ISBN: 0032-681X
Accession: 001229069

Over a two-year period (February 1981-April 1983), in an animal home, faecal samples from 306 dogs and 294 cats, all clinically healthy, were cultured for C. jejuni, which was isolated from 24 (7.8%) of the dogs and 101 (34.4%) of the cats. All strains were biotype 1, except for seven of the canine strains, which were biotype 2. The dogs, all privately owned, were being cared for temporarily, but many of the cats were strays that had been taken in. The public health implications of adopting cats and dogs from animal homes are discussed.

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