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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1252

Chapter 1252 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ali, H.H.; Ahmed, I.A.; Yassen, A.M., 1981:
Sexual development and post-puberal changes in seminal characteristics of buffalo and Friesian bulls

Limonta, P.; Maggi, R.; Messi, E.; Motta, M.; Piva, F.; Zanisi, M.; Martini, L., 1984:
Sexual differences in the central mechanisms controlling gonadotropin and prolactin secretion

Becú de Villalobos, D.; Lux, V.A.; Lacau de Mengido, I.; Libertun, C., 1984:
Sexual differences in the serotonergic control of prolactin and luteinizing hormone secretion in the rat

Raymond, M.; Bergeron, J.M.; Plante, Y., 1984:
Sexual dimorphism and diet of the stoat in a Quebec agroecosystem

Joshi, R.C.; Mitra, J.D., 1983:
Sexual dimorphism and some notes on the biology of rhinoceros beetle, Xylotrupes gideon

Geodakyan, V.A., 1981:
Sexual dimorphism and the 'paternal effect'

Abdel Warith, A.A.; Helmy, S.A.; E.H.ssari, M.A.; Ayoub, H.E., 1979:
Sexual dimorphism in Fayoumi chickens

Kawakami, Y., 1983:
Sexual dimorphism in the nymphal stages of some Japanese Tingidae (Hemiptera: Heteroptera)

Kovarik, P.; Burke, HR., 1983:
Sexual dimorphism of tarsal claws in anthonomine weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Cassier, P.; Papillon, M., 1983:
Sexual dimorphism of the cuticular proteins in the migratory locust, Locusta migratoria migratorioides (Reiche & Fairmaire)

Jean-Faucher, C.; Berger, M.; D.T.rckheim, M.; Veyssiere, G.; Jean, C., 1984:
Sexual maturation in male mice treated with cyproterone acetate from birth to puberty

Terman, CR., 1984:
Sexual maturation of male and female white-footed mice (Peromyscus leucopus noveboracensis): influence of physical or urine contact with adults

Cempirkova, R., 1981:
Sexual maturation of two lines of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) differing in genetically controlled time of spawning

Andersson, A.M., 1984:
Sexual maturity and lack of oestrus in gilts

Shanawany, M.M., 1983:
Sexual maturity and subsequent laying performance of fowls under normal photoperiods - a review 1950-1975

Polozhentsev, P.A.; Kaplenko, V.M., 1981:
Sexual sterilisation of males of the pine silk moth by ionising radiation

Berger, M.; Jean Faucher, C.; Turckheim, M. de; Veyssiere, G.; Jean, C., 1983:
Sexual stimulation does not affect plasma luteinizing hormone and nortestosterone levels in New Zealand male rabbits

Kyle, A.L.; Stacey, N.E.; Peter, R.E., 1982:
Sexual stimuli associated with increased gonadotropin and milt levels in goldfish

Sorvillo, F.; Mori, K.; Sewake, W.; Fishman, L., 1983:
Sexual transmission of Strongyloides stercoralis among homosexual men

Marquard, R.D.; Hanover, J.W., 1984:
Sexual zonation in the crown of Picea glauca and the flowering response to exogenous GA4/7

Alexander, G.; Signoret, J.R.; Hafez, E.S.E., 1980:
Sexual, maternal and neonatal behavior

Nagakubo, T.; Taga, M.; Tsuda, M.; Ueyama, A., 1983:
Sexuality in Pyricularia oryzae

Chase, T.E.; Ullrich, R.C., 1983:
Sexuality, distribution, and dispersal of Heterobasidion annosum in pine plantations of Vermont

Owen, W.F.Jr, 1983:
Sexually transmitted disease in the homosexual community

Anonymous, 1984:
Sexually transmitted disease surveillance

Anonymous, 1984:
Sexually transmitted disease surveillance in Britain: 1982

Ostrow, D.G.; Altman, N.L., 1983:
Sexually transmitted diseases and homosexuality

Waynberg, J., 1981:
Sexually-transmitted parasitoses

Williamson, M.R.; Wong, F., 1984:
Shade house structures: an alternative approach

Buffington, D.E.; Collier, R.J.; Canton, G.H., 1983:
Shade management systems to reduce heat stress for dairy cows in hot, humid climates

Makasharipova, K.A.; Zelenskii, M.I., 1982:
Shade tolerance in wheat species of different ecological origin

Youngberg, R.J., 1983:
Shading effects of deciduous trees

Smith, I.E.; Savage, M.J.; Mills, P., 1984:
Shading effects on greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers

Myers, B.J.; Benson, M.L.; Craig, I.E.; Wear, J.F.; West, P.W., 1984:
Shadowless or sunlit photos for forest disease detection?

Zocca, A., 1984:
Shake harvesting trials with fresh market apples

Vodyanova, O.S., 1982:
Shallot variety Kainarskii

Ginnivan, M.J., 1983:
Shallow aeration of piggery waste treatment lagoons. 1. Removal of organic pollutants and indicator bacteria

Fausey, N.R., 1983:
Shallow subsurface drain performance in Clermont soil

Paterson, B.A., 1983:
Shallow subsurface drainage of irrigated glacial tills in Alberta

Doering, E.J.; Benz, L.C.; Reichman, G.A., 1982:
Shallow-water-table concept for drainage design in semiarid and subhumid regions

Marcot, B.G.; Meretsky, V.J., 1983:
Shaping stands to enhance habitat diversity

Dasgupta, B., 1984:
Share cropping in West Bengal during the colonial period

Nagy, I.; Baranyi, J., 1984:
Share cultivation of vineyards in the Matra region

Barrett, R.E., 1983:
Share tenancy and fixed rent in Taiwan

Hanson, J.; Nielson, L.E., 1984:
Share tenancy in agriculture

Datta, S.K., 1983:
Sharecropping as second-best form of tenancy in traditional agriculture

Johnson, C.E.; Grisso, R.D.; Nichols, T.A.; Bailey, A.C., 1983:
Shear measurement for agricultural soils - a review

Kushwaha, R.L.; Vaishnav, A.S.; Zoerb, G.C., 1983:
Shear strength of wheat straw

Erbach, D.C.; Choi, C.H., 1983:
Shearing of plant residue by a rolling coulter

Perala, D.A., 1983:
Shearing restores full productivity to sparse aspen stands

Zakic, B.D., 1983:
Shearing stress in plastic bending of wood beams

Inagaki, K., 1983:
Sheath blight and the other rice sclerotial diseases caused by Rhizoctonia oryzae and 3 Sclerotium species with respect to their concurrent occurrence in mature rice plants

Gunnell, P.S.; Webster, R.K., 1983:
Sheath blight of rice in California

Autrique, A.; Maraite, H., 1983:
Sheath brown rot of rice caused by Pseudomonas fuscovaginae

Micic, N.; Cmelik, Z., 1983:
Shedding of shoot tips in some Prunus species

Maes, R.K.; Kanitz, C.L.; Gustafson, D.P., 1983:
Shedding patterns in swine of virulent and attenuated pseudorabies virus

Anonymous, 1984:
Sheep '84

Anonymous, 1983:
Sheep and beef farm survey 1981-82

Anonymous, 1984:
Sheep and goat diseases

Acharya, R.M., 1980:
Sheep and goat production in India

Gutierrez Aleman, N., 1984:
Sheep and goat production systems in the Sertao Region of Northeast Brazil: a characterization and linear programming analysis

Robinson, R.A., 1983:
Sheep and goat zoonoses

Boer, A.J. de; Fitzhugh, H.A., 1983:
Sheep and goats in developing countries: their present and potential role

Haring, F.; Brune, C.; Dedie, K.; Gruhn, R.; Smidt, D., 1984:
Sheep breeding

Jardas, F., 1984:
Sheep breeding in Istria, and the performance of the local type of Pramenka sheep

Strinadkin, P.S.; Malyshkin, A.V.; Tarasenko, A.S.; Baltrushaitis, T.K.; Remez, V.I., 1984:
Sheep dip for treating sheep scab

Anonymous, 1983:
Sheep dipping and spraying

Anonymous, 1983:
Sheep farming in France

Abdullin, V.A., 1983:
Sheep farms should be industrialized

Nascimbene, A., 1983:
Sheep farms: machine milking

Saïdi-Mehtar, N.; Hors-Cayla, M.C.; Cog, N.V., 1981:
Sheep gene mapping by somatic cell hybridization: four syntenic groups: ENO1-PGD, ME1-PGM3, LDHB-PEPB-TPI, and G6PD-PGK-GALA

Thedford, T.R., 1983:
Sheep health handbook. A field guide for producers with limited veterinary services

Young, J.D., 1984:
Sheep house for 500 ewes

Clarke, J.N., 1984:
Sheep imports

Gamarra, M.A.; Carpio, M.A., 1982:
Sheep improvement in Peru

Sen, A.K.; Ghosh, P.K.; Gupta, K.N.; Bohra, H.C., 1981:
Sheep in Rajasthan

Smeaton, D.C., 1983:
Sheep management

Johns, P.; Haines, M., 1984:
Sheep marketing in Wales. A base-line study of existing policy and marketing arrangements, with recommendations for policy initiatives and marketing improvements

Angba, A.; Pierre, F., 1983:
Sheep pox in the Ivory Coast. Epidemiology, diagnosis, prophylaxis

Anonymous, 1983:
Sheep production and preventive medicine. Refresher course for veterinarians, 28 Nov.-2 Dec. 1983

Hannoyer, J.; Thieck, J.P., 1984:
Sheep production and trade in the Raqqa region of Syria

Houwers, D.J.; Terpstra, C., 1984:
Sheep pulmonary adenomatosis

Sharp, J.M.; Herring, A.J., 1983:
Sheep pulmonary adenomatosis: demonstration of a protein which cross-reacts with the major core proteins of Mason-Pfizer monkey virus and mouse mammary tumour virus

Saoud, N.B., 1983:
Sheep selection in retrospect

Ponce de Leon Bravo, F.A., 1981:
Sheep somatic cell hybridization

Viron, P., 1983:
Sheep systems and marginal areas

Sokolov, V.V.; Kuts, G.A., 1983:
Sheep's milk - a valuable food product

Flamant, J.C., 1983:
Sheep's milk production, the Roquefort model and its future in southern France

Mayled, G., 1984:
Sheep: handling and dipping

Anonymous, 1984:

Savat, J.; Ploey, J. de, 1982:
Sheetwash and rill development by surface flow

Saimbhi, M.S., 1982:
Shelf life of carrot varieties as influenced by pre-packing in polyethylene bags

Saimbhi, M.S.; Ranohawa, 1983:
Shelf life of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench) as influenced by pre-packing in polyethylene bags

Harrison, D.J.; Andrews, L.; Chrimes, S.R., 1984:
Shelf life. Post-harvest studies are bearing fruit

Lee, E.L.; Wu, H.C.; Chen, W.L.; Tsai, W.C., 1983:
Shelflife and sanitation of intermediate moisture foods. I. Dry soyabean curds and fruit preserves

Gushcha, T.Y.; Tarasevich, L.F.; Kaupaeva, R.I.; Vydrytskaya, I.V., 1983:
Shell grit in the feeding of laying hens

King, M.; Sturrock, J.W., 1983:
Shelter and the hill country environment

Konnerup Madsen, H., 1983:
Shelter experiments with silver foxes

Sturges, D.L., 1983:
Shelterbelt establishment and growth at a windswept Wyoming rangeland site

Koptev, V.I., 1981:
Shelterbelt establishment to protect agricultural crops

Muthana, K.D.; Mahander Singh; Mertia, R.S.; Arora, G.D., 1984:
Shelterbelt plantations in arid regions

Wills, W.; Engel, S., 1984:
Shift back to Midwest in cattle production predicted

Beaudoin-Eagan, L.D.; Thorpe, T.A., 1983:
Shikimate Pathway Activity during Shoot Initiation in Tobacco Callus Cultures

Albrigo, L.G.; Ismail, M.A.; Hale, P.W.; Hatton, T.T.J., 1983:
Shipment and storage of Florida grapefruit using Unipack film barriers

LaVanture, M.D.; Walker, G.L., 1984:
Shipping black phosphoric acid

Blecha, F.; Boyles, S.L.; Riley, J.G., 1984:
Shipping suppresses lymphocyte blastogenic responses in Angus and Brahman X Angus feeder calves

Risse, L.A.; Moffitt, T., 1983:
Shipping tomato transplants in returnable shipping containers

Yamamoto, H.; Komatsu, Y., 1984:
Shock absorbing evaluation of cushioning materials stretched in the space

Biddington, N.L.; Dearman, A.S., 1984:
Shoot and root growth of lettuce seedlings following root pruning

Bolkan, H.A.; Ogawa, J.M.; Teranishi, H.R., 1984:
Shoot blight of pistachio caused by Botrytis cinerea

Khanso, M.E.; Krutov, V.I., 1983:
Shoot canker of conifers

Salukvadze, M.M., 1983:
Shoot formation by tea and plastid pigment content of leaves in relation to different phosphorus application rates

Tokhadze, Z.B., 1983:
Shoot growth capacity of the tea cultivar Kolkhida in relation to pruning

Gaone, N.F., 1983:
Shoot removal from 'Sabrina' roses improves stem quality

Heungens, A., 1983:
Shoot tip mites in azalea culture. Even a limited infestation causes severe damage

Jarret, R.L.; Fernandez Z.R., 1984:
Shoot-tip vanilla culture for storage and exchange

McCall, I. et al., 1984:

Lavin A.A., 1984:
Shooting problems and the boron content of tissues of four Vitis vinifera cultivars

Vilsmeier, K., 1984:
Short Communication: determination of dicyandiamide, nitrite and nitrate in soil extracts by high pressure liquid chromatography

Erhardt, W.; Hebestedt, M.; Rechl, H.; Riedl, V.; Bachmeier, J.; Bollwahn, W.; Schebitz, H.; Blumel, G., 1983:
Short and induction anaesthesia of swine with azaperone and etomidate

Kenney, P.A.; Roberts, G.B., 1984:
Short and long term effects of feeding supplements of oats, wheat and lupin grain on the production of ewes lambing in autumn

Young, E.A., 1983:
Short bowel syndrome: high-fat versus high-carbohydrate diet

Spoelstra, S.F.; Hengeveld, A.G.; Bosma, A.H., 1984:
Short chopping silage grass offers advantages

Noda, T., 1984:
Short day photoperiod accelerates the oviposition in the oriental green stink bug, Nezara antennata Scott (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae)

Perrot, E., 1984:
Short economic treatise applied to agriculture

Rutishauser, U.P.; Wyler, R., 1984:
Short literature review on viruses detected in the digestive system of swine

Gogitidze, G.R., 1983:
Short morphological and biological description of forms of the Unshu mandarin bred at the Tsikhisdziri citrus state farm

Elander, G.; Lindberg, T., 1984:
Short mother-infant separation during first week of life influences the duration of breastfeeding

Siniscalco, A.; Tommasi, F.; Casulli, F.; Paradies, M., 1983:
Short note on the physiological races of Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici identified in 1977-1981 in various localities in Italy

Siniscalco, A.; Tommasi, F.; Casulli, F., 1983:
Short notes on the reaction of some durum and bread wheats to seven isolates of Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici

Schmutzler, J.; Riedel, O.; Reisch, A. et al., 1982:
Short papers on problems of the fodder economy in the Halle district. Summaries of papers presented to the 7th Bernburg Seminar

Anonymous, 1983:
Short petiole mutant in soybean

Dark, J.; Zucker, I.; Wade, G.N., 1984:
Short photoperiods counteract the effects of ovariectomy on energy balance of voles

Horning, B., 1983:
Short report concerning Trichinella research in Switzerland (1979-1982)

Bonduelle, P., 1984:
Short rotation poplar coppice. Weight tables

Wijnbergen, S. van, 1984:
Short run macro-economic effects of agricultural pricing policies

Weis, E., 1984:
Short term acclimation of spinach to high temperatures

Grantzau, E.; Scharpf, H.C.; Koster, W., 1983:
Short term cultures - quick-acting fertilizers. Which phosphate fertilizers are suitable for pot plant substrates?

Ortner, K.M., 1984:
Short term forecasts of milk supply in Austria with a causal economic model

Kramer, H., 1982:
Short term growth reactions of beech in relation to climate and several tree characteristics

Mittal, G.S.; Otten, L.; Brown, R.B., 1983:
Short term monitoring and performance evaluation of solar heated buildings

Katan, J.; Fishler, G.; Grinstein, A., 1983:
Short- and long-term effects of soil solarization and crop sequence on Fusarium wilt and yield of cotton in Israel

Becker, M.; Ollmann, H., 1983:
Short- and medium range timber market forecasts for forestry - current methodology in West Germany

Tonzer, G., 1984:
Short-acting and anaesthetic induction agents alfentanil with etomidate in sheep and goats

Høverstad, T.; Fausa, O.; Bjørneklett, A.; Bøhmer, T., 1984:
Short-chain fatty acids in the normal human feces

Meyers, V.N.; Jezyk, P.F.; Aguirre, G.D.; Patterson, D.F., 1983:
Short-limbed dwarfism and ocular defects in the Samoyed dog

Fesenko, N.F.; Koblev, S.Y., 1981:
Short-strawed mutant Orlovskii Karlik - a donor of lodging resistance

Makhalova, M.R.; Kraevoi, S.Y.; Ivashchenko, G.T., 1981:
Short-strawed mutants of spring barley induced by gamma irradiation

Khovanskii, N.N., 1981:
Short-strawed variety L'govskaya 77

Duwel, D.; Tiefenbach, B., 1980:
Short-term Panacur treatment in the prophylaxis and therapy of cattle helminthiases

Szaro, R.C.; Pase, C.P., 1983:
Short-term changes in a cottonwood-ash-willow association on a grazed and ungrazed portion of Little Ash Creek in central Arizona

Thomson, JD., 1983:
Short-term changes in metal concentration in the cultivated Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas Thunberg, and the implications for food standards

Ali, A.; Stanley, BH.; Stafford, SR., 1983:
Short-term daily emergence of adult midges (Diptera: Chironomidae) from a natural lake and an artificial reservoir

Cockfield, SD.; Potter, DA., 1983:
Short-term effects of insecticidal applications on predaceous arthropods and oribatid mites in Kentucky bluegrass turf

Levesque, R., 1983:
Short-term evaluation of the Timbco 2518 feller-buncher in Eastern Canada

Farrell, P.S.; Bavister, B.D., 1984:
Short-term exposure of two-cell hamster embryos to collection media is detrimental to viability

Wright, K.S., 1983:
Short-term forecasting models of feeder pig prices

Valenta, J., 1982:
Short-term preserved colostrum in the rearing of calves

Linhart, O., 1983:
Short-term storage of semen of some species of fish (a review)

Heaton, A.; Ward, M.K.; Johnston, D.G.; Nicholson, D.V.; Alberti, K.G.; Kerr, D.N., 1984:
Short-term studies on the use of glycerol as an osmotic agent in continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD)

Yoffe, C.A.; Katz, E.A., 1983:
Short-term treatment of Trichomonas vaginalis with tioconazole cream, a new antifungal agent

Tahvonen, R., 1983:
Short-term, parallel storage in the prediction of storage losses caused by Botrytis cinerea Pers ex Fr. on cabbage

Benetka, V., 1983:
Shortening the dormant period in seeds of the rose rootstock Pavuv Cerveny by sowing in the autumn of the harvest year

Dancy, M.; Gaitonde, M.K.; Maxwell, J.D., 1984:
Shoshin beriberi: a rare diagnostic problem

Murthy, R.L.N.; Rao, G.N., 1983:
Shot-hole borer in tea and its present pest status and control

Wright, R.I., 1984:
Should Brazil aim for fertilizer self-sufficiency?

Estler, M., 1983:
Should CCM be kept in bunker or in tower silos?

Nelson, J.H., 1983:
Should cheese be refrigerated?

Muller, R.; Dennert, J., 1983:
Should more nitrogen fertilizer be applied when soil preparation is reduced?

Anonymous, 1981:
Should the education system in Africa be changed? Why and how?

Papp, S., 1984:
Should the industrial activity within agriculture be subsidized?

Keulemans, J.; Belmans, K., 1984:
Should we prune our sour cherries?

Willen, A., 1982:
Should we search for periodicities in annual runoff again?

Horwitz, C.; Rozen, P.; Gilat, T., 1983:
Should we worry about animal growth promoters?

Arnaud, R.; Niqueux, M., 1982:
Should white clover be associated with sown grasses at moderate altitude in the Massif Central?

Snider, D.E.; Powell, K.E., 1984:
Should women taking antituberculosis drugs breast-feed?

Putten, G. van; Corstiaensen, G.P.; Logtestijn, J.G. van; Zuidhof, S., 1983:
Showers for slaughter swine. I. Response of pigs to a shower after transport, and its effect on meat quality

Okuzawa, Y.; Itakura, T.; Eguchi, U., 1982:
Shoyu brewed with added Torulopsis yeast

Anonymous, 1982:
Shoyu production

Hurburgh, C.R.; Bern, C.J.; Wilcke, W.F.; Anderson, M.E., 1983:
Shrinkage and corn quality changes in on-farm handling operations

Talukdar, Y.A.; Sattar, M.A., 1980:
Shrinkage and density studies on two bamboo species

Quirk, J.T., 1984:
Shrinkage and related properties of Douglas-fir cell walls

Taylor, H.M.; Willatt, S.T., 1983:
Shrinkage of soybean roots

Sharma, S.N.; Gandhi, B.L.; Kukreti, D.P.; Gaur, B.K., 1982:
Shrinkage, hygroscopicity and steam bending property of rubberwood (Hevea brasiliensis)

Hudak, J., 1984:
Shrubs in the landscape. Plants that tolerate dryness, wind and sun

Pesterev, P.N., 1984:
Sialic acids in patients with zooanthroponotic trichophytosis

Confalonieri, A.N.; Martin, N.F.; Zingales, B.; Colli, W.; de Lederkremer, R.M., 1983:
Sialoglycolipids in Trypanosoma cruzi

Goncharov, P.L., 1983:
Siberian genofond used in fodder grass breeding

Ustinova, V.; Kazantseva, A.; Baturina, L.; Dement' eva, T., 1983:
Siberian koumiss

Berezovskaya, T.P.; Buch, T.G.; Vostrikova, G.G.; Klokova, M.V.; Serykh, E.A.; Kharkevich, S.S., 1983:
Siberian-Far Eastern Ledum L. species. 1. Communication. Anatomical-morphological characteristics

Byard, P.J.; Siervogel, R.M.; Roche, A.F., 1983:
Sibling correlations for weight/staturesuperscript 2 and calf circumference: age changes and possible sex linkage

Abbate, V.; Marchese, M., 1984:

van Dongen, P.W.; van't Hof, M.A., 1982:
Sickle cell trait, malaria and anaemia in Zambian pregnant women

Barrentine, W.L.; Hurst, H.R.; Roberts, G.M.; Tyner, F.H.; Kilby, W.W.; Hovermale, C.H.; Brown, W.E., 1983:
Sicklepod in Mississippi soybeans

Anonymous, .:
Sida herbicide and management trial

Chancellor, G., 1983:
Side by side

Mate, J., 1984:
Side by side by the Zuider Zee

Haider K.; Mosier A.R.; Heinemeyer O., 1983:
Side effects of acetylene on the conversion of nitrate in soil

Ahmed, A.M.; Heikal, M.D.; Hindawy, O.S., 1983:
Side effects of benomyl (fungicide) treatments on sunflower, cotton and cowpea plants

Mori, P., 1984:
Side effects of copper salts in viticulture

Isensee, E.; Wenzlaff, R., 1984:
Side effects of methane production

Felkai, F., 1983:
Side effects of naproxen (Naprosyn) in dogs

Jagnow, G., 1984:
Side effects of pesticides on microorganisms and microbial transformations in soil

Matsunaka, S.; Higashino, Y., 1983:
Side effects of rice herbicides in killing mosquito larvae

Mansson, B., 1984:
Side effects of seedbed preparation and herbicide use on frost damage in sugar beet

Ragusa, S., 1983:
Side-effects of chemicals on phytoseiid mites on hazel

Youssef, B.A.; Heitefuss, R., 1983:
Side-effects of herbicides on cotton wilt caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. vasinfectum. III. Microbiological studies

Hassan, S.A., 1984:
Side-effects of plant protection compounds on beneficial arthropods

Englert, W.D.; Kettner, J., 1983:
Side-effects of plant protection materials on spider mites and predacious mites

Hamilton, W.D., 1984:
Sidewalk/curb-breaking tree roots. 1. Why tree roots cause pavement problems

Hamilton, W.D., 1984:
Sidewalk/curb-breaking tree roots. 2. Management to minimise existing pavement problems by tree roots

Bergman, J.W.; Riveland, N.R., 1983:
Sidwill safflower

Garrard, I.M.; Plummer, A., 1982:
Sightseeing (walking and scenic driving)

Carr, J.R.; Schowengerdt, R.A.; Glass, C.E., 1983:
Signature extension versus retraining for multispectral classification of surface mines in arid regions

Numabe, T., 1984:
Significance and function of the experimental research on the development and establishment of regional agriculture in Hokkaido

Minelli, A., 1983:
Significance and role of models in biology, with particular reference to entomological problems

Kapur, M.P.; Chhabra, P.C.; Gautam, O.P., 1981:
Significance of Staphylococcus epidermidis in bovine intramammary infection

Ten Khak Mun; Pimenov, Y.P., 1983:
Significance of adsorption in the distribution of microorganism over the profile in volcanic soils

Horn, R.; Hartge, K.H., 1981:
Significance of aggregation in relation to the pollution susceptibility of soil

Stricker, H.W., 1979:
Significance of colouring reactions of potatoes, and variety and environmental effects

Nicolas, J.A.; Dubost, G.; Gayaud, C.; Noel, F., 1984:
Significance of cryptosporidia in diarrhoea of newborn calves

Kohler Samouilidis, G., 1984:
Significance of deoxyribonuclease activity of animal staphylococci

Srinivasan, N., 1982:
Significance of deranged chlorophyllase-chlorophyll system associated with yellow leaf disease of arecanut

Sen, A.; Deb, D.L., 1983:
Significance of diffusion in the uptake of manganese and iron by maize plants (Zea mays) under varying manganese, iron and moisture levels

Muller, J., 1984:
Significance of early antimycotic therapy of immune-suppressed patients

Pflaum, W., 1982:
Significance of exports for the dairy industry

Molnar, D., 1980:
Significance of fineness of the seedbed on germination of winter wheat in chernozem, solonetz and meadow soils

Malk, A.J.; Rajpur, M.M., 1984:
Significance of genotype X environment interaction in breeding of spring wheats (Triticum aestivum L.). I. Plant height and peduncle length parameters

Kulikov, Y.K.; Ivanov, N.P.; Medvedev, A.G., 1982:
Significance of increased nitrogen-phosphorus nutrition in reducing the toxic effect of the chlorine in potassium salt on yield and nutritive value of potato tubers

Nikolaev, E.V.; Saplev, A.V.; Tunik, G.N., 1983:
Significance of irrigation and fertilizer for the activity of roots, grain yield and quality of winter wheat

Nakadai, T., 1981:
Significance of koji fungi in soya sauce brewing

Arai, T.; Nakagaki, K.; Fukushima, K.; Mikami, Y., 1983:
Significance of low molecular weight mycotoxin in fungal infection

Zderev, E.S., 1983:
Significance of microclimate in calculation of irrigation regime

Benckiser, G.; Ottow, J.C.G.; Watanabe, I.; Santiago, S., 1983:
Significance of nutrient supply for iron uptake and iron toxicity of wetland rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Mejía, L.A.; Pineda, O.; Noriega, J.F.; Benítez, J.; Falla, G., 1984:
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Significance of progesterone determination in milk

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Significance of protein/energy relationships in the practical feeding of dairy cattle under the climatic conditions of Northern Europe

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Significance of root investigations on the development of future farming methods

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Significance of root research for plant breeding especially for the identification of low-input cultivars

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Significance of serum antibodies to Histoplasma capsulatum in endemic areas

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Significance of short term satiety in sheep: influence of forage quality and stimuli associated with feeding

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Significance of small rodents in the epidemiology of swine dysentery

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Significance of soil inoculation with silicate bacteria

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Significance of studies on the genetics of phytopathogenic fungi in the breeding of disease-resistant varieties

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Significance of the bacteriological examination of the urine of pregnant sows

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Significance of the karyotype of Bromus inermis varieties for breeding

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Significance of the microhabitat on the distribution of Oribatid mites in a hornbeam-oak mixed forest

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Significance of the micronutrient manganese for rape production

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Significance of the occurrence of Bt horizons in soils of the Madrid facies. Explanation of the clay content in this type of horizon

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Significance of the presence of insects for hygiene and the quality of foodstuffs

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Significance of the reaction kinetics and non-linearity of the adsorption isotherm for the simulation of fluoride transport in the soil

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Significant damage by flying squirrels to forest plantations

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Silage block cutters

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Silage crops in cattle feeding

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Silage feeding of in-lamb ewes

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Silage from pressed sugar beet pulp with different contents of molasses in the fattening of cattle

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Silage in portion packs

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Silage making and biological additives

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Silage quality and animal response

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Silage strategy

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Silage unloading and distribution. I. Bases for a comparison of feeding methods

Anonymous, 1983:
Silage unloading and distribution. II. Group and cubicle housing

Anonymous, 1983:
Silage unloading and distribution. III. Cubicle housing with one feeding place per animal

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Silage unloading and distribution. IV. Cubicle housing with restricted eating width and cubicles with self feeding

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Silene cucubalus Wibel, bladder campion (Caryophyllaceae)

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Silica metabolism

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Silk moths in NZ

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Silkmoths at Auckland - an update

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Silo storage, conveyance and metering of raw materials and semi-finished products in industrial production of ice cream

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Silvicultural evaluation of the results of using aerial transport of wood

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Silvicultural handling of damaged Norway spruce stands

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Silvicultural information to help select and manage native trees in urban or suburban developments

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Silvicultural planning at AB Iggesunds Bruk

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Silvicultural problems of the eastern Odenwald

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Silvicultural systems and biological nitrogen fixation

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Silviculture and conservation in Lower Franconia

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Silviculture and yield of beech

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Similar conditions - differing results

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Similarities and differences between Italy and other countries in research on technical progress in agriculture

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Similarity of the fruits of mother trees and their progeny when propagating Juglans regia by seed

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Similarity of the results of theoretical and experimental investigations on the bending oscillations of tree-length logs

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Simmental Fleckvieh, the classical dual purpose cattle

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Simple age-structure models of laboratory insect populations

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Simple anthropometry in malnourished children

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Simple calculator models of predator-prey interactions: logistic population growth

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Simple criteria for assessing the suitability of different environments for selection, using the example of potato yields

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Simple decision aids for practical control of pests

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Simple device for cleaning an ice cream scoop

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Simple discriminating tests for detecting resistance to insecticides and acaricides

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Simple in vivo method for determining calcium and phosphorus content of the metacarpus of red deer using radiography

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Simple laboratory measurement of unsaturated hydraulic conductivity

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Simple method for assessing the competitive ability of nodule bacteria

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Simple method for comparing the influence of treatments on a dynamic pest population

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Simple method for detecting resistant strains of Pyricularia oryzae Cavara to kasugamycin

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Simple method for preparing and quantifying very-low-density lipoprotein

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Simple method of determining the immunolactoglobulin content of the colostrum of cows

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Simple models for nonlinear runoff routing

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Simple new techniques for selfing and emasculation in Sesamum indicum L

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Simple new test for rapid differentiation of Prototheca wickerhamii from Prototheca zopfii

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Simple phenolic monomers of forages and effects of in vitro fermentation on cell wall phenolics

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Simple preservative treatment of bamboo culms used for vegetable supporting stakes in farming land

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Simple production of staphylococcal enterotoxins (SET) with chromatofocusing and isoelectrofocusing in flat bed gels

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Simple quantitative assay for canine steroid-induced alkaline phosphatase

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Simple segregation analysis: a review of the methodology

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Simple simulation models for yield prediction applied to alfalfa in the northeast

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Simple staining procedure permits rapid counting of mycoplasma colonies

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Simple technique for handling adults and collecting eggs of Musca domestica (Diptera: Muscidae) and Aleochara bilineata (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae)

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Simple technique for storing diapausing southwestern corn borers (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

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Simple techniques for the propagation of stem-cuttings in various plants

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Simple test detects S deficiency in wheat

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Simple testing of the mechanical properties of potato tubers

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Simple transport medium for the isolation of Chlamydia psittaci from clinical material

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Simple turbidimetric assay for protease activity in soya sauce koji

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Simple turbidimetric method of determining total sulphur content in plant material

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Simplified calculation of capital requirements in laying hen production

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Simplified calculation of the operational costs of agricultural machinery

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Simplified determination of serotonin in plasma by liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection

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Simplified irrigation scheduling using canopy - air temperature difference

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Simplified mixtures enriched with L-lysine and DL-methionine for fattening pigs

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Simplified synthetic diet formulated for the migratory grasshopper (Orthoptera: Acrididae)

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Simplifying potato irrigation scheduling - the Idaho program

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Simplifying the budgeting process

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Simulated acid rain effects on flue-cured tobacco

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Simulated effects of genetic change upon life-cycle production efficiency in swine and the effects of body composition upon energy utilization in the growing pig

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Simulated mechanical harvesting of table olives and subsequent handling

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Simulated milk protein replacer of improved suspension characteristics

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Simulated model of nitrogen circulation in a dry-valley meadow ecosystem

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Simulated natural encounters of the insecticides, chlorpyrifos and carbaryl, by western pine beetle predators Enoclerus lecontei and E. sphegeus (Coleoptera: Cleridae)

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Simulated optimization of crop yield through irrigation system design and operation based on the spatial variability of soil hydrodynamic properties

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Simulated rainfall treatment influence on postemergence grass control with CGA 82725, fluazifop-butyl, and Dowco 453

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Simulated transit vibration and silver thiosulfate applications affect ethylene production and leaf abscission of begonia and schefflera

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Simulated transport of vegetables and flowers in containers to the United States

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Simulating crop water use and stress under irrigation

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Simulating developmental time of preadult face flies (Diptera: Muscidae) from air temperature records

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Simulating hydrology in the Lower Mississippi Valley with the CREAMS model

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Simulating management intensification in national timber-supply projections

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Simulating mushroom compost heat production

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Simulating the growth and development of sweet sorghum

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Simulating the hydraulic behaviour of a sewage sludge-amended mine soil

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Simulating the impact of the changes in wheat flour imports and world price of rice on the supply and demand for rice in Sri Lanka

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Simulating ventilation heat recovery for broilers and swine

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Simulation experiments with a dynamic biomass production model of sugar beet developed by means of multiple regression analysis

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Simulation model for assessing harvesting and handling systems

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Simulation model for forecasting of occurrence of citrus red mite, Panonychus citri (McGregor) in citrus orchards

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Simulation model for forecasting the abundance of the cabbage root fly (Hylemya brassicae Bouche)

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Simulation model for reversing direction airflow drying of rough rice

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Simulation model for the transport of dissolved materials in soils

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Simulation model of energy requirements in greenhouses. Part 1. Guide

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Simulation of a food security system in Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia and the Oceania

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Simulation of adult emergence for the alfalfa blotch leafminer (Diptera: Agromyzidae): interaction of environmental temperature and individual developmental rate variation

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Simulation of agricultural systems

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Simulation of an econometric model to analyze the impact of a buffer stock scheme in the Bangladesh jute sector

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Simulation of corn desiccant preparation using solar energy

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Simulation of economic policy using linear programming

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Simulation of factor structures

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Simulation of grain driers using near ambient air

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Simulation of greenhouse floor heating with a cogeneration unit

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Simulation of herbage dynamics and livestock grazing

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Simulation of hourly dry-bulb temperatures

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Simulation of how jack pine budworm (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) affects economic returns from jack pine timber production in Michigan

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Simulation of insect tracheal pattern with some phospholipids

Watson, A.K., 1983:
Simulation of leafy spurge (Euphorbia sp.) populations

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Simulation of lognormal modulus of elasticity data

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Simulation of long-term weather stress on wood-based exterior constructional elements in a dual-climate chamber. 1. Weather analyses. 2. Studies in a dual-climate chamber

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Simulation of maize drying on a fixed bed

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Simulation of mite damage in cassava through defoliation and its effect on yield

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Simulation of moisture migration in freezing soil monoliths

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Simulation of narrow blade performance in different soils

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Simulation of near-ambient grain drying. 1. Comparisons of simulations with experimental results

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Simulation of near-ambient grain drying. 2. Control strategies for drying barley in Northern Britain

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Simulation of nitrogen dynamics in flooded soils

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Simulation of potato crop growth and development

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Simulation of runoff and soil loss from field size areas in southeastern Montana

Liebscher, H.J.; Wilke, K., 1981:
Simulation of runoff by means of statistical processes in the experimental basins in the Upper Harz mountains

Hasnaoui, M., 1983:
Simulation of the behaviour of a solar powered grain drying system

Santrucek, J., 1983:
Simulation of the control circuit for the automatic guidance of forage harvesters

Caussade, B.; Prat, M., 1984:
Simulation of the effect of active substances in soils - the case of nitrogen

Lappala, E.G., 1983:
Simulation of the effects of organic solutes on the hydraulic conductivity of variably saturated, layered media

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Simulation of the field water budget of cropped and non-cropped soils

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Simulation of the interactions of predatory Typhlodromus mites with the European red mite, Panonychus ulmi (Koch)

Ronan, N.M.; Langford, K.J.; O.S.aughnessy, P.J., 1982:
Simulation of the long-term hydrological effects of different approaches to timber harvesting in a large forested catchment

Vacher, C.; Fabre, E., 1984:
Simulation of the persistence of atrazine in a French soil

Nemchenko, O.A.; Babinets, A.T.; Sytnik, A.M., 1983:
Simulation of the regulatory role of phytohormones in seed germination processes

Beese F.; Wierenga P.J., 1983:
Simulation of water and chloride transport in field lysimeters

Duynisveld, W.H.M.; Strebel, O.; Renger, M., 1981:
Simulation of water movement and water uptake by plant roots in a loess-parabraunerde under spring wheat

Braun, C.; Horn, R., 1981:
Simulation of water transport processes in parabraunerde containing sand wedges, derived from boulder clay

Greenberg, D.A., 1984:
Simulation studies of segregation analysis: application to two-locus models

Kurata, K.; Sakai, M., 1982:
Simulation technique for optimising the scale of the apple packing and storing house

Devindar Singh, 1983:
Simulation-aided capacity selection of confinement facilities for swine production

Kaminaka, M.S.; Fortis, T., 1983:
Simulator for evaluation of dynamic visual fields

Lok, J.B.; Cupp, E.W.; Bernardo, M.J., 1983:
Simulium jenningsi Malloch (Diptera: Simuliidae): a vector of Onchocerca lienalis Stiles (Nematoda: Filarioidea) in New York

Darmono ; Partoutomo, S.; Sukarsih ; Adiwinata, G., 1982:
Simultaneous administration of disophenol and tiabendazole against gastrointestinal nematodes of sheep

Dutko, Y.S.; Mavlikaev, R.G.; Burtsev, V.I.; Popova, N.A.; Motylev, V.F., 1984:
Simultaneous aerosol immunization of chicks against infectious laryngotracheitis and Newcastle disease

Takahashi, S., 1983:
Simultaneous attraction of three armyworm species to the synthetic sex pheromone of the rice armyworm, Pseudaletia separata (Walker)

Siddiqi, M.Y.; Glass, A.D., 1982:
Simultaneous consideration of tissue and substrate potassium concentration in k uptake kinetics: a model

Anand, R.K.; Chauhan, R., 1983:
Simultaneous control of red pumpkin beetle (Raphidopalpa foveicollis Lucas), mite (Tetranychus cucurbitae Rahman & Sapra) and powdery mildew (Sphaerotheca fuliginea Schlecht) of bottle-gourd with mixtures of pesticides

Moreau, P.M.; Lees, G.E.; Gross, D.R., 1983:
Simultaneous cystometry and uroflowmetry (micturition study) for evaluation of the caudal part of the urinary tract in dogs: reference values for healthy animals sedated with xylazine

Moreau, P.M.; Lees, G.E.; Gross, D.R., 1983:
Simultaneous cystometry and uroflowmetry (micturition study) for evaluation of the caudal part of the urinary tract in dogs: studies of the technique

Moreau, P.M.; Lees, G.E.; Hobson, H.P., 1983:
Simultaneous cystometry and uroflowmetry for evaluation of micturition in two dogs

Kao, P.C.; Heser, D.W., 1984:
Simultaneous determination of 25-hydroxy- and 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D from a single sample by dual-cartridge extraction

Shimada, K.; Sakaguchi, T.; Sato, Y.; Moridaira, H.; Omata, K., 1984:
Simultaneous determination of ephedrine and glycyrrhizin in human milk by HPLC

Mannino, S.; Bianco, M.; Guidi, A., 1984:
Simultaneous determination of lead and copper in different types of milk by means of potentiometry in anodic solutions

Manahan, D.T.; Wright, S.H.; Stephens, G.C., 1983:
Simultaneous determination of net uptake of 16 amino acids by a marine bivalve

Augustin, J., 1984:
Simultaneous determination of thiamine and riboflavin in foods by liquid chromatography

Thomson, G., 1983:
Simultaneous grafting and rooting of roses

Ackermann, O.; Stegmann, H.; Jaeger, O., 1983:
Simultaneous immunization of dogs against parvovirus, distemper, rabies, contagious hepatitis and leptospirosis

Singh, M., 1984:
Simultaneous joint scaling test for several correlated traits

Winship, L.J.; Tjepkema, J.D., 1982:
Simultaneous measurement of acetylene reduction and respiratory gas exchange of attached root nodules

Marcus Wyner, L., 1982:
Simultaneous measurement of ammonium absorption and N2- fixation by soybeans (Glycine max Merr.)

Penttilä, I.; Huhtikangas, A.; Herranen, J.; Eskelinen, S.; Moilanen, O., 1984:
Simultaneous measurement of free and esterified fatty acids by gas chromatography from normal and type IV hyperlipoproteinaemic sera

Dubey, P.; Nundy, S., 1983:
Simultaneous measurement of gastric acid and duodenal alkali secretion by in situ titration in health and disease

Meur, J.F. le; Nours, H. le; Bourgeois, C., 1983:
Simultaneous measurement of phosphates and chlorides in milk ultrafiltrates by argentimetric titration at constant pH

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Slurry for maize

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Small scale agricultural production

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Small scale agriculture