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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1236

Chapter 1236 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gautheret, R.J., 1983:
Plant tissue culture: a history

Schubert F.; Renneberg R.; Scheller F.W.; Kirstein L., 1984:
Plant tissue hybrid electrode for determination of phosphate and fluoride

Freeling, M., 1984:
Plant transposable elements and insertion sequences

Pichersky, E.; Gottlieb, L.D., 1984:
Plant triose phosphate isomerase isozymes : purification, immunological and structural characterization, and partial amino Acid sequences

Murai, M.; Kinoshita, T.; Ishimura, S., 1983:
Plant type and yielding ability in old and new rice varieties in Hokkaido

Chaney, R.L., 1983:
Plant uptake of inorganic waste constituents

Briggs, D.; Walters, S.M., 1984:
Plant variation and evolution

Ockwell, A.P., 1982:
Plant variety rights - a review of issues

Bos, L., 1983:
Plant virus ecology: the role of man, and the involvement of governments and international organizations

Thresh, J.M., 1983:
Plant virus epidemiology and control: current trends and future prospects

Anonymous, 1983:
Plant virus epidemiology. 'Monitoring, modelling and predicting outbreaks of virus and virus vectors'

Anonymous, 1983:
Plant virus epidemiology. The spread and control of insect-borne viruses

Anonymous, 1983:
Plant virus epidemiology. The spread and the control of insect-borne viruses

Meyer, W.S.; Green, G.C., 1980:
Plant water relations of soybeans during soil drying

Kumar, A.; Dhiman, S.D.; Yadav, S.K., 1983:
Plant water relations, radiation characteristics, canopy temperature, and yields of wheat genotypes under dry and wet soil moisture regimes

Tingey, D.T.; Thutt, G.L.; Gumpertz, M.L.; Hogsett, W.E., 1982:
Plant water status influences ozone sensitivity of bean plants

Imtiyaz, M.; Jensen, H.E.; Nielsen, J.M., 1983:
Plant water status, nutritional status and drought sensitivity at various growth stages of spring barley in relation to soil water status

Nemeth, K., 1983:
Plant-available N fractions in the soil and their significance for the N nutrition of sugar beet

Delrio, G.; Ortu, S.; Prota, R., 1980:
Plant-feeding insects recently introduced into citrus cultures of Sardinia

Romheld, V.; Marschner, H., 1984:
Plant-induced pH changes in the rhizosphere of Fe-efficient and Fe-inefficient soybean and corn cultivars

White, R.H.; Dickens, R., 1984:
Plant-parasitic nematode populations in bermudagrass as influenced by cultural practices

Hashim, Z., 1983:
Plant-parasitic nematodes associated with olive in Jordan

Hashim, Z., 1983:
Plant-parasitic nematodes associated with pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) in Jordan and an attempt to chemical control

Sieg, C.H.; Uresk, D.W.; Hansen, R.M., 1983:
Plant-soil relationships on bentonite mine spoils and sagebrush-grassland in the Northern High Plains

Ferrazzi, P., 1983:
Plant-sucking insects and honeybees: honeydew incidence in honeys from northern Italy

Nagel, C.; Franke, C., 1983:
Plant/soil relationships in immission areas with reference to some heavy metals

Ittyeipe, K., 1983:
Plantain production in the West Indies

Wilson, G.F., 1983:
Plantain production prospects for improving the food situation in the tropics

Edmunds, J.E., 1983:
Plantain research and development in the Windward Islands

Raychaudhuri, G.S.; Gupta, A.K., 1981:
Plantation agriculture in South and Southeast Asia. An econometric analysis of world market in natural rubber

Hoyle, M.C., 1984:
Plantation birch: what works, what doesn't

Dasgupta, K., 1983:
Plantation economy and land tenure system in Brahmaputra Valley, 1839-1914

Sutton, R.F., 1982:
Plantation establishment in the boreal forest: planting season extension

Morse, B.W.; Kulman, H.M., 1984:
Plantation white spruce mortality: estimates based on aerial photography and analysis using a life-table format

Lebbe, I., 1983:
Plantations as the dominant mode of production in Sri Lanka. A historical analysis

Nkaonja, R.S.W., 1984:
Plantations for timber production in the agricultural system

Suboch, G.N., 1983:
Plantations of tannin willows

Morrison, J.E.; Gerik, T.J., 1983:
Planter depth-control predictions and projected effects on crop emergence

Lindwall, C.W.; Erbach, D.C., 1983:
Planter effects on soil properties and crop emergence

Pelzer, K.J., 1982 :
Planters against peasants. The agrarian struggle in East Sumatra 1947-1958

McCracken, J., 1982:
Planters, peasants and the colonial state; the impact of the Native Tobacco Board in the Central Province of Malawi

Auld, D.L.; Bettis, B.L.; Dial, M.J., 1984:
Planting date and cultivar effect on winter rape production

Borrelli, A., 1984:
Planting density and nitrogen fertilizing in the cultivation of gladioli in summer and autumn

Soto, F., 1983:
Planting density in coffee seedlings. Part I. Influence on plant height, root length and leaf area

Smirnov, S.D., 1982:
Planting density of pine and spruce in seed orchards

Palilova, A.E., 1983:
Planting depth and harvesting quality

Erbach, D.C., 1981:
Planting for crop production with conservation

Sizaret, A., 1983:
Planting fruit trees on hills, or the thousand and one positions of the collar

Sinclair, P., 1983:
Planting garlic - sideways, up or down?

Wibbelt, A., 1981:
Planting machines - technology, suitability, and experience

Rebmann, E., 1984:
Planting of banks with shrubs and shrub seed

Stapleton, C.; Tamrakar, S.M., 1983:
Planting of large bamboo 'bans' by the traditional method

Kolin, A.R., 1983:
Planting of potatoes with small seed tubers and cut tubers

Malik, M.N.; Sheikh, M.I., 1983:
Planting of trees in saline and waterlogged areas. Part I. Test planting at Azakhel

Tacon, F. le, 1983:
Planting on exposed sites: one of the causes of the poor form of beech in north-eastern France

Pollema, J., 1984:
Planting potatoes in unwheeled ground - a good method for heavy soils

Kolb, W.; Schwarz, T.; Trunk, R., 1983:
Planting roofs having a gravel covering

Birdel, R.; Whitcomb, C.; Appleton, B.L., 1983:
Planting techniques for tree spade dug trees

Ukwungwu, M.N., 1984:
Planting time and stem borer incidence in Badeggi, Nigeria

Thuesen, A., 1984:
Planting time of strawberries

Wilde, S.A., 1983:
Planting trees as an investment - a proposal for realistic forest valuation

Joshi, M.R., 1982:
Planting with naked-root stock (preliminary results)

Hidaka, T.; Yamada, Y.; Shichijo, T., 1982:
Plantlet formation from anthers of Citrus aurantium L

Rumary, C.; Thorpe, T.A., 1984:
Plantlet formation in black and white spruce. I. In vitro techniques

Scaramuzzi, F.; D.E.ia, C., 1984:
Plantlet induction in meristem cultures of Jasminum primulinum Hem. (J. mesnyi Hance)

Chen, W.M., 1983:
Plantlet regeneration from bulb-scales and seedlings of Lilium brownii var. vividulum in vitro

Narasimhulu, S.B.; Reddy, G.M., 1983:
Plantlet regeneration from different callus cultures of Arachis hypogaea L

Kumar, A.S.; Reddy, T.P.; Reddy, G.M., 1983:
Plantlet regeneration from different callus cultures of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan L.)

Gimelli, F.; Ginatta, G.; Venturo, R.; Positano, S.; Buiatti, M., 1984:
Plantlet regeneration from petals and floral induction in vitro in the Mediterranean carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus L.)

Fu, L.F.; Tang, T.Y., 1983:
Plantlets formed from litchi pollen

Okigbo, B.N., 1983:
Plants and agroforestry in land use systems of West Africa

Jones, H.G., 1983:
Plants and microclimate. A quantitative approach to environmental plant physiology

Munns, R.E.; Passioura, J.B.; Richards, R.A., 1982:
Plants and salinity

Schiechtl, H.M., 1983:
Plants as a means of soil stabilization

Sharma, G.K.; Cooper, C., 1981:
Plants as bioindicators of environmental pollution

Hayakawa, H.; Yoneyama, Y.; Inaoka, T., 1983:
Plants as oviposition sites of Hybomitra olsoi Takahashi, 1962 and its egg-batches (Diptera, Tabanidae)

Hayakawa, H.; Yoneyama, Y.; Inaoka, T., 1983:
Plants as oviposition sites of Hybomitra tarandina (Linne, 1761) and its egg-batches (Diptera, Tabanidae)

Coombs, J.; Hall, D.O.; Chartier, P., 1983:
Plants as solar collectors. Optimizing productivity for energy. An assessment study

Aclinou, P.; Boukerb, A.; Bouquant, J.; Massiot, G.; L.M.n Olivier, L., 1982:
Plants of the Aures region. Root constituents of Centaurea incana (Compositae)

Freeman, A.B.; Andow, D.A., 1983:
Plants protecting plants: the use of insect feeding deterrents

Davis, J.B.; Kay, D.E.; Clark, V., 1983:
Plants tolerant of arid, or semi-arid, conditions with non-food constituents of potential use

Anonymous, 1983:
Plants under extreme conditions of mineral nutrition. Ecophysiological investigations

Cagas, B., 1983:
Plantvax 20 EC in the protection of common agrimony

Butchaiah, G.; Lund, E., 1983:
Plaque assay of bovine rotavirus

Yamagishi, H.; Ide, S.; Eiki, T.; Eiguchi, Y.; Nagamine, T.; Igarashi, Y.; Yoshioka, I.; Matumoto, M., 1984:
Plaque assay of equine influenza virus

Niemiatowski, M., 1983:
Plaque morphology and pathogenicity for newborn mice of swine vesicular disease virus. I. Wild strains and their clones. II. Temperature-dependent mutants and their clones

Durham, P.J.; Johnson, R.H., 1984:
Plaque titration and inhibition tests for bovine parvovirus

Littledike, E.T.; Engstrom, G., 1984:
Plasma 25-OHD3, 1,25-(OH)2D3 relationships to renal 1 alpha - and 24-hydroxylase activities in vitamin D deficient pigs.

Ricordeau, G.; Blanc, M.R.; Bodin, L., 1984:
Plasma FSH and LH levels in male and female offspring of Lacaune rams of high and low prolificacy

Rhind, S.M.; Doney, J.M.; Gunn, R.G., 1984:
Plasma FSH, LH, prolactin and progesterone profiles in Cheviot ewes on high and low intakes prior to mating

McLeod, B.J.; Haresign, W.; Peters, A.R.; Lamming, G.E., 1984:
Plasma LH and FSH concentrations in prepubertal beef heifers before and in response to repeated injections of low doses of Gn-RH

Paterson, A.M.; Day, B.N., 1984:
Plasma LH and estradiol in the follicular phase in gilts

Wright, P.J.; Clarke, I.J.; Findlay, J.K., 1983:
Plasma LH and progesterone in seasonally anoestrous ewes given GnRH in a low dose continuous infusion

McLeod, B.J.; Haresign, W., 1984:
Plasma LH concentrations in the ewe in response to repeated injections of low doses of gonadotrophin releasing hormone during the follicular phase of the oestrous cycle

Lehmann, G.W.; Hubl, W., 1981:
Plasma aldosterone: normal values in children, effect of stress and corticotropin, effect of diet and diurnal rhythm in newborn infants

Chand, D.; Georgie, G.C.; Razdan, M.N., 1981:
Plasma alkaline phosphatase activity in newborn calves of Hariana and triple and half crosses of Hariana with exotic breeds

Räihä, N.C., 1982:
Plasma amino acid balance in relation to protein intake in preterm infants: what is optimal protein intake?

Andersen, G.E.; Bucher, D.; Friis-Hansen, B.; Nexø, E.; Olesen, H., 1983:
Plasma amino acid concentrations in newborn infants during parenteral nutrition

Stegink, L.D.; Filer, L.J.; Baker, G.L., 1983:
Plasma amino acid concentrations in normal adults fed meals with added monosodium L-glutamate and aspartame

Marchesini, G.; Bianchi, G.; Zoli, M.; Dondi, C.; Forlani, G.; Melli, A.; Bua, V.; Vannini, P.; Pisi, E., 1983:
Plasma amino acid response to protein ingestion in patients with liver cirrhosis

Hevia, P.; Truex, C.R.; Imrey, P.B.; Clinton, S.K.; Mangian, H.J.; Visek, W.J., 1984:
Plasma amino acids and excretion of protein end products by mice fed 10 or 40% soybean protein diets with or without dietary 2-acetylaminofluorene or N,N-dinitrosopiperazine

Marquis, S.M.; Leichter, J.; Lee, M., 1984:
Plasma amino acids and glucose levels in the rat fetus and dam after chronic maternal alcohol consumption

Sanchez, A.; Horning, M.; Wingeleth, D., C., 1983:
Plasma amino acids in humans fed plant proteins

Shohat, M.; Wielunsky, E.; Reisner, S.H., 1984:
Plasma ammonia levels in preterm infants receiving parenteral nutrition with crystalline L-amino acids

Storer, G.B.; Illman, R.J.; Trimble, R.P.; Snoswell, A.M.; Topping, D.L., 1984:
Plasma and caecal volatile fatty acids in male and female rats: effects of dietary gum arabic and cellulose

Hidiroglou, M.; Knipfel, J.E., 1984:
Plasma and milk concentrations of vitamin D3 and 25-hydroxy vitamin D3 following intravenous injection of vitamin D3 or 25-hydroxy vitamin D3

Avery, D.H.; Overall, J.E.; Calil, H.M.; Hollister, L.E., 1983:
Plasma calcium and phosphate during alcohol intoxication. Alcoholics versus nonalcoholics

Waage, S., 1984:
Plasma calcium in cows with paresis and acute mastitis

Wingard D.L.; Criqui M.H.; Holdbook M.J.; Barrett Connor E., 1984:
Plasma cholesterol and cancer morbidity and mortality in an adult community

Walker, B.L., 1984:
Plasma cholesterol response to dietary saturated and hydrogenated fats in CBA and C57BR/cdJ mice

Moilanen, T.; Nikkari, T.; Rasanen, L.; Viikari, J.; Akerblom, H.K.; Ahola, M.; Dahl, M.; Lahde, P.L.; Pesonen, E.; Pietikainen, M.; Seppanen, A.; Suoninen, P.; Uhari, M., 1983:
Plasma cholesteryl ester fatty acids in 3- and 12-year-old Finnish children

Prior, R.L., 1983:
Plasma clearance of L- and D-lactate in steers fed alfalfa hay or high concentrate diets

Badylak, S.F.; Dodds, W.J.; Van Vleet, J.F., 1983:
Plasma coagulation factor abnormalities in dogs with naturally occurring hepatic disease

English, P.B., 1983:
Plasma concentration and disposition of antimicrobial agents in the dog

Sasse, H.H.L., 1983:
Plasma concentration of aminophylline in the horse after a single intravenous or intramuscular injection

Martin, K.; Andersson, L.; Stridsberg, M.; Wiese, B.; Appelgren, L.E., 1984:
Plasma concentration, mammary excretion and side-effects of phenylbutazone after repeated oral administration in healthy cows

Markestad, T., 1983:
Plasma concentrations of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D, 24,25-dihydroxyvitamin D, and 25,26-dihydroxyvitamin D in the first year of life

Nakao, H.; Kuroda, E.; Kodama, S.; Matsuo, T.; Okano, T.; Kobayashi, T., 1982:
Plasma concentrations of 25-hydroxyvitamins D2 and D3 in breast-fed and formula-fed infants

Kanai, Y.; Shimizu, H., 1984:
Plasma concentrations of LH, progesterone and oestradiol during the oestrous cycle in swamp buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)

Etches, R.J.; Croze, F., 1983:
Plasma concentrations of LH, progesterone, and corticosterone during ACTH- and corticosterone-induced ovulation in the hen (Gallus domesticus)

Kirkwood, R.N.; Lapwood, K.R.; Smith, W.C.; Anderson, I.L., 1984:
Plasma concentrations of LH, prolactin, oestradiol-17 beta and progesterone in sows weaned after lactation for 10 or 35 days

Watson, E.D., 1984:
Plasma concentrations of PGFM in two cows with and in two cows without post partum endometritis

Fried, G.M.; Ogden, W.D.; Fagan, C.J.; Inoue, K.; Greeley, G.; Thompson, J.C., 1984:
Plasma concentrations of cholecystokinin in patients with duodenal ulcer disease

Waage, S.; Sjaastad, O.V.; Blom, A.K., 1984:
Plasma concentrations of cortisol in cows with hypocalcaemia in relation to their responses to treatment with calcium

Sterling, R.J.; Sharp, P.J.; Klandorf, H.; Harvey, S.; Lea, R.W., 1984:
Plasma concentrations of luteinising hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, androgen, growth hormone, prolactin, thyroxine and triiodothyronine during growth and sexual development in the cockerel

Erskine, M.S.; Baum, M.J., 1984:
Plasma concentrations of oestradiol and oestrone during perinatal development in male and female ferrets

Silva, E.D.F. da, 1983:
Plasma concentrations of total oestrogen and progesterone as determined by radioimmunoassay in cows at parturition, in relation to the type of obstetrical intervention

Markestad, T.; Aksnes, L.; Finne, P.H.; Aarskog, D., 1983:
Plasma concentrations of vitamin D metabolites in a case of rickets of prematurity

Siegel, H.S.; Marks, H.L.; Latimer, J.W.; Wilson, R.L., 1984:
Plasma constituents and body weights of Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) selected for twelve generations for plasma cholesterol responses to adrenocorticotropin

Shimma, Y.; Shimma, H.; Ikeda, K., 1982:
Plasma constituents of 2-year-old rainbow trout raised with fish meal and SCP combined feeds

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Plasma copper concentration and packed cell volume and their relationships to fertility and milk production in Holstein cows

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Plasma creatine kinase isozyme electrophoretic pattern of long-term vitamin E-deficient rats

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Plasma creatinine and creatinine clearance in nutritional osteomalacia

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Plasma electrolyte values in samples collected from chickens after death

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Plasma enteroglucagon related to malabsorption in coeliac disease

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Plasma erythropoietin concentrations during the early anemia of prematurity

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Plasma fatty acids of marrow transplant recipients on fat-supplemented parenteral nutrition

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Plasma fibronectin concentrations in morbidly obese patients

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Plasma follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone patterns during the estrous cycle of ewes

Leib, M.S.; Wingfield, W.E.; Twedt, D.C.; Bottoms, G.D., 1984:
Plasma gastrin immunoreactivity in dogs with acute gastric dilatation-volvulus

Lahlou-Kassi, A.; Schams, D.; Glatzel, P., 1984:
Plasma gonadotrophin concentrations during the oestrous cycle and after ovariectomy in two breeds of sheep with low and high fecundity

Luoma, P.V.; Savolainen, M.J.; Sotaniemi, E.A.; Pelkonen, R.O.; Arranto, A.J.; Ehnholm, C., 1983:
Plasma high-density lipoproteins and liver lipids and proteins in man

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Plasma histamine concentrations and complement activation during house dust mite-provoked bronchial obstructive reactions

Flatt, P.R.; Bailey, C.J.; Kwasowski, P.; Page, T.; Marks, V., 1984:
Plasma immunoreactive gastric inhibitory polypeptide in obese hyperglycaemic (ob/ob) mice

Dagorn, M., 1984:
Plasma kinetics of bithionol sulphoxide and its metabolites in cattle

Kunavongkrit, A.; Srisakwattana, K.; Kindahl, H., 1984:
Plasma levels of 15-keto-13,14-dihydroprostaglandin F2 alpha in primiparous lactating sows

Vlachakis, N.D.; Kogosov, E.; Yoneda, S.; Alexander, N.; Maronde, R.F., 1984:
Plasma levels of free and total catecholamines and two deaminated metabolites in man - rapid deconjugation by heat in acid

Knudtzon, J., 1984:
Plasma levels of glucagon, insulin, glucose and free fatty acids in rabbits during laboratory handling procedures

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Plasma levels of insulin and triiodothyronine and their correlations with carcass composition in pigs

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Plasma levels of lignocaine hydrochloride following local and regional analgesia in buffalo calves

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Plasma levels of oxytocin and vasopressin before, during and after parturition in cows

Blom, A.K.; Sjaastad, O.V.; Jacobsen, E., 1983:
Plasma levels of progesterone and oestradiol-17 beta in reindeer (Rangifer tarandus tarandus) during pregnancy

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Plasma levels of sex hormones in female kids approaching puberty

Scott, A.P.; Baynes, S.M., 1982:
Plasma levels of sex steroids in relation to ovulation and spermiation in rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri)

Biddiscombe, S.; Idler, D.R., 1983:
Plasma levels of thyroid hormones in sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) decrease before spawning

McConathy, W.J.; Greenhalgh, R.M.; Alaupovic, P.; Woolcock, N.E.; Laing, S.P.; Lund, V.; Lee, E.T.; Taylor, G.W., 1984:
Plasma lipid and apolipoprotein profiles of women with two types of peripheral arterial disease

Onongbu, I.C.; Onyeneke, E.C., 1983:
Plasma lipid changes in human malaria

Ordovas, J.M.; Pocovi, M.; Grande, F., 1984:
Plasma lipids and cholesterol esterification rate during pregnancy

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Plasma lipids in obesity

Hermier, D.; Chapman, M.J.; Leclercq, B., 1984:
Plasma lipoprotein profile in fasted and refed chickens of two strains selected for high or low adiposity

Post, T.B.; Bindon, B.M., 1983:
Plasma luteinizing hormone and testosterone concentrations in different breeds of young beef bulls in the tropics

Johnson, P.A.; Tienhoven, A. van, 1984:
Plasma luteinizing hormone levels throughout development and relative to ovulation in pinealectomized hens (Gallus domesticus)

Terashima Y.; Tucker R.E.; Deetz L.E.; Muntifering R.B.; Mitchell G.E.Jr, 1984:
Plasma magnesium and glucose responses to cold exposure and potassium chloride administration in sheep

Santos, CD.; Terra, WR., 1984:
Plasma membrane-associated amylase and trypsin. Intracellular distribution of digestive enzymes in the midgut of the cassava hornworm, Erinnyis ello

Widell, S.; Lundborg, T.; Larsson, C., 1982:
Plasma membranes from oats prepared by partition in an aqueous polymer two-phase system : on the use of light-induced cytochrome B reduction as a marker for the plasma membrane

Flux, D.S.; Mackenzie, D.D.S.; Wilson, G.F., 1984 :
Plasma metabolite and hormone concentrations in Friesian cows of differing genetic merit measured at two feeding levels

Yuan Wei, 1984:
Plasma oestradiol-17 beta , progesterone and testosterone levels during the postpartum period and during oestrus in Guanzhong asses

Whitaker, E.M.; Shaw, M.A.; Hervey, G.R., 1983:
Plasma oestradiol-17 beta and testosterone concentrations as possible causes of the infertility of congenitally obese Zucker rats

Peters, A.R., 1984:
Plasma progesterone and gonadotrophin concentrations following norgestomet treatment with and without cloprostenol in beef cows

Leslie, K.E.; Bosu, W.T., 1983:
Plasma progesterone concentrations in dairy cows with cystic ovaries and clinical responses following treatment with fenprostalene

Leenanuruska, D.; Usanakornkul, S.; Kamonpatana, M., 1980:
Plasma progesterone levels in swamp buffalo during early pregnancy

Hinds, L.A., 1982:
Plasma prolactin during lactation in the tammar wallaby

Doris P.A.; Bell F.R., 1984:
Plasma prolactin during the body fluid and electrolyte changes of dehydration and sodium depletion in steers

Abe, K.; Matsuura, N.; Fukushima, N.; Nohara, Y.; Fujita, H.; Fujieda, K.; Kato, T., 1983:
Plasma prolactin response to thyrotropin releasing hormone in children with newly diagnosed insulin dependent diabetes

Fabry, J., 1984:
Plasma prolactin variations with photoperiod in cattle

Victery, W.; Vander, A.J.; Schoeps, P.; Germain, C., 1983:
Plasma renin is increased in young rats exposed to lead in utero and during nursing

Howells, D.W.; Levin, G.E.; Brown, I.R.; Brooke, O.G., 1984:
Plasma retinol and retinol-binding protein in pre-term infants born small for gestational age or of appropriate weight for age

Gyr, K.; Beglinger, C.; Fried, M.; Grötzinger, U.; Kayasseh, L.; Stalder, G.A.; Girard, J., 1984:
Plasma secretin and pancreatic response to various stimulants including a meal

Hatano, S.; Nishi, Y.; Usui, T., 1984:
Plasma selenium concentration in healthy Japanese children and adults determined by flameless atomic absorption spectrophotometry

Leszczynski, D.E.; Hagan, R.C.; Rowe, S.E.; Kummerow, F.A., 1984:
Plasma sex hormone and lipid patterns in normal and restricted-ovulator chicken hens

Polonsky, K.S.; Shoelson, S.E.; Docherty, H.M., 1983:
Plasma somatostatin 28 increases in response to feeding in man

Somontacchi, C.; Casciotti, D.; Boiti, C., 1982:
Plasma steroid profile during the spawning season of pike

Hartung, G.H.; Myhre, L.G.; Nunneley, S.A.; Tucker, D.M., 1984:
Plasma substrate response in men and women during marathon running

Fabry, J.; Renaville, R.; Halleux, V.; Burny, A., 1983:
Plasma testosterone and LH responses to LHRH in double-muscled bulls treated with trenbolone acetate and zeranol

Sharma A.K.; Kumar A.; Singh H., 1983 :
Plasma thiopental concentration with and without maintenance agents in dogs

Mamo, J.C.L.; Snoswell, A.M.; Topping, D.L., 1983:
Plasma triacylglycerol secretion in sheep. Paradoxical effects of fasting and alloxan diabetes

Balogun, O.O.; Fetuga, B.L.; Oyenuga, V.A., 1983:
Plasma urea concentration and some urinary nitrogenous components as indirect measures of lysine requirements of growing pigs

Thompson, K.H.; Zilversmit, D.B., 1983:
Plasma very low density lipoprotein (VLDL) in cholesterol-fed rabbits: chylomicron remnants or liver lipoproteins?

Schorah, C.J.; Morgan, D.B.; Hullin, R.P., 1983:
Plasma vitamin C concentrations in patients in a psychiatric hospital

Alvarez, F.; Cresteil, D.; Lemonnier, F.; Lemonnier, A.; Alagille, D., 1984:
Plasma vitamin E levels in children with cholestasis

Symons, Lea, 1983:
Plasma zinc and inappetence in sheep infected with Trichostrongylus colubriformis

Ek, J., 1983:
Plasma, red cell, and breast milk folacin concentrations in lactating women

Polonenko, D.R.; Maclachlan, G.A., 1984:
Plasma-membrane sheets from pea protoplasts

Gianinazzi Pearson, V.; Dexheimer, J.; Gianinazzi, S.; Jeanmaire, C., 1984:
Plasmalemma structure and function in endomycorrhizal symbiosis

Davey, G.P., 1984 :
Plasmid associated with diplococcin production in Streptococcus cremoris

Toranzo, A.E.; Combarro, P.; Lemos, M.L.; Barja, J.L., 1984:
Plasmid coding for transferable drug resistance in bacteria isolated from cultured rainbow trout

Yu, R.S.T.; Hung, T.V.; Azad, A.A., 1983:
Plasmid complement and physiological analyses of lactose negative derivatives of Streptococcus lactis C6 and C2

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Pollination and plant products

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Pollutants accumulation by bark

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Pollution, forest damage and timber quality

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Poly bags for hollies

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Polyarthritis in anisakiasis. First case

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Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) residues in food and human tissues

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Polycondensation in the Ca(H2PO4)2-CaHPO4 system

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Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH's) in the terrestrial environment - a review

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Polyester covers promote early harvests

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Polyethylene bags and Prolong for delaying the ripening of bananas in the Philippines

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Polyethylene glycol 6000 priming effect on germination of aged wheat seed lots

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Polyethylene winter pack

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Polyfactorial theory of plant immunity

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Polygamy of male sables and its relationship with the reproductive performance of females

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Polygyny: an indicator of nutritional stress in African agricultural societies?

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Polymeric monohydroxybenzenoid hydroquinoid antioxidants

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Polymers increase the fibre flax yield

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Polymorphic systems and performance of sheep

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Polymorphic systems of milk protein in some breeds of cattle

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Polymorphism as a genetic resource in cocksfoot

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Polymorphism in soybean seed protein

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Polymorphism of glutathione S-transferase in laboratory rats

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Polymorphism of serum proteins in the tench (Tinca tinca)

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Polymorphism of sex chromosomes in the subfamily Bovinae

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Polymorphism of the fourth complement component in the dog and linkage to the DLA system

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Polymorphism of the wing pattern and of phosphoglucomutase in Adalia bipunctata (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) from central Italy

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Polymorphism of vegetable crops

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Polymorphisms in rare breeds of cattle

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Polynucleotide phosphorylase from plant cells

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Polypeptide composition of envelope membranes isolated from chloroplasts of C3, C4 and CAM plants

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Polyphenolic substances in the seeds of some cultivars of bean (Vicia faba L.)

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Polyphosphate-containing fluid fertilizers based on wet-process acid and wet-process acid-sulfuric acid mixtures

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Polyploid tea

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Polyploidy in Beta L

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Polyploidy in meiotic parthenogenetic populations of Meloidogyne hapla and a mechanism of conversion to diploidy

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Polypogon monospeliensis Desf. a natural host of Heterodera avenae Woll

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Polypoid granulomatous and sclerosing endophlebitis of the spermatic cord. New pathologic type of schistosomal funiculitis

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Polyporaceae flora on the high mountains in western Sichuan

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Polyribosome formation in the embryos of germinating wheat grains of varying viability

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Polyribosomes from aging apple and cherry fruit

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Polyribosomes in germinating wheat seeds of different maturity

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Polysaccharides and metals as compounds of sediment produced from raw soya sauce during pasteurization

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Polysome assembly and RNA synthesis during phytochrome-mediated photomorphogenesis in mustard cotyledons

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Polysome fraction in the seeds of Norway maple (Acer platanoides L.) during the breaking of dormancy

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Polytene-chromosome relationships of the Anopheles stephensi species group from the Afrotropical and Oriental Regions (Culicidae, Anopheles (Cellia), series Neocellia)

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Polyunsaturated and essential fatty acids

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Polyunsaturated fatty acids in the lipids from adult Galleria mellonella reared on diets to which only one unsaturated fatty acid had been added

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Polyurethane foam sheet as a substratum for germination tests

Anonymous, 1982:
Polyvalent education

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Polyvinyllactophenol - a tried mounting medium for mites and small insects

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Pomegranate fruit development and maturation

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Pomes, pollination, and pests

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Pond depth

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Pont l'Eveque cheese

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Pooled heritability estimates of first three lactations in Holstein-Friesian X Sahiwal crosses from daughter-dam regression

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Poor aeration in NFT and a means for its improvement

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Poor establishment and yield losses of cereals and grasses caused by trichodorid nematodes

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Poor fungicide coverage linked to germination failure?

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Poor profitability for farm cheese production in 1981

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Poor response to a slow release fertilizer by young Pinus radiata on sandy soil

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Poplar plantations in the steppes of Azerbaijan

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Poplar special - II

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Poplar-and-willow borer

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Poplars along roads, borders, canals and rivers

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Popular adult education: the Bolivian experience

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Popular culture and class conflict 1590-1914: explorations in the history of labour and leisure

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Popular democracy: taking the first steps

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Popular education in Nicaragua: collected documents

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Popular education in Peru

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Popular education: mass media or interpersonal communication?

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Popular herbal medicine in the Maira valley

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Popular participation in decentralized water supply planning: a case study in the Western District of Northern Kordofan Province, Sudan

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Popular radio in Peru

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Popular theatre and development work in Bangladesh: some comments with reference to Popular theatre dialogue in Koitta/Dhaka Bangladesh, 4-16 February, 1983

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Popular theatre in the Arctic

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Popularisation policies in Chinese education from the 1950s to the 1970s

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Population age structures of tree species in four plant communities in the Great Dismal Swamp, Virginia

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Population and economic change in western Queensland since 1961

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Population and number of maize plants per hill in association with beans

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Population and pod production

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Population aspects of agricultural economics: a curriculum guide (Preliminary draft edition)

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Population changes of Pratylenchus hexincius on Zea mays and three perennial prairie species

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Population crisis and desertification in the Sudano-Sahelian region

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Population densities and biomass standing crop of aboveground insects in a tropical grassland of India

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Population density effects on the behavior and feeding of young striped mullet (Mugil cephalus) in 37.8-liter aquaria

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Population density of the citrus brown mite, E. orientalis as affected by citrus species

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Population density of tropical forest frogs: relation to retreat sites

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Population density, land potential and out-migration; in search of development parameters

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Population development and oxygen consumption of three isolates of Aphelenchus avenae (Nematoda: Aphelenchidae)

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Population Development and Pathogenicity of Meloidogyne javanica on Flue-cured Tobacco as Influenced by Ethoprop and DD

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Population differentiation in Festuca rubra L. and Agrostis stolonifera L. in response to soil waterlogging

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Population distribution and its implications for socio-economic development in Botswana

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Population diversity of Diaeretiella rapae (M'Int.) (Hym., Aphidiidae), an aphid parasitoid in agroecosystems

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Population diversity of Encarsia formosa, a biocontrol agent in glasshouses (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae)

Malausa, J.C.; Kermarrec, A., 1982:
Population dynamics and bioecology of the noctuid moths (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae) of the French Antilles

Lal, L., 1983:
Population dynamics and biology of Gynenica affinis Dist. (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae)

Pasternak, P.S.; Stefurak, V.P., 1980:
Population dynamics and composition by species groups of the actinomycete flora of forest soils in the Ukrainian Carpathians

Ferino, M.P.; Calora, F.B.; Magallona, E.D., 1982:
Population dynamics and economic threshold level of the cotton semi-looper, Anomis flava flava (Fabr.) (Noctuidae, Lepidoptera)

Lousier, JD., 1984:
Population dynamics and production studies of species of Euglyphidae (Testacea, Rhizopoda, Protozoa) in an aspen woodland soil

Fe, C. de la; Espinosa, R., 1983:
Population dynamics in sugarcane plantations

Matias, C.A.C.; Avelar, J.S.H., 1983:
Population dynamics of Aphanostigma piri Chol. on Rocha pears

Brust, R.A., 1982:
Population dynamics of Culex tarsalis Coquillett in Manitoba

Rahimian, M.K.; Mitchell, J.E., 1984:
Population dynamics of Erwinia carotovora pv. carotovora in potato stems

Courtney, C.H.; Parker, C.F.; McClure, K.E.; Herd, R.P., 1983:
Population dynamics of Haemonchus contortus and Trichostrongylus spp. in sheep

Mueller, TF.; Phillips, JR., 1983:
Population dynamics of Heliothis spp. in spring weed hosts in southeastern Arkansas: survivorship and stage-specific parasitism

Bostian, A.L., 1983:
Population dynamics of Heterodera glycines as affected by the interactions of phenamiphos or ethoprop with alachlor

Martin, S.B.; Hoch, H.C.; Abawi, G.S., 1983:
Population dynamics of Laetisaria arvalis and low-temperature Pythium spp. in untreated and pasteurized beet field soils

Stradioto, M.F.; Barbosa Ferraz, L.C.C.; Pitelli, R.A., 1983:
Population dynamics of Pratylenchus brachyurus on maize infested with weeds

Deronzier, S., 1984:
Population dynamics of Psylla pyri L. in an abandoned orchard in south-eastern France

Lisichkina, G.A.; Kozhevin, P.A.; Zvyagintsev, D.G., 1983:
Population dynamics of Rhizobium japonicum in the rhizoplane and rhizosphere of different plants

Becquer Hernandez, A.; Ferrandiz Puga, R., 1981:
Population dynamics of aphid populations in fields of beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Lakra, R.K.; Zile Singh; Kharub, W.S., 1983:
Population dynamics of citrus psylla, Diaphorina citri Kuwayama in Haryana

Scott W.P.; Smith J.W.; Parencia C.R., 1983:
Population dynamics of cotton arthropods associated with optimum pest management and current insect control strategies

Scharpf, R.F.; Parmeter, J.R.J., 1982:
Population dynamics of dwarf mistletoe on young true firs in the central Sierra Nevada, California

Gupta, AK.; Niyogi, A.; Naik, ML.; Agarwal, SM., 1984:
Population dynamics of endohelminths of Channa punctatus at Raipur, India

Mel' nichuk, A.I., 1984:
Population dynamics of pests

Bourdouxhe, L., 1983:
Population dynamics of several important pests of market-garden crops in Senegal

Keya, S.O.; Mureria, N.K.; Arshad, M.A., 1982:
Population dynamics of soil microorganisms in relation to proximity of termite mounds in Kenya

Bhanot J.P.; Verma A.N.; Kashyap R.K., 1984:
Population dynamics of termites in barley fields and correlation between termite population and termite damage

Andaloro, J.T.; Peters, T.M.; Alicandro, A.J., 1983:
Population dynamics of the alfalfa blotch leafminer, Agromyza frontella, and its influence on alfalfa yield in Massachusetts

Merushina, N.G., 1981:
Population dynamics of the buff-tip moth in the conditions of the south-east of the European part of the USSR

Raworth, D.A.; Frazer, B.D.; Gilbert, N.; Wellington, W.G., 1984:
Population dynamics of the cabbage aphid, Brevicoryne brassicae (Homoptera: Aphididae) at Vancouver, British Columbia. I. Sampling methods and population trends

Raworth, D.A., 1984:
Population dynamics of the cabbage aphid, Brevicoryne brassicae (Homoptera: Aphididae) at Vancouver, British Columbia. II. Development, fecundity, and longevity

Raworth, D.A.; McFarlane, S.; Gilbert, N.; Frazer, B.D., 1984:
Population dynamics of the cabbage aphid, Brevicoryne brassicae (Homoptera: Aphididae) at Vancouver, British Columbia. III. Development, fecundity, and morph determination vs. aphid density and plant quality

Raworth, D.A., 1984:
Population dynamics of the cabbage aphid, Brevicoryne brassicae (Homoptera: Aphididae) at Vancouver, British Columbia. IV. Predation by Aphidoletes aphidimyza (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae)

Raworth, D.A., 1984:
Population dynamics of the cabbage aphid, Brevicoryne brassicae (Homoptera: Aphididae) at Vancouver, British Columbia. V. A simulation model

Morin, J.M.ra; Martnez, H., 1983:
Population dynamics of the citrus rust mite (Phyllocoptruta oleivora Ashmead) and its relation to the phenology of orange trees (Citrus sinensis Osbeck cv. Valencia Late) in Cuba

Venger, N.G., 1984:
Population dynamics of the grey grain moth

Geri, C., 1983:
Population dynamics of the pine processionary caterpillar in the Niolo Valley, Corsica during the 1965-66, 1967-68 and 1969-70 cycles. Role of some features of the forest environment

Rohrbach, K.G.; Namba, R., 1983:
Population dynamics of the pineapple fruit mite and Penicillium induced fruit diseases

Petanovic, R.; Dobrivojevic, K.; Lukic, M., 1983:
Population dynamics of the red fruit mite Panonychus ulmi (Koch) on various apple varieties

Kaushik, SK.; Naresh, JS., 1984:
Population dynamics, distribution pattern and damage of Heliothis armigera Hubner on chickpea

Cave, GL.; Smith, CM.; Robinson, JF., 1984:
Population dynamics, spatial distribution, and sampling of the rice water weevil on resistant and susceptible rice genotypes

Reisen, WK.; Milby, MM.; Meyer, RP.; Reeves, WC., 1983:
Population ecology of Culex tarsalis (Diptera: Culicidae) in a foothill environment in Kern County, California: temporal changes in male relative abundance and swarming behavior

Reisen, WK.; Milby, MM.; Reeves, WC.; Meyer, RP.; Bock, ME., 1983:
Population ecology of Culex tarsalis (Diptera: Culicidae) in a foothill environment of Kern County, California: temporal changes in female relative abundance, reproductive status, and survivorship

Anonymous, 1983:
Population education programme in Asia: what research says

Kumar, K.; Singh, S.R., 1983:
Population education through agricultural institutions

Wells, H., 1983:
Population equilibria and stability in plant-animal pollination systems

Silva, J.J.S. e, 1982 :
Population equilibrium in the association maize x beans

Florez D.E., 1981:
Population fluctuation in the coffee leaf miner Leucoptera coffeella and its natural enemies in the Valle del Cauca

Annila, E., 1984:
Population fluctuation of some cone and seed insects in Norway spruce

Khan A.H.; Haseeb A.; Rehman R.; Saxena S.K.; Khan A.M., 1980:
Population fluctuations of some nematodes around roots

Liu, Y.C.; Yeh, C.C., 1982:
Population fluctuations of the oriental fruit fly, Dacus dorsalis Hendel, in sterile-fly release and control areas

Feldman M.W.; Christiansen F.B., 1984:
Population genetic theory of the cost of inbreeding

Munstermann, L.E.; Taylor, D.B.; Matthews, T.C., 1982:
Population genetics and speciation in the Aedes triseriatus group

Anonymous, 1982:
Population genetics aspects of plant productivity

Lloyd, A.T., 1983:
Population genetics of domestic cats (Felis catus L.) in New England and the Canadian Maritime Provinces: an investigation of the historical migration hypothesis

Takahata N., 1983:
Population genetics of extranuclear genomes under the neutral mutation hypothesis

Petersen, Jl, 1982:
Population genetics of some New World Simuliidae

Senga, W.M.; Faruqee, R.; Ateng, B.A., 1981:
Population growth and agricultural development in Kenya

Knop, E.C.; Sallam, M.S.; Knop, S.A., 1982:
Population growth and development in Egypt: farmers' and rural development officials' perspectives

Seddon, D., 1983:
Population growth and migration in Nepal

Anker, R.; Knowles, J.C., 1983:
Population growth, employment and economic-demographic interactions in Kenya: Bachue-Kenya

Jaswant Singh; Sajjan, S.S.; Khehra, A.S., 1982:
Population improvement in a maize composite J603 for resistance to maize borer, Chilo partellus (Swinhoe)

Sofield, R.K.; Crans, W.J., 1983:
Population levels of the major nuisance and vector mosquitoes in New Jersey during 1982

Wilson, B.J.; Cussans, G.W., 1983:
Population models in strategic planning for control of Avena fatua

Jorgensen, E., 1983:
Population of fur bearers in 1983

Hayes, G.R., 1983:
Population of the Cook Islands

Karras, K.; Schlote, W., 1982:
Population parameters for dairy performance in different lactations of Simmental cows

Chowdhury, A.H., 1981:
Population planning and motivation in rural Bangladesh: a case study

Dudar, V.A.; Sidak, V.A.; Segui, E., 1980:
Population polymorphism in respect of seed ripening and dispersal of Guinea grass (Panicum maximum Jacq.) in Cuba

Bhati, J.P., 1983:
Population pressure on land resources and ecological balance - problem of agricultural development in Himachal Pradesh

Wu, K.K.; Jain, S.K., 1979:
Population regulation in Bromus rubens and B. mollis: life cycle components and competition

Anonymous, 1982:
Population resettlement programs in Southeast Asia

Weseloh, RM., 1983:
Population sampling method for cocoons of the gypsy moth (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) parasite, Apanteles melanoscelus (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), and relationship of its population levels to predator- and hyperparasite-induced mortality

Cone, DK.; Ryan, PM., 1984:
Population sizes of metazoan parasites of brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) and Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) in a small Newfoundland lake

Rogers, A.R.; Harpending, H.C., 1983:
Population structure and quantitative characters

Butler, I. von; Armbruster, B., 1984:
Population structure and reasons for slaughter in slaughter horses

Gur' yanova, T.M., 1984:
Population structure of Neodiprion sertifer

Zhilyaev, G.G., 1984:
Population structure of Soldanella hungarica in the Carpathians in relation to light

Roltsch, WJ.; Mayse, MA., 1984:
Population studies of Heliothis spp. (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on tomato and corn in southeast Arkansas

Badawi, A.; Faragalla, AA.; Dabbour, A., 1984:
Population studies of some species of termites in Al-Kharj Oasis, central region of Saudi Arabia

Magi, E., 1984:
Population studies of the cereal cyst nematode (Heterodera avenae Wollenweber)

Fowler, D.P.; Park, Y.S., 1983:
Population studies of white spruce. I. Effects of self-pollination

Bailey, E., 1983:
Population studies on the ELA system in American Standardbred and Thoroughbred mares

Devi, L.R.; Menon, M.R.; Aiyer, R.S., 1982:
Population threshold of Pseudomonas solanacearum at the onset of first symptoms of wilt in tomato

Schuster, M.L.; Smith, C.C.; Smith, D.J., 1983:
Population trends of epiphytic Corynebacterium nebraskense on leaves of popcorn genotypes

Quinn, J.A.; Hodgkinson, K.C., 1983:
Population variability in Danthonia caespitosa (Gramineae) in responses to increasing density under three temperature regimes

Petrova, N.A., 1983:
Population variability of the blood-sucking blackfly Sulcicnephia ovtshinnikovi (Simuliidae)

Pollock G.B., 1983:
Population viscosity and kin selection

Magomedmirzaev, M.M., 1982:
Populational analysis in the quantitative morphological genetics of plants

Kieffer, J.N.; Shanks, C.H., : Jr; Turner, W.J., 1983:
Populations and control of insects and spiders contaminating mechanically harvested red raspberries in Washington and Oregon

Berry, I.L.; Stage, D.A.; Campbell, J.B., 1983:
Populations and economic impacts of stable flies on cattle

Hunt, G.J.; Bloom, J.R.; Davis, D.D., 1984:
Populations of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus in Scots pines inoculated with B. xylophilus and Ceratocystis ips

Becquer Hernandez, A.; Ferrandiz Puga, R., 1983:
Populations of Dactynotus ambrosiae (Homoptera: Aphididae) on Parthenium hysterophorus

Plagens, MJ., 1983:
Populations of Misumenops (Araneida: Thomisidae) in two Arizona cotton fields

Abawi, G.S.; Cobb, A.C., 1984:
Populations of Pratylenchus, Pythium, Rhizoctonia, and Thielaviopsis of 20 snap bean fields in New York

Hamon, N.; Bardner, R., 1983:
Populations of Sitona lineatus L. on field beans

Scott, E.S., 1984:
Populations of bacteria in poplar stems

Young, R.R., 1983:
Populations of free-living stages of Ostertagia ostertagi and O. circumcincta in a winter rainfall region

Kartohardjono, A.; Heinrichs, EA., 1984:
Populations of the brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens (Stal) (Homoptera: Delphacidae), and its predators on rice varieties with different levels of resistance

Lu, S.X.; Xu, X.Z., 1980:
Populus deltoides and their prospect of being introduced from abroad

Podkopaev, A.A.; Polyakov, A.K., 1982:
Populus simonii in stands in the Donbass

Hoefling, D.C., 1981:
Porcine coccidiosis-incidence and current knowledge

Lomax, L.G.; Cole, J.R., 1983:
Porcine epidermitis and dermatitis associated with Staphylococcus hyicus and Dermatophilus congolensis infections

Sluss, P.M.; Reichert, L.E., 1984:
Porcine follicular fluid contains several low molecular weight inhibitors of follicle-stimulating hormone binding to receptor

Fleming, A.D.; Khalil, W.; Armstrong, D.T., 1983:
Porcine follicular fluid does not inhibit maturation of rat oocytes in vitro

Whiting, R.; Owen, B.D.; Elliot, J.I.; Beames, R.M., 1983:
Porcine immunoglobulin-fortified milk replacers for newborn low-birth-weight pigs

Madec, F.; Gourreau, J.M.; Kaiser, C.; Vigouroux, A.; Salingardes, F.; Prime, P., 1983:
Porcine influenza in Brittany (influenza HSW1N1).

Oliveira, S.J. de; Fallavena, L.C.B.; Pianta, C., 1983:
Porcine leptospirosis in Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil. Isolation and properties of the causal agents. Abattoir investigation and farm investigation of reproductive disorders

Ruzicka, C.W.; Andrews, J.J., 1984:
Porcine neonatal coccidiosis - a clinical review

Ruzicka, C.W.; Andrews, J.J., 1983:
Porcine neonatal coccidiosis: a clinical review

Huang, E.S.; Miller, W.L., 1984:
Porcine ovarian inhibin preparations sensitize cultured ovine gonadotrophs to luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone

Biront, P.; Bonte, P., 1983:
Porcine parvovirus (P.P.V.): infection in boars. I. Possibility of a genital localization in the boar after oronasal infection

Molitor, T.W.; Joo, H.S.; Collett, M.S., 1984:
Porcine parvovirus DNA: characterization of the genomic and replicative form DNA of two virus isolates

Wattanavijarn, W.; Burke, D.S.; Tesprateep, T.; Wattanadorn, S., 1983:
Porcine parvovirus antibodies in human and swine sera on a farm in Thailand

Gouveia, A.M.G.; Reis, R., 1983:
Porcine parvovirus antibody titres in pigs of different ages

Sorensen, K.J., 1982:
Porcine parvovirus infection in Denmark. Occurrence, significance and prophylaxis

O.C.nnor, M.; Lenihan, P.; Mooney, J.; Dillon, P., 1984:
Porcine parvovirus infection in Irish pig herds

Bonte, P.; Vandeplassche, M.; Biront, P., 1984:
Porcine parvovirus infection in boars. II. Influence on fertility

Thacker, B.; Leman, A.; Joo, H.; Winkelman, N., 1984:
Porcine parvovirus infection in boars: absence of seminal shedding and changes in semen quality following experimental infection

Cheze, P., 1983:
Porcine parvovirus infection. An economic disease that can be controlled with a new vaccine: Parvovax

Manohar, M.; Parks, C., 1984:
Porcine regional brain and myocardial blood flows during halothane-O2 and halothane-nitrous oxide anesthesia: comparisons with equipotent isoflurane anesthesia

Nakamura, S.; Nakagawa, H.; Suzuki, S.; Inoue, Y.; Kaji, T., 1983:
Porcine transmissible gastroenteritis virus interference with vesicular stomatitis virus in established swine kidney cell strain

Tsai, M.C.; Wang, S.S.; Yang, R.T., 1983:
Pore-diffusion model for cyclic separation: temperature swing separation of hydrogen and methane at elevated pressures

Hoggart, R.M.; Clarke, A.E., 1984:
Porosity of Gladiolus stigmatic papillae and pollen tube walls

Karnoski, T.C.; Willits, D.H.; Skaggs, R.W., 1984:
Porous bulbs to control water contents in container media

Clemmens, A.J.; Bos, M.G.; Replogle, J.A., 1984:
Portable RBC flumes for furrows and earthen channels

Reeves, W.C., 1982:
Portable barge for applying lime at community lakes

Rondeux, J.; Fagot, J., 1984:
Portable calculators for electronic data collection in forests

Okigbo L.M.; Sheliah M.A.; Richardson G.H.; Ernstrom C.A.; Brown R.J.; Tippetts E.L., 1984:
Portable conductivity meter for detecting abnormal milk

Halfhill, JE.; Gefre, JA.; Tamaki, G.; Fye, RE., 1983:
Portable device to remove aphids and eggs from asparagus ferns

Grman M.E.; Erickson E.H.Jr; Whitefoot L.O., 1983:
Portable field mill

Vance, J.B., 1983:
Portable ore grade analyzer using gamma emissions from potassium-40

Starzl, T.E.; Chase, H.P.; Ahrens, E.H.; McNamara, D.J.; Bilheimer, D.W.; Schaefer, E.J.; Rey, J.; Porter, K.A.; Stein, E.; Francavilla, A.; Benson, L.N., 1983:
Portacaval shunt in patients with familial hypercholesterolemia

Hara, H.; Funabiki, R.; Iwata, M.; Yamazaki, K., 1984:
Portal absorption of small peptides in rats under unrestrained conditions

Weiss, G., 1984:
Portal crane systems for outdoor use

Bassi, D.; Cavicchi, C.; Pugliano, G., 1983:
Portici, an apricot for the north from the region of Mt. Vesuvius

Muller, H.G., 1982:
Portrait of an aphid: Aulacorthum circumflexum

Diener, T.O., 1984:
Portraits of viruses: the viroid

Hoyle, B.S., 1984:
Ports and hinterlands in an agricultural economy: the case of the Australian sugar industry

Anonymous, 1983:
Portugal is preparing to join the EEC

Pego, S.E.; Hallauer, A.R., 1984:
Portuguese maize germplasm with abnormal ear shape

Beuchert, M., 1983:
Posies from my garden

Lipinsky, E.E.; Wehner, B., 1983:
Position as regards reform of tenancy law in the GFR

Gasse, H.; Peukert Adam, I.; Schwarz, R.; Grunert, E., 1984:
Position of follicle-lutein cysts in the oestrous cycle of the cow: histological, cytological and hormone-analytical studies

Beckett, J.B., 1984:
Position of loci with respect to B-A translocations on chromosomes 3 and 4

Rochester, E.W., 1983:
Position requirements for mid-field start with traveler irrigation

Jose, V.M.; Iyer, C.P.N.; Madhavan, E., 1983:
Positional and postural changes of the foetus prior to and during parturition in cattle

Galatis, B.; Apostolakos, P.; Katsaros, C., 1984:
Positional inconsistency between preprophase microtubule band and final cell plate arrangement during triangular subsidiary cell and atypical hair cell formation in two Triticum species

Anonymous, 1983:
Positive adjustment policies in the dairy sector

Jackson, M.B.; Kowalewska, A.K.B., 1983:
Positive and negative messages from roots induce foliar desiccation and stomatal closure in flooded pea plants

Os, P. van, 1983:
Positive effect of CO2 with freesias

Helms, J.A., 1979:
Positive effects of prescribed burning on wildfire intensities

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