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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1233

Chapter 1233 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Rasheed, V.; Plumb, J.A., 1984:
Pathogenicity of a non-haemolytic group B Streptococcus sp. in gulf killifish (Fundulus grandis Baird and Girard)

Takase, K.; Nishikawa, H.; Katsuki, N.; Yamada, S., 1984:
Pathogenicity of avian reoviruses isolated from tendons and tendon sheaths of chickens with leg weakness

Ruff, M.D.; Fagan, J.M.; Dick, J.W., 1984:
Pathogenicity of coccidia in Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)

Hudault, S.; Bridonneau, C.; Raibaud, P., 1983:
Pathogenicity of different toxigenic types of Clostridium perfringens for axenic and conventional mice after oral ingestion

Chudare, Z.P., 1982:
Pathogenicity of entomophthoraceous fungi

Bertagnole, C.L.; Woo, J.Y.; Partridge, A.D., 1983:
Pathogenicity of five Verticicladiella species to lodgepole pine

Kibenge, F.S.; Wilcox, G.E.; Pass, D.A., 1983:
Pathogenicity of four strains of staphylococci isolated from chickens with clinical tenosynovitis

Rahim, A.M.A.; Tawfig, S., 1984:
Pathogenicity of fungi and bacteria from the Sudan to water hyacinth

Plauska, V.A.; Mos' yakov, L.P.; Yanushkyavichyus, A.V.; Nyaura, A.I., 1981:
Pathogenicity of fungi isolated from cowshed air, fodder, skin of cows' udders and milkmaids' hands

Friedhoff, K.T.; Wehage, M.; Dorenkamp, B., 1983:
Pathogenicity of goose coccidia and prevention of goose coccidiosis

Lotz, W., 1983:
Pathogenicity of mycoplasmas for fish

Basher, H.A.; Fowler, D.R.; Rodgers, F.G.; Seaman, A.; Woodbine, M., 1984:
Pathogenicity of natural and experimental listeriosis in newly hatched chicks

Alves, S.B.; Risco, S.H.; Silveira Neto, S.; Machado Neto, R., 1984:
Pathogenicity of nine isolates of Metarhizium anisopliae (Metsch.) Sorok. to Diatraea saccharalis (Fabr.)

Mackie, D.P.; Ball, H.J., 1984:
Pathogenicity of ovine ureaplasmas for the bovine mammary gland

Srivastava, R.N.; Gupta, J.S., 1983:
Pathogenicity of seed-borne infections of zinnia and their control

Bhalla, M.K.; Nozzolillo, C.; Schneider, E.F., 1984:
Pathogenicity of soil fungi associated with a root rot of lentils

Lom, J.; Dykova, I., 1984:
Pathogenicity of some protozoan parasites of cyprinid fishes

Surico, G.; Comai, L.; Kosuge, T., 1984:
Pathogenicity of strains of Pseudomonas syringae pv. savastanoi and their indoleacetic acid-deficient mutants on olive and oleander

Vilas Boas, A.M.; Marques, E.J.; Ribeiro, S.M.A., 1983:
Pathogenicity of the fungus Beauveria bassiana (Bals.) Vuill. to larvae of Castnia licus (Drury) (Lepidoptera-Castniidae), the giant sugarcane borer

Hussain, M.; Hamid, S.J., 1983:
Pathogenicity survey of Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici in Pakistan during 1982

Nordhoff, C., 1983:
Pathogenicity tests on avian paramyxovirus strains of serotypes 2 and 3 in turkey poults

Carbonell, R.M., 1983:
Pathogens and nematodes for control of rice water weevil in Cuba

Longworth, J.F., 1982:
Pathogens, parasites and predators in pest control

Roberts, E.D.; Baskin, G.B.; Soike, K.; Gibson, S.V., 1984:
Pathologic changes of experimental simian varicella (Delta herpesvirus) infection in African green monkeys (Cercopithecus aethiops)

Ullah, M.A.; Arai, T., 1983:
Pathological activities of the naturally occurring strains of Edwardsiella tarda

Bensemmane, A.; Semmari, M., 1984:
Pathological and economic significance of Newcastle disease in Algeria

Khvan, M.V.; Doszhanov, D.T.; Kushchenko, Z.V.; Yaremenko, T.G.; Roitman, L.I., 1981:
Pathological and functional changes in the sex organs of stud bulls and of cows caused by theileriasis

Dammrich, K., 1983:
Pathological approaches to evaluate calf boxes under animal welfare aspects

Bell, M.; Cicchini, P.; Tubili, C.; Timmi, S.; Martellacci, P.; Passante, F., 1982:
Pathological aspects of an experimental model of rat trypanosomiasis (Trypanosoma lewisi) during treatment with prostaglandin (PGE1) and correlation with trypanosomiasis due to T. brucei

Butler, W.H., 1984:
Pathological aspects of mycotoxicoses

Borisevich, V.B., 1983:
Pathological changes associated with deformed claws in cattle

Mikulica, V., 1983:
Pathological changes associated with psychogenic death in zoo animals

E.E.eedy, A.A.; Easa, M.E.S.; Sabry, M.Z.; Hafez, M.A.; Ammar, A.M.; Rashwan, A., 1982:
Pathological changes in air sacs and lungs of turkey poults after experimental inoculation with different isolates of Mycoplasma meleagridis

Dyakov, L.; Kazachka, D., 1984:
Pathological changes in broilers after a single exposure to aerosols of Newcastle disease vaccine

Shagidalov, M.S.; Shubin, V.A., 1981:
Pathological changes in calves infected with Pasteurella and/or Dictyocaulus

Doige, C.E.; Hoffer, M.A., 1983:
Pathological changes in the navicular bone and associated structures of the horse

Shipilov, V.S.; Semivolos, A.M., 1983:
Pathological changes in the ovaries of heifers with ovarian hypofunction

Blazek, K.H.linska, D.L.vrov, L., 1982:
Pathological changes induced by Multiceps endothoracicus in the intestine of definitive host

Blom, E., 1982:
Pathological conditions of the genital organs and of semen as a cause of rejecting breeding bulls imported to and expected from Denmark. An andrologicial survey 1958-1982

Anonymous, 1984:
Pathological diagnosis of swine diseases

Anonymous, 1984:
Pathological diagnosis of viral diseases of animals

Gopalakrishnakone, P., 1984:
Pathological features of idiopathic torticollis in the duck-a model for human disease

Zhelev, V.; Pino, A.M. de, 1984:
Pathological findings in cattle dying suddenly

Infante, J.F.; Perdomo, J.; Merino, N.; Joa, R., 1984:
Pathological findings in cattle experimentally poisoned with Urechites lutea (Apocynaceae)

Kimman, T.G.; Molen, E.J. van der, 1984:
Pathological findings in nineteen cats with idiopathic cardiomyopathy

Qin, L.R.; Lei, J.B.; Sun, X.B., 1983:
Pathological observation on aflatoxin poisoning of Beijing ducks in Wuhan Municipality

Nomura, Y.; Ibaraki, J.; Saito, Y., 1982:
Pathological observation on the venae cavae syndrome in canine dirofilariasis

Hotchkin, P.G.; Kaya, H.K., 1983 :
Pathological response of the parasitoid, Glyptapanteles militaris, to nuclear polyhedrosis virus-infected armyworm hosts

Baruah, T.P.; Datta, B.M.; Rahman, T., 1984:
Pathological studies of interstitial pneumonia in pigs

Okudaira, M.; Kume, H., 1983:
Pathological studies on chromomycosis

Yasuda, N.; Kono, I.; Shimizu, T.; Kobayashi, A.; Tadera, K.; Yagi, F., 1984:
Pathological studies on poisoning of grazing cattle due to ingestion of Cycas revoluta Thunb

Rozs, G.; Kovics, G., 1984:
Pathological studies on seeds of white and yellow lupin (Lupinus albus, L. luteus)

Musaev, F.A., 1983:
Pathological tissue changes in the mouth cavity of man in protozoal infections

Chandra, S.; Raizada, M.; Gaur, A.K.S., 1983:
Pathological variability in Fusarium oxysporum and F. solani

Trigo Tavera, E.; Trigo Tavera, F.; Hernandez Lugo, G.; Ramirez Casillas, C.; Berruecos Villalobos, M., 1982:
Pathology and bacteriology of calf pneumonia

Ridala, V.I., 1982:
Pathology and control measures of Histomanas infections in turkeys

Bartlett, C.M., 1984:
Pathology and epizootiology of Dirofilaria scapiceps (Leidy, 1886) (Nematoda: Filarioidea) in Sylvilagus floridanus (J.A. Allen) and Lepus americanus erxleben

Sun, T., 1984 :
Pathology and immunology of Clonorchis sinensis infection of the liver

Kpodekon, M., 1983:
Pathology and pathogenesis of aural and encephalitic complications of pasteurellosis in farmed rabbits

Kirk, P.M.; Crompton, J.G., 1984:
Pathology and taxonomy of Cladosporium leaf blotch of onion (Allium cepa) and leek (A. porrum)

Beutner, F.U., 1981:
Pathology for pharmacists. Chapter 5: Parasitic diseases

Guillo, J.Y., 1984:
Pathology in the Republic of Vanuatu

Reddy, K.P.; Sriraman, P.K.; Naidu, N.R.G.; Rao, P.R., 1984:
Pathology of Johne's disease in sheep

Lapinskaite, R.A.; Bogushyavichyute, A.G.; Matskevich, Z.K., 1983:
Pathology of Marek's disease

Zudilin, V.A.; Shipitsyn, A.G.; Il' inskaya, R.D.; Shcherbakha, Y.I., 1984:
Pathology of Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in bulls

Young, S.Y.; Yearian, W.C., 1983:
Pathology of a nuclear polyhedrosis virus of Rachiplusia nu in Rachiplusia ou (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Yaroslavskii, V.E.; Klimshin, A.A.; Glazkov, G.A.; Akhmadiev, M.B.; Zolotukhin, V.M., 1981:
Pathology of acute experimental opisthorchiasis in alcohol intoxication

Aleksandrova, E.; Gorova, Yu; Dzhurov, A., 1984:
Pathology of acute furazolidone poisoning in calves

Coussement, W.; Ducatelle, R.; Lemahieu, P.; Froyman, R.; Devriese, L.; Hoorens, J., 1984:
Pathology of adenovirus infections in pigeons

Godwin, J.T.; Hanash, K., 1984:
Pathology of bilharzial bladder cancer

Munoz, M.C.; Merino, N.; Quintana, M., 1984:
Pathology of bovine abortion. II. Fetal pneumonia

Miry, C.; Moerman, E.; Ducatelle, R.; Coussement, W.; Hoorens, J., 1983:
Pathology of congenital tremor type B in piglets

Lindberg R., 1984:
Pathology of equine granulomatous enteritis

Anosa, V.; Isoun, T., 1983:
Pathology of experimental Trypanosoma vivax infection in sheep and goats

Coussement W.; Ducatelle R.; Charlier G.; Okerman L.; Hoorens J., 1984:
Pathology of experimental colibacillosis in rabbits

Saliba, A.M.; Belluomini, H.E.; Leinz, F.F., 1983:
Pathology of experimental poisoning of cattle with Crotalus snake venom

Cone, DK.; Odense, PH., 1984:
Pathology of five species of Gyrodactylus Nordmann, 1832 (Monogenea)

Macarie, I.; Seiciu, L., 1983:
Pathology of haemorrhagic cystitis in nutria

Itakura, C.; Emi, Y.; Takechi, M.; Miyakawa, Y., 1983:
Pathology of hens fed a diet containing methanol-utilizing bacteria

Nunes, V.A.; Nunes, I.J.; Santos, M.N. dos; Chquiloff, M.A. de G.; Silva, J.M.L. da, 1980:
Pathology of infestation of the ears of cattle by Raillietia auris (Leidy, 1872) Trouessart, 1902 (Acari, Mesostigmata): 1. Macroscopic features

Gazquez, A.; Drommer, W.; Bernabe, A.; Sierra, M.A.; Moreno, F.; Moyano, T.; Blanco, A.; Jover, A.; Mendez, A.; Mozos, E., 1984:
Pathology of intermittent claudication in fighting bulls

Tadzhibaev, A.A., 1983:
Pathology of leukosis in calves

Drewett, N.; Abel, P.D., 1983:
Pathology of lindane poisoning and of hypoxia in the brown trout, Salmo trutta L

Wolcan, S.M., 1983:
Pathology of market garden seeds produced in Argentina

Coignoul, F.L.; Cheville, N.F., 1984:
Pathology of maternal genital tract, placenta, and fetus in equine viral arteritis

Howerth, E.W., 1984:
Pathology of naturally occurring chlamydiosis in African clawed frogs (Xenopus laevis)

Arru, E.; Leoni, A.; Guarda, F.; Pau, S.; Sapino, S., 1982:
Pathology of parasites of the stomach of free-living Sardinian wild boars

Alcigir, G., 1983:
Pathology of persistent bovine diarrhoea pestivirus infection in sheep

Dzhurov, A.; Aleksandrov, M.; Belchev, L.; Ignatov, G., 1984:
Pathology of stachybotriomycosis in unweaned calves

Savova, M., 1984:
Pathology of subclinical infection with the virus of infectious bursal disease in chicks

Puttannaiah G.B.; Seshadri S.J., 1983:
Pathology of the adrenal gland in cattle

Irfan, M., 1984:
Pathology of the liver in fascioliasis in sheep

Stromberg, P.C.; Vogtsberger, L.M., 1983:
Pathology of the mononuclear cell leukemia of Fischer rats. I. Morphologic studies

Andrade, C.F.S.; Habib, M.E.M., 1983:
Pathology of the nuclear polyhedrosis of the cotton worm Alabama argillacea (Hubner, 1818) (Lep., Noctuidae)

Anonymous, 1983:
Pathology of the organs of respiration and digestion in farm animals.

Mamiya, Y., 1983:
Pathology of the Pine Wilt Disease Caused by Bursaphelenchus xylophilus

Chen, H.T., 1983:
Pathology of the pulmonary lesions of sheep pox

Riddell, C., 1983:
Pathology of the skeleton and tendons of broiler chickens reared to roaster weights. I. Crippled chickens

Riddell, C.; King, M.W.; Gunasekera, K.R., 1983:
Pathology of the skeleton and tendons of broiler chickens reared to roaster weights. II. Normal chickens

Ibragimov, A.A.; Romakhova, M.A., 1983:
Pathology of the urinary tract of fowls with infectious bronchitis

Johannsen, U.; Schafer, R.; Wittig, W., 1984:
Pathology of thick legs in piglets

Anonymous, 1982:
Pathology of tumours in laboratory animals. Volume III. Tumours of the hamster

Goto, N.; Kawamura, M.; Inoue, M.; Sato, A., 1983:
Pathology of two cases of canine disseminated hypereosinophilic disease

Zhang, Y.; Yang, J.G.; Xia, T.L., 1983:
Pathology of urate deposition in the kidneys of felines (lions and leopards) in Beijing Zoo

Majeed, S.K.; Gopinath, C.; Jolly, D.W., 1983:
Pathology of white spot disease in young fingerling rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri).

Schoon, H.A.; Murmann, W.; Woicke, J.; Rosenbruch, M.; Amtsberg, G., 1983:
Pathology of yersiniosis in zoo animals

Griner, L.A., 1983:
Pathology of zoo animals. A review of necropsies conducted over a fourteen-year period at the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Wild Animal Park

Matusyavichyus, A.P.; Shimkus, K.A., 1983:
Pathomorphological changes and microflora composition in the intestines of piglets infected with Ascaris and Oesophagostomum

Kadyrov, N.T., 1981:
Pathomorphological changes caused by strongyles in foals and larval migration routes

Loupal, G., 1983:
Pathomorphological contribution to the study of mycoses in zoo and wild birds

Matsukawa, K.; Okada, M.; Kubo, M., 1983:
Pathomorphological findings of DUIB (1,1-diureido isobutane) intoxication cases in the dairy cattle

Pas' ko, S.G.; Pas' ko, V.I.; Sipko, A.A., 1980:
Pathomorphology and pathogenesis of coccidiosis in chickens

Sakhno, V.M., 1984:
Pathomorphology of experimental sarcocystosis in sheep

Mesina, J.E.Jr, 1983:
Pathophysiologic studies of 3-methylindole pneumotoxicity in goats

Schulz, J.; Seffner, W., 1982:
Pathophysiological and pathomorphological aspects of the pathogenesis of bovine mastitis as a basis for an effective therapy

Verheijden, J.H.; Van Miert, A.S.; Schotman, A.J.; Van Duin, C.T., 1983:
Pathophysiological aspects of E. coli mastitis in ruminants

Srivastava, A.K.; Sethi, N.; Ghatak, S., 1983:
Pathophysiological effects of Setaria cervi parasitization in Mastomys natalensis

Hurd, H.; Arme, C., 1984:
Pathophysiology of Hymenolepis diminuta infections in Tenebrio molitor: effect of parasitism on haemolymph proteins

Castro, G.A.; Bullick, G.R., 1983:
Pathophysiology of the gastrointestinal phase

Stewart, G.L., 1983:
Pathophysiology of the muscle phase

Leirer, R.; Deschner, F., 1984:
Pathophysiology of thyroid gland function in the calf. 3. Thyroid function in clinically diseased calves

Robinson, R.A., 1983:
Pathosystem management

Ali, S.M., 1983:
Pathotypes of 'black spot' complex pathogens of field peas, selection and inheritance of resistance in pea lines

Ohms, J.P.; Heinicke, D.H.K., 1983:
Pathotypes of the potato cyst nematode. 1. Rapid identification of Globodera rostochiensis and G. pallida by isoelectric focusing

Brzeski, M.W.; Rogala, Z., 1984:
Pathotypes, resistance and damage caused by Globodera in potato

Keyder, C., 1983:
Paths of rural transformation in Turkey

Neumann, P.M.; Nooden, L.D., 1984:
Pathway and regulation of phosphate translocation to the pods of soybean explants

Hermsen, J.G.T., 1984:
Pathway for transfer of PLRV resistance from non-tuberous Solanum species to potato cultivars

Giaquinta, R.T.; Lin, W.; Sadler, N.L.; Franceschi, V.R., 1983:
Pathway of Phloem unloading of sucrose in corn roots

Ruffner, H.P.; Brem, S.; Rast, D.M., 1983:
Pathway of Photosynthetic Malate Formation in Vitis vinifera, a C(3) Plant

Pototskaya, V.A., 1983:
Pathways of evolution of adaptive characteristics and phylogetic interrelations in flat bark-beetles (Cucujidae, Coleoptera) in the light of study of larval forms

Schwemer, J., 1983:
Pathways of visual pigment regeneration in fly photoreceptor cells

Shen, S.Y.; Lukens, C.W.; Alongi, S.V.; Sfeir, R.E.; Dagher, F.J.; Sadler, J.H., 1983:
Patient profile and effect of dietary therapy on post-transplant hyperlipidemia

Pancoast, S.J.; Kishel, J.J., 1983:
Patient-source scabies among hospital personnel - Pennsylvania

Humphery Smith, I.; Durette Desset, M.C., 1981:
Patricialina, a genus parasitic in Australian marsupials

Srivastava, A.K.; Saxena, J.K.; Ghatak, S., 1984:
Pattern of certain marker enzymes of hepatic tissue of Mastomys natalensis parasitized with Setaria cervi

E.D.eb, W.M.; Zidan, Z.H.; Mariy, F.M.; Subiha, A.K.; Hassanein, A.A., 1984:
Pattern of cross-resistance to certain insecticides found in fenvalerate and flucythrinate resistant strains of Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.)

Indirabai T.K.; Surendran P.U., 1983:
Pattern of development of shank length in broiler chicken

Jadhav, A.S.; Natkhede, R.N., 1982:
Pattern of dry matter accumulation of groundnut (S.B.XI) as influenced by nitrogen and phosphate fertilization

Garcia-Villar, R.; Toutain, P.L.; Ruckebusch, Y., 1984:
Pattern of electrical activity of the ovine uterus and cervix from mating to parturition

Mwangi, E.N.; Rinkanya, F.G.R.; Ongare, J.O.; Malonza, M.M., 1983:
Pattern of engorgement and estimation of the number of Rhipicephalus appendiculatus female ticks which complete engorgement on the host

Bhatia, M.S., 1983:
Pattern of fertiliser consumption in India

Njoku, E.; Nwoke, F.I.O.; Okonkwo, S.N.C.; Oyolu, C., 1984:
Pattern of growth and development in Dioscorea rotundata Poir

Vardhani, V.V.; Johri, G.N., 1983:
Pattern of immune response in recipients after transfer of mesenteric lymph node cells sensitized with low and high doses of Ancylostoma caninum

Kurkin, K.A.; Bogatyreva, V.V., 1982:
Pattern of increments in fresh herbage of irrigated meadow plant communities

Rathor, HR.; Toqir, G.; Rashid, S., 1984:
Pattern of inheritance of a new autosomal mutant 'black scale' in Anopheles stephensi

Molla, M.G., 1982:
Pattern of leadership in rural Bangladesh: an observation on village government leaders in three Bangladesh villages

Gautam, O.P.; Thawrani, Y.P.; Mathur, P.S., 1980:
Pattern of malaria in children and its therapeutic evaluation

Powell-Jones, C.H.; Lester, J.B.; Polge, C.; Hartree, A.S., 1984:
Pattern of medium proteins radiolabelled after culture of Day 13 to 16 pig conceptus tissue with [3H]leucine and absence of chorionic gonadotrophin-like activity

Rao, A.V.; Venkateswarlu, B., 1983:
Pattern of nodulation and nitrogen fixation in mothbean

Reckruhm, I., 1983:
Pattern of nutrient distribution in the crown of apple trees after pruning

Cichowicz, M.; Strzakowska, W., 1977:
Pattern of resin flow and viscosity in high and low production Scots pines

Khan, S.M.; Kharche, K.G., 1983:
Pattern of sexual behaviour of Jersey bulls in tropics

Nava, G.A.; Colombo, G.; Crosta, M.C.; Battocchio, M.; Cairoli, F., 1984:
Pattern of some blood, endocrine and metabolic values in bitches undergoing ovarohysterectomy under general or epidural anaesthesia

Larque Saavedra, A.; Trejo L.C.; Gutierrez D.F., 1982:
Pattern of stomatal behaviour of beans in the greenhouse and growth chambers

Rao, V.; Ahmad, N., 1983:
Pattern of variation of fruit set and fruit components in Elaeis oleifera (HBK) Cortes bunches

Mohr, H., 1983:
Pattern specification and realization in photomorphogenesis

Kenyon, C.T., 1983:
Pattern, symmetry and surprises in the development of Caenorhabditis elegans

Brown, J.L.; Gangloff, P., 1980:
Patterned ground and frozen soils in the southern Abitibi region, Quebec

Kaars, C.; Greenblatt, S.; Fourtner, C.R., 1984:
Patterned regeneration of internal femoral structures in the cockroach, Periplaneta americana L

Bruce J.G., 1983:
Patterns and classification by soil taxonomy of the soils of the Southern Cook Islands

Charlton, W.A., 1983:
Patterns and control of lateral root initiation

Cates, R.G.; Redak, R.A.; Henderson, C.B., 1983:
Patterns in defensive natural product chemistry: Douglas fir and western spruce budworm interactions

Price, P.; Clancy, K., 1983:
Patterns in number of helminth parasite species in freshwater fishes

Godfray, HCJ., 1984:
Patterns in the distribution of leaf-miners on British trees

Minkevich, I.I.; Pertsev, G.A.; Razugarova, T.A., 1983:
Patterns in the spread and development of rots of larch in the forests of the Gornyi Altai

Swinkels, H.; Hoeve, F.A., 1983:
Patterns in the use of leisure between 1977 and 1980; The costs and financing of the arts, recreation and social welfare

Shortridge, J.R.; Shortridge, B.G., 1983:
Patterns of American rice consumption 1955 and 1980

Kaspirova, T.A., 1982:
Patterns of action of herbicides and natural biologically-active compounds on development of plant tissues and organs

Smith, A.; Wood, A., 1984:
Patterns of agricultural development and foreign aid to Zambia

Rosett, H.L.; Weiner, L.; Lee, A.; Zuckerman, B.; Dooling, E.; Oppenheimer, E., 1983:
Patterns of alcohol consumption and fetal development

Cespedes, C. de; Santisteban, I.; Ortiz, D.; Rojas, E.; Rodriguez, J.; Nanne, C.; Orlich, J., 1983:
Patterns of amino acid excretion in urine in abnormal children and patients with mental disorders in Costa Rica

Marcus Wyner, L.; Rains, D.W., 1983:
Patterns of ammonium absorption and acetylene reduction during soybean developmental growth

Ness, E., 1984:
Patterns of antibodies to staphylococcal DNases in dog sera

Shirlow, M.J., 1983:
Patterns of caffeine consumption

Yoshida, M.C., 1983:
Patterns of centromeric lateral asymmetry in 11 inbred strains of the laboratory mouse

Oyolu, C., 1983:
Patterns of chemical composition in vegetable species with special reference to okra (Abelmoschus esculentus), egusi (Citrullus colocynthis) and fluted pumpkin (Telfairia occidentalis)

Ludtke, H., 1984:
Patterns of constancy and recurrence in everyday leisure behaviour

Guzhov, Y.L.; Shuman, M.A., 1981:
Patterns of correlation between economically important quantitative characters in spring wheat in relation to genotypic and modificatory variation

Ryman, N., 1983:
Patterns of distribution of biochemical genetic variation in salmonids: differences between species

Shapochkin, M.S., 1982:
Patterns of distribution of radial increment by stem height in stands of Larix gmelinii

Koffi Tessio, E.N., 1983:
Patterns of energy use, energy cost increases and their impacts on crop production on the big island of Hawaii: a linear programming approach

Bray, F., 1983:
Patterns of evolution in rice-growing societies

Legner, E.F., 1983:
Patterns of field diapause in the navel orangeworm (Lepidoptera: Phycitidae) and three imported parasites

Bawa, K.S., 1983:
Patterns of flowering in tropical plants

Taylor, R.J.; Basabe, F.A., 1984:
Patterns of fluoride accumulation and growth reduction exhibited by Douglas fir in the vicinity of an aluminum reduction plant

Butcher, R.L.; Kirkpatrick-Keller, D., 1984:
Patterns of follicular growth during the four-day estrous cycle of the rat

Grant, T.J.; Slinn, R.J., 1983:
Patterns of fuel and energy consumption in the U.S. pulp and paper industry - 1972-1982

Harrison, RG.; Wintermeyer, SF.; Odell, TM., 1983:
Patterns of genetic variation within and among gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae), populations

Dunger, D.B.; Leonard, J.V.; Preece, M.A., 1984:
Patterns of growth in the hepatic glycogenoses

Kushalappa A.C.; Santos D.P.; Akutsu M.; Ludwig A.; Euclides R.F., 1984:
Patterns of host growth and rust progress curves in bean and coffee

Altieri, M.A., 1984:
Patterns of insect diversity in monocultures and polycultures of Brussels sprouts

Bates, R.H., 1983:
Patterns of market intervention in agrarian Africa

Fritz, RS., 1983:
Patterns of mating, oviposition, and egg production of the locust leafminer, Odontota dorsalis (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Zvonarev, B.A.; Zyrin, N.G., 1982:
Patterns of mercury sorption by soils. I. Influence of pH on mercury sorption by soils

Cruden, R.W.; Hermann, S.M.; Peterson, S., 1983:
Patterns of nectar production and plant-pollinator coevolution

Pate, J.S., 1983:
Patterns of nitrogen metabolism in higher plants and their ecological significance

Weis, AE., 1983:
Patterns of parasitism by Torymus capite on hosts distributed in small patches

Bloomgarden, K.F., 1984:
Patterns of participation and leadership in the American agricultural community: a case study of cotton farmers

Straub, R.W.; Heath, J.L., 1983:
Patterns of pesticide use on New York State produced sweet corn

Widden, P., 1981:
Patterns of phenology among fungal populations

Nath, V.; Bhardwaj, S.N., 1983:
Patterns of plant growth during pre- and post-flowering phases in two cultivars of field peas (Pisum sativum var. arvensis)

Nelson, J.F., 1982:
Patterns of reproductive aging in C57BL/6J mice: estrous cycles, gonadal steroids, and uterine estradiol receptors

Singh, M.; Mishra, R.R., 1983:
Patterns of reproductive behaviour in Murrah buffaloes

Brun, L.O.; Wilson, J.T.; Nolan, J., 1984:
Patterns of resistance in five samples of ethion-resistant cattle tick (Boophilus microplus) from New Caledonia

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Penetration of light to the undergrowth of a tropical rain forest

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Penetration of liquid into the air-dried hardwoods

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Performance of mice selected for high growth rate

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Performance of quince rootstocks Quince A and Sydo grafted with the cultivar Passe Crassane contaminated with various degenerative diseases

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Performance of rootstocks

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Performance of selected and control lines of Duroc and Yorkshire pigs and their reciprocal crossbred progeny

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Performance of semidwarf rice varieties as ratoon crop after summer harvest

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Performance of single strains starter in the manufacture of Cheddar cheese in Iraq

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Performance of some combinations (crown clones x panel clones) in rubber (Hevea sp.)

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Performance of some exotic acacias in Pakistan

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Performance of some new triticale lines

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Performance of some promising varieties in floating-rice areas of Cuu Long Delta

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Performance of some sweet cherry varieties intended for high-density planting

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Performance of some tomato cultivars for fresh market and processing under the conditions at Hammam Al-Alil

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Performance of some tomato varieties grown in Pithoragarh Valley

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Performance of sorghum, sunflower and wheat as affected by salinity of irrigation water

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Performance of soyabean cv. Bragg under conditions of soil salinity in the field

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Performance of soyabean in two systems of crop rotation

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Performance of stationary gun irrigation systems

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Performance of sunflower in relation to variability in the test weight of seed planted

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Performance of swine fed grain sorghum and Beagle 82 triticale diets

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Performance of tall chickpea genotypes under normal and late-sown conditions

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Performance of taro under lowland condition as affected by genotype, nutritional status and population density

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Performance of temperate and tropical grasses and legumes under two irrigation frequencies in south-eastern Queensland

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Performance of the Egyptian water buffaloes at Mpwapwa, Tanzania

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Performance of the agricultural aircraft PZL-106A during application of forest fertilizer

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Performance of the alfalfa blotch leafminer, Agromyza frontella (Diptera: Agromyzidae), on four alfalfa varieties

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Performance of the apple cultivar Mutsu on various clonal rootstocks

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Performance of the apple cultivar Prima in Ireland

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Performance of the experimental herbicide DPX 4189 (Glean) in wheat

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Performance of the live cattle futures contract: basis and forward-pricing behavior

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Performance of the progeny of Holstein-Friesian bulls

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Performance of the short-cycle rice cv. P-723 after sowing at four densities

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Performance of three Chinese peanuts under irrigated and nonirrigated conditions in Virginia

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Performance of three Douglas-fir stocktypes on a skeletal soil

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Performance of three modified septic tank filter fields

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Performance of timber windows

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Performance of tomato varieties for processing in south Italy

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Performance of trifluralin under conservation tillage systems

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Performance of triticale in comparison with barley and wheat in a semi-arid Mediterranean region

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Performance of tropical pasture legumes grown in south-western islands of Japan. II. Dry matter production, digestible dry matter yields and nitrogen yields of Siratro and Rhodes grass grown in pure and mixed stands

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Performance of tropical pasture legumes grown in south-western islands of Japan. III. The comparative dry matter yields and the role of legumes in the mixed cropping of Siratro and six tropical pastures

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Performance of tropical pasture legumes in the south-western islands of Japan. IV. The comparative dry matter production of eight tropical pasture legumes grown in mixed stands with Rhodes grass

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Performance of turkey poults when fed four levels of virginiamycin

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Performance of two butachlor formulations for weed control in rice

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Performance of two dryland rice varieties (Oryza sativa L.) in Piripiri-PI

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Performance of two maize populations selected for presence or absence of chlorophyll lethals

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Performance of two soyabean cultivars in relation to the manganese in the soil

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Performance of unlined and lined mole drains in a saline clay loam field

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Performance of upland crops and their residual effects on rice in the humid tropics

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Performance of various genetic groups in a dairy herd in El Salvador

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Performance of various herbicides for between crop weed control

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Performance of various types of bark beetle traps for control of Ips typographus

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Performance of weaner cattle given molasses and supplements under feedlot and grazing conditions

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Performance of wheat and mustard in cropping sequences in Sikkim

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Performance of wheat varieties under different sowing dates on semi arid-lands

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Performance of winter rape (Brassica napus) based fuel mixtures in diesel engines

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Performance of wood screw joints for particleboard

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Performance of woody plant species on iron-ore overburden material irrigated with sewage effluent in Minnesota

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Performance of yoghurt cultures in stored raw and pasteurised milks

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Performance promoters in animal nutrition. 1. Quantitative factorial analysis of effectiveness

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Performance test in six commercial lines of laying hens

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Performance testing and evaluation of high temperature alfalfa dryers

Anonymous, 1981:
Performance testing of bull calves in 1979/80

Anonymous, 1982:
Performance testing of bull calves in 1980/81

Anonymous, 1983:
Performance testing of bulls in 1981/82

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Performance testing of fertilizer application equipment

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Performance testing of future A.I. bulls for growth rate, feed efficiency and muscularity. Genetic parameters, adjustment for systematic environmental factors, selection indices

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Performance testing of grain dryers

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Performance testing of wood primers

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Performance traits of Ural Black Pied cattle relevant to their selection for use in commercial conditions

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Performance under experimental conditions of line 792 given two energy levels

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Performance, durability and low temperature evaluation of sunflower oil as a diesel fuel extender

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Performance, food intake and thermal environment in piglets and chickens

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Performance, operation and benefits of an anaerobic digestion system on a closed piggery farm

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Performance, ruminal and serum characteristics of steers fed lasalocid on pasture

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Performances of oats (Kent) under varying levels of N and P fertilization in short and mild winter of West Bengal

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Performing Slavonian folklore: the politics of reminiscence and recreating the past

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Perfusion of onion root xylem vessels: a method and some evidence of control of the pH of the xylem sap

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Perhydro-1,4-thiazepine derivatives with expected pharmacological activity. Part II. 2-(Perhydro-1,4-thiazepin-4-yl)-ethyl-benzyl and benzhydryl ethers with mycostatic and anthelminthic activity

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Peri-urban development: a case study of the Adelaide Hills

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Periapical actinomycosis

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Pericardial effusion in the dog: a review of 42 cases

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Peridural catheter and its importance for peridural anaesthesia and pain treatment in the dog

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Periglacial mass-wasting. A review of research

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Periimplantation-like growth and development of mouse blastocysts in medium containing horse serum

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Perinatal mortality in piglets. 1. Litter and herd factors affecting the incidence of piglet mortality at farrowing

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Perinatal mortality in pigs. 2. Sow behaviour studies at farrowing to study the incidence of intra-partum piglet mortality

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Perinatal mother-offspring pituitary-adrenal interrelationship in rats: corticosterone in milk may affect adult life

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Perinatal puppy mortality. I. Aetiology and pathogenesis. II. Frequency of pathological findings

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Perinet virus, Rhabdoviridae, of the genus Vesiculovirus isolated in Madagascar from culicids

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Periodic heat conduction in a non-uniform soil

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Periodic ophthalmia (recurrent uveitis) of horses: an evaluation of the aetiological role of microfilariae of Onchocerca cervicalis and the clinical management of the condition

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Periodic radial increment as an indicator of the effect of mineral fertilizers

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Periodical cicadas

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Periodicities in the chromosome numbers of the angiosperms

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Periodicity of the microfilariae of Foleyella agamae (Rodhain, 1906) infecting the rainbow lizard, Agama agama

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Periods of cultivation of Azolla and their effects on the yield of irrigated rice in Santa Catarina

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Periods of irrigation of rice. II. Cultivar BR-IRGA 410

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Periods of practical education at Kaposvar Agricultural College

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Periosteal hyperostosis of the lower jaw in two foals

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Periparturient diseases and their effect on the subsequent exploitation of sows on an intensive farm

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Peripheral blood levels of progesterone in female camels during various reproductive stages

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Peripheral blood white cell responses during Angiostrongylus cantonensis infection in rats

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Peripheral circulatory response to feeding in newborn low-birth-weight infants

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Peripheral distribution of virus in dogs inoculated with two strains of rabies virus

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Peripheral health workers are central to primary health care: lessons from Papua New Guinea's aid posts

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Peripheral leucocyte numbers and function in cows with fatty liver.

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Peripheral neural inhibition in stinger flexor muscle of the scorpion, Heterometrus fulvipes (C. Koch)

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Peripheral serum luteinizing and testosterone concentration in buffalo-bulls and its influence on libido

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Peripheral vascular disease: diet, exercise, or both?

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Peripsocus phaeopterus Linnaeus - a mycophagous insect on cotton

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Peristalsis and antiperistalsis in the chicken caecum are myogenic

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Perithecia of Gaeumannomyces graminis var. graminis and G. graminis var. tritici in pure culture

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Peritoneal cryptococcosis: discussion of clinical presentation

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Peritonitis due to Chaetomium globosum in a patient with renal insufficiency treated with continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

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Peritromus hydrarum n.sp. a sporotrich ciliate commensal in freshwater hydras

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Peritrophic membrane formation in three temperate simuliids, Simulium ornatum, S. equinum and S. lineatum, with respect to the migration of onchocercal microfilariae

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Peritrophic membranes and protease activity in the midgut of the malaria mosquito, Anopheles stephensi (Liston) (Insecta: Diptera) under normal and experimental conditions

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Peritrophic membranes in adults of two species of carabid beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae)

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Perkinsiella saccharicida Kirkaldy, a vector disease found in the United States

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Permaculture: practical design for town and country in permanent agriculture

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Permanence of Dura-Treet II, water dispersible pentachlorophenol - a comparative view of depletion and migration with other oil-borne preservative systems

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Permanent and changing features in the agricultural development of Hungary

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Permanent and intermediate hosts of Paragonimus mexicanus, Miyasaki & Ishii, 1968 in Mexico

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Permanent budgetary control applied to farm management

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Permanent grass strips on a soil conservation method

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Permanent plots, cryptogamic plant species and air pollution

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Permanent sample plots in stands of mixed species

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Permeability and structural changes induced by phytochrome in lipid vesicles

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Permeability charactetistics of sandy soils

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Permeability of plant cuticles to gaseous air pollutants

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Permeate update. Current processing technology

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Permissible loads for bolted joints in timber structures

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Pernicious anaemia

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Pernicious anaemia, intragastric bacterial overgrowth, and possible consequences

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Peroneal paralysis and necrosis of the distal hind limb in piglets, due to a faulty injection technique

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Peropal, Alsystin and Cropotex: evaluations of their effect on beneficial arthropods

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Peroral infection of suckling mice with milk-borne mouse mammary tumour virus: uptake of the main viral antigens by the gut

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Peroxidase activity and growth of ornamental plants treated with Camposan

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Peroxidase activity and induced lignification in rusted flax interactions varying in their degree of incompatibility

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Peroxidase activity and isoperoxidase composition in cultured stem tissue, callus and cell suspensions of Actinidia chinensis

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Peroxidase activity and rhizogenesis in Cynara scolymus L.: changes during in vitro subcultures and comparison with juvenile plants obtained from seed

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Peroxidase activity during fruit development in the so-called acidic fruits of citrus

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Peroxidase activity in height near-isogenic lines of maize (Zea mays L.)

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Peroxidase activity of Cucurbita maxima Dusch. infected with three strains of watermelon mosaic virus

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Peroxidase activity; a potential criterion in breeding for field resistance to Phytophthora infestans

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Peroxidase and polyphenol oxidase isozymes in relation to leaf rust resistance in isogenic lines of wheat

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Peroxidase assay in plants: Interference by ascorbic acid and endogenous inhibitors in Sedum and Pelargonium enzyme extracts

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Peroxidase from cultured peanut cells and fungal mycelium as auxin receptors

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Peroxidase isoenzymes in roots of soyabean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) cultivars

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Peroxidase isozyme analysis of intervarietal hybrids in apple

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Peroxidase isozyme patterns in primary trisomics of pearl millet

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Peroxidase isozymes in relation to resistance to stalk-rot disease caused by Fusarium moniliforme in maize inbred lines

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Peroxidase isozymes of Avena species

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Peroxidase, indoleacetic acid oxidase, and amylase activity in necrotic wheat hybrid and its parents

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Peroxidases and their relationship to dormancy and germination in the wheat kernel

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Peroxide-decomposing activities of Antarctic krill lipids and certain other oils

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Peroxides in seed coatings

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Perpetuation of two foliicolous fungi parasitic on sorghum, in India

Bellini, E.; Ragazzini, D., 1984:

Massover, B.L., 1983:
Persimmon in Tajikistan

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Persistance of compaction effects in a forest kraznozem

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Persistance of ureaplasma genital infection in naturally-infected ewes

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Persistence and metabolism of aldicarb in fresh potatoes

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Persistence and mobility of chlorsulfuron in arable soils. Investigations 1982-1983

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Persistence and mobility of clopyralid (3,6-dichloropicolinic acid) in arable soils

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Persistence and movement of alachlor in conventional tillage soyabeans

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Persistence in plants and transfer of clopyralid (3,6-dichloropicolinic acid) through plant remnants

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Persistence in the soil of herbicides used for irrigated rice

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Persistence of 3-isopropyl-1H-2,1,3-benzothiadiazin-4-3H-one-2,2-dioxide (=BAS) in soja beans

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Persistence of Aujeszky's virus on fattening and breeding premises for pigs after an outbreak of the disease

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Persistence of Bacillus thuringiensis on second-year loblolly pine cones

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Persistence of Ciboria in acorns left on the ground

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Persistence of Nosema locustae Spores in Soil as Determined by Fluorescence Microscopy

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Persistence of acquired immunity to Sarcocystis miescheriana infection in growing pigs

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Persistence of annual Medicago spp. in pastures

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Persistence of atrazine and its metabolites in the soil after a single herbicide application

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Persistence of benomyl in soil

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Persistence of carbaryl (Sevin-4-oil) in woodland ponds and its effects on pond macroinvertebrates following forest spraying

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Persistence of diminished bone mineral content following renal transplantation in childhood

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Persistence of epicormic branches on yellow-poplar

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Persistence of fungitoxicity of dithane M-45 on some tomato varieties

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Persistence of glyphosate in a sandy loam

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Persistence of insecticide residues on cotton foliage

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Persistence of isoconazole in vaginal secretion after single application

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Persistence of isofenphos and isazophos in a mineral and an organic soil

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Persistence of isoproturon in wheat soil and its residues in grain and straw

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Persistence of linuron after repeated annual applications on the same field over a six-year period

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Persistence of luteal activity in the non-pregnant ewe

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Persistence of metribuzin in soil under soyabeans

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Persistence of oil-soluble amine type 2,4-D in south Florida

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Persistence of pathogenic Newcastle disease virus in vaccinated fowls

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Persistence of pesticides in soil leachates: effect of pH ultra-violet irradiation and temperature

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Persistence of phorate in soil and its translocation into potato seed tubers

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Persistence, yield and quality of reed canarygrass (Phalaris arundinacea L.) varieties at different sites in Norway

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