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Selection for improved meat quality with the aid of the S bloodgroup alleles in Swiss Landrace pigs

Vogeli, P.; Gerwig, C.; Schneebeli, H.

34th Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production, Madrid, Spain, 3rd 6th October, 1983 Volume I Summaries Study Commissions Genetics, Nutrition, Management: 152-153


Accession: 001249752

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Two lines were selected for high and low values resp. of an index incorporating backfat thickness with av. daily gain; 129 seventh-generation animals of the high-index line (36 litters of 36 sows and 10 boars) and 88 sixth-generation animals of the low-index line (15 litters of 15 sows and 10 boars) were studied. The percentage of halothane-positive and halothane-negative animals in the high-index line was 42 vs. 0 for the low-index line.

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